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Henfynyw Land Tax Assessment 1798


An assessment made in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the 38th year of His Majesty's reign, for granting an aid to His Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the year 1798.

[From the Ceredigion; Journal of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society Vol VI/1 1968]

This is a list of properties in Henfynyw parish  subject to the tax together with the names of the owners and occupiers

Not in alphabetical  order

  Names of Proprietors                                        Names of Occupiers and Tenements                                                                 Sums Assessed in £-s-d.                                       
Lewis Gwynne Esqr Slangs


Lewis Gwynne Esqr Meadow Field

Jenkin Davies

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Caehaidd

Jenkin Jones

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Penygarregfawr

Danl. Evans

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Pennygarregfach

Thos. Jones

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Penygarreg Ganol

David Williams

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Clogfryn

Evan Thomas

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Killfarch

John Davies

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Tynyporth

Thos David

£-4-1 1/2
Lewis Gwynne Esqr Ffynnon Ddewy

Evan Thomas

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Llyswen

W. Felix

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Ffullin

David Joshua

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Mwdwl

David Williams

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Melin Llyswen

John James

Wm Lewis Esqr Slangs £-0-9
Wm Lewis Esqr Hengyrunt

David Rees

Wm Lewis Esqr Pendryn

James Thomas

Wm Lewis Esqr Lluest

Rees Thomas

Henfeniw's Tythes

Mr Evans



John Lewis Sychpant

Thos David

John Lewis Lofty Boidy

Jenkin David

David Edwd. Lewes Esqr Killkert

Magdalene Evans

Lewis Gwynne Esqr Abarmarles

Madgalen Evans

Revd. Mr Thos Phillips Ffullon

Lewis John & Jen David

John James Tynlone

Jenkin Pugh

David Evans Park

Michl. Williams

Revd. Mr Jen. Beynon Llaethlue

David Beynon



Gareth Hicks 19 July 2000