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Help and advice for Calvinistic Methodist Births/Baptisms, Anglesey - Places and Parishes

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Calvinistic Methodist Births/Baptisms, Anglesey - Places and Parishes

Code Place or Parish
AGY_01 Anglesey, Aberffraw
AGY_02 Anglesey, Amlwch
AGY_03 Anglesey, Beaumaris
AGY_04 Anglesey, Bodedern
AGY_05 Anglesey, Bodewyrd
AGY_06 Anglesey, Bodewryd
AGY_07 Anglesey, Cerchiog
AGY_08 Anglesey, Cerrigceinwen
AGY_09 Anglesey, Coedana
AGY_10 Anglesey, Gwredog
AGY_11 Anglesey, Heneglwys
AGY_12 Anglesey, Holyhead
AGY_13 Anglesey, Llanallgo
AGY_14 Anglesey, Llanbabo
AGY_15 Anglesey, Llanbadrig
AGY_16 Anglesey, Llanbedrgoch
AGY_17 Anglesey, Llanbedr Newborough
AGY_18 Anglesey, Llanbeulan
AGY_19 Anglesey, Llandegfan
AGY_20 Anglesey, Llandrygarn
AGY_21 Anglesey, Llandyfrydog
AGY_22 Anglesey, Llandysilio
AGY_23 Anglesey, Llanddaniel Fab
AGY_24 Anglesey, Llanddeusant
AGY_25 Anglesey, Llanddona
AGY_26 Anglesey, Llanddyfnan
AGY_27 Anglesey, Llanedwen
AGY_28 Anglesey, Llanelian
AGY_29 Anglesey, Llaneugrad
AGY_30 Anglesey, Llanfachraeth
AGY_31 Anglesey, Llanfaelog
AGY_32 Anglesey, Llan_faes
AGY_33 Anglesey, Llanfaethlu
AGY_34 Anglesey, Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf
AGY_35 Anglesey, Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll
AGY_36 Anglesey, Llanfair_y Cwmwd
AGY_37 Anglesey, Llanfair_yng_Nghornwy
AGY_38 Anglesey, Llanfair_yn_Neubwll
AGY_39 Anglesey, Llanfechell
AGY_40 Anglesey, Llanfihangel Dinsilwy
AGY_41 Anglesey, Llanfihangel yn Nhowyn
AGY_42 Anglesey, Llanfihangel Ysgeifiog
AGY_43 Anglesey, Llanfihangel tre'r Beirdd
AGY_44 Anglesey, Llanfugail
AGY_45 Anglesey, Llanfwrog
AGY_46 Anglesey, Llanffinan
AGY_47 Anglesey, Llanfflewin
AGY_48 Anglesey, Llangaffo
AGY_49 Anglesey, Llangadwaladr/Llanferian
AGY_50 Anglesey, Llangefni
AGY_51 Anglesey, Llangeinwen
AGY_52 Anglesey, Llangoed
AGY_53 Anglesey, Llangristiolus
AGY_54 Anglesey, Llangwyfan
AGY_55 Anglesey, Llangwyllog
AGY_56 Anglesey, Llanidan
AGY_57 Anglesey, Llaniestyn
AGY_58 Anglesey, Llanllibio
AGY_59 Anglesey, Llannerch_y_medd
AGY_60 Anglesey, Llanrhwydrys
AGY_61 Anglesey, Llanrhyddladd
AGY_62 Anglesey, Llansadwrn
AGY_63 Anglesey, Llantrisant
AGY_64 Anglesey, Llanwenllwyfo
AGY_65 Anglesey, Llanynghenedl
AGY_66 Anglesey, Llechgynfarwy
AGY_67 Anglesey, Llechylched
AGY_68 Anglesey, Penmon
AGY_69 Anglesey, Penmynydd
AGY_70 Anglesey, Penrhosllugwy
AGY_71 Anglesey, Pentraeth
AGY_72 Anglesey, Rhodogeidio
AGY_73 Anglesey, Rhosbeirio
AGY_74 Anglesey, Rhoscolyn
AGY_75 Anglesey, Trefdraeth
AGY_76 Anglesey, Tregaean
AGY_77 Anglesey, Trewalchmai
AGY_LF Anglesey, Llanfair
AGY_LHL Anglesey, Llanfihangel
CAE Caernarfonshire
CAE_01 Caernarfonshire, Abergwyngregin
CAE_02 Caernarfonshire, Aberdaron
CAE_03 Caernarfonshire, Aber_erch
CAE_04 Caernarfonshire, Bangor
CAE_05 Caernarfonshire, Beddgelert
CAE_09 Caernarfonshire, Bodfean
CAE_10 Caernarfonshire, Nottwnog
CAE_11 Caernarfonshire, Bryncroes
CAE_12 Caernarfonshire, Caerhun
CAE_16 Caernarfonshire, Clynnog Fawr
CAE_17 Caernarfonshire, Conwy
CAE_18 Caernarfonshire, Cricieth
CAE_19 Caernarfonshire, Denio
CAE_20 Caernarfonshire, Dolbenmaen
CAE_21 Caernarfonshire, Dolwyddelan
CAE_22 Caernarfonshire, Dwygyfylchi
CAE_23 Caernarfonshire, Edern
CAE_24 Caernarfonshire, Gyffin
CAE_25 Caernarfonshire, Llanaelhaearn
CAE_26 Caernarfonshire, Llanarmon
CAE_27 Caernarfonshire, Llanbeblig
CAE_29 Caernarfonshire, Llanbedrog
CAE_30 Caernarfonshire, Llanberis
CAE_34 Caernarfonshire, LLandegai
CAE_35 Caernarfonshire, Llandwrog
CAE_36 Caernarfonshire, Llanddeiniolen
CAE_38 Caernarfonshire, Llanfaelrhys
CAE_39 Caernarfonshire, Llanfairfechan
CAE_40 Caernarfonshire, Llanfairisgaer
CAE_41 Caernarfonshire, Llanfaglan
CAE_45 Caernarfonshire, Llangian
CAE_46 Caernarfonshire, Llangybi
CAE_47 Caernarfonshire, Llangystennin
CAE_49 Caernarfonshire, Llaniestyn
CAE_50 Caernarfonshire, Llanllechid
CAE_51 Caernarfonshire, Llanllyfni
CAE_52 Caernarfonshire, Llannor
CAE_53 Caernarfonshire, Llanrug
CAE_56 Caernarfonshire, Llanrhychwyn
CAE_57 Caernarfonshire, Llanstumdwy
CAE_58 Caernarfonshire, Llanwnda
CAE_60 Caernarfonshire, Nefyn
CAE_61 Caernarfonshire, Penllech
CAE_63 Caernarfonshire, Penmorfa
CAE_66 Caernarfonshire, Pistyll
CAE_69 Caernarfonshire, Trefriw
CAE_70 Caernarfonshire, Tudweiliog
CAE_71 Caernarfonshire, Ynyscynhaearn
CAE_LF Caernarfonshire, LLanfair
CGN_03 Cardiganshire, Aberystwyth
CGN_25 Cardiganshire, Llanbadarn
CGN_35 Cardiganshire, Llanfairclydogau
CGN_45 Cardiganshire, Llangynfelyn
CHS_Run Cheshire, Runcorn
CMN_73 Carmarthenshire, Pencarreg
CON_Fal Cornwall, Falmouth
DEN_01 Denbighshire, Abergele
DEN_10 Denbighshire, Eglwys Bach
DEN_15 Denbighshire, Henllan
DEN_22 Denbighshire, Llanddoged/Llanddoget
DEN_25 Denbighshire, Llandrillo yn Rhos
DEN_39 Denbighshire, Llangollen
DEN_47 Denbighshire, Llanrwst
DEN_49 Denbighshire, Llansantffriad Glan Conwy
DEN_51 Denbighshire, Llansannan
DEN_63 Denbighshire, Ysbyty Ifan
FLN_03 Flintshire, Bodfari
FLN_07 Flintshire, Caerwys
FLN_08 Flintshire, Chwitffordd/Whitford
FLN_19 Flintshire, Llanelwy/St. Asaph
FLN_25 Flintshire, Penarlag/Hawarden
FLN_29 Flintshire, Treffynnon/Holywell
HAM_Chr Hampshire, Christchurch
LAN_Ecc Lancashire, Eccles
LAN_Liv Lancashire, Liverpool
LAN_Man Lancashire, Manchester
LND_Whi London, Whitechapel
MDX_Lnd Middlesex, London
MER_02 Merionethshire, Corwen
MER_06 Merionethshire, Llanaber
MER_08 Merionethshire, Llandanwg
MER_09 Merionethshire, Llandecwyn
MER_14 Merionethshire, Llanelltyd
MER_16 Merionethshire, Llanfachreth
MER_20 Merionethshire, Llanfihangel y Traethau
MER_33 Merionethshire, Trawsfynydd
MGY_16 Montgomeryshire, Llanbrynmair
MGY_40 Montgomeryshire, Machynlleth
MON_99 Monmouthshire, Wilcrick
STS_Sen Staffordshire, Sensley
YKS_Pen Yorkshire, Penistone

Transcription by Joyce & Douglas Hinde
© Copyright 1994, 2000, Joyce Hinde