1851 Census, Llandegai

1851 Census, Llandegái - PACE, Henry to PARRY, Mary

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
319 Tros y Ffordd Pace Henry Head W 73 Ret Land Steward STS
430 Penrhyn Park Pace Henry Head M 36 Clerk of Works CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
337 St Anns Parry Ann Wife M 38   CAE, Llanllyfni
337 St Anns Parry Ann Daughter U 10 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
342 Yr Oacre Parry Ann Wife M 39   CAE, LLandegai
346 Bryn Ffynon Parry Ann Daughter U 4   CAE, LLandegai
349 Cae Maes Collen Parry Ann Wife M 50   CAE, LLandegai
426 Llandegai Village Parry Ann Servant U 13 Servant CAE, Llanddeiniolen
401 Pena'rbronydd Parry Anne Daughter U 10 Scholar CAE
340 Coedypark Parry Awen Wife M 24   CAE, LLandegai
373 Tregarth Parry Benjamin Son U 11m   CAE
376 Glan Gors Parry Catherine Wife M 54   CAE
376 Glan Gors Parry Catherine Daughter U 19   CAE
383 Tregarth Parry Catherine Daughter U 13   CAE
386 Bryn Tirion Parry Catherine Wife M 31   CAE
405 Tan y Rhiw Parry Catherine Servant U 23 House Servant AGY
400 Tyddyn Dickon Parry Charlotte Daughter U 6 Scholar CAE
337 St Anns Parry Daniel Son U 3   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gelli Parry David - U 34   CAE, Treflys
337 St Anns Parry David Son U 18 Quarryman CAE, LLandegai
349 Cae Maes Collen Parry David Lodger - 24 Quarryman CAE, LLandegai
417 Felin Hen Parry David Son U 15   CAE, LLandegai
346 Bryn Ffynon Parry Dorothy Wife M 38   CAE, Llanberis
346 Bryn Ffynon Parry Dorothy Daughter U 9 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
407 Tregarth Parry Dorothy Wife M 74   AGY
337 St Anns Parry Edward Son U 9 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
403 LLeiniau Parry Edward Head M 33 Quarryman CAE
376 Chwarel Goch Parry Eleanor Sister U 54 Washerwoman CAE
376 Glan Gors Parry Eleanor Grand Daughter U 3m   CAE
342 Yr Oacre Parry Elias Head M 72 Quarry Labourer FLN, Llanelwy/St. Asaph
342 Yr Oacre Parry Elias Son U 9   CAE, LLandegai
426 Llandegai Village Parry Elinor Daughter U 12 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
340 Coedypark Parry Eliza Daughter U 10m   CAE, LLandegai
329 Tanysgafell Parry Elizabeth Daughter U 1   CAE, LLandegai
337 St Anns Parry Elizabeth Daughter U 5   CAE, LLandegai
343 Ty Hen Parry Elizabeth Wife M 59   CAE, Bangor
343 Ty Hen Parry Elizabeth Daughter U 19   CAE, LLandegai
373 Tregarth Parry Elizabeth Daughter U 13   CAE
376 Glan Gors Parry Elizabeth Daughter M 24   CAE
383 Tregarth Parry Elizabeth Wife M 42   CAE
383 Tregarth Parry Elizabeth Daughter U 7   CAE
386 Bryn Tirion Parry Elizabeth Daughter U 2   CAE
401 Pena'rbronydd Parry Elizabeth Daughter U 7 Scholar CAE
413 Tyddyn Iolen Parry Elizabeth Servant U 34 House Servant CAE, Bangor
348 Tai y Mynydd Parry Ellen Daugher In Law M 24   CAE, LLandegai
432 Port Penrhyn Parry Ellen Daughter W 25   CAE, Bangor
403 Lleiniau Parry Ellin Wife M 29   CAE
426 Llandegai Village Parry Esther Daughter U 9 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
323 Penrhyn Hospital Parry Evan Attendant U 23 Quarryman CAE, Llanllechid
401 Pena'rbronydd Parry Evan Son U 4   CAE
403 Cae Nervyn Parry Evan Son U 12 Scholar CAE
407 Frwd Galed Parry Evan Son U 23 Quarryman CAE
348 Tai y Mynydd Parry George Grandson U 3   CAE, LLandegai
337 Coedypark Parry Grace Mother in Law W 72   CAE, LLandegai
403 Cae Nervyn Parry Grace Daughter U 17 House Servant CAE
329 Tanysgafell Parry Griffith Head M 24 Quarryman CAE, LLandegai
386 Bryn Tirion Parry Hannah Daughter U 11m   CAE
400 Tyddyn Dickon Parry Hannah Daughter U 1m   CAE
386 Bryn Tirion Parry Harry Son U 4   CAE
337 St Anns Parry Henry Son U 1   CAE, LLandegai
348 Tai y Mynydd Parry Henry Son M 27 Quarryman CAE, Bangor
376 Chwarel Goch Parry Henry Son U 26 Quarryman CAE
383 Tregarth Parry Henry Son U 11   CAE
391 Felin Hen Parry Henry Grandson U 4   CAE
403 Lleiniau Parry Henry Son U 7 Scholar CAE
383 Tregarth Parry Hugh Son U 5   CAE
346 Bryn Ffynon Parry Jane Daughter U 11   CAE, Llanllechid
348 Tai y Mynydd Parry Jane Daughter U 28   CAE, Bangor
348 Tai y Mynydd Parry Jane Grand Daughter U 6   CAE, LLandegai
372 Graig y Pandy Parry Jane Wife M 22   CAE
373 Tregarth Parry Jane Wife M 40   CAE
381 Penygroes Parry Jane Grand Daughter U 7 Scholar CAE
401 Pena'rbronydd Parry Jane Wife M 41   CAE
403 Lleiniau Parry Jane Daughter U 9m   CAE
407 Frwd Galed Parry Jane Head W 61   CAE
426 Llandegai Village Parry Jane Daughter U 25   CAE, LLandegai
432 Port Penrhyn Parry Jane Grand Daughter U 5   CAE, Bangor
337 St Anns Parry John Son U 7   CAE, LLandegai
340 Coedypark Parry John Son U 3   CAE, LLandegai
343 Ty Hen Parry John Head M 59 Quarryman FLN, Rhuddlan
343 Ty Hen Parry John Son U 11 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
346 Bryn Ffynon Parry John Head M 38 Quarryman AGY, Llanddyfnan
346 Bryn Ffynon Parry John Son U 6 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
348 Tai y Mynydd Parry John Grandson U 1   CAE, LLandegai
349 Cae Maes Collen Parry John Head M 48 Tailor CAE, Llanbeblig
373 Tregarth Parry John Head M 45 Quarryman CAE
373 Tregarth Parry John Son U 11 Scholar CAE
376 Chwarel Goch Parry John Head U 60 Farmer CAE
376 Glan Gors Parry John Son U 29 Shoemaker CAE
377 Turnpike Parry John Lodger U 19 Labourer AGY
400 Tyddyn Dickon Parry John Head M 39 Quarryman CAE
400 Tyddyn Dickon Parry John Son U 15 Scholar CAE
401 Pena'rbronydd Parry John Head M 41 Quarry Labourer CAE
403 Lleiniau Parry John Son U 5   CAE
403 Cae Nervyn Parry John Head M 51 Quarryman AGY
403 Cae Nervyn Parry John Son U 21 Quarryman CAE
406 Tregarth Parry John Lodger U 21 Quarryman CAE
407 Frwd Galed Parry John Son U 26 Quarryman CAE
426 Llandegai Village Parry John Son U 19 Tailor CAE, LLandegai
323 Penrhyn Hospital Parry John W House Surgeon U 27 M.R.C. Surgeons CAE, Denio
337 St Anns Parry Lewis Son U 20 Quarryman CAE, LLandegai
426 Llandegai Village Parry Lloyd Son U 16 Labourer CAE, LLandegai
337 Gors Parry Margaret Head W 78   CAE, LLandegai
348 Tai y Mynydd Parry Margaret Wife M 63   CAE, LLandegai
349 Penybongc Parry Margaret Daughter U 6   CAE, LLandegai
376 Glan Gors Parry Margaret Daughter U 16   CAE
325 Pontyhir Parry Mary Visitor U 14 Scholar CAE, Conwy
329 Tanysgafell Parry Mary Wife M 24   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
348 Tai y Mynydd Parry Mary Daughter U 19 Apprentice CAE, LLandegai
372 Graig y Pandy Parry Mary Daughter U 10m   CAE
383 Tregarth Parry Mary Daughter U 4m   CAE
400 Tyddyn Dickon Parry Mary Wife M 36   CAE
400 Tyddyn Dickon Parry Mary Daughter U 10 Scholar CAE
403 Cae Nervyn Parry Mary Wife M 53   CAE

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