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Adams, I E. Gwenddwr Constable's return, 1798. Cronicl Powys. No. 19 (1988), p. 63-5

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Church History

Church of St Dubricius, Gwenddwr on the Brecknockshire Churches Survey site

Church Records

Detailed information on deposited registers and transcripts for this parish is given under Breconshire Parish Registers on the Powys Archives website

As a guide only, the principal extant parochial church records for this parish span the dates shown below (as detailed in Parish Registers of Wales, NLW 2000) but exact current holdings should be confirmed with the individual Archives.


The transcription of the section for Gwenddwr from the National Gazetteer (1868) provided by Colin Hinson.


Plan of the parish of Gwenddwr in the County of Brecon. 1841. William Jones, Belle Vue Place, Brecon, valuer and surveyor. Second class map based on old surveys. Voluntary agreement. Commutation dated 17.11.1840. Map shows enclosed lands only with houses, woods, plantations and orchards. Apportionment omits a few field names. 8,262 acres commuted. Apportionment by holding. Land use details and field-names given in apportionment schedule. Tithe rent charge £309.10.0d (£148.10.0d Arthur MacNamara, Llangoed, Brecs; £161 Gwenddwr Charity).

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