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Pigot & Co. South Wales directory for 1830

The information  below relating to Carmarthen  [with the village of Abergwilly and neighbourhoods] was extracted  by Gareth Hicks with the kind permission of the publishers from the CD of the same title as the main heading. (Archive CD Books)

This is a selective extraction of facts that might interest genealogists and all personal and property names mentioned. For a  general description,  please see the 1844 extract.

Carmarthen [with the village of Abergwilly and neighbourhoods]

Post Office, Spilman-street, John Matthews, Post Master. --- Letters from London arrive every night at half-past eleven, and are despatched every morning at half-past one. --- Letters from Bristol arrive every night at a quarter-past twelve, and are despatched every morning at five minutes before one. --- Letters from Milford Haven & Ireland arrive about half-past twelve at night, and are despatched immediately. --- Letters from Cardigan arrive by horse-post, by Newcastle in Emlyn, every evening at seven, and are despatched every morning at a quarter before four. --- Letters from Kidwelly arrive, by Ferry Side, every evening at seven, and are despatched every morning at six.---Office opens every morning at eight, and closes every night at nine.

Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

  • Adams, Edward, esq; Middleton hall
  • Alcock, J, esq; Mount-hill cottage
  • Alcock, Mrs Frans. Maria; Spilman st
  • Baile, Major George; Abergwilly
  • Bateman, Mrs; Spilman st
  • Bills, Mrs Mary; Spilman st
  • Bond, Charles, gent; Abergwilly
  • Bound, -, esq; Llanstephan
  • Brinley, John, gent; John's town
  • Carver, Mrs Sarah; Parade
  • Carver, William, esq; Wenallt
  • Clark, Capt. Saml. RN; Waterloo ter
  • Dalton, Miss; Priory st
  • Dalton, Miss Susan; Peter st
  • Davids, Lieut. Wm. RN; King st
  • Davidson, Captain; Llanstephan
  • Davies, Captain -; Trawsmaur
  • Davies, Capt. William; Abergwilly
  • Davies, Jenkin, esq; Parade
  • Davies, John, esq; Myrtle hill
  • Davies, John Lloyd, esq; King st
  • Davies, William, gent; Peter st
  • Davis, Mrs Charlotte; King st
  • Edwards, Captain -; Rhydygorsd
  • Evans, Captain -; Pantykendy
  • Evans, James, esq; (barrister); Want
  • Evans, Samuel, gent; Parade
  • Fogo, George, gent; John's town
  • Foley, Thomas, esq; Park cottage
  • Forrest, Miss Agnes; King st
  • Fosberry, Capt. Frans; Picton terrace
  • Gibbon, Rev Rees; King st
  • Graham, the Hon William; Queen st
  • Griffith, Rev James; Church st
  • Haggup, Capt. William; Abergwilly
  • Henley, Captain; Abergwilly
  • Herbert, Rev Watkin; Spilman st
  • Hodson, Captain. A; Mill-brook st
  • Hughes, Mrs Sarah; Priory st
  • Hunt, Captain; Spilman st
  • Jenkins, Capt. Thos; Picton terrace
  • Jenkinson, J B Lord Bishop of St David's; Abergwilly palace
  • Johnes, Miss; Spilman st
  • Johnes, Mrs Elizb; Mount pleasant
  • Jones, John, esq, MP; Ystrad park
  • Jones, Rev David Lewis; Lamas st
  • Jones, Rev James; Priory st
  • Lewis, David, esq; Spilman st
  • Lewis, Miss Ann; King st
  • Lewis, Misses Mary & Eliza; Water st
  • Lewis, Mrs Ann; Blue st
  • Lewis, Mrs Mary; Corngavevi
  • Lloyd, the Hon. Amelia; Queen st
  • Lloyd, William, esq; Llanstephan
  • Ludlow, Mrs; Llanstephan
  • Maddocks, Mrs Jane; Castle-hill cottage
  • Morgan, Charles, esq; Llwynteague
  • Morgan, Rev Edward; Abergwilly
  • Morgan, William, esq; Guild-hall square
  • Morris, Samuel, gent; Lime grove
  • Morris, Thomas, esq; Llanstephan
  • Nott, George, esq; Pontgerreg
  • Pemberton, Hy. Jn., gent; Abergwilly
  • Peter, Rev David; Peterwell
  • Price, Mrs Sarah; Priory st
  • Prytherch, Daniel, esq; Priory st
  • Prytherch, Reece, gent; Picton terrce
  • Reed, Francis, gent; Quay st
  • Rees, David, gent; Picton terrace
  • Rees, David, gent; Priory st
  • Rees, Miss Rebecca; St Mary st
  • Rees, Mrs Jane; John's town
  • Rees, Thomas, gent; Abergwilly
  • Saunders, John, esq; Glanahydw
  • Saunders, Miss Frances; Church st
  • Stephens, Edward, esq; Glogddu
  • Stephenson, Mrs; Starling park
  • Taylor, Thos, esq; Guild-hall square
  • Thomas, Mrs Major; Barn row
  • Thomas, Rev John; Queen st
  • Thomas, Rev Joseph; Picton terrace
  • Vaughan, Capt. Hy. RN; Spilman st
  • Waters, Mrs; Mill bank
  • Weatherhead, Wm, gent; John's town
  • Webb, Mrs Jane; Spilman st
  • Williams, John, esq; Job well
  • Williams, Miss A L; Priory st
  • Williams, Mrs Frances; Spilman st
  • Williams, Mrs Mary; Spring gardens
  • Williams, Rev David A; Quay st
  • Woolstonecraft, Ed, gent; Spilman st
  • Wright, Mrs; Spilman st

Academies and Schools

  • Brown, James; King st
  • Evans, Donard Evan; Wood st
  • Free School, Priory st---Rev David Williams, master
  • Griffiths, John; Lamas st
  • Humphreys, Ann; Quay st
  • Lancastrian School, Cambrian place --- David Thomas, master
  • Llewellin, Mary Ann; King st
  • National School, near Parade ---  Nathaniel Leigh, master; Mary Harris, mistress
  • Navigation School, Lamas st --- Rev David Peter, master
  • Presbyterian College, Lamas st --- Rev David Peter & Rev David Jones, professors
  • Price, Margaret (ladies boarding); Priory st
  • Rudge, Elizabeth; King st
  • Thomas, David; Bridge st
  • Watson, Elizabeth; Cambrian place
  • Wozencraft, Margaret (ladies boarding), Spilman st


  • Evans, Wm (newspapr); Guild-hall sq
  • Good, George; White house
  • Owen, Thomas (land); Priory st


  • Davies, William; Queen st
  • Evans, Evan; King st
  • Griffiths, David; King st
  • Howell, Herbert Phillips; Quay st
  • Howell, Walter Rice; Queen st
  • Jones and Morris; Quay st
  • Jones, Philip Griffith; King st
  • Jones, Thos (deputy prothonotary, treasurer of the county, proctor of the diocese of St David's and deputy recorder for the borough); Quay st
  • Jones, William (cursitor, prothonotary, clerk of the peace and town clerk to the borough of Carmarthen); Spilman st
  • Lewis, Henry; Quay st
  • Morgan, Charles (clerk of the peace for the county & registrar of the diocese); Town-hall chambers
  • Prytherch, Reese Beynon Roch; Picton terrace
  • Rees, Richard (proctor and county solicitor); Cross
  • Rogers, William; Spilman st
  • Thomas, George; Quay st
  • Williams, Charles Diggle; King st
  • Williams, Daniel; Quay st
  • Williams, Hugh; Spilman st
  • Williams, John; Quay st
  • Williams, Thomas; Blue st


  • Davies, David; Peter st
  • Davies, John ; King st
  • James, James; Lamas st
  • Lazarus, Benjamin W; King st
  • Parry, Thomas; Red st
  • Thomas, Thomas; Priory st

Bakers & Flour Dealers (see also Flour Dealers)

  • Jones, John; Water st
  • Jones, Margaret; Cambrian place
  • Jones, Thomas; Queen st
  • Llewellin, Temperance; King st
  • Morgan, Athelston; Cross
  • Powell, John; King st
  • Pugh, Janet; King st


  • Morris & Sons, King st ---(draw on Sir J W Lubbock and Co, London, and on Miles, Harford and Co, Bristol)
  • Waters, Jones and Co, King st --- (draw on Sir James Esdaile and Co, London, and on Haythorne and Wright, Bristol)
  • Savings Bank, Town hall --- (open on Wednesday and Saturday)


  • Evans, John; Lamas st
  • Evans, Thomas; Magazine row
  • Jones, Henry; Priory st
  • Jones, Henry; Lamas st
  • Jones, Rees; Bridge st
  • Jones, Thomas; Castle green
  • Jones, Thomas; Quay
  • Morgan, Thomas; Quay
  • Morris, David; Abergwilly
  • Owen, William; John's town
  • Rees, David; Priory st
  • Thomas, John; Water st
  • Thomas, John; Wood st


  • Davies, John; Bridge st
  • Evans, David; Spurrell's court
  • Lawrence, Ann; Chapel st
  • Lawrence, Thomas; Red Lion court

Booksellers & Stationrs

  • Brigstocke, John; Lamas st
  • Davies, John Powell; King st
  • Evans, John (and library); Cross
  • Evans, John (and publisher of the Seren Gomer); Guild-hall sq
  • Harris, Jonathan; Darkgate
  • White Hannah and Son (& library); King st

Boot & Shoe Makers

  • Augustus, Thomas; King st
  • Davies, David; King st
  • Evans, Thomas; Cross
  • Evans, William; Spilman st
  • Howell, Daniel; Lamas st
  • Jones, John; Queen st
  • Lewis, William; Shaw lane
  • Miller, Charles; King st
  • Morgan, David; Quay st
  • Morgan, John; Cross
  • Morgan, Owen; King st
  • Morris, George; Blue st
  • Owen, John; Queen st
  • Thomas, Richard; Spurrell's court
  • Williams, John; Shaw lane

Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers

  • James, Abraham; John st
  • Jones, William; Red st
  • Lloyd, John; Priory st
  • Morgan, Isaac; Blue st
  • Morris, John; Lamas st

Brick Makers

  • Aubrey, Nathanial; Quay
  • Mason, Edward; King st


  • Arthur, William; John st
  • Davies, Thomas; Greenfield
  • Edwards, William; Cambrian place
  • Griffiths, Thomas; Waterloo terrace
  • Griffiths, Thomas, jun; Lamas st
  • Lewis, David; Lower Water st
  • Lewis, John; Water st
  • Palmer, Edward; Church st
  • Reynolds, George; Water st
  • Thomas, Thomas; Cambrian place

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers

  • Ayres and Sons; King st
  • Davies, John; King st
  • Davies, Thomas; Lamas st
  • Jenkins, David; Water st
  • Lewis, Lewis; Chapel st
  • Morley, David; Lamas st
  • Williams, John; Lamas st

China, Glass etc Dealers

  • Johns, Morgan William; Cross
  • Jones, Job; Darkgate
  • Pollard, William; King st

Chymists & Druggists

  • Evans, Titus Edward; Lamas st
  • Jones, William; Upper Market st
  • Nicholl & Mortimer; Upr Market st
  • Tardrew, Samuel; King st
  • Tardrew, Thos; Guild-hall square
  • Warren, Thomas; Uppr Market st

Coal Dealers

  • Evans, David; Water st
  • Harris, John; Water st
  • Jenkins, John; Quay
  • Lloyd, William Blue st
  • Moss & Son; Blue st
  • Williams, William; Priory st


  • Daniel, Mary & Sarah; King st
  • Evans, Ann & Mary; King st
  • Evans, Hannah; Lamas st
  • Eynon, Roger; Lower Market st
  • Jones, Thomas; Queen st


  • Davies, William; Lamas st
  • Jones, William; Lamas st
  • Lewis, John; Priory st
  • Walter, Walter; Water st
  • Williams, John; Bridge st

Corn & Butter Merchants

  • Adams, John; Lamas st
  • Harris, Griffith; Water st
  • Hughes, Ann (& cheese); Bridge st
  • Hughes, Sarah; Quay st
  • Mortimer, James & Co; Priory st
  • Rees, Evan & Son, Priory st
  • Stacey, John Jas; Lower Market st
  • Williams, Joshua; Bridge st
  • Williams, William; Priory st

Curriers & Leather Sellers

  • Hughes, John; Red st
  • Jones, Charles; Lamas st
  • Morgan, William; Wood st
  • Rogers, John; lamas st
  • Williams, John; King st

Fire etc Office Agents

  • Guardian, John Evans; Cross
  • Phoenix, William Stacey; Lower Market st
  • Provident, John Jas Stacey; Lower Market st
  • West of England, Richard Spurrell; King st

Flannel Manufacturers

  • Davies, Evan; Chapel st
  • Jones, Daniel; King st
  • Jones, David; Magazine row
  • Owen, Daniel; John st
  • Thomas, Lewis; Priory st
  • Williams, David; Goose st

Flour Dealers

  • Beynon, Elizabeth; Lamas st
  • Lewis, Ann; Peter st
  • Morgan, John; King st
  • Thomas, David; Lamas st
  • Thomas, Evan; King st
  • Thomas, John; Peter st
  • Thomas, Mary; Cross
  • Williams, William; Bridge st

Gardeners and Seedsmen

  • Norton, William; Green hill
  • Rees, David; Priory st

Grocers and Tea Dealers (See also Linen Drapers, and also Shopkeepers etc). Marked thus * are also Drapers

  • *Anthony, John; Cross
  • *Bagnall, John & Son; Guildhall sq
  • *Evans, Jeremiah; King st
  • *Evans, Mary; Lamas st
  • Griffiths, David Mansell; King st
  • Griffiths, Hugh; King st
  • *Harris, Griffith; Water st
  • *Harris, Henry; King st
  • James, John; Cross
  • *Jones, David; Lamas st
  • Jones, Elinor jun; Guildhall sq
  • Jones, John; Lamas st
  • *Jones, William; Lamas st
  • Lewis, Elizabeth; Upper Market st
  • Lewis, James; Lower Market st
  • *Lewis, Thomas; Priory st
  • *Llewellyn, John; Guildhall sq
  • Morgan, John; King st
  • *Morgan, John; Bridge st
  • *Nicholls & Thomas; Cross
  • *Rees, George & Co; Peter st
  • Shankland, George & Rees; Lower Market st
  • *Thomas, David; Water st
  • Thomas, David; Lamas st
  • Thomas, Elizabeth; King st
  • *Walters, Richard; Lamas st


  • Evans, David & Thomas; Lamas st
  • Evans, James; Spilman st
  • Evans, John; Queen st
  • Lewis, Thomas; Magazine mount

Hat Manufacturers & Hatters

  • Anthony, John; Water st
  • Davies, John; Lower Water st
  • Davies, John Jun; Water st
  • Evans, David; Water st
  • Evans, Howell; Lamas st
  • Evans, John; Lower Water st
  • Evans, John David; Lower Water st
  • Griffiths, William; Water st
  • Hughes, William; Red st
  • James, John; Goose st
  • Jenkins, Benjamin; Lower Water st
  • Jenkins, David; Water st
  • Jones, David; Chapel st
  • Jones, John; Lower Water st
  • Jones, Mary; Lamas st
  • Lewis, John; Water st
  • Lewis, William; Magazine row
  • Lynch, William; Water st
  • Rees, James; Lower Water st
  • Roberts, John; Lamas st
  • Stephens, George; King st
  • Thomas, William; Lower Market st

Hop Seed & Corn Dealers

  • Beynon, Thomas; Queen st
  • Phillips, William Davis; Water st
  • Thomas, Thomas; Priory st

Inns ( See also Taverns & Public Houses)

  • Boar's Head, John Davies; Lamas st
  • Ivy Bush (& coach office), George Davis; Spilman st
  • Lion Royal Hotel, John Williams; Queen st
  • Old Ivy Bush, David Thomas; King st

Iron Founders

  • Moss and Son; Blue st
  • Vaughan & Luke; Quay st


  • Baldwin, William; Cross
  • David, John; Lamas st
  • Davies, John Evan; Lower Market st
  • Griffiths, William; Dark gate
  • Jones, Edward; King st
  • Luke, Philip; Dark gate
  • Morris, James (& marble merchant); Guildhall sq
  • Moss, William; Lower Market st
  • Williams, John & Co; Uppr Market st


  • David, John; Water st
  • Davies, John; Priory st
  • Evans, John; Wood st
  • Howell, David; John st
  • Howell, William; Priory st
  • Howell, William; John st
  • James, Henry; Bridge st
  • Jones, Benjamin; King st
  • Jones, David; Abergwilly
  • Lewis, Richard; Priory st
  • Morgan, David; Lamas st
  • Rowland, John; Priory st

Linen and Woollen Drapers

  • Bowen, Thomas (& undertaker); Lower Market st
  • Evans, William & Co; King st
  • James, John; Cross
  • Jones, Elinor (& haberdasher); Lower Market st
  • Lewis, John; Lower Market st
  • Morris, Richard; King st
  • Parry, Thomas Edmund; Cross
  • Phillips, Henry; Guildhall sq
  • Roberts, Robert; Upper Market st
  • Shankland, Geo & Rees; St Mary st
  • Stacey, Ann; Lower Market st
  • Thomas, John; Lamas st
  • Thomas, William; Lower Market st


  • Bowen, Walter & Co; Quay st
  • Jones, Henry; Quay st
  • Jones, Mary; Lamas st
  • Llewellyn, Lloyd; St Mary st
  • Maddox, John; Lamas st
  • Phillips, John; Lamas st
  • Roberts, John; Lamas st
  • Spurrell, Richard; King st
  • Thomas, Evan; King st
  • Thomas, William George; Lamas st
  • Williams, Daniel; Quay st


  • Harry, John; Upper Mill
  • Phillips, Margaret; Water st
  • Phillips, Thomas; Lower Water st
  • Watkins, Joshua; Priory st
  • Williams, David; Pontcarreg Mill
  • Yalden William; Steam Mill

Milliners and Dress Makers

  • Beynon, Hanh & Maria; Spilman st
  • Bloome, Amelia; King st
  • Davies, Catherine; King st
  • James, Elizabeth; Lamas st
  • Lewis, Jane; Peter st
  • Mitchell, Elizabeth; Queen st
  • Morris, Celia; Quay st
  • Phillips, Ann; Guildhall sq
  • Thomas, Elinor, Maria & Sarah; St Mary st


  • Carmarthen Journal (Friday) --- John Evans, junr, printer and publisher; Guildhall sq

Painters, Plumbers & Glaziers

  • Brigstocke, David (and paper hanger); King st
  • Evans, William; Priory st
  • Lewis, Joseph; Wood st
  • Lewis, Thomas; King st

Patten & Clog Makers

  • Joseph, John; Cambrian place
  • Thomas, David; Magazine row
  • Thomas, Thomas; King st


  • Lazarus & Son; King st

Perfumrs & Hair Dressers

  • Jones, William; King st
  • Rees, Edward; Cross
  • Symonds, John; Queen st
  • Thomas, Isaac; King st


  • Bowen John; King st
  • Lawrence, Henry; Peter st

Porter Dealers

  • Lewis, John; Chapel st
  • Spurrell, Richard; King st

Printers ---Letter Press

  • Brigstocke, John; Lamas st
  • Davies, John Powell; King st
  • Evans, John ( and copper-plate); Guildhall sq
  • Evans, John, junr; Red Lion yard
  • Evans, William; Guildhall sq
  • Harris, Jonathan; Darkgate
  • Jones, Evan (and stationer); Priory st

Rope Makers & Twine Spinners

  • Charles, Dvd (and paper maker); King st
  • Davies, John; Lamas st
  • Jones, John; Lamas st
  • Parcell, David; Priory st

Saddlers & Harness Makers

  • Davies, John; Lamas st
  • Davis, Thomas; Bridge st
  • Dyer, John; Darkgate
  • Edwards, Peter; Water st
  • Jones, Richard; King st
  • Large, Joseph; King st
  • Morgan, Thomas; Lamas st
  • Williams, John; Lamas st
  • Williams, John, junr Lamas st

Shopkeepers and Dealers in Sundries

  • Adams, John; Lamas st
  • Beynon, Hannah; St Mary st
  • Davies, David; Red st
  • Davies, John; Bridge st
  • Davies, Thomas; Water st
  • Evans, Ann; King st
  • Evans, David; Water st
  • Evans, Thomas; Bridge st
  • Howell, Bridget; Water st
  • Humphreys, Thomas; Quay st
  • Jones, Richard; Bridge st
  • Jones, Sarah; Lamas st
  • Lewis, James; Bridge end
  • Lewis, Mary; Abergwilly
  • Lewis, William; Lamas st
  • Morgan, William; King st
  • Morris, Ann; Priory st
  • Morris, Sarah; Bridge st
  • Moss, John; Priory st
  • Needle, James; Queen st
  • Nicholas, Elizabeth; Bridge st
  • Prees, Ann; Priory st
  • Rees, Mary; Spilman st
  • Rees, William; Abergwilly
  • Scurry, John; Abergwilly
  • Thomas, David; Priory st
  • Thomas, David; lamas st
  • Thomas, Evan; Priory st
  • Thomas, Thomas; Lamas st
  • Williams, Maria; Bridge st

Silversmiths & Jewellers (See also Watch & Clock Makrs)

  • Adams, George; Priory st
  • Evans, John; Cross
  • Lazarus & Son; (and wholesale); King st

Skinners & Glovers

  • Davies, Thomas; Wood st
  • Nicholas, Elizabeth; Bridge st
  • Phillips, Grace; Queen st
  • Rees, David; Cambrian place

Spirit Dealers

  • Davies, Benjamin; Lower Market st
  • Davies, David; Queen st
  • Dyer, John; Shaw lane
  • Evans, William; St Mary st
  • Howells, Howell; Temple gardens
  • Morgan, Thomas; Darkgate
  • Morris, David; Blue st
  • Morris, James; Dark gate
  • Rees, Benjamin; Queen st
  • Tardrew & Morris; King st
  • Williams, David; King st

Stone masons

  • Davies, Lewis; Shaw lane
  • Evans, David; Cambrian place
  • Jones, John; Church st
  • Jones, Thomas; Priory st
  • Lewis, Thos; Cambrian pl
  • Mainwaring, Daniel (and marble); Spilman st
  • Richards & Co (and marble); Priory st
  • Thomas, David; Waterloo terrace
  • Thomas, Thomas; Shaw lane

Straw Hat Makers

  • Beynon, Hanh & Maria; Spilman st
  • Dodd, Eliza; Chapel st
  • Mitchell, Elizabeth; Queen st
  • Phillips, Ann; Guildhall sq
  • Thomas, Elinor, Maria & Sarah; St Mary st


  • Nicholl, David F; Upper Market st
  • Prytherch, John; King st
  • Stacey & Jenkins; Lamas st
  • Watkins, Joshua; Lamas st
  • Williams, Eleazer; Peter st
  • Williams, John; King st


  • Davies, Henry; Parade row
  • Davies, John; Spurrell's court
  • Davies, William; Wood st
  • Jones, David; Queen st
  • Jones, John; John st
  • Joseph, Thomas; Blue st
  • Morgan, Ann (and draper); Cross
  • Morgan, John; Cambrian place
  • Needle, James; Bridge st
  • Sirman, Jno (and draper); Cambrian pl
  • Thomas, John; St Mary st

Tallow Chandlers

  • Edwards, Edward; Priory st
  • George, Francis; Lamas st
  • Harris, William; King st
  • Hughes, John; Bridge st
  • Thomas, David; St Mary st
  • Watkins, Joshua; Priory st
  • Rees, David; Lamas st


  • Mortimer, James; Mill bank
  • Philipps, William; Quay st
  • Price, Roger; King st

Taverns & Public Houses

  • Barley Mow, James James; Lamas st
  • Bear, David Evans; Water st
  • Bird-in-Hand, Samuel Woodhouse; Lamas st
  • Black Bull, Rachael John; Water st
  • Black Horse, John Jones; Water st
  • Black Horse, John Maddox; Lamas st
  • Black Lion, Mary Aeron; Abergwilly
  • Black Lion, Edward Mason; King st
  • Black Ox, David Davies; Abergwilly
  • Black Ox, David Roberts; Spilman st
  • Black Swan, William Arthur; John st
  • Black Swan, John Jones; Water st
  • Blue Boar, David Lewis; Water st
  • Buffalo, John Thomas; Cross
  • Butchers' Arms, John Davies; Cambrian place
  • Carmarthen Arms, William Williams; Queen st
  • Carpenters' Arms, Thos Jones; Lamas st
  • Cart & Horses, David Evans; Priory st
  • Castle, Wm Williams; Lower Water st
  • Cock, Abraham Daniel; King st
  • Cock, David Morris; Lamas st
  • Coopers' Arms, Peter Morris; Lamas st
  • Cross Hands, Benjamin James; Blue st
  • Drovers' Arms, Thomas Davies; Lamas st
  • Farmers' Arms, Saml Thomas; Water st
  • Fox & Terrier, David Evans; Water st
  • Globe, William Howell; Priory st
  • Golden Lion, Elizabeth Jones; Lamas st
  • Green Dragon, William Jenkins; Wood st
  • Greyhound, John Hughes; Bridge st
  • Half Moon, James Morris; Dark gate
  • Hare, William Evans; Bridge st
  • Harp, Evan Jones; Lamas st
  • Hope & Anchor, Esther Richards; Quay st
  • Horse & Jockey, John Davies; Bridge st
  • Island House, Thomas Thomas; Quay
  • Jolly Tar, William Hughes; Quay
  • King George, Wm Williams; Priory st
  • King's Arms, John Prees; Priory st
  • Lamb, Elizabeth Evans; Red st
  • Lamb & Flag, Isaac Young Evans; Queen street
  • Lark, John Phillips; Blue st
  • Lord Nelson, Stephen Phillips; Dame st
  • Marquis of Granby, Sarah Davies; King st
  • Masons' Arms, David Davies; Lamas st
  • Mermaid, Benjamin Evans; Lamas st
  • Monument Lodge, David Lewis; Magazine row
  • Nag's Head, John Williams; Dark gate
  • New Inn, Sibyl Morris; Lamas st
  • Newmarket House, Thomas Parry; Red st
  • Old Bull, Eliz Lewis; Lower Market st
  • Old Plough, Mary Jones; Lamas st
  • Old White Lion, John Williams; Queen st
  • Pelican, George Francis; Bridge st
  • Red Cow, Thomas Evans; Bridge st
  • Red Cow, John Morris; Lamas st
  • Red Lion, Benjamin Evans; Priory st
  • Rose & Crown, John Davies; Lamas st
  • Royal Exchange, John Thomas; Peter st
  • Royal Oak, William Lewis; John's town
  • Saracen's Head, Thomas Jones; Spilman st
  • Ship-a-Ground, Philip Hinds; Quay
  • Ship & Castle, John Sutton; Quay st
  • Six Bells, Phillip Davies; Peter st
  • Smiths' Arms, David Griffiths; Lamas st
  • Smiths' Arms, Rees Jones; Bridge st
  • Square & Compass, Thomas Hughes; Water st
  • Stag & Pheasant, George Stewart; Spilman st
  • Swan, Jane James; Cross
  • Swansea Castle, Mary Williams; Water st
  • Talbot, John Davies; Lower Market st
  • Three Compasses, Spencer Musson; Lamas st
  • Three Cranes, Sarah Jones; Priory st
  • Three Crowns, Elizabeth Davies; Cross
  • Three Crowns, David Jones; Priory st
  • Three Horse Shoes, Thomas Evans; Magazine row
  • Three Mariners, David Walters; Quay
  • Three Salmons, Thos Hancock; Water st
  • Three Sewins, Ann Michael; Bridge st
  • Union Hall, John Jones; St Mary st
  • Waterloo, Samuel Opher; Quay
  • Wheat Sheaf, Henry James; Bridge st
  • Wheat Sheaf, Richard Lewis; Abergwilly
  • White Horse, William Duggan; Chapel st
  • White Horse, William Woozley; Priory st

Tea Dealers

  • Davies, Mary; Lamas st
  • Webb, Thomas Taylor (and wholesale); Upper Market st

Timber Merchants

  • Harries & Burnett; Blue st
  • Jones & Humphreys; Blue st
  • Phillips, William; Quay st


  • Timmins & Sons; King st

Watch & Clock Makers

  • Davies, Benjamin; Lower Market st
  • Davies, Morgan; King st
  • Davies, Thomas; Lower Market st
  • Evans, Methusalem; Shaw lane
  • Howell, Amy; Lamas st
  • Thomas, Hugh; Dark gate
  • Williams, William; Queen st


  • Williams, Henry; Spilman st
  • Williams, John; Queen st

Wine merchants

  • Harries & Burnett; Blue st
  • Webb, Thomas Taylor; Upper Market st


  • Jones & Morris; Quay
  • Lewis, John; Chapel st


  • Billiard & News Rooms, Spilman st --- David Lewis, proprietor
  • Broom, John, carver & guilder; St Mary st
  • Bush, James, pipe maker; Priory st
  • Daniel, William, sieve & riddle maker; John's Town
  • Edwards & Jones, salt dealers; Lamas st
  • Evans, James, wire worker & bell hanger; King st
  • Gray, George, pianoforte maker & tuner; Priory st
  • Gutteridge, Jos, veterinary surgeon; Cross
  • Howell, John, surveyor of taxes; Picton terrace
  • Lewis, Josiah, woollen manufactur; Priory st
  • Llewellin, William, horse hair weaver & spinner; Lamas st
  • Merideth, Mary, hardware dealer; King st
  • Richards, Henry, music seller & Organist; Upper Market st
  • Thomas, David, fishmonger & poulterer; Spilman st
  • Williams, John, musician; Spilman st

Custom House, Quay Street

  • Principal Coast Officer --- Hugh Hamilton
  • Landing & Coast Waiter --- Thomas Rogers


  • To London, the Royal Mail (from Milford) calls at the Ivy Bush, every morning at a quarter past one; goes through Llandovery, Brecon, Abergavenny, Ross, Burford, Witney, Oxford, Nettlebed, Henly and Hounslow --- the Regulator, calls at the same house, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at five; goes thro' Llandilo, Brecon, Monmouth, Northleach, Burford, Witney, Oxford, Wycombe and Uxbridge --- and the Cambrian (from Haverfordwest) calls at the Boar's Head every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at five; goes thro' Llandilo, Llandovery, Trecastle, Brecon, Hay, Hereford, Ledbury, Malvern, Worcester etc.
  • To Bristol, the Royal Mail, calls at the Ivy Bush, every night at a quarter past twelve; goes thro' Swansea, Pyle, Ewenny, Cardiff and Newport
  • To Haverfordwest, the Cambrian, (from London) calls at the Boar's Head, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at ten --- & the Regulator (from Swansea) calls at the Ivy Bush every Monday, Wednesday & Friday during the summer season; both go thro' St Clears, Narberth
  • To Milford, the Royal Mail (from London) calls at the Ivy Bush, every night at a quarter past twelve; goes through St Clears, Narberth & Haverfordwest.
  • To Swansea, the Regulator(from Haverfordwest) calls at the Ivy Bush, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at half past two; during the summer season; goes thro' Kidwelly and Llanelly.


  • To London, Rees & Son's Waggons, from Quay st, every Monday and Wednesday; goes thro' Llandilo, Llandovery, Brecon, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Ross and Gloucester.
  • To Cardigan, Owen Price, from the Three Salmons --- William Ladd, from the Golden Lion --- and David Williams, from the Bear, every Wednesday.
  • To Haverfordwest, Rees & Son, every Monday forenoon --- and Prosser and Co from Lamas st, every Tuesday evening
  • To Hay, Rees and Son, every Monday and Wednesday --- and Prosser & Co every Wednesday ; both go thro' Llandilo, Llandovery, Trecastle and Brecon
  • To Kidwelly, Mary Gower, from the Wheat Sheaf, every Saturday
  • To Lampeter-Pont-Stephen, David Owen and John Griffiths, from the Six bells, and Thomas Henry, from the Red Lion, twice a week
  • To Llangelly, James Davis, from the Rose & Crown, and John Evans, from the Blue Boar, every Saturday
  • To Newcastle-in-Emlyn, Daniel Thomas, from Prosser's warehouse, Lamas st --- and John Rees, from the Bear, twice a week
  • To St Clear's and Laugharn, David Evans, from the Cock, Lamas st, every Saturday --- and John Davies, from the Old Plough, and William Beynon and John James, from the Rose and Crown, every Wedenes. & Satur.
  • To Swansea, Rees & Son's Waggons, twice a week, to meet the Steam Packets for Bristol --- and David and William Jones, from the Smiths' Arms, Lamas st, every Wednesday.

Conveyance by Water

Coasting Traders

  • To London, the Emerald Isle, Thomas Thomas, master; the Johnson Barb, John Davies; the Sarah, Wm Jones.
  • To Bristol, the Acorn, James Protheroe, master; the Britannia, John Phillips; the Fame, David Morgan; the George IV  David Jardine; the George and Jane, John Sutton; the Hero, Benjamin Lloyd; the Hero, David Evans; the Hope, John Cadwallader; the Industry, William Thomas; the Providence, David Thomas; the Speedwell, Jno Gravel; & the Sophia, Geo Rogers.
  • To Pilglaze, John Evans' Boats and Barges, with goods and passengers.