1851 Census, Llandegai

Folios 314 to 317

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
314 Tollgate Dyffrin Thomas Richard Head M 35 Tollgate keeper CAE?
314 Tollgate Dyffrin Thomas Elinor Wife M 34   CAE, LLandegai
314 Tollgate Dyffrin Thomas William Son U 8   CAE, LLandegai
314 Tollgate Dyffrin Thomas Robert Son U 6   CAE, LLandegai
314 Tollgate Dyffrin Thomas Elinor Daughter U 4   CAE, LLandegai
314 Tollgate Dyffrin Thomas David Son U 2m   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Roberts Henry Head M 52 Farmer CAE, Llanllechid
314 Dyffrin Roberts Catherine Wife M 38   DEN, Gwytherin
314 Dyffrin Roberts Hugh Son U 12 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffrin Roberts Elinor Daughter U 10   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Roberts Elizabeth Daughter U 8   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Roberts Robert Son U 6   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Roberts Grace Daughter U 4   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Roberts Edward Son U 1   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Williams Thomas Servant U 21 Farm Labourer CAE
314 Dyffryn Prichard Owen Servant U 25 Farm Labourer CAE
314 Dyffryn Roberts Ann Servant U 23 General Servant CAE
314 Dyffryn Owens Elinor Servant U 18 General Servant CAE
314 Capel Curig Jackson Mary Head W 64   AGY, Beaumaris
314 Capel Curig Jackson John Son U 29 Inn Waiter CAE
314 Dyffryn Roberts Robert Head M 49 Farm Labourer CAE, Llanrhychwyn
314 Dyffryn Roberts Mary Wife M 42   CAE, Llanrhychwyn
314 Dyffryn Roberts Robert Son U 18   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Roberts Jane Daughter U 9   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Roberts Gwen Daughter U 4   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Roberts Richard Son U 2   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Hughes Gwen Mother in Law U 88   CAE, Llanrhychwyn
314 Dyffryn Hughes Hugh Head M 47 Farm Labourer CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Hughes Elinor Wife M 43   CAE, LLandegai
314 Dyffryn Hughes Ann Daughter U 15   CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Williams Thomas Head M 46 Farmer CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Williams Elinor Wife M 43   CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Williams Mary Daughter U 13   CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Williams Thomas Son U 10   CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Williams Elinor Daughter U 8 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Williams Samuel Son U 5   CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Williams Catherine Daughter U 2   CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Jones Sarah Head W 68 Annuitent CAE
314 Capel Curig Hughes John Grandson U 17 App Blacksmith CAE, LLandegai
314 Capel Curig Hughes Jane Grand Daughter U 13 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams Edward Head M 69 Innkeeper/Farmer CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams Jane Wife M 67   CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams David Son U 39 Clerk CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams Alice Daughter U 31   CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams Elizabeth Daughter U 28   CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams Jane Daughter U 26   CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Jones Elizabeth Servant U 25 House Servant DEN, Eglwys Bach
315 Capel Curig Inn Jones Ann Servant U 27 House Servant DEN, Capel Garmon
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams Sarah Servant U 22 House Servant DEN, Pentrefoelas
315 Capel Curig Inn Edwards Ann Servant U 28 House Servant CAE
315 Capel Curig Inn Roberts Ellin Servant U 22 House Servant CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Coward Hanna Servant U 35 House Servant DEN, Rhiwabon/Ruabon
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams Ann Visitors Son U 25 Governess CAE
315 Capel Curig Inn Jones David Servant U 27 Farm Labourer CAE, Penmachno Eidda
315 Capel Curig Inn Davies John Servant U 20 Farm Labourer CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Inn Hughes John Servant U 18 Farm Labourer CAE, Llanrhychwyn
315 Capel Curig Inn Evans Robert Servant U 16 Farm Labourer CAE, Llanrhychwyn
315 Capel Curig Inn Hughes Hugh Servant U 21 Boots CAE, Llanrhychwyn
315 Capel Curig Inn Williams Griffith Servant U 60 Farm Labourer CAE
315 Capel Curig Inn Ellis Cadwallader Servant M 69 Farm Labourer DEN
315 Capel Curig Owens John Head M 35 Farm Labourer CAE, Llanllechid
315 Capel Curig Owens Elinor Wife M 43   CAE, Llanrhychwyn
315 Capel Curig Owens Elinor Daughter U 14 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Hughes Thomas Head M 30 Slate Quarry Man AGY, Llanddyfnan
315 Capel Curig Hughes Grace Wife M 29   CAE
315 Capel Curig Hughes William Son U 6   CAE, Llanrhychwyn
315 Capel Curig Hughes Gaynor Daughter U 4   CAE, Llanrhychwyn
315 Capel Curig Hughes Ann Daughter U 2   CAE, Llanllechid
315 Capel Curig Hughes David Head M 57 Hostler CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Hughes Elizabeth Wife M 54   CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Hughes David Son U 30 Agric. Labourer CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Hughes Henry Son U 20 Coachman CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Hughes Jane Daughter U 9 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Roberts David Head M 48 Farm Labourer CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Roberts Ann Wife M 47   CAE, Penmachno Eidda
315 Capel Curig Roberts Alice Daughter U 12 Scholar CAE, Llanrhychwyn
315 Capel Curig Roberts Owen Son U 9   CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Roberts Elizabeth Daughter U 7   CAE, LLandegai
315 Capel Curig Roberts David Son U 4   CAE, LLandegai
315 Gelli Capel Curig Edward William Head W 75 Farm Labourer CAE
316 Capel Curig Williams Robert Head M 71 Driver CAE, Llanllechid
316 Capel Curig Williams Catherine Wife M 69   CAE, Abergwyngregin
316 Capel Curig Williams Hugh Son U 32 Slate Quarry Man CAE, LLandegai
316 Capel Curig Williams Richard Son U 32 Slate Quarry Man CAE, LLandegai
316 Capel Curig Owens Morris Head M 37 Farm Labourer CAE, Llanrhychwyn
316 Capel Curig Owens Elinor Wife M 43   CAE, Llanbeblig
316 Capel Curig Owens Aron Son U 11   CAE?
316 Capel Curig Owens Robert Son U 7   CAE?
316 Gelli Jones Henry Head M 40 Slate Quarry Man CAE, LLandegai
316 Gelli Jones Mary Wife M 40   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gelli Jones Elizabeth Daughter U 13 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
316 Gelli Jones Ann Daughter U 11   CAE
316 Gelli Jones Catherine Daughter U 8   CAE
316 Gelli Jones Mary Daughter U 6   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gelli Parry David - U 34   CAE, Treflys
316 Gelli Williams Margaret Head U 70   CAE, LLandegai
316 Fotty Owens Rice Head M 81   CAE, LLandegai
316 Fotty Owens Mary Wife M 82   CAE, Dolwyddelan
316 Fotty Owens William Head M 42 Farm Labourer CAE, LLandegai
316 Fotty Owens Elizabeth Wife M 27   CAE, Llanrhychwyn
316 Capel Curig Owens Robert Head M 91 Farm Labourer DEN, Pentrefoelas
316 Capel Curig Owens Elinor Wife M 71   DEN, Betws-yn-Rhos
316 Capel Curig Roberts William Head M 29 Farm Labourer MER, Llandderfel
316 Capel Curig Roberts Catherine Wife M 30   CAE, Llanrhychwyn
316 Capel Curig Roberts Ellin Daughter U 3   CAE, LLandegai
316 Capel Curig Roberts John Son U 10m   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Williams Griffith Head M 52 Farmer CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Williams Catherine Wife M 56   CAE, Llanllechid
316 Gwern Gof Williams Elinor Daughter U 23   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Williams Owen Son U 17   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Williams David Son U 15   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Price John Head M 62 Farmer CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Price Margaret Wife M 52   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Price Mary Daughter U 18   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Price Jane Daughter U 17   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Roberts Margaret Grand Daughter U 4   CAE, LLandegai
316 Gwern Gof Roberts John Servant U 21 Agric Labourer CAE, LLandegai
316 Pen Benglog Roberts Morris Head M 63 Quarryman CAE, Beddgelert
316 Pen Benglog Roberts Sarah Wife M 56   CAE, LLandegai
316 Pen Benglog Roberts William Son U 15 Quarryman CAE, LLandegai
317 Pen Benglog Roberts Elias Grandson U 7   CAE, LLandegai

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