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1851 Census, Llanrug

PRO Ref: HO107/2515

Folios 269-329

Transcribed by Joyce & Douglas Hinde


As Enumerated   Surname Order

Folios 269 to 271

Folios 272 to 274

Folios 274 to 281

Folios 282 to 284

Folios 284 to 287

Folios 287 to 290

Folios 290 to 293

Folios 294 to 300

Folios 301 to 303

Folios 304 to 306

Folios 306 to 309

Folios 309 to 316

Folios 316 to 318

Folios 319 to 321

Folios 321 to 324

Folios 324 to 327

Folios 327 to 329

   BLACKWELL, Anne to EVANS, Grace
EVANS, Griffith to GRIFFITH, Mary
GRIFFITH, Morris to HUGHES, Griffith
HUGHES, Gwen to JONES, Anne
JONES, Catherine to JONES, Hugh
JONES, Humphrey to JONES, Mary
JONES, Michael to JONES, William
LEWIS, Anne to OWEN, Elizabeth
OWEN, ELizabeth to OWENS, Margaret
OWENS, Martha to PIRSE, Jane
PIRSE, John to ROBERTS, Anne
ROBERTS, Catherine to ROBERTS, John
ROBERTS, Margaret to ROWLANDS, John
ROWLANDS, Margaret to WILLIAMS, Anne
WILLIAMS, Benjamin to WILLIAMS, Henry
WILLIAMS, Henry Bayley to WILLIAMS, Owen
WILLIAMS, Richard to WILLIAMS, William Hope

Transcription by Joyce and Douglas Hinde
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