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Atgofion Ceinewydd  
(Memories of New Quay)

By Myra Evans,

Published by Cymdeithas Lyfrau Ceredigion 1961.

Indexed by Mary Jane Stephenson 2000

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The title translated means "Memories of New Quay" and is still available in bookshops as I saw it in Siop Y Pethe in Aberystwyth not long ago. An interesting book for anyone, like me, who had ancestors living in New Quay in the 19th century and who can read Welsh. Myra Evans, nee Rees, was born in 1883 and most of the book, written inthe 1950s relates events, and customs and describes people and places of not just her own childhood in the busy port and shipbuilding centre of New Quay, but also of her parents and grandparents time thus taken us back to the beginning of the 19th and late 18th century. When I first read this book about fifteen years ago I did not realise that Myra was, in fact, a distant relative and it was only a couple of years ago while doing family history research, did I discover the relationship and the grandparents she referred too were actually my own 3xgreat grandparents! Myra left New Quay in 1903 to train as a teacher at Swansea and after her teaching career, marriage and children she returned to live at Gilfachreda where she wrote this, and other books in Welsh and English.

Mary Jane Stephenson 2000

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---, Beti, Ianto's wife, 11 ---, Guto, Pilot , 53
---, Ianto Post, Post, 11 ----, Jini Ami, Guto's wife, 53
"Crydd Mawr",John, Cobbler, Church St, 16
Benson, Pegi, Neuadd Arms, 29
Bili Teiliwr, Mari, ---, 71 Brown, Miss M.A., Barry, 99
Cranogwen, ---, Llangrannog, 60 Dafis, Ifan, Tabernacle, 68
Davies, Capten, Lynwood, 68,71 Davies, Dafi Rees, Park Street, 54/55/56
Davies, Lizzie Ellen, Dep Head Board School, 80 Davies, Maud, Bronallt, 73/74
Davies, Mona, ---, 74 Dywyll, Sian, ---, 71
Evans, Florrie, Ivy House, 74 Evans, Hetty, Park House, 72
Evans, Hopkin. Castell-nedd, 65 Evans, Ifan, Cobbler Field Place, 16
Evans, Margaret, Head Infants School, 46/77 Evans, Mari, ---, 21
Evans, Twm Llwyd, Schoolmaster Maenygroes, 25/26/47/48 Evans, William, Cobbler Field Place, 16/23/26
Evans, William, Grammar School Towyn, 17 Evans(neeRees), Myra, George St, 5
Golchi, Martha, ---, 37 Grierson, Miss, Swansea, 87
Griffiths, Jane, Park St, 20 Griffiths, Siams(James), Park St, 20
Harris, Mr, Swansea, 88 Henri, Marged, ---, 71/72
Hindshaw, Winifred, Swansea, 87 Hughes, Charles J., Grammar School Towyn, 16/17
James, Abraham T., Grammar School Towyn, 16 James, William, Manchester House, 6/24
Jenkins, Dafi, Cobbler Penbont, 16 Jenkins, Miss G. M., Blackwood, 98
Jenkins, Rev Joseph, Tabernacle, 65/67/68/72/74/75 John, Goscombe, ---, 20
Jones, Beti, Ysgoldy, 9 Jones, David, Ship Annie Brocklehurst, 27
Jones, Doctor, Gwynfor, 5 Jones, J. Towyn, Ysgoldy, 9
Jones, John, School, 10 Jones, John, Butcher Traethgwyn, 15
Jones, John, Butcher London House, 15 Jones, John, ---, 80
Jones, Mari, Crockery & toy shop, 20 Jones, Mr., Sail Loft(Pier Hotel), 14
Jones, Rev Aerwyn, Aberdar, 34 Jones, Rev John, Capel Twr-gwyn, 18
Jones, Rev. John, Capel Tabernacle, 17/63 Jones (Pinch), Mari, ---, 57/58/71
Jones(neeWilliams), Nel, Queen St,27/28/29/30/31/57/64 Jones"Crydd Bach",John, Cobbler Rhiw Ysgoldy, 9/16
Joshua, Seth, ---, 59/75 Leonard, Jane(Siani Pob Man), Cei Bach, 32/33/34
Lewis, Joshua, Gilfachreda, 41 Lloyd, Thomas, HeadBoard School, 45/46/77
Longcroft, Mrs., Llanina House, 13/34 Mali, Cati, ---, 71/72
Morgan, Captain, Claremont, 71 Nettleship, Professor, ---, 20
Nicholas, Esther,---, 37 Nicholas, Pegi, Pentre SiswrnTraethgwyn,35
Oliver, Rev Dafydd, Capel Twr-gwyn, 67 Philip, Mari, ---, 71
Phillips, Miss, Llanelli, 87 Rees, ---, Trecregin Llangrannog, 60
Rees,Lizzie, ---, 43 Rees, Mary(Mam), Glasfryn, 19
Rees, Myra, Maglona MargaretSt, 6 Rees, Myra, Glasfryn Park St , 19
Rees, Thomas, Cei Bach, 50/58/60 Roberts, Evan , Llwchwr, 74
Rodwell, Miss, Swansea, 86/87 Salmon, David , Swansea, 80/83/86
Slwp, Dai, ---, 60/61/62, Thomas, Dr. Morel, Casnewydd, 16
Thomas, John Rees, Teacher Board School, 45 Thomas, Marles, Head LlandysulSchool, 50
Thomas, William, Carrier, 41 Thomas, William, Bryn-ar-for, 70
Thomas(Nee Phillips) , May, ---, 74/75 Timothy, David, ---, 69
Timothy, Thomas, ---, 69 Timothy, William, Tabernacle, 68
Timothy, William, ---, 69 Twm (Thomas), Bill, Bristol House, 24
Walters, John, ---, 19 Wil, John, ---, 52
Williams, Daniel(Nel's father), Glyngolau, 28 Williams, Margaret(Nel's Mam), Glyngolau, 28
Williams, Nel, Glyngolau, 28

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Daniel, 10 Deb,10
Ianthe,12 Ina Lass,12
Jane, 10 John James, 12
Luna, 10 Main, 12
Packet, 10 Y Nauta, 10
Zenobia, 60/61

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Aberaeron Hospital, 34 Black Lion, 8,20
Cambrian Arch, 15 Cambrian House, 15
Cape Horn, 14/54 Capel Tabernacle, 17
Capel Towyn, 9,16 Church Street, 63
Cwmtydu, 39 Cwnc -Y- Glap, 12
Glanmor terrace, 6 Harbour Company, 12
Llanina Church, 50 North End, 54
North End, 54 Old Schoolhouse, 17
Patent Slip, 6 Pengeulan, 6
Pen-rhiw-llan,39 Picton Terrace, 23
Regatta, 13 Rock Street, 54
Rock Street, 54 Salthouse, 14
Shop Bazaar Church St,12 Tafarn Blue, 6
Tafarn Bluebell, 14 Tafarn Globe, 6
Tafarn Ship, 6 Tafarn Y Dolau, 11
TafarnCrown, 6 Tin-Pan-Alley, 24
Traeth Gwyn, 64 Traeth Y Dolau, 64
Wellington Place, 54 Wellington Place, 54

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(Gareth Hicks)

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