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1851 Census, Llandegai

1851 Census, Llandegái - Folios 426 to 429

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
426 Llandegai Village Williams David Head M 45 Labourer CAE, Bangor
426 Llandegai Village Williams Mary Wife M 44   CAE, Capel Curig
426 Llandegai Village Williams Owen Son U 17 Labourer CAE, LLandegai
426 Llandegai Village Williams Evan Son U 10 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
426 Llandegai Village Owen Evan Lodger W 69 Labourer CAE, Llanrhychwyn
426 Llandegai Village Owens Mary Servant U 25 Servant CAE, Capel Curig
427 Llandegai Village Jones Griffith Head M 46 Tailor CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
427 Llandegai Village Jones Jane Wife M 51   CAE, Bangor
427 Llandegai Village Jones Henry Son U 24 Labourer CAE, LLandegai
427 Llandegai Village Jones Mary Daughter U 21   CAE, Bangor
427 Llandegai Village Jones William Son U 18 Labourer CAE, LLandegai
427 Llandegai Village Jones Robert Son U 15 Messenger CAE, LLandegai
427 Llandegai Village Jones John Head M 82 Joiner CAE, Llanbeblig
427 Llandegai Village Jones Anne Wife M 77   DEN Bod
427 Llandegai Village Jones Eleanor Daughter U 39 Dressmaker CAE, LLandegai
427 Llandegai Village Kirkham Richard Head M 60 Joiner AGY, Beaumaris
427 Llandegai Village Kirkham Mary Wife M 56   CAE, Bangor
427 Llandegai Village Kirkham Eleanor Daughter U 20   CAE, LLandegai
427 Llandegai Village Kirkham Thomas Son U 17 Joiner CAE, LLandegai
427 Llandegai Village Kirkham Jane Grandson U 9 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
427 Llandegai Village Roberts Henry Head W 57 Labourer CAE, Llanllechid
427 Llandegai Village Williams Lucy Servant W 44 Servant AGY, Llangristiolus
427 Pentwmpath Williams Ellis Head M 39 Wheelwright CAE, Bangor
427 Pentwmpath Williams Mary Wife M 38   AGY, Llanfair
427 Pentwmpath Williams Margaret Daughter U 11 Scholar CAE, Bangor
427 Pentwmpath Williams Thomas Son U 6 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
427 Pentwmpath Williams Henry Son U 3   CAE, LLandegai
427 Pentwmpath Williams Ann Daughter U 8m   CAE, LLandegai
427 Pentwmpath Williams Robert Head M 41 Labourer CAE, Llandwrog
427 Pentwmpath William Margaret Wife M 40   CAE, Abergwyngregin
427 Pentwmpath Williams Ellen Daughter U 13   CAE, Abergwyngregin
427 Pentwmpath Williams Esther Daughter U 11 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
427 Pentwmpath Williams John Son U 9 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
427 Pentwmpath Williams Mary Daughter U 8 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
427 Pentwmpath Williams Robert Son U 5 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
427 Pentwmpath Williams Margaret Daughter U 3   CAE, LLandegai
427 Pentwmpath Williams William Son U 1   CAE, LLandegai
427 Llwynon Morgan William Head U 40 Parish Incumbent CGN
427 Llwynon Jones William Servant U 24 Servant CAE
427 Llwynon Evans Charlotte Servant U 31 Servant CAE
427 Llwynon Mears George Brooke Pupil U 10 Pupil CGN
428 Ddol Felin Isa Jones John Head M 51 Labourer AGY, Aberffraw
428 Ddol Felin Isa Jones Eleanor Wife M 46   AGY, Llangristiolus
428 Ddol Felin Isa Jones Mary Daughter U 21   AGY 08
428 Ddol Felin Isa Jones Thomas Son U 9   AGY 08
428 Ddol Felin Isa Jones Elias Son U 11 Scholar AGY 08
428 Ddol Felin Isa Jones Ann Daughter U 6   AGY 08
428 Ddol Felin Isa Jones Ellen Daughter U 4   CAE, LLandegai
428 Ddol Felin Isa Williams Richard Lodger M 35 Carter AGY, Llanbedrgoch
428 Yard Felin Isaf Williams John Head W 63 Sawyer CAE, LLandegai
428 Yard Felin Isaf Williams Robert Son U 34 Sawyer CAE, LLandegai
428 Yard Felin Isaf Williams Thomas Son U 29 Labourer CAE, Bangor
428 Yard Felin Isaf Williams Margaret Daughter U 24 Dressmaker CAE, Bangor
428 Yard Felin Isaf Williams Elinor Daughter U 22 Servant CAE, LLandegai
428 Yard Felin Isaf Hughes John Lodger U 25 Labourer AGY, Llangristiolus
428 Yard Felin Isaf Williams John Grandson U 9 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
428 Lower Yard Harley John Head M 59 Millwright LAN, Liverpool
428 Lower Yard Harley Catherine Wife M 61   CAE, Llanfairfechan
428 Lower Yard Harley Henry Son U 27 Master Tailor CAE, Llanllechid
428 Lower Yard Harley John Son U 17 App Tailor CAE, Llanllechid
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams William Head M 38 Shepherd YKS Ayt
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams Sarah Wife M 35   YKS Wil
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams William Son U 12 Shepherd YKS Hor
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams John Son U 10 Labourer YKS EEs
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams Ann Daughter U 9 Scholar YKS EEs
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams James Son U 6 Scholar LIN, Winterton
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams Eliza Daughter U 5   YKS, Weaverthorpe
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams Samuel Son U 3   YKS, Kiveton
428 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams Robert Son U 1   NTT, Bilby
428 Yard Felin Isaf Griffith William Head M 36 Carter AGY, Llanfachraeth
428 Yard Felin Isaf Griffith Hannah Wife M 44   AGY, Llanidan
428 Yard Felin Isaf Griffith Jane Daughter U 16 Servant AGY, Llanrhyddladd
428 Yard Felin Isaf Griffith Robert Son U 13 Labourer AGY, Llanrhyddladd
428 Yard Felin Isaf Griffith William Son U 5   CAE, LLandegai
428 Yard Felin Isaf Griffith Margaret Daughter U 3   CAE, LLandegai
428 Yard Felin Isaf Griffith Hugh Son U 6m   CAE, LLandegai
428 Felin Isa Hughes Hugh Head M 43 Labourer AGY, Llangefni
428 Felin Isa Hughes Ellen Wife M 43   CAE, Llanllyfni
429 Llandegai Village Williams John Head M 52 Smith CAE, LLandegai
429 Llandegai Village Williams Elinor Wife M 55   AGY, Llandegfan
429 Llandegai Village Williams Caroline Daughter U 20 Dressmaker CAE, Llanllechid
429 Llandegai Village Williams Esther Daughter U 19 Dressmaker CAE, Llanllechid
429 Llandegai Village Williams Grace Daughter U 17   CAE, Llanllechid
429 Llandegai Village Jones William Servant U 21 Servant AGY, Llangeinwen
429 Llandegai Village Foulks William Head M 47 Schoolmaster FLN, Yr Wyddgrug/Mold
429 Llandegai Village Foulks Mary Wife M 50   NTH, Eastling
429 Llandegai Village Knight Jane Niece U 15 Scholar LAN, Prescott
429 Llandegai Village Price Jane Head W 72 Laundress CAE, LLandegai
429 Llandegai Village Davies Richard Son In Law M 48 Stone Cutter AGY, Beaumaris
429 Llandegai Village Davies Jane Daughter M 42   CAE, LLandegai
429 Llandegai Village Davies Jane Grand Daughter U 13 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
429 Llandegai Village Davies John Grandson U 8 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
429 Llandegai Village Simons John Edward Head M 39 Shoeing Smith SAL, Oswestry
429 Llandegai Village Simons Susanna Wife M 34   WAR, Birmingham
429 Llandegai Village Simons Ellen Margaret Daughter U 8 Scholar CAE, Bangor
429 Llandegai Village Wilson George Head M 46 Forester SCT
429 Llandegai Village Wilson Nessie Wife M 35   SCT
429 Llandegai Village Peatie Mary Sister In Law U 38 Annuitent SCT
429 Capel Ogwen Penrhyn Pk Buckland Robert Head M 56 Head Gamekeeper BKM, Farnham Royale
429 Capel Ogwen Penrhyn Pk Buckland Sophia Wife M 54   BKM, Farnham Royale
429 Capel Ogwen Penrhyn Pk Buckland William Son U 33 Game Watcher BKM, Stoke Paget
429 Capel Ogwen Penrhyn Pk Buckland James Son U 30 Carpenter BKM, Stoke Paget
429 Capel Ogwen Penrhyn Pk Buckland Thomas Nephew U 19 Game Watcher BKM, Burnham
429 Capel Ogwen Penrhyn Pk Dale John Grandson U 3   CAE, LLandegai
429 Capel Ogwen Penrhyn Pk Hughes Ellen Servant U 19 House Servant CAE
429 Penrhyn Castle Hibberd Mary Servant U 40 Housekeeper LND
429 Penrhyn Castle Scott Elizabeth Servant U 39 Housemaid SAL Prees
429 Penrhyn Castle Chilton Elizabeth Servant U 23 Housemaid HRT, Bennet
429 Penrhyn Castle Landes Elizabeth Servant U 23 Housemaid ?, Mutford
429 Penrhyn Castle Elliot Elizabeth Servant U 21 Housemaid LND, Westbrook Street
429 Penrhyn Castle Gethin Grace Servant U 20 Stillroom Maid SCT
429 Penrhyn Castle Robinson John Servant U 34 Servant YKS, Thorntondale
429 Penrhyn Castle Pittanage? Charles Servant U 29 Stable Helper LAN, Skipton(Manchester)
429 Penrhyn Castle Lewis Hugh Servant U 17 Postillion ?
429 Penrhyn Castle Lee James Servant U 16 Postillion LND, Park Gate

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