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1851 Census, Llandegai

1851 Census, Llandegái - Folios 430 to 433

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
430 Penrhyn Park Pace Henry Head M 36 Clerk of Works CAE, Ynyscynhaearn
430 Penrhyn Park Pace Anne Frances Wife M 42   FLN, Diserth
430 Penrhyn Park Griffiths Mary Servant U 22 House Servant CAE, LLandegai
430 Penrhyn Park Burn John Head M 30 Gardener NBL, Rothbury
430 Penrhyn Park Burn Lucy Wife M 27   WIL, Quidhampton
430 Penrhyn Park Burn Robert John Son U 3   CAE, LLandegai
430 Penrhyn Park Holly Elizabeth Servant U 18 House Servant WIL, Quidhampton
430 Penrhyn Park Neale Thomas Servant U 21 Under Gardener NTH, Wittlebury
430 Penrhyn Park Thomas Thomas Servant U 22 Under Gardener CAE, Llanbeblig
430 Penrhyn Park Hughes Thomas Servant U 21 Under Gardener AGY, Llandyfrydog
430 Penrhyn Laundry Sheppard Jacob Head M 38 Groom WIL, East Noile
430 Penrhyn Laundry Sheppard Mary Wife M 32   STS, Tamworth
430 Penrhyn Laundry Sheppard Mary Daughter U 4   CAE, Bangor
430 Penrhyn Laundry Sheppard Harriet Daughter U 1   CAE, LLandegai
430 Penrhyn Laundry Roberts Catherine Servant U 13 House Servant CAE, LLandegai
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Davies Rees Head M 38 Police Officer GLA 03
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Davies Jane Wife M 34   LAN, Liverpool
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Davies Elizabeth Daughter U 16 Scholar LAN, Liverpool
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Davies Martha Daughter U 9 Scholar LAN, Liverpool
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Roberts Hugh Head M 35 Labourer AGY, Llanedwen
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Roberts Catherine Wife M 38   AGY, Llanelian
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Roberts John Son U 10 Scholar AGY, Llanidan
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Roberts Margaret Daughter U 8 Scholar AGY, Llanedwen
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Roberts Mary Daughter U 6 Scholar AGY, Llanedwen
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Roberts Elizabeth Daughter U 4   AGY, Llanedwen
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Roberts Robert Son U 2   AGY, Llanidan
430 Ty Newydd Cottage Roberts Catherine Daughter U 4m   CAE, LLandegai
430 Ty Newydd Lodge Steele William Head M 33 Farm Foreman NTT, Sutton
430 Ty Newydd Lodge Steele Hannah Wife M 29   NTT, Worksop
430 Ty Newydd Lodge Steele Elizabeth C Daughter U 2   CAE, LLandegai
430 Ty Newydd Lodge Booth Mary Sister - 27 Dressmaker NTT, Worksop
430 Ty Newydd Penrhyn Doig Richard Head M 36 Farmer SCT
430 Ty Newydd Penrhyn Doig Frances Wife M 26   NTH Cole Ashby
430 Ty Newydd Penrhyn Wibling Emma Servant U 26 House Servant NTH, Peterborough
430 Ty Newydd Penrhyn Pashley Joseph Head W 49 Farm Labourer NTT, Worksop
430 Ty Newydd Penrhyn Pashley Mary Anne Daughter U 19 Housekeeper NTT, Worksop
430 Ty Newydd Penrhyn Pashley William Son U 17 Farm Labourer NTT, Worksop
430 Ty Newydd Penrhyn Pashley Eliza Daughter U 14 Scholar NTT, Worksop
431 Ty Newydd Cottage Hughes Daniel Head M 33 Labourer AGY, Llangefni
431 Ty Newydd Cottage Hughes Jane Wife M 32   CAE, Llanllechid
431 Ty Newydd Cottage Hughes Owen Son U 5 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
431 Ty Newydd Cottage Hughes Grace Daughter U 2   CAE, LLandegai
431 Ty Newydd Cottage Williams Griffith Lodger U 30 Labourer CAE, Llanarmon
431 Ty Newydd Dairy Sheppard Elizabeth Servant U 38 Dairymaid WIL, East Noile
431 Lower Incline Jones Charles Head W 35 Coachman CAE, Capel Curig
431 Lower Incline Jones Eliza Daughter U 9 Scholar CAE, Bangor
431 Lower Incline Jones Mary Anne Daughter U 1   CAE, LLandegai
431 Lower Incline Williams Catherine Servant U 17 House Servant CAE, Llanrug
431 Lower Incline Hughes John Head M 24 Labourer AGY, Llanwenllwyfo
431 Lower Incline Hughes Margaret Wife M 26   CAE, Capel Curig
431 Lower Incline Hughes Mary Daughter U 6m   CAE, LLandegai
431 Lower Incline Williams Peter Head M 52 Labourer CAE, Llanllechid
431 Lower Incline Williams Ellen Wife M 46   CAE, Bangor
431 Lower Incline Williams John Son U 10 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
431 Lower Incline Williams William Son U 9 Scholar CAE, Bangor
431 Lower Incline Williams Mary Daughter U 7 Scholar CAE, Bangor
431 Lower Incline Williams Richard Son U 4 Scholar CAE, Bangor
431 Lower Incline Williams Hugh Son U 1   CAE, Bangor
431 Lime Grove Wyatt James Head M 56 Land &  General Agent CAE, LLandegai
431 Lime Grove Wyatt Ann Jane Wife M 50   LAN, Preston
431 Lime Grove Wyatt Arthur Son U 22 Asst. Land Agent CAE, LLandegai
431 Lime Grove Wyatt Charles William Son U 20 Articled Clerk CAE, LLandegai
431 Lime Grove Wyatt Charlotte Daughter U 19   CAE, LLandegai
431 Lime Grove Jones Lewis Servant M 52 Servant CAE, Llanllyfni
431 Lime Grove Hughes Jane Servant U 31 Servant AGY, Llandegfan
431 Lime Grove Hughes Elizabeth Servant U 27 Servant AGY, Llandegfan
431 Lime Grove Williams Jane Servant U 27 Servant CAE, Llanddeiniolen
431 Port Lodge Williams Hugh Head M 44 Lime Burner CAE, Conwy
431 Port Lodge Williams Mary Ann Wife M 39   STS, Catral
431 Port Lodge Rowland Catherine Servant U 21 House Servant CAE, Denio
432 Port Penrhyn Lloyd John Head M 42 Slate Wharf Chief Clerk AGY, Beaumaris
432 Port Penrhyn Lloyd Ann Wife M 43   CHS, Chester
432 Port Penrhyn Lloyd John Son U 19 Bankers Clerk LAN, Liverpool
432 Port Penrhyn Lloyd Margaret Daughter U 18   CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Lloyd Louisa Daughter U 11   CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Lloyd Ann Jane Daughter U 8   CAE, LLandegai
432 Port Penrhyn Owen Hannah Servant U 36 Servant CAE, Penmachno Eidda
432 Port Penrhyn Williams Sarah Servant U 25 Servant CAE, LLandegai
432 Port Penrhyn Jones William Head M 47 Harbour Master CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Jones Jane Wife M 50   CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Parry Ellen Daughter W 25   CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Jones Henry Son U 9 Scholar CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Parry Jane Grand Daughter U 5   CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Richard William Grandson U 15m   CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts John Nephew U 26 Butcher CAE, Denio
432 Port Penrhyn Jones Elizabeth Head W 85   CAE, Llanllechid
432 Port Penrhyn Hughes Emma Head W 81   CAE, Llanllechid
432 Port Penrhyn Hughes Owen Son W 44 Slate Framer CAE, LLandegai
432 Port Penrhyn Hughes Charlotte Grand Daughter U 19 House Servant CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts Robert Head M 69 Seaman CAE, Llanaelhaearn
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts Elizabeth Wife M 61   CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts Robert Son M 24 Master Mariner CAE, Bangor
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts Susannah Daugher In Law M 24   CAE, Llanllyfni
432 Tyn y Felin Pritchard Thomas Head W 44 Miller CAE, Abergwyngregin
432 Tyn y Felin Pritchard Margaret Daughter U 15 Scholar CAE, Abergwyngregin
432 Tyn y Felin Pritchard Ellin Daughter U 14 Scholar CAE, Abergwyngregin
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts John Head M 63 Labourer AGY, Llanddeusant
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts Ellen Wife M 46   CAE, LLandegai
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts Jane Daughter U 11 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts Ellen Daughter U 6 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
432 Port Penrhyn Roberts Sh...? Daughter U 5 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
432 Aber Cegin Thomas Robert Head M 88 Fisherman MER LF
432 Aber Cegin Thomas Susannah Wife M 87   MER, Llandrillo
432 Aber Cegin Thomas Robert Son U 48 Fisherman MER?
432 Aber Cegin Pritchard Susan Visitor M 30   CAE, Bangor
432 Aber Cegin Beardsall Barbara Servant U 25 House Servant MON, Cymwyd
432 Aber Cegin Roberts Robert Servant U 24 Labourer MON, Llanfawr
432 Aber Cegin Evans Evan Servant U 21 Labourer CAE, Llangybi
433 Llandegai Lodge Price David Head M 51 Labourer MGY, Bettws Cedewais
433 Llandegai Lodge Price Margaret Wife M 64   CAE, LLandegai
433 Llandegai Lodge Jones Rebecca Servant U 17 House Servant CAE, Llanllechid
433 Glanafon Cegin Williams John Head M 41 Labourer CAE, Llanddeiniolen
433 Glanafon Cegin Williams Ann Wife M 42   AGY, Llangoed
433 Glanafon Cegin Williams William Son U 15 Labourer AGY, Llanddaniel Fab
433 Glanafon Cegin Williams Lea Daughter U 5   CAE, LLandegai
433 Glanafon Cegin Williams Jane Daughter U 3   CAE, LLandegai
433 Glanafon Cegin Williams Seth Son U 12m   CAE, LLandegai
433 Tyn y Felin Williams Owen Head M 39 Miller AGY, Trefdraeth
433 Tyn y Felin Williams Margaret Wife M 42   AGY, Beaumaris
433 Tyn y Felin Williams Jane Daughter U 12 Scholar CAE, LLandegai
433 Tyn y Felin Williams Owen Son U 10 Scholar CAE, Betws y Coed
433 Tyn y Felin Williams Margaret Daughter U 8 Scholar CAE, Bangor
433 Tyn y Felin Williams David Son U 6 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid

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