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1851 Census, Bangor

Surname Order

Transcribed by Joyce & Douglas Hinde

ABRAHAM, Ann to BLACKMOOR, William - BLAKE, Valentine to BUCKLAND, Hannah - BUCKLE, James to COWIN, Elizabeth - COWIN, Joseph to DAVIES, Elizabeth - DAVIES, Ellen to DAVIES, Mary - DAVIES, Mary Ann to DOHERTY, John - DOHERTY, Mary to EARDLEY, Mary - EARDLEY, Thomas to EDWARDS, Ellen - EDWARDS, Ellis to EDWARDS, William - EDWARDS, Winifred to ELLIS, Richard - ELLIS, Robert to EVANS, Elizabeth - EVANS, Elizabeth Jane to EVANS, Jane - EVANS, Jane Ann to EVANS, Mary - EVANS, Mary Ellen to FINIGAN, Patrick - FINIGAN, Susan to GITTENS, Isabela - GITTENS, Mary to GRIFFITH, Grace - GRIFFITH, Griffith to GRIFFITH, Rosa - GRIFFITH, Rowland to GRIFFITHS, Margaret - GRIFFITHS, Mary to HEALY, Peter - HEARN, Sarah to HUGHES, Anne - HUGHES, Anne Jane to HUGHES, Elizabeth - HUGHES, Ellen to HUGHES, Hugh - HUGHES, Hugh Benjamin to HUGHES, John - HUGHES, John Robert to HUGHES, Mary - HUGHES, Mary Ann to HUGHES, Susanna - HUGHES, Thomas to HUMPHREY, Jane - HUMPHREY, John to ISAAC, Sarah - ISHMAEL, Jane to JONES, Ann - JONES, Ann Elizabeth to JONES, Catherine - JONES, Catherine J. to JONES, Edward - JONES, Edward Kingham to JONES, Elizabeth - JONES, Elizabeth A. to JONES, Ellinor - JONES, Ellis to JONES, Griffith - JONES, Gwen to JONES, Hugh - JONES, Humphrey to JONES, Jane - JONES, Jane Ann to JONES, John - JONES, John C to JONES, Margaret - JONES, Margaret C. to JONES, Mary - JONES, Mary A. to JONES, Owen - JONES, Owen Thos. to JONES, ROBERT - JONES, Robert to JONES, Rowland - JONES, Ruth to JONES, Thomas - JONES, Thomas Austin to JONES, William - JONES, William B. to LEWIS, Jane - LEWIS, Jemimah to LLOYD, Owen - LLOYD, Phoebe to MATHEW, Johnathan - MATHEWS, Anne to MORRIS, Anne - MORRIS, Catherine to NAYLOR, John - NAYLOR, Mary to OWEN, David - OWEN, Edward to OWEN, Margaret - OWEN, Mary to OWENS, Ann - OWENS, Anne to OWENS, Ellin - OWENS, Ellinor to OWENS, John - OWENS, John Henry to OWENS, Owen - OWENS, Owen Hugh to PARRY, Ann - PARRY, Anne to PARRY, Jane - PARRY, John to PARRY, Richard - PARRY, Robert to POOL, Peter E. - POOL, Sarah to PRICHARD, Evan - PRICHARD, Grace to PRING, Henrietta S. - PRING, James S. to PRITCHARD, Mary - PRITCHARD, Mary Catherine to PUGH, MARY, Elizabeth - PULLING, Elizabeth to ROBERTS, Ann - ROBERTS, Ann Catherine to ROBERTS, Elinor - ROBERTS, Eliza to ROBERTS, Ellin - ROBERTS, Ellinor to ROBERTS, Hugh - ROBERTS, Hugh Bouven to ROBERTS, John - ROBERTS, John R. to ROBERTS, Mary - ROBERTS, Mary Ann to ROBERTS, Robert - ROBERTS, Robert W to ROBERTS, William - ROBERTS, William Thomas to SAMUEL, Grace - SAMUEL, John to STANTON, Laura Virginia - STANTON, Margaret Augustus to THOMAS, Catherine - THOMAS, Catherine Anne to THOMAS, Evan - THOMAS, Grace to THOMAS, John - THOMAS, Leah to THOMAS, Owen - THOMAS, P G to THOMAS, William - THOMAS, William E. to WELDING, William Colbrook - WELSH, Nancy to WILLIAMS, Anne - WILLIAMS, Anne Ellen to WILLIAMS, David - WILLIAMS, David Elias to WILLIAMS, Elizabeth - WILLIAMS, ELizabeth to WILLIAMS, Ellinor - WILLIAMS, Ellis to WILLIAMS, Hannah - WILLIAMS, Harriet to WILLIAMS, Jane - WILLIAMS, Jane Anne to WILLIAMS, John - WILLIAMS, John T. to WILLIAMS, Margaret - WILLIAMS, Margaret C. to WILLIAMS, Mary - WILLIAMS, Mary Ann to WILLIAMS, Richard - WILLIAMS, Robert to WILLIAMS, Sarah - WILLIAMS, Sidney to WILLIAMS, Thomas Ivey - WILLIAMS, Thomas Jones to WILLIAMS, William - WILLIAMS, William Evan to YOUNG, William George -

Transcription by Joyce and Douglas Hinde - Page generated by Brian Pears 24th August 1999


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