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1851 Census, Llandwrog

GRIFFITH, Daniel to GRIFFITH, Robert

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
541 Caenant y Gwlaw Griffith Daniel Son U 18 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
164 Modryn Griffith David Servant U 18 Farm Servant CAE, Llanwnda
185 Gerlan Bach Griffith Dorothy Daughter M 46 Gardener's Wife CAE, Llandwrog
186 Glan y Ffynnon Griffith Dorothy Daughter U 7   CAE, Llandwrog
526 Frondirion Griffith Dorothy Wife M 53   CAE, Llannor
198 Grugan Wen Griffith Eleanor Servant U 16 General Servant CAE, Llandwrog
527 Gaerwen Bach Griffith Eleanor Daughter U 6   CAE, Llandwrog
533 Blaen y Fferam Griffith Eleanor Head W 40 Quarryman's Widow CAE, Betws Garmon
200 Caesarn Griffith Elinor Wife M 52   CAE, Llandwrog
184 Pen y Gamdda Griffith Elizabeth Daughter U 7   CAE, Llandwrog
530 Ty Capel Caesarea Griffith Elizabeth Wife M 44   CAE, Carnguwch
542 Gelli Griffith Elizabeth Servant U 19 House Servant CAE, Llanllyfni
187 Hafodty Ty Newydd Griffith Elizabetn Wife M 65   CAE, Llanrug
188 Terfyn Griffith Ellen Head W 62 Quarryman's Widow CAE, Llandwrog
541 Caenant y Gwlaw Griffith Ellen Daughter U 14   CAE, Llandwrog
150 Tai Newyddion Griffith Ellin Daughter U 8   CAE, Llandwrog
187 Braich y Frigan Mawr Griffith Ellin Wife M 39   CAE, Llandwrog
191 Tan y Coed Griffith Ellin Wife M 42   CAE, Llangian
192 Bryn Rodyn Griffith Ellin Wife M 67   CAE, Llanstumdwy
524 Minffordd Griffith Ellin Daughter U 6m   CAE, Llandwrog
529 Tyn y Maes Griffith Ellin Wife M 40   CAE, Llandwrog
529 Tyn y Maes Griffith Ellin Daughter U 8   CAE, Llanllyfni
547 Tal y Sarn Griffith Ellinor Wife M 53   CAE, Clynnog Fawr
529 Tyn y Maes Griffith Ellis Son U 4   CAE, Llandwrog
547 Tal y Sarn Griffith Ellis Head M 51 Engine Driver CAE, Pistyll
524 Pen y Ffordd Griffith Erasmus Brother U 41 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
187 Hafodty Ty Newydd Griffith Evan Son U 34   CAE, Llandwrog
191 Tan y Coed Griffith Evan Head M 44 Shoemaker CAE, Llanbedrog
191 Tan y Coed Griffith Evan Son U 10   CAE, Llandwrog
541 Caenant y Gwlaw Griffith Evan Head M 46 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
188 Terfyn Griffith Griffith Son U 23 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
191 Tan y Coed Griffith Griffith Son U 8   CAE, Llandwrog
193 Hafod y Coed Griffith Griffith Servant U 25 Farm Servant CAE, Llanengan
526 Bell Mount Griffith Griffith Son U 14 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
150 Tai Newyddion Griffith Gwen Daughter U 1   CAE, Llandwrog
524 Minffordd Griffith Gwen Daughter U 6   CAE, Llandwrog
524 Pencaesion Griffith Gwen Wife M 61   MER, Ffestiniog
184 Pen y Gamdda Griffith Henry Son U 10   CAE, Llandwrog
541 Caenant y Gwlaw Griffith Henry Son U 6 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
156 Bethesda Griffith Hugh Son U 2   CAE, Llandwrog
178 Caer Llwyn Cottages Griffith Hugh Son U 33 Plumber/Glazier CAE, Llanbeblig
187 Braich y Frigan Mawr Griffith Hugh Head M 50 Farmer CAE, Llandwrog
527 Gaerwen Bach Griffith Hugh Son U 14 Quarryman CAE, Llanengan
533 Blaen y Fferam Griffith Hugh Son U 6   CAE, Llandwrog
527 Gaerwen Bach Griffith James Son U 9   CAE, Llandwrog
150 Tai Newyddion Griffith Jane Daughter U 5   CAE, Llandwrog
156 Bethesda Griffith Jane Wife M 29   CAE, Llanwnda
159 Llanfair Arms, Groeslon Griffith Jane Servant U 22 House Servant CAE, Llandwrog
178 Caer Llwyn Cottages Griffith Jane Daughter U 22   CAE, Llanbeblig
186 Glan y Ffynnon Griffith Jane Daughter U 12   CAE, Llandwrog
524 Minffordd Griffith Jane Wife M 32   CAE, Llaniestyn
525 Bryn Ffynnon Griffith Jane Daughter U 5   CAE, Llandwrog
533 Blaen y Fferam Griffith Jane Daughter U 4   CAE, Llandwrog
534 Yard Griffith Jane Daughter M 30   CAE, Llanllyfni
541 Caenant y Gwlaw Griffith Jane Wife M 44   CAE, Beddgelert
150 Tai Newyddion Griffith John Head M 43 Agric Labourer CAE, Bodfean
169 Glynllifon Park Griffith John Servant U 17 Hall Boy CAE, Llandwrog
174 Glynllifon Upper Lodge Griffith John Lodger M 28 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
185 Beudy Isaf Griffith John Son U 9   CAE, Llandwrog
191 Tan y Coed Griffith John Son U 6   CAE, Llandwrog
200 Uwchlawrhos Griffith John Servant U 17 Agric Labourer CAE, Llanbedrog
524 Minffordd Griffith John Head M 33 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
524 Pencaesion Griffith John Head M 63 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
527 Gaerwen Bach Griffith John Head M 41 Agric Labourer CAE, Llangian
530 Ty Capel Caesarea Griffith John Son U 11 Quarryman CAE, Llanllyfni
533 Blaen y Fferam Griffith John Son U 11   CAE, Llandwrog
183 Bryn Gola Griffith Laura Servant U 15 House Servant CAE, Llanengan
186 Tryfan Griffith Laura Servant U 28 House Servant CAE, Llandwrog
192 Hafod y Coed Griffith Laura Servant U 22 House Servant CAE, Llanbeblig
534 Yard Griffith Laura Daughter U 15   CAE, Llandwrog
168 Tyddyn Lawrence Griffith Lowri Wife M 70   CAE, Llandwrog
155 Bethesda Griffith Margaret Wife M 33   CAE, Llanfair
155 Bethesda Griffith Margaret Daughter U 7m   CAE, Llandwrog
178 Caer Llwyn Cottages Griffith Margaret Wife M 63   CAE, Bangor
184 Pen y Gamdda Griffith Margaret Wife M 28   CAE, Llandwrog
529 Tyn y Maes Griffith Margaret Daughter U 1m   CAE, Llandwrog
547 Tal y Sarn Griffith Margaret Daughter U 17   CAE, Llanllyfni
150 Tai Newyddion Griffith Mary Wife M 50   CAE, Llanwnda
150 Tai Newyddion Griffith Mary Daughter U 12   CAE, Llandwrog
154 Collfryn Griffith Mary Servant U 22 House Servant CAE, Clynnog Fawr
155 Bethesda Griffith Mary Daughter U 3   CAE, Llandwrog
168 Tyddyn Lawrence Griffith Mary Servant U 8 House Servant CAE, Llandwrog
186 Tryfan Griffith Mary Sister U 58   CAE, Llandwrog
524 Pencaesion Griffith Mary Daughter U 22   CAE, Llandwrog
525 Bryn Ffynnon Griffith Mary Wife M 57   CAE, Dolbenmaen
527 Gaerwen Bach Griffith Mary Daughter U 11   CAE, Llanengan
530 Ty Capel Caesarea Griffith Mary Daughter U 8   CAE, Llanllyfni
531 Pen y Caenant Griffith Mary Wife M 38   CAE, Aberdaron
534 Yard Griffith Mary Head W 51 Shopkeeper CAE, Clynnog Fawr
534 Yard Griffith Mary Grand Daughter U 1   CAE, Llandwrog
168 Tyddyn Lawrence Griffith Meyrick Head M 72 Agric Labourer CAE, Clynnog Fawr
192 Bryn Rodyn Griffith Meyrick Head M 55 Stonemason CAE, Nefyn
186 Tryfan Griffith Owen Head W 56 Land Owner CAE, Llandwrog
524 Pencaesion Griffith Owen Son U 19 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
541 Caenant y Gwlaw Griffith Owen Son U 16 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
526 Frondirion Griffith Richard Son U 13   CAE, Llandwrog
529 Tyn y Maes Griffith Richard Head M 44 Quarryman CAE, Llanllyfni
529 Tyn y Maes Griffith Richard Son U 2   CAE, Llandwrog
150 Tai Newyddion Griffith Robert Son U 10 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
184 Pen y Gamdda Griffith Robert Son U 1   CAE, Llandwrog
186 Glan y Ffynnon Griffith Robert Head M 43 Quarryman/Farmer CAE, Llandwrog
187 Hafodty Ty Newydd Griffith Robert Head M 79 Farmer CAE, Llandwrog
200 Caesarn Griffith Robert Head M 55 Master Tailor CAE, Llanberis
200 Caesarn Griffith Robert Son U 7 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
525 Bryn Ffynnon Griffith Robert Head M 50 Agric Labourer CAE, Llandwrog
525 Frondirion Griffith Robert Head M 55 Quarryman CAE, Clynnog Fawr
526 Bell Mount Griffith Robert Son U 11 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
531 Pen y Caenant Griffith Robert Head M 86 Quarryman CAE, Dolbenmaen

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