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The Carmarthenshire Antiquary

" The Carmarthenshire Antiquary, formerly the Transactions, has been published annually since 1905 by the The Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. Volumes from 1905 to 1977 have been indexed and a supplementary index for 1978-1987 is appended to the rear of volume XXV (1989). Both indexes are available as separate publications. A new index for the years 1988 to the present is in course of preparation. "

In June 2004, through the good offices of Mr Terry James, the Society very kindly agreed that Genuki could copy some articles from the Antiquary onto its pages and these are linked below.

Otherwise it is intended to use this page as a chronological listing of the main subject headings from the Contents page of each journal that I access.

Some page numbers are included as an indication of the length of the articles.
Details of Shorter Articles & Notes, Appendices or Illustrations have not been included, neither have references to regular features such as Book Reviews, Miscellanea and Miscellaneous Notes.

Linked articles marked   * are hosted on the Kidwelly History site

Contents listings marked   # have been copied from the sale details on the Parish Chest site

Here are details of other publications by the The Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society


The submission of contents details of any other journal editions not shown below would be most welcome   (Gareth Hicks)


1942, Vol i, Pt 2

1943/4, Vol i, Pts 3 & 4

1970, Vol vi

1971, Vol vii

#  1972 Vol viii


1973, Vol ix

1974, Vol x

1975, Vol xi

1976, Vol xii

1977, Vol xiii

1978, Vol xiv

1979, Vol xv

1980, Vol xvi

1981, Vol xvii

1982, Vol xviii

1983, Vol xix

1984, Vol xx

1986, Vol xxii  (No contents list)

1987, Vol xxiii

1988, Vol xxiv

1989, Vol xxv

1990, Vol xxvi

#  1991, Vol xxvii

1992, Vol xxviii

# 1993, Vol xxix

# 1994, Vol xxx

#  1995, Vol xxxi

#  1996, Vol xxxii

#  1997, Vol xxxiii

#  1998, Vol xxxiv

#  1999,  Vol xxxv  

#    2001, Vol xxxvii

#  2003, Vol xxxix

# 2004, Vol xl

#  2005, Vol xli



Other Publications



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