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Land and property in Cardiganshire

There follows a  random list of various estate records held at the NLW which partly or entirely relate to either the county as a whole, or to so far unidentified parishes in the county;

  • Records from the offices of Amphlett Lewis & Evans[solicitors] of Newcastle Emlyn, including deeds relating to estates in surrounding areas of Cardigan and Carmarthen, 1708-1943, mainly the Llysnewydd and Pigeonsford estates.
  • Deeds and documents, donated by Mrs Helen E Behrens,1720-1938, of the Davies family of Llwyn, Cardigan and Ffrwdfal and Rhosybedw in Carmarthen, relating to counties of Cardigan, Carmarthen and Pembroke.
  • Estate records , C13-C20, but mainly C18 & C19, relating to counties of  Cardigan, Stafford and Salop, and to the Williams family of Pantyseiri and Castle Hill, Cardiganshire; and the Loxdale family of Castle Hill.
  • Cilgwyn . Records of the Cilgwyn estate in the counties of Cardigan, Carmarthen and Pembroke[and in Paddington, Middlesex], and the families of Lloyd, Hall and Fitzwilliams,1509-1936. Also records of the Newquay Harbour Co and Llandyssul Market Co, 1834-1900.
  • Records of the Clynfiew estate and family papers, C16-C19, relating to Lewis of Llwyngrawys, Cardiganshire, and Clynfiew, Pembrokeshire; Williams of Trefach, Pembrokeshire; and Bowen of Pantyderi, Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire.
  • Cymerau. Family and estate papers of Pugh of Cymerau and Aber-mad, Cardiganshire, 1612-1978.
  • Deeds donated by Mrs Ifor Davies relating to Cardiganshire, 1720-1900.
  • Deeds and documents deposited by T.I. Ellis, mainly C18-C19, relating to the estate of the Davies family of Castle Green, Cardigan, and of Carnachenwen, near Fishguard, and to other properties in the counties of Cardigan and Pembroke.
  • Deeds and papers deposited by D. Roy Evans including manuscripts of the works of Mrs A.A. Puddicombe[Allen Raine]; deeds relating to Laugharne, 1609-1756, and to the counties of Cardigan,Carmarthen and Pembroke, 1695-1877.
  • Records from the office of Ivor Evans, Aberystwyth, solicitor, including records for several north Cardiganshire estates, C19-C20, and some official county records for Cardiganshire.
  • Estate records, C16-C20, of the family of Lloyd of Glansevin and Mandinam, Llangadog, and of the associated families of Harries of Llandovery and Price of Ystrad-ffin, Carmarthenshire, Lloyd of Wern Newydd and Edwards of Derry-odyn, Cardiganshire, and Price-Jones of Glanhafren,Montgomeryshire.
  • Gogerddan. Records of the Pryse family of Gogerddan, Cardiganshire ; and the associated families of Lewes of Abernantbychan, Cardiganshire, and Hean Castle, Pembrokeshire ; Lewis of Llangors, Breconshire ; Lloyd of Aberllefenni, Merionethshire ; and Loveden of Buscot Park, Berkshire. Include deeds from C14 ;  manorial records C17-C19 ; and silver and lead mining records C17-C20.
  • Highmead. Estate and family records of Evans and Davies-Evans of Highmead, Cardiganshire, 1548-1903, relating mainly to those parts of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire in the neighourhood of Llanybydder.
  • Deeds from the collection of Sir Evan D. Jones relating to properties in Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire, 1675-1720.
  • Papers of Rees Jenkin Jones [1835-1924], preacher and author, with manuscripts collected by him and a small group of deeds relating to Cardiganshire, 1620-1801.
  • Llanllyr. Records of the Llanllyr estate, Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire, and the Lewes family, 1631-1861 ; include records of Tal-y-sarn fair, 1631-1837.
  • Deeds relating to the Lloyd Jack estate, Cardiganshire, 1764-1865.
  • Mynachty. Estate and family records of Gwynne of Mynachty, Cardiganshire, 1642-1882.
  • Deeds and documents of the Jones and Davys families relating to the Neuadd-fawr estate in Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire and the Dol-coed estate in Breconshire, 1554-1915.
  • Noyadd Trefawr. Estate and family records  of Parry, later Webley-Parry, later Webley-Parry-Pryse, of Noyadd Trefawr, Cardiganshire, and Lewes of Abernantbychan, Cardiganshire, and Gellidywyll, Carmarthenshire, C14-C20, mainly 1530-1860. Include papers of Thomas Lewes [1742-95] as secretary to diplomats.
  • Papers donated by the Rev. J.C.Owen relating to tithes and other ecclesiastical matters in parishes in Cardiganshire and Breconshire, 1859-1921.
  • Estate and family records of Lloyd of Mabws, Cardiganshire, Philipps of Hafodneddyn, Carmarthenshire, and Lloyd of Penty Park, Pembrokeshire,  mostly relating to CMN and PEM , 1590-1916.
  • Records from the offices of Morgan Richardson, solicitors, Cardigan, C16-C20, with family papers of Thomas Morgan, solicitor,C19. Estates include those of Phillips of Haverfordwest, Lort and Lort-Phillips of Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire; Lewes, Parry and Tyler of Gernos, Cardiganshire ; Saunders Davies of Pentre, Pembrokeshire ; Thomas and Beynon of Llanfair and Dol-llan and Beynon of Llaethliw, Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire ; Vaughan and Millingchamp of Plas Llangoedmor, Cardiganshire ; Pigeonsford and Brynog, Cardiganshire ; Posty, Pembrokeshire.
  • Records from the office of Roberts & Evans, solicitors, Aberystwyth, mostly C18-C20. They include records of many north Cardiganshire estates, notably Aber-mad, Allt-lwyd, Crosswood, Ffosrhydgaled, Fronfraith, Glan-paith, Llidiardau, Mabws, Nanteos, and Pen-glais ; of the Gilbertson family, C18-C20 ; stray Cardiganshire Quarter Sessions records, 1790-C19 ; Cardiganshire Road Board records, C19; office records, C19-C20.
  • Deeds deposited by Miss N. Thomas, Saundersfoot relating to properties in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthen and Cardiganshire, 1553-1877.
  • Records from the office of Messrs Ticehurst, Wyatt & Co., Cheltenham, solicitors, mostly C19, relating in part to the family of Lloyd-Williams of Gwernant, Cardiganshire, including correspondence of John Lloyd Williams, 1818-38.
  • Deeds and documents relating to the estate of Beynon of Trewern, Whitland, and elsewhere in the counties of Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire, 1695-1897.
  • Ty-glyn. Records of the Davies family of Ty-glyn, Cardiganshire, C18-C20.
  • Deeds and documents purchased from or donated by W.Isaac Williams relating to Cardiganshire and Montgomeryshire, and to the Hughes family of Gogarth, parish of Tywyn, Merionethshire, 1517-1910.
  • Deeds purchased from F.C.Winchester, Hove, relating to properties in Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire, 1668-1757.

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