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Help and advice for 1801 Census, Amlwch - Part 5

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1801 Census, Amlwch - Part 5

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AddressNameOther InfoAdultsChildrenServants
TanyfynwentROW RtIndigent11---1
TanyfynwentWMS Edw'dRoad1111-1
TanyfynwentRBTS Elin -11111
TanyfynwentCONISBY Cathn -111--
TanyfynwentBARHAM AbramMiner1132--
TanyfynwentLLOYD JMiner1113--
TanyfynwentDAVID W 111-21
TanyfynwentJONES Moses 112121
TanyfynwentPARRY Margt -1-11-
TanyfynwentOWEN J 1121--
TanyfynwentBUDDER Jane -1-1--
TanyfynwentEVANS Hedd 11-3-1
TanyfynwentJONES J 111---
TanyfynwentRBTS Grace -13---
TanyfynwentBLAKWELL MarySailor-132--
TanyfynwentEVANS WSmelter1121--
TanyfynwentLLOYD ElizPoor-131--
TanyfynwentEDW'D Elm WmPoor-11-12
TanyfynwentMACKR WPoor11----
Post HouseJONES OMiner1111--
Post HouseRichardSmithy111---
Post HouseWMS JMiner11-1-1
Post HouseOWEN WCook1--1--
Post HouseMACKDONALD EMiner11-3--
Post HouseWMS TMiner11----
Post HousePRICH'D JMiner115---
Post HouseROBTS HuMiner1124--
Post HouseLLOYD ElmMiner-13-1-
Post HouseOWEN HyLabourer11-1--
Post HouseGOODWYN TMiner11-2--
Post HouseWMS ElizaIndigent-122-1
Post HouseEVAN EvanCobler11-1--
Post HouseROBTS MargtPoor-111--
AmlwchMORGANS WChandler1123-2
AmlwchWMS WGlazier11-111
AmlwchTHOS JMiner11-1-1
AmlwchBARKER WPublican1111-1
AmlwchHUGHES EinLodge-112--
AmlwchHUGHES JPublican11-11-
AmlwchMORRIS WMiner1133--
AmlwchOWEN JohnSmelter11-4--
AmlwchGRIFF PeterShop1113--
AmlwchHUS WSundries111---
AmlwchPARY RdMiner1132-1
AmlwchEVANS WMiner11-2-1
AmlwchOWEN ArguilMiner111---
AmlwchOWEN ElinShop-1--1-
AmlwchHURD JMiner111211
AmlwchCOWBURNE MrShop1142-I
AmlwchROOSE MaryShop-11111
AmlwchROBTS RtButcher11-1--
AmlwchDAVIES TShop11---1
AmlwchROW'D WTailor112121
AmlwchJONES TheophilusArmyOff1---31
AmlwchWMS HuShoemaker1---32
AmlwchJONES MrTanner1---31
AmlwchEDWARD RobtMiner11-4--
AmlwchBROWN WOverseer111---
AmlwchEDMUND RtMiner1I-4--
AmlwchPETERS RtGentleman111--1
AmlwchROOSE MrTy Mawr114424
AmlwchHUGHES MrParys Lodge1133-2
AmlwchPRICH'RD OPublican1112-1
AmlwchROBYNS JMiner11-111
AmlwchJONES JaneShop-11-21
AmlwchJONES JButcher1122-1
AmlwchMORRIS JaneMiner-1--11
AmlwchLLOYD WHostler11----
AmlwchMORTON GodfreyMiner112--1
AmlwchEDW'D JSchoolmaster1--3--
AmlwchPAINTER JohnExcise11--22
AmlwchMADRON FrancisMiner114---
AmlwchJONES FrancesIndigent-I-121
AmlwchROBERTS HuSmith111--1
AmlwchJONES JaneSailor-122--
AmlwchJONES RtSaddler1112--
AmlwchMORGAN DButler1123--
AmlwchHUGHES WMiner1132--
AmlwchROBINSON GeoffMiner11-4--
AmlwchPRICH'D ElinMiner-12---
AmlwchTHOS OMiner111614
AmlwchROBINSON HenryMiner11-1--
AmlwchWMS GeoMiner1131-0
AmlwchJONES RowBricklayer1133--
AmlwchROBERTS ThosButcher111---
AmlwchPRICH'D EdShop??---3
AmlwchWMS GriffMiner112--2
AmlwchROBERTS MrsDoctor-1-1-2

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Transcription by Joyce & Douglas Hinde