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1801 Census, Amlwch Part 4

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AddressNameOther InfoAdultsChildrenServants
Pantyfelin HenWOALCOX GMiner1----3
Pantyfelin HenJONES JMiner1122--
Pantyfelin HenTHOS JTaylor1---11
Pentyfelin HenOWEN Elin -121--
Pentyfelin HenWMS JonetIndigent-1-1--
Pentyfelin HenFRANCIS WMiner113---
Pentyfelin HenEDW'D OWeaver11-4--
Pentyfelin HenOWEN J 11----
Pentyfelin HenJONES Hu 11-2--
Pentyfelin HenJONES Hu 11----
Pentyfelin HenJONES JMiner1121--
Pentyfelin HenHUS AgnesIndigent-1-1-3
Pentyfelin HenEVANS EdwdMiner1111--
Pentyfelin HenEDWARD MargtIndigent-121--
Pentyfelin HenOWEN HuMiner111-1-
Pentyfelin HenJONES TsMiner1131--
Pentyfelin HenROWL'D J 1111--
Pentyfelin HenWMS EdTurner1113--
Pentyfelin HenHUS Howell 11--1-
Pentyfelin HenGRIFF DorothyMiner-112--
Pentyfelin HenFRASER SimonMiner111---
Pentyfelin HenJONES Margt -1-1--
Pentyfelin HenPRYS HuButcher1112--
Pentyfelin HenWMS JaneSailor1122--
Pentyfelin HenOWEN CathPoor-1---1
Pentyfelin HenLAZARUS WSmith11-41-
Pentyfelin HenHUGHES JHarper11--2-
Pentyfelin HenSOLOMON MargtMachine-131--
Pentyfelin HenJONES W 111---
MadynROBERTS JLabourer1131--
MadynWMS TMiner1141--
MadynWMS WCarter1112--
LlaithdyEVANS ThoWheelwright1-2311
LlaithdyPRICH EdwSmith11----
LlaithdyJONES OMiner11-1--
LlaithdyJONES WMiner1111--
LlaithdyWMS CathPublican-1---1
LlaithdyRBTS ThosPubl&Wheelwrt111---
LlaithdyLARGE InoSaddler11----
LlaithdyWMS RichCarter1123--
Kingshead StROW'D HuMiner1142--
Kingshead StJONES TMiner1113-1
Kingshead StEDW'D RobtMiner1111--
Kingshead StPAINTER WMiner11--22
Kingshead StROBERTS EliasMiner1132-1
Kingshead StJONES RobtMiner11-I--
Kingshead StJONES RtJoiner112122
Kingshead StEDW'D WJoiner1133--
Kingshead StRBT WClockmaker1121--
Kingshead StDAVID Elin 1-----
Kingshead StMORRIS ElinW-111-1
Kingshead StROBINS WMiner111211
Kingshead StGRIFF JHarper/Miner11-2-1
Kingshead StWM RdShop111112
Kingshead StTHOMAS RdTailor11-623
BridgePRICH'D JMiner11131-
BridgeOWEN EMiner112131
BridgeJONES HyMiner11-5--
BridgePRICH'D RichdSlater1122--
BridgeJONES MrDoctor113423
BridgePARY Ed ------
BridgeOWENS JonSailor-1---1
BridgePARRY Ed 112--1
BridgeJONES EmaSailor-1----
Llawellen IsaROW'D EdTailor112422
Llawellen IsaOBREY ElmMilitia-1-3--
Llawellen IsaROBERTS WShoemaker11--2-
Llawellen IsaROBT JMiner1111-1
Llawellen IsaJONES MrsIndigent/Shop-1---1
Llawellen IsaWMS MaryMiner-1--1-
Llawellen IsaMARTIN JMiner11-1--
Llawellen IsaRBTS OHuntsman11-411
Llawellen IsaWMS ElinShop-112--
Llawellen IsaWMS RdClerk11--1-
PrisornJONES NicholasShoemakr1113--
PrisornGODFREY JaneSailr/Capt-112-1
PrisornLEWIS ElizIndigent-1-111
PrisornPRICH'D JMiner11-1--
PrisornWMS JMiner1121--
PrisornWMS WShoemaker11--2-
PrisornDAVID Grace -I--22
PrisornJUDD BenButcher1111-1
PrisornROBERTS WmShop1----1
PrisornROBERTS DSawyer11-2--
PrisornGRIFF HuTailor11----
PrisornTHOMAS WMiner112---
PrisornGAYNOR TMiner1112--
PrisornJONES RdSaddler112--2
PrisornFRANCIS WMason111---
PrisornGRIFF WMiner11--14
PrisornEVANS JShop1-32-1
PrisornGRIFF MaryW G - Sailor-123-1

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Transcription by Joyce & Douglas Hinde