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1851 Census, Betws Garmon - As Enumerated

Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
226 Minffordd Williams Catherine Head W 46 Farmer CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
226 Minffordd Williams Richard Son U 20 Farm Worker CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
226 Minffordd Williams Thomas Son U 14 Farm Worker CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
226 Minffordd Williams Humphrey Son U 11   CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
226 Minffordd Williams Griffith Son U 7   CAE, Betws Garmon
226 Minffordd Williams Jane Daughter U 4   CAE, Betws Garmon
226 Minffordd Evans Richard Lodger U 55 Labourer AGY, Llanfair
226 Bryn Gloch Davis Ellin Head W 65 Farmer CAE, Llanberis
226 Bryn Gloch Owens William Son U 36 Farm Worker CAE, Llanbeblig
226 Bryn GLoch Hughes Owen Son U 23 Farm Worker CAE, Llanbeblig
226 Bryn Gloch Hughes Hugh Son U 26 Quarryman CAE, Llanbeblig
226 Bryn Gloch Hughes David Nephew U 13 Land Servant CAE, Llanbeblig
226 Bryn Gloch Jones Catherine Servant U 19 House Servant CAE, Llanllyfni
226 Ysdrad Davis John Head U 41 Farmer CAE, Betws Garmon
226 Ysdrad Jones William Son U 39 Farmer's son CAE, Betws Garmon
226 Ysdrad Jones Jane Daughter U 36 Farmer's daughter CAE, Betws Garmon
226 Ysdrad Williams Phoebe Servant U 48 Housemaid CAE, Llandwrog
226 Ysdrad Williams Robert Servant U 17 Servant CAE, Llanaelhaearn
226 Bettws Garmon Morgan Margaret Head W 74 Victualler CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
226 Bettws Garmon Davies Morris Son in Law M 31 Farmer CAE, Llanllechid
226 Bettws Garmon Jones Ann Daughter M 30   CAE, Llanbeblig
226 Bettws Garmon Owens Edward Lodger M 64 Land Surveyor CAE, Penmorfa
226 Bettws Garmon Williams Robert Servant U 12 Servant CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
226 LLechrola Roberts William Head M 64 Labourer CAE, Penllech
226 Llechrola Roberts Catherine Wife M 62   CAE, Betws Garmon
226 Llechrola Morgans Catherine Head W 48 Mantuamaker CAE, Betws Garmon
226 LLechrola Williams Ann Daughter U 18 Mantuamaker CAE, Llanddeiniolen
226 Chapel House Williams Margaret Head W 50   CAE, Llanberis
226 Tyn Rodyn Daniel Thomas Head M 31 Smith CAE, Tudweiliog
226 Tyn Rodyn Daniel Margaret Wife M 35   CAE, Beddgelert
226 Tyn Rodyn Daniel Daniel Son U 4   CAE, Llaniestyn
226 Tyn Rodyn Daniel Hugh Son U 2   CAE, Betws Garmon
226 Tyn Rodyn Daniel Elinor Daughter U 4m   CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Cerrig Rhyd Thomas Ellin Head W 71 Farm Woman CAE, Llanwnda
227 Cerrig Rhyd Thomas Jane Daughter U 33 Mantuamaker CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Cerrig Rhyd Thomas Margaret Grand Daughter U 8   CAE, Llanbeblig
227 Plas Isa Hughes Thomas Head M 39 Farmer CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Plas Isa Hughes Jane Wife M 31   CAE, Llanstumdwy
227 Plas Isa Hughes Margaret Daughter U 2m   CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Plas Isa Hughes Elizabeth Mother W 75   MGY, Trefeglwys
227 Plas Isa Griffith William Servant U 33 Farm Servant CAE, Llangian
227 Plas Isa Jones Ellin Servant U 20 House Servant MER, LLanfrothen
227 Tyn Werglodd Hughes Evan Head M 32 Farmer CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Tyn Werglodd Hughes Ellin Wife M 20   CAE, Llanbeblig
227 Tyn Werglodd Hughes William Son U 2   CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Tyn Werglodd Hughes Mary Daughter U 3m   CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Tyn Werglodd Jones Ellis Servant U 23 Farm Servant CAE, Clynnog Fawr
227 Ysgoldu Hughes Catherine Head W 46 Jockey's Widow CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Ysgoldu Hughes Humphrey Son U 19 Farm Labourer CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Ysgoldu Hughes Robert Son U 16 Copper Ore Washer CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Ysgoldu Hughes John Son U 14 Copper Ore Washer CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Ysgoldu Hughes Jane Daughter U 10   CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Ysgoldu Hughes Owen Son U 7   CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Plas Nant Roberts William Head U 22 Farmer CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Plas Nant Roberts Ann Sister U 25 Servant CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Plas Nant Roberts Robert Brother U 14 Scholar CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Quillt Roberts Rowland Head M 56   AGY, Amlwch
227 Quillt Roberts Ellin Wife M 55   AGY, Bodewryd
227 Quillt Roberts Owen Son U 15 Farm Labourer CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Quillt Owens William Head M 38 Farm Labourer CAE, Llanfihangel
227 Quillt Owens Catherine Wife M 35   CAE, Llanberis
227 Quillt Owens Ann Daughter U 7   CAE, Llanberis
227 Quillt Owens Catherine Daughter U 5   CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Quillt Owens Ellin Daughter U 3   CAE, Betws Garmon
227 Quillt Owens Laura Daughter U 1   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Carregweinion Williams Richard Head M 53 Farmer CAE, Llanllyfni
228 Carregweinion Williams Margaret Jones Wife M 48   CAE, Llanbeblig
228 Carregweinion Williams William Ellis Son U 14   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Carregweinion Williams Jane Jones Daughter U 12   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Carregweinion Jones Margaret Servant U 18 Housemaid CAE, Llanberis
228 Llwynon Williams William Head M 69 Farmer CAE, Llanstumdwy
228 Llwynon Williams Ann Wife M 50   CAE, Llandwrog
228 Llwynon Williams Gaynor Daughter U 24   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Llwynon Williams Ann Daughter U 22   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Llwynon Williams John Son U 20 Farm Worker CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Llwynon Williams William Son U 16 Farm Worker CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Llwynon Williams Lowra Daughter U 18   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Llwynon Williams Mary Daughter U 14   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Snowdon Owens Robert Head M 65 Victualler CAE, Beddgelert
228 Snowdon Owens Jane Wife M 68   MER, Llandecwyn
228 Snowdon Jones Mary Servant U 25 Housemaid CAE, Llanbeblig
228 Snowdon Knight Helen Lodger U 37   LEI, Syston
228 Brynfedw Thomas William Head U 42 Farmer CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Brynfedw Thomas Laura Sister U 48   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Brynfedw Jones Catherine Servant U 22 Housemaid CAE, Clynnog Fawr
228 Brynfedw Jones Hugh Head M 69 Farmer CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Brynfedw Jones Alice Wife M 65   CAE, Llanllyfni
228 Brynfedw Jones Alice Daughter U 35   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Brynfedw Jones Thomas Son U 22   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Brynfedw Jones Catherine Niece U 11 Housemaid CAE, Llanllyfni
228 Brynfedw Evans Ann Head W 74 Farmer CAE, Llanllyfni
228 Brynfedw Griffith Ellis Nephew U 19 Farm Worker CAE, Llanbeblig
228 Brynfedw Griffith Ann Niece U 17   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Brynfedw Griffith Hugh Nephew U 15   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Brynfedw Griffith Grace Niece U 12   CAE, Betws Garmon
228 Brynfedw Williams Richard Servant U 33 Farm Servant CAE, Penmorfa
228 Brynfedw Hughes Ann Servant U 24 Housemaid CAE, Llandwrog

Transcription by Joyce & Douglas Hinde - Page generated by Brian Pears 15th May 1999


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