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Name index to The Brecon & Merthyr Railway, D. S. Barrie

The Brecon & Merthyr Railway

by D. S. Barrie
Oakwood Press 1980
ISBN 085361-087-8
First published 1957

The pagination of this book follows on from the same author's two previous books, The Taff Valley Railway and The Rhymney Railway. The book begins at page 95.

The list below is an index of all persons named in the book, together with the pages where their names are found.

Index created by Ian Jones, 2006.

BIRKINSHAW, J. C.103, 126
BOYLE, John104
BREWER (engineer)123
CLARK, George Thomas104
COBBS, John103
CONYBEARE, Henry103, 106, 107, 108, 109, 116, 120
CRAWSHAY, William109
DAVIES, Dai, the Ocean143
DAVIES, David107
DAVIES, Major David, MP, (later Lord Davies)107, 143
DUNBAR, James136
EVANS, James122
GALL, John142
GIBSON, H. F. H.136
GUEST, Sir Ivor136
HENSHAW, Alfred142
KENDALL, John133
McCORMACK (contractor)119
OWEN, G. C.136
PIGOT, Sir George, Bart.142
PRICE, Herbert R.142
RICK, Capt., R. E.108
SAVIN, Thomas107, 115, 116, 119, 137, 138
SIMPSON, J. T.135, 136
SUTHERLAND, Alexander, C. E.115, 116
THOMAS, David105
THOMAS, Wil130
THOMAS, William (Guard)96
WARD, John107, 115
WILKINS, Walter and Jeffreys102
WILLIAMS, Rev. W. J. H.106
de WINTON, John Parry103, 104, 105, 142
de WINTON, Walter and Jeffreys102
de WINTON, William142

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