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1851 Census, Llanllechid

Name Order

OWEN, John to OWENS, Elizabeth

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
497 High St. Bethesda Owen John Son U 3   CAE, Llanllechid
560 Pen y Bont Owen John Son U 4 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
561 Ddolgoch Owen John Son U 11 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
615 Tan y Marian Owen John Son U 1d   CAE, Llanllechid
440 Tyn y Maes Village Owen Margaret Wife M 35   AGY, Tregaean
440 Tyn y Maes Village Owen Margaret Daughter U 11   CAE, Llanllechid
453 Braichmelyn Village Owen Margaret Daughter U 13   CAE, Llanbeblig
542 Carneddi Owen Margaret Wife M 25   MER, Ffestiniog
543 Llidiart Gwenyn Owen Margaret Head W 52 Laundress CAE, Llanwnda
543 Llidiart Gwenyn Owen Margaret Daughter U 14 Milk Woman CAE, Llanllechid
560 Pen y Bont Owen Margaret Wife M 30   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
440 Tyn y Maes Village Owen Mary Daughter U 5m   CAE, Llanllechid
443 Tal y Waen Owen Mary Wife M 47   CAE, Llanllechid
443 Tal y Waen Owen Mary Daughter U 7   CAE, Llanllechid
497 High St. Bethesda Owen Mary Wife M 34   CAE, LLandegai
545 Llidiart Gwenyn Owen Mary Daughter U 15   CAE, Llanllechid
557 Tyn y Gerdi Owen Mary Wife M 23   CAE, Llanllechid
561 Ddolgoch Owen Mary Wife M 48   CAE, Llanddeiniolen
560 Pen y Bont Owen Morris Head M 28 Quarryman CAE, LLandegai
453 Braichmelyn Village Owen Owen Son U 17 Quarryman CAE, Llanwnda
497 High St. Bethesda Owen Owen Son U 6   CAE, LLandegai
536 Bont Uchaf Owen Owen Son U 17 Quarryman CAE, Llanllechid
560 Pen y Bont Owen Owen Son U 6 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
561 Ddolgoch Owen Owen Son U 4   CAE, LLandegai
614 Llwyncelyn Owen Owen Son U 19 Stone Cutter CAE, Llanllechid
443 Tal y Waen Owen Rice Son U 10   CAE, Llanllechid
557 Tyn y Gerdi Owen Rice Son U 23 Quarryman CAE, Llanllechid
497 High St. Bethesda Owen Richard Son U 9m   CAE, Llanllechid
500 High St. Bethesda Owen Richard Lodger U 35 Labourer AGY, Pentraeth
557 Tyn y Gerdi Owen Richard Head M 23 Quarryman AGY, Beaumaris
561 Ddolgoch Owen Richard Head M 41 Quarryman AGY, Llangefni
561 Ddolgoch Owen Richard Son U 8 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
453 Braichmelyn Village Owen Robert Head M 48 Quarryman CAE, Llanllyfni
453 Braichmelyn Village Owen Robert Son U 15 Quarryman CAE, Llanbeblig
541 Carneddi Owen Robert Lodger M 52 Labourer MER, Dolgellau
541 Carneddi Owen Robert Step Sister U 11   CAE, Llanllechid
610 Plasdwyrdd Owen Robert Son U 31 Railway Labourer CAE, Llanllechid
497 High St. Bethesda Owen Rowland Head M 43 Quarryman CAE, Llanddeiniolen
453 Braichmelyn Village Owen Sarah Daughter U 11 Scholar CAE, Llanbeblig
473 Fron Bant Owen Sarah Wife M 27   CAE, Llanllechid
442 Bodeasy Owen Sydna Wife M 59   CAE, Llanllechid
500 High St. Bethesda Owen Thomas Head M 29 Shoemaker AGY, Llangefni
536 Bont Uchaf Owen Thomas Head W 51 Quarryman CAE, Llanllechid
542 Carneddi Owen Thomas Step Sister U 2   CAE, Llanllechid
542 Carneddi Owen Thomas Head M 24 Quarryman CAE, Llanllechid
557 Tyn y Gerdi Owen Thomas Head M 50 Quarryman CAE, Llanllechid
615 Tan y Marian Owen Thomas Head M 24 Agric Labourer AGY, Llanddyfnan
440 Tyn y Maes Village Owen William Head M 34 Quarryman AGY, Llanbedrgoch
440 Tyn y Maes Village Owen William Son U 5   CAE, Llanllechid
443 Tal y Waen Owen William Head M 59 Labourer CAE, Llanllechid
453 Braichmelyn Village Owen William Son U 18 Quarryman CAE, Llanwnda
500 High St. Bethesda Owen William Son U 2   CAE, Llanllechid
542 Carneddi Owen William Step Sister U 7   CAE, Llanllechid
545 Llidiart Gwenyn Owen William Head M 48 Shoemaker AGY, Holyhead
610 Plasdwyrdd Owen William Son U 36 Stonemason CAE, Llanllechid
614 Llwyncelyn Owen William Son U 9 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
614 Tan y Marian Owen William Servant U 44 Farm Labourer CAE, Llanberis
625 Cefnfaes Newydd Owen William Father In Law W 71 Ret Farmer CAE, Llanllechid
451 Braichmelyn Village Owens Ann Daughter U 17 Gen Servant CAE, Llanllechid
455 Cae Berllan Owens Ann Daughter U 14 Dressmaker CAE, Llanllechid
524 Twr Bethesda Owens Ann Wife M 48   CAE, Penmorfa
528 Twr Bethesda Owens Ann Daughter U 22 Housemaid CAE, Caerhun
570 Caellwyngryd Owens Anne Wife M 35   CAE, Clynnog Fawr
570 Caellwyngryd Owens Anne Daughter U 7 Scholar MER, Llansanffraid Glyn Dyfrdwy
574 Caellwyngryd Owens Anne Wife M 41   CAE, Llanllechid
575 Caellwyngryd Owens Anne Wife M 36   AGY, Amlwch
578 Caellwyngryd Owens Anne Wife M 30   CAE, Clynnog Fawr
580 Caellwyngryd Owens Anne Wife M 32   AGY, Penrhosllugwy
602 Cae Gwigen Owens Anne Wife M 50   CAE, LLandegai
603 Tal y Bont Owens Anne Daughter M 18   CAE, Llanllechid
451 Braichmelyn Village Owens Catherine Daughter U 15 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
514 Cae Garw Owens Catherine Servant U 25 Housemaid CAE, Caerhun
573 Caellwyngryd Owens Catherine Wife M 35   CAE, Llanllechid
575 Caellwyngryd Owens Catherine Daughter U 7 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
581 Caellwyngryd Owens Catherine Wife M 24   AGY, Llangefni
611 Gatehouse Owens Catherine Daughter U 6   CAE, Mellteryn
588 Caellwyngryd Owens Charlotte Daughter U 8   CAE, Llanllechid
602 Glan Bethlem Owens Dafydd Son U 2   CAE, Llanllechid
576 Caellwyngryd Owens Daniel Son U 8   CAE, Llanllechid
477 Parc Owens David Son U 12 Quarryman CAE, Dolwyddelan
528 Twr Bethesda Owens David Son U 6   CAE, Caerhun
581 Caellwyngryd Owens Edward Head M 26 Agric Labourer AGY, Llechgynfarwy
615 Tan y Marian Owens Edward Servant U 20 Farm Servant AGY, Llansadwrn
473 Gerlan Owens Elinor Daughter U 10   CAE, Llanllechid
527 Ty Mawr Bethesda Owens Elinor Wife M 33   CAE, Llanllyfni
451 Braichmelyn Village Owens Elizabeth Daughter U 11 Scholar CAE, Llanllechid
473 Gerlan Owens Elizabeth Daughter U 5   CAE, Llanllechid
496 High St. Bethesda Owens Elizabeth Servant U 22 House Servant CAE, Caerhun
574 Caellwyngryd Owens Elizabeth Daughter U 16   CAE, Llanllechid
576 Caellwyngryd Owens Elizabeth Wife M 36   CAE, LLandegai
602 Glan Bethlem Owens Elizabeth Daughter U 1m   CAE, Llanllechid

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