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1851 Census, Llanddeiniolen

Folios 411 to 417

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
411 High Street Hughes David Head M 35 Miner CAE, Capel Curig
411 High Street Hughes Catherine Wife M 33   CAE, Betws y Coed
411 High Street Hughes Margaret Daughter U 11   CAE, Betws y Coed
411 High Street Hughes David Son U 8   CAE, Betws y Coed
411 High Street Hughes Jane Daughter U 4   CAE, Betws y Coed
411 High Street Hughes Griffith Son U 1   CAE, Betws y Coed
411 High Street Morris Joseph Head U 35 Labourer MER, Ffestiniog
411 High Street Williams Ellis Head M 33 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Williams Catherine Wife M 30   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Williams Jane Daughter U 9   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Williams Hannah Daughter U 7   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Williams Ellis Son U 5   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Williams Robert Son U 4   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Roberts Robert Head W 42 Labourer CAE, Bangor
411 High Street Roberts William Son U 16 Quarryman CAE, Bangor
411 High Street Roberts Robert Son U 13 Quarryman CAE, Bangor
411 High Street Roberts Elizabeth Daughter U 9   CAE, Bangor
411 High Street Jones Jane Servant U 24 House Servant CAE, Clynnog Fawr
411 High Street Jones John Head M 35 Labourer CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Jones Catherine Wife M 31   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Jones Richard Son U 10   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Jones John Son U 8   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Jones Ellen Daughter U 3   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Jones Hugh Son U 6m   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Williams John Head M 35 Stone Mason AGY, Aberffraw
411 High Street Williams Ellen Wife M 39   CAE, Llanaelhaearn
411 High Street Williams Jane Daughter U 15   CAE, Llanwnda
411 High Street Williams John Son U 13   CAE, Llanrug
411 High Street Williams William Son U 10   CAE, Llanaelhaearn
411 High Street Williams Henry Son U 7   CAE, Llanaelhaearn
411 High Street Williams Ellen Daughter U 2   CAE, Llanbeblig
411 High St. Chapel House Parry Margaret Head W 54   AGY
411 High St. Chapel House Parry Catherine Daughter U 13   CAE, Abergwyngregin
411 High Street Jones Catherine Head M 46   CAE, Llandwrog
411 High Street Jones Margaret Daughter U 7 Scholar CAE, Llanddeiniolen
411 High Street Ryan John Lodger U 17 Quarryman IRL
412 Back Street Owen William Head M 41 Labourer CAE, Bangor
412 Back Street Owen Ann Wife M 40   CAE, Llanwnda
412 Back Street Owen Catherine Daughter U 15   CAE, Llanwnda
412 Back Street Owen Ellen Daughter U 15   CAE, Llanwnda
412 Back Street Owen Thomas Son U 12   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
412 Back Street Owen Elizabeth Daughter U 8   CAE, Llanwnda
412 Back Street Owen Ann Daughter U 6   CAE, Llanwnda
412 Back Street Owen Mary Daughter U 4   CAE, Llanwnda
412 Back Street Owen William Son U 6m   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Machine Jones Hugh Head M 34 Quarryman AGY, Penrhosllugwy
416 Machine Jones Anne Wife M 39   CAE, Dolbenmaen
416 Machine Jones John Son U 16 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Machine Williams Jane Stepdaughter U 11 Scholar CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Machine Jones Seth Son U 9 Scholar CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Ty Ddewi Hughes Jane Head W 72   CAE, Llandwrog
416 Ty Ddewi Hughes Jane Stepdaughter U 17 General Servant CAE, Llanrug
416 Ty Ddewi Williams David Head M 42 Quarryman CAE, Llanrug
416 Ty Ddewi Williams Catherine Wife M 39   CAE, Llandwrog
416 Ty Ddewi Williams Mary Daughter U 17   AGY, Llanidan
416 Ty Ddewi Williams Hugh Son U 14   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Ty Ddewi Williams William Son U 8   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Ty Ddewi Williams Elinor Daughter U 3   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Ty Ddewi Williams John Son U 6m   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Ty Ddewi Hughes Margaret Niece U 15 General Servant CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Clogwyn Gwyn Parry Robert Head M 32 Blacksmith CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Clogwyn Gwyn Parry Sarah Wife M 32   CAE, Llangwnnadl
416 Clogwyn Gwyn Roberts Richard Lodger U 44 Gardener AGY, Llanddaniel Fab
416 Clogwyn Gwyn Williams John Lodger U 33 Quarryman CAE, Clynnog Fawr
416 Tan y Marian Jones John Head M 30 Baptist Minister, Sardis Ch. CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Tan y Marian Jones Margery Wife M 29   CAE, Dolbenmaen
416 Tan y Marian Jones Evan Evan Son U 20m   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Rhwng y Ddwyffordd Morgan Thomas Head M 76 Quarryman CAE, Llanllyfni
416 Rhwng y Ddwyffordd Morgan Anne Wife M 76   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Chwarel Fawr Evans Rowland Head M 32 Labourer CAE, Llanrug
416 Chwarel Fawr Evans Mary Wife M 36   CAE, Llanrug
416 Chwarel Fawr Jones Catherine Niece U 1   CAE, Llanrug
416 Chwarel Fawr Jones Richard Head M 42 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Chwarel Fawr Jones Mary Wife M 36   CAE, Aber-erch
416 Chwarel Fawr Jones John Son U 11   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Chwarel Fawr Jones William Son U 2w   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Chwarel Fawr Griffith William Lodger - 55 Labourer CAE, Llandygwnning
416 Chwarel Fawr Owens Mary Servant U 21 General Servant CAE, Denio
416 Chwarel Fawr Griffith Margaret Head U 36 General Servant CAE, Denio
416 Chwarel Fawr Hughes Elizabeth Daughter U 9   CAE, Aber-erch
416 Minffordd Price John Head M 24 Miner CAE, Beddgelert
416 Minffordd Price Margaret Wife M 23   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
416 Minffordd Michael John John Head M 65 Quarryman CAE, Llanrug
416 Minffordd Michael Elinor Wife M 63   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Gorlan Wen Parry Hugh Head M 38 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Gorlan Wen Parry Anne Wife M 37   CAE, Llandwrog
417 Gorlan Wen Parry Hugh Son U 13 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
417 Gorlan Wen Parry John Son U 11 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Gorlan Wen Parry Henry Son U 9   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Gorlan Wen Parry Anne Daughter U 7   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Gorlan Wen Parry Owen Son U 2   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Gorlan Wen Parry Thomas Son U 5w   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Gorlan Wen Owen Henry Head M 87 Quarryman CAE, Llanrug
417 Gorlan Wen Owen Anne Wife M 79   CAE, Llanberis
417 Aelwyd Uchaf Parry Owen Head M 52 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Aelwyd Uchaf Parry Catherine Wife M 56   CAE, Llanbeblig
417 Aelwyd Uchaf Parry John Son U 21 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Aelwyd Uchaf Parry Catherine Daughter U 18   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Aelwyd Uchaf Parry Elizabeth Daughter U 15   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Aelwyd Uchaf Parry Lora Daughter U 13   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Terfyn Jones William Head M 40 Quarryman CAE, Llanarmon
417 Terfyn Jones Elinor Wife M 34   AGY, Llanidan
417 Terfyn Jones William Son U 9m   CAE, Llanbeblig
417 Terfyn Jones Richard Head M 28 Labourer CAE, Llanstumdwy
417 Terfyn Jones Jane Wife M 39   CAE, Nefyn
417 Terfyn Thomas Owen Head M 39 Quarryman CAE, Llanbeblig
417 Terfyn Thomas Jane Wife M 41   CAE, Nefyn
417 Terfyn Thomas William Son U 19 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Terfyn Thomas Owen Son U 16 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Terfyn Thomas Jane Daughter U 14   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Terfyn Thomas Henry Son U 13 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Terfyn Thomas Sarah Daughter U 11   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Terfyn Thomas Robert Son U 9   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Terfyn Thomas Griffith Son U 7   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
417 Terfyn Thomas Gaenor Daughter U 4   CAE, Llanddeiniolen

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