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1851 Census, Llanwnda

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Folio Address Surname Forenames Relationship Condition Age Occupation Place of Birth
581 Erw  Williams Griffith Head W 65 Farmer CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Erw  Griffith Robert Son M 28 Quarryman CAE, Llanwnda
581 Erw  Griffith Ellin Daugher In Law M 20   CAE, Llanllechid
581 Erw  Griffith Mary Visitor U 19   CAE, Llanllechid
581 Cilhaul Ellis Griffith Head M 54 Farmer CAE, Llanwnda
581 Cilhaul Ellis Catherine Wife M 52   CAE, Llanwnda
581 Cilhaul Ellis Ellis R. Son U 20 Farm Worker CAE, Llandwrog
581 Cilhaul Ellis Ann Daughter U 19   CAE, Llandwrog
581 Cilhaul Ellis Owen Son U 18 Farm Worker CAE, Llanwnda
581 Cilhaul Ellis Griffith Son U 15 Farm Worker CAE, Llanwnda
581 Cilhaul Jones Mary Grand Daughter U 5   CAE, Llanwnda
581 Cilhaul Griffith John Servant U 40 Farm Servant CAE, Llanfaglan
581 Cilhaul Owen Elizabeth Servant U 14 Farm Servant CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Cilhaul Bach Ellis Ann Head U 76   CAE, Llanwnda
581 Gwredog Bach Williams Lewis Head U 49 Farmer CAE, Llanwnda
581 Gwredog Bach Williams Ann Sister U 52 Housekeeper CAE, Llanwnda
581 Caerornwy Roberts Hugh Head M 32 Farmer CAE, Llanwnda
581 Caerornwy Roberts Ellin Wife M 36   CAE, Clynnog Fawr
581 Caerornwy Roberts Ann Daughter U 10   CAE, Clynnog Fawr
581 Caerornwy Roberts Richard Son U 8   CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Caerornwy Roberts Ellin Daughter U 5   CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Caerornwy Roberts Robert Son U 4   CAE, Llanwnda
581 Caerornwy Roberts Catherine Daughter U 1   CAE, Llanwnda
581 Gwre Jones Griffith Head M 50 Farmer CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Gwre Jones Alice Wife M 43   CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Gwre Jones John Son U 21 Farm Worker CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Gwre Jones Gwen Daughter U 17   CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Gwre Owen Richard Head M 26 Quarryman CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Gwre Owen Catherine Wife M 24   CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Gwre Owen Griffith Son U 5   CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Gwre Owen Owen Son U 4   CAE, Llanbeblig
581 Gwre Owen John Son U 2   CAE, Llanbeblig
582 Gwredog Tanrallt Thomas Gwen Head W 64 Farmer CAE, Llanbeblig
582 Gwredog Tanrallt Thomas David Son U 32 Farm Worker CAE, Llanwnda
582 Gwredog Tanrallt Thomas Jane Daughter U 26   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Gwredog Tanrallt Thomas Ann Daughter U 22   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Gwredog Tanrallt Hughes Rowland Servant U 17 Farm Servant CAE, Aberdaron
582 Gwredog Tanrallt Evans Robert O. Servant U 12 Shepherd CAE, Llanbeblig
582 Gwredog Isa Williams Thomas Head M 44 Farmer CAE, Llanddeiniolen
582 Gwredog Isa Williams Ellin Wife M 33   CAE, Llanllechid
582 Gwredog Isa Williams Jane Daughter U 5   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Gwredog Isa Williams William G. Son U 4   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Gwredog Isa Williams Elizabeth Daughter U 2   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Gwredog Isa Thomas William Servant U 21 Farm Servant CAE, Llanrug
582 Gwredog Isa Jones Morris Servant U 20 Farm Servant CAE, Aber-erch
582 Gwredog Isa Lewis Henry Servant U 45 Farm Servant CAE, Pistyll
582 Gwredog Isa Williams Jane Servant U 18 House Servant CAE, Bryncroes
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Jones Hugh Head M 44 Farmer CAE, Llanwnda
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Jones Margaret Wife M 38   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Jones Jane Daughter U 12   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Jones Ann Daughter U 9   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Jones Ellin Daughter U 7   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Jones Elizabeth Daughter U 5   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Jones Robert Son U 3   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Jones Griffith Son U 9m   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Tyddyn Gwydd Williams Owen Servant U 14 Farm Servant CAE, Llanwnda
582 Cae Hen Owen Hugh Head M 42 Farmer CAE, Llandwrog
582 Cae Hen Owen Sarah Wife M 38   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Cae Hen Owen Margaret Daughter U 10   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Cae Hen Owen Mary Daughter U 4   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Cae Hen Owen Griffith Son U 1   CAE, Llanwnda
582 Cae Hen Williams Mary Servant U 17 House Servant CAE, Llandwrog
583 Cae Mawr Jones John Head M 54 Farmer CAE, Llanwnda
583 Cae Mawr Jones Ellinor Wife M 52   CAE, Llanbeblig
583 Cae Mawr Jones William Son U 28 Farm Worker CAE, Llanbeblig
583 Cae Mawr Jones Jane Daughter U 26   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Cae Mawr Jones Mary Daughter U 21   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Cae Mawr Jones Ellinor Daughter U 18   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Cae Mawr Jones Robert Son U 15   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Cae Mawr Jones Ann Daughter U 12   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Cae Mawr Jones Margaret Daughter U 10   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Cae Mawr Owen Humphrey Servant U 16 Farm Labourer CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Griffith John Head M 74 Farmer CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Griffith Jane Wife M 73   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Griffith Griffith Son U 35 Farm Worker CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Jones Jane Grand Daughter U 14   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Morris Elizabeth Head W 72 Farmer CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Jones Robert Son/Sister In Law M 40 Quarryman AGY, Llangeinwen?
583 Tydd Jones Ellinor Daughter M 41   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Jones Elizabeth Grand Daughter U 4   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Jones David Grandson U 2   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Parry Morris Son U 32 Quarryman CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tydd Roberts Mary Servant U 18 Farm Servant CAE, Llanrug
583 Tyddyn Wrach Williams Owen Head M 51 Farmer CAE, Bodfean
583 Tyddyn Wrach Williams Ann Wife M 53   CAE, Llanbeblig
583 Tyddyn Wrach Williams Ann Daughter U 25   CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tyddyn Wrach Williams Mary Daughter U 14 Scholar CAE, Llanwnda
583 Tyddyn Wrach Williams William Son U 11 Scholar CAE, Llanwnda
588 Is Horeb Thomas Evan Head M 41 Quarryman CAE, Llanbeblig
588 Is Horeb Thomas Laura Wife M 42   CAE, Llanbeblig
588 Is Horeb Thomas Grace Daughter U 14 Scholar CAE, Llanbeblig
588 Is Horeb Thomas Ellin Daughter U 12 Scholar CAE, Llanrug
588 Is Horeb Thomas Griffith Son U 7 Scholar CAE, Llanrug
588 Is Horeb Thomas Thomas Son U 6   CAE, Llanrug
588 Is Horeb Thomas Mary Daughter U 3   CAE, Llanrug
588 Is Horeb Thomas Catherine Daughter U 1   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Is Horeb Griffiths Ellen Servant U 23 General Servant CAE, Llanrug
588 Gareg Deimon Hughes Hugh Head M 41 Weaver CAE, Llanwnda
588 Gareg Deimon Hughes Catherine Wife M 45   CAE, Abergwyngregin
588 Gareg Deimon Hughes David Son U 14 Scholar CAE, Llanwnda
588 Gareg Deimon Hughes Richard Son U 10   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Gareg Deimon Hughes Jane Daughter U 8 Scholar CAE, Llanwnda
588 Gareg Deimon Hughes Margaret Daughter U 6 Scholar CAE, Llanwnda
588 Ty N Roberts John Head M 29 Master Tailor CAE, Llandwrog
588 Ty N Roberts Margaret Wife M 26   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Ty N Owen Griffith Brother in Law U 24 Quarryman -
588 Pen y Ceunant Jones Robert Head M 50 Farmer CAE, Llanwnda
588 Pen y Ceunant Jones Margaret Wife M 50   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Pen y Ceunant Jones Mary Daughter U 15   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Tan y Waen Roberts Mary Head W 74 Agric Labourer's Widow CAE, Llanwnda
588 Tan y Waen Prichard Hugh Son U 38 Quarryman CAE, Llanwnda
588 Tan y Waen Prichard Mary Daughter U 32   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Bryn Hughes Robert Head M 40 Quarryman CAE, Llandwrog
588 Bryn Hughes Eleanor Wife M 35   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Bryn Hughes Jane Daughter U 14 Scholar CAE, Llanwnda
588 Bryn Hughes Ellin Daughter U 12   CAE, Llandwrog
588 Bryn Hughes Margaret Daughter U 10 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
588 Bryn Hughes Richard Son U 7 Scholar CAE, Llandwrog
588 Bryn Hughes Robert Son U 4   CAE, Llandwrog
588 Bryn Melyn Hughes John Son U 1   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Tyn y Clwt Jones Catherine Head W 53 Quarryman's Widow CAE, Llanddeiniolen
588 Tyn y Clwt Jones William Son U 22 Quarryman CAE, Llanwnda
588 Tyn y Clwt Jones Ann Daughter U 11   CAE, Llanwnda
588 Tyn y Clwt Jones John Son U 8   CAE, Llanwnda

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