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1851 Census, Llandwrog

EDWARDS, Evan to EVANS, Henry

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
543 Drws y Coed Edwards Evan Head M 48 Engineer CAE, Beddgelert
543 Drws y Coed Edwards Griffith Son U 24 Copper Miner CAE, Llanengan
183 Bryn Enan Edwards Griffith T. Son U 21 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
528 Bryn Ffynnon Edwards Humphrey Grandson U 3   CAE, Llandwrog
183 Bryn Enan Edwards Jane Head W 65 Farmer's Widow CAE, Llanfihangel
214 Avon Isaf Edwards John Son U 13 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
186 Bryn Enan Edwards Mary Daughter U 4   CAE, Llanllyfni
214 Avon Isaf Edwards Mary Wife M 58   CAE, Beddgelert
214 Avon Isaf Edwards Mary Daughter U 9   CAE, Llandwrog
547 Tal y Sarn Edwards Mary Daughter U 1   CAE, Llandwrog
214 Avon Isaf Edwards William Head M 65 Copper Miner (Blind) AGY, Amlwch
541 Penrorsedd Elias Elias Son U 13 Quarryman CAE, Llanllyfni
541 Penrorsedd Elias Margaret Wife M 53   CAE, Clynnog Fawr
541 Penrorsedd Elias Margaret Daughter U 17   CAE, Llanllyfni
541 Penrorsedd Elias Richard Head M 49 Quarryman CAE, Llanstumdwy
541 Penrorsedd Elias Robert Son U 15 Quarryman CAE, Llanllyfni
211 Bryn Glas Ellis Ann Wife M 35   AGY, Amlwch
546 Tal y Sarn Isaf Ellis Ann Daughter U 7   CAE, Llandwrog
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Anne Daughter U 1m   CAE, Llandwrog
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Cornelius Head M 36 Coachman CAE, Llanbeblig
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Cornelius Son U 2   CAE, Llandwrog
155 Bethesda Ellis Elinor Daughter U 3   CAE, Llanwnda
155 Bethesda Ellis Elizabeth Wife M 30   CAE, Nefyn
169 Bettws House Ellis Ellin Daughter U 7 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
211 Bryn Glas Ellis Ellis Son U 4   CAE, Llandwrog
545 Pen y Bryn Ellis Ellis Servant U 16 General Servant CAE, Llanllyfni
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Grace Daughter U 4   CAE, Llandwrog
211 Bryn Glas Ellis Griffith Head M 34 Quarry Labourer CAE, Clynnog Fawr
541 Nantlle Ellis Griffith Lodger M 36 Agric Labourer CAE, Llandwrog
155 Bethesda Ellis Hannah Daughter U 9   CAE, Nefyn
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Hannah Daughter U 7   CAE, Llandwrog
546 Tal y Sarn Isaf Ellis Hugh Head W 40 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
155 Bethesda Ellis John Son U 5   CAE, Llanwnda
177 Ty Isaf Ellis John Son U 11 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
211 Bryn Glas Ellis Margaret Daughter U 6   CAE, Llanllyfni
169 Bettws House Ellis Mary Wife M 34   CAE, Clynnog Fawr
169 Bettws House Ellis Mary Daughter U 5   CAE, Llandwrog
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Mary Wife M 36   DEN, Llansannan
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Mary Daughter U 5   CAE, Llandwrog
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Owen Son U 13 Gardener CAE, Llandwrog
546 Tal y Sarn Isaf Ellis Pierce Son U 3   CAE, Llandwrog
155 Bethesda Ellis Rice Son U 7   CAE, Nefyn
169 Bettws House Ellis Robert Head M 34 Gardener CAE, Aber-erch
546 Tal y Sarn Isaf Ellis Robert Son U 5   CAE, Llandwrog
177 Ty Isaf Ellis Samuel Son U 9 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
169 Bettws House Ellis Thomas Son U 12 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
155 Bethesda Ellis William Head M 33 Miller CAE, Llandwrog
155 Bethesda Ellis William Son U 9m   CAE, Llandwrog
169 Bettws House Ellis William Son U 2   CAE, Llandwrog
166 Glan y Morfa Evans Alice Daughter U 5   CAE, Llandwrog
211 Bryn Ebolian Evans Alice Wife M 36   CAE, Llanwnda
159 Felin Llwyn Gwalch Evans Ann Head W 87 Quarryman's Widow CAE, Llanllyfni
217 Bryn Llwyn Evans Ann Wife M 32   AGY, Llanddaniel Fab
217 Bryn Llwyn Evans Ann Daughter U 7   CAE, Llandwrog
535 Pencarmel Evans Ann Daughter U 27   CAE, Llandwrog
163 Brynglas Evans Anne Wife M 36   CAE, Llandwrog
165 Glan Llynon Evans Anne Wife M 46   CAE, Llandwrog
166 Glan y Morfa Evans Anne Wife M 30   CAE, Llandwrog
183 Pen Isa Rhoes Evans Anne Daughter U 5   CAE, Llandwrog
175 Tyddyn Engan Evans Catherine Daughter U 12 Scholar CAE, Llanllyfni
179 Caer Llwyn Cottages Evans Catherine Daughter U 2   CAE, Llandwrog
185 Bryn Eithin Evans Catherine Head U 60 Wool Stocking Knitter CAE, Llandwrog
204 Penbryn Grugan Evans Catherine Head W 68 Agric Labourer's Widow CAE, Llandwrog
540 Barracks Evans Catherine Daughter U 5   AGY, Llangefni
185 Bryn Eithin Evans Daniel Nephew U 32 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
178 Llandwrog Cottages Evans David Head M 46 Joiner CAE, Llandwrog
183 Pen Isa Rhoes Evans David Head M 49 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
544 Turnpike Gate, Gelli Evans David Head M 38 Copper Miner CAE, Beddgelert
200 Cefn Rosenan Evans Eleanor Wife M 32   CAE, Llanfihangel
206 Groeslon Evans Eleanor Wife M 34   CAE, Llandwrog
525 Bryntrallwyn Evans Eleanor Daughter U 8   CAE, Llanllyfni
535 Pencarmel Evans Eleanor Daughter U 11   CAE, Llandwrog
544 Turnpike Gate, Gelli Evans Eleanor Daughter U 1m   CAE, Llandwrog
159 Felin Llwyn Gwalch Evans Elizabeth Daughter U 48   CAE, Llanllyfni
165 Fron Deg Evans Elizabeth Wife M 36   CAE, Llanwnda
165 Fron Deg Evans Elizabeth Daughter U 5   CAE, Llanwnda
166 Glan y Morfa Evans Elizabeth Daughter U 8   CAE, Llandwrog
178 Llandwrog Cottages Evans Elizabeth Daughter U 6   CAE, Llandwrog
220 Ty Newydd Evans Elizabeth Wife M 20   CAE, Pistyll
540 Barracks Evans Elizabeth Wife M 25   CAE, Llandwrog
183 Pen Isa Rhoes Evans Ellen Daughter U 19   CAE, Llandwrog
150 Penrallt Evans Ellin Wife M 47   CAE, Llandwrog
540 Barracks Evans Ellin Daughter U 14   CAE, Llanbeblig
163 Brynglas Evans Ellinor Daughter U 15   CAE, Llandwrog
175 Tyddyn Engan Evans Ellinor Wife M 35   AGY, Aberffraw
175 Tyddyn Engan Evans Ellinor Daughter U 3   CAE, Llandwrog
178 Llandwrog Cottages Evans Ellinor Daughter U 11 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
178 Caer Llwyn Cottages Evans Ellinor Daughter U 9 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
544 Turnpike Gate, Gelli Evans Ellinor Wife M 35   CAE, Llanwnda
178 Llandwrog Cottages Evans Evan Son U 7   CAE, Llandwrog
179 Caer Llwyn Cottages Evans Evan Son U 9 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
183 Pen Isa Rhoes Evans Evan Son U 16   CAE, Llandwrog
218 Glanrafon Evans Evan Son M 28 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
220 Ty Newydd Evans Evan Head M 29 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
524 Bryntrallwyn Evans Evan Son U 12   CAE, Llanllyfni
178 Ty Llan Evans Francis Servant M 30 Farm Servant CAE, Llanarmon
165 Fron Deg Evans Griffith Head M 39 Joiner CAE, Llanfaglan
535 Pencarmel Evans Griffith Son U 8   CAE, Llandwrog
178 Caer Llwyn Cottages Evans Gwen Daughter U 11 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
178 Caer Llwyn Cottages Evans Hannah Head W 52 Gardener's Widow CAE, Llanrug
150 Penrallt Evans Harry Son U 9   CAE, Llandwrog
177 Bodfan Evans Henry Servant U 18 Farm Servant CAE, Llandwrog
206 Groeslon Evans Henry Son U 7   CAE, Llandwrog
217 Bryn Llwyn Evans Henry Son U 5   CAE, Llandwrog
525 Bryntrallwyn Evans Henry Son U 1   CAE, Llandwrog

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