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Breconshire GENUKI Service providers

The following people have provided the information on the GENUKI Breconshire pages. If you have information to offer or if you would just like to help in maintaining these pages, then please get in touch with Gareth Hicks

The list of the people providing the information on these pages is given here to acknowledge their contributions, and to provide a contact for reporting errors and for supplying additional information. Please do NOT send general genealogical queries to them as they are not professional researchers, and they put in the considerable amount of effort to provide this service in their own free time. The most appropriate place to ask general questions is the soc.genealogy.britain newsgroup.


Area/page Hosted by Information Provider
Breconshire Phil Stringer Gareth Hicks / John Ball
Map   Colin Hinson
Bibliography   Gareth Hicks
National Gazetteer extracts/pages   Colin Hinson/Rosemary Lockie
Church Records/Links   Gareth Hicks
Set of parish pages   Rosemary Lockie
Beaufort pages   the late Barrie Jones
Brynmawr page   the late Barrie Jones
Brecon & Merthyr Railway - index page   Ian Jones

[Last updated: 1 July 2015 - John Ball]

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