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Carmarthenshire Families Project



This families database relates to the parish of Llansawel and is part of the Carmarthenshire Families Project - see that site for a full description.
Entries are in alphabetical order of the husband's surname

For ease of reference the key to the text fields used is;

The data is now in two formats, the original text based format below
and a table format used to create a
combined county based table

*1; DAVIES David (CMN c1800- ?); *2; DAVIES Mary (CMN c1800- ? ); *3; Shepherd; *4; Lanwen, Llansawel (1841) / married Cynwil Gaeo (1823); *5; William 1826 (Llansawel) / Enock 1827 (Llansawel) / Eleanor 1832 (Llansawel) / David 1835 (Llansawel) / John 1838 (Lanwen, Llansawel); *6; Llangiwg, GLA (William Davies); *7; Gareth Hicks (William)


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