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The Centenary History of Amman United Rugby Football Club, 1903-2003

(Roll Along, Amman United, Roll Along)

Edited by Howard Gabe Davies, 2003

Here is a listing of the book's contents, an extract of the honours list details, the introduction, and also a list of the photographs in it.   Gareth Hicks (March 2004)



To all men who have loved this Club
And all the Women who have let them

By Howard Gabe Davies - Editor

To relate a hundred years of history is never a simple task; to attempt to do for a rugby club in a venture of this kind has been a mammoth task. It has been impossible to check on the authenticity of all the information included, and we should also apologize in advance for anybody whose part in the history has not been properly recognized. For as time passes memories are less vivid, truth becomes harder to unearth and as in the autumn, some colour inevitably fades. In the early days in the industrial small villages of Cwmamman with their mines and tin works, many of the rugby players faced death every day in the coal mines. Hunger and deprivation followed in the 1920s and 1930s for themselves and their families. The mines have long gone; we have gone from colliers to college boys but good players continue to appear and many of them at the end of their career stay on to help in the administration of the game which gave them so much.

To function efficiently a rugby club needs many people behind the scenes, from the people who look after the kit, and the committee men to the ladies who provide the food. They are all part of the team and without them Rugby would be the poorer. Today it is becoming increasingly difficult to get old players and individuals in the community to hold office as treasurer or secretary in the club and it is equally difficult to find ladies in the supporters club and hard working committee men.

The centenary book team are made up of such old players, it seemed the best way to show our gratitude to this club for the enjoyment we have experienced both on and off the field and I would have to say personally that they were "The Best years of my Life," especially with the friendships that were forged on the field and that have been consolidated as I have grown older. We are delighted to have participated in the publication of the book and I as editor must thank the centenary book committee team of Alan Thomas, Iyn Roberts, John Vince Williams, Hywel Roberts and Martin Luther Jones for the enormous task of compiling the history in the short period of nine months. I would also like to record my admiration and thanks to Eurof Walters who has such an amazing memory on the history of Amman United and has helped me and the other members of the team in their pursuits. Also to David Jones for copying over 300 photographs to such a high quality, some of which are 100 years old. Finally, to our proof readers Gwyneth Davies, Gwyn Davies and especially to Linden Evans for their hard work. The club's search for the oldest living player brought us to Rees Price (Cardiff) at 86 years old. This was amended to Eddie Ward (Brynamman) at 89 years old and finally the honour went to Tom Bowen (Gorseinon) at 90 years of age. Our oldest supporter, Mrs Doreen Rees who lives in Garnant, is 83 years of age and is still regularly seen at home games.

As we celebrate our centenary year we hope that our contribution of the centenary book, with contributions by many people who have had close associations with the club, will be enjoyed by players and supporters both past and present. It will probably create as many arguments as it will solve. I shall leave it to others to try and solve them.

Good luck to the Amman United RFC in its next hundred years.



Honours List

British Lion

Trevor Evans
British Isles Tour to New Zealand 1977

Combined Services Under 21s

Gavin Lewis

British Lions Coach

Carwyn James
British Isles tour to New Zealand 1971  

Welsh Reserve Internationals

Evan Phillips
Sgt. Emrys Griffiths
D.J Rees
Eurig Thomas
Billo Rees
Bryn Llewellyn
Dick Thomas
Edryd Jones

Welsh Internationals

Joe Rees                      1920-1924     12 caps 
J Elwyn Evans            1924                1 cap 
D B Evans                  1926                1 cap
William Guy Morgan 1927-1930       8 caps
Claude Davey            1930-1938     23 caps
Tom Day                    1931-1935     13 caps
Jim Lang                    1931-1937      12 caps 
Will Davies               1932                 4 caps
Emrys Evans              1937-1939       3 caps
Gwyn Evans               1947-1949     12 caps
Carwyn James            1958                2 caps
Gwyn Evans               1947-1949     12 caps
Trevor Evans             1975-1977      10 caps
Shane Williams          2000-2003      11 caps
Nathan Brew              2003-                1 cap 

Cambridge Blue

William Guy Morgan


William Guy Morgan  1927
Claude Davey    1934
Gwyn Evans      1948
Trevor Evans    1976  

Oxford Blue

Owen Jones (captain)

Welsh 'A'

Trevor Evans
Shane Williams 

British Universities

Stephen Phillips

Welsh Under 21s 

Alwyn Davies (Captain)
Mathew Brayley (Captain)
Ioan Cunningham
Nathan Brew

Services International

Nevin Anthony



English Rugby League Internationals

Billo Rees

Great Britain Rugby League Internationals

Billo Rees
Ted Ward

Welsh Rugby League Internationals

Billo Rees
Ted Ward
D M Davies
Rees Rees
Evan Phillips
Emrys Evans


These are listed with page numbers in the same order as in the book


(Last updated: 27 March 2004 Gareth Hicks)

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