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Hanes Methodistiaeth Sir Gaerfyrddin

(The History of the Methodists in Carmarthenshire)

Page 2

PART 2 /History of the Churches - Chapters 10-19

LISTS OF NAMES  (continued)

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District of Meidrim:-
Llanddowror, Lacharn, Pendine, Red Roses, and Llanstephan


Rev Griffith Jones,,105 Jonah Beynon, Llanddowror,105 Rev John Williams,,105
Rev John Phillips, Meidrim,105 Job Thomas, Trefach,105 Benjamin Watts, Penygraig,105
David James, cooper,105 William Phillips,,105 Tom Morgan,,105
Benjamin Davies,,105 Howell Davies, Whitland,105 John David, Bancyfelin,105
John Davy, tailor,105 John James,,105 David Evans,,105
Richard,,105 Rev T F Jones,Shirland Road London,105,106 Daniel Evans,,105
Rev T E Thomas,Llandovery,105 James Clark,,105 Abel Thomas,Llanddowror,105
Rev J Lloyd Thomas, Bryn,105 Rev John Walters,,105,106 Rev J E Thomas, St Clears,105
William Edwards, Cwmbach,106 Rev David Morgan,,106 Theophilus Evans,Maeslan,106
Rev W Nantlais Williams,,106 Rev M H Jones,,106 Mrs Darson,,106
D G Williams, Ind Bethlehem,106 David Evans, Tircoed,106 David Jones,,106
John David,,106 Herbert Evans,,106 John Jones,,106
George Thomas,,106 David Davies,,106 Mr Benjamin Jones, Trinity Swansea,106
Mr David Jones, Forge Mill,106    



Howell Harries,,106 William Meuds,,107 Christopher Meuds,,107
Rev Griffith Jones,,107 Madam Bevan,,107 Rev Peter Williams,,107
Thomas Charles,,107 David Charles,,107 Dr Edwards, Bala,107
Mr John Lloyd, Meidrim,107 John Williams, Blacksmith,107 James Williams,Blacksmith,107
Rev John Phillips, Bangor,108 Rev Thomas Edwards, Penllwyn,108 Rev Richard Lumley,,108
Rev Rees Havard,,108 William Havard,,108 William David,,108
Rev W Mydrim Jones,,108 Mr Walter Lloyd,,108 Mr Daniel Bowen, Rhydargauau,108
Rev D W Davies, Australia,108 Rev Richard Morgan, Tonyrefail,108 Rev Hugh J Hughes,Cefn,108
Rev E W Edwards, Aberavon,108 Rev J H Beynon, Australia,108 Rev D M Thomas,,108



Rev William Williams, Pendine,109 Rev William Powell,,109 Mr Howell Davies, Whitland,109
Mr W Richards, Penygroes,109 Rev D M Thomas, Laugharne,109 Thomas James D.D., Hendre,109
W Powell, Pembroke,109 Thomas James M.A., Llanelli,109 Rev J Wyndham Lewis, Carmarthen,109
Rev P D Morse,,109 Rev Vincent Thomas, Vardre,109 Rev J H Beynon, Australia, 109



Howell Davies, Whitland, 109 Henry Thomas, farmer & publican, 109, 110 Rev William Williams, Pendine,110,111
Mr Josiah Bowen, Crinca, 110 John Evans, Hendygwyn,110 James John, Llety Mountain,110
Thomas Phillips, Pwllgogan Pendine,110 Rev John Owen,,110 Rev W Powell, Pembroke,111
William Evans M.A., Pembroke Dock,111 James Harries, Clarbeston Road, 111 Richard Morgan, Laugharne, 111
T E Thomas, Llandovery,111 John Thomas, Pantyrhudid,111 Rev J E Thomas, St Clears,111
William Griffiths,,111 David Richards, Llanddowror,111 Henry Lewis,,111
Alfred Instance,,111 Rev John Owen, Burry Port,111  



Rev John Harries, Treamlod,112 Rev Evan Harries, Pembrokeshire,112 Rev Thomas Harries, Haverfordwest,112
Mr Howell Davies,,112,113,114 Rev Thomas Williams,Haverfordwest,112 James Harries, Clarbeston Road,112
Henry Evans, Pembrokeshire, 113 John Evans,,113 George James,,113
John Walters,,113 William Thomas,,113 William Rees,,113
Thomas Rees,,113 Rev William Jones, Llandudoch,113 Mr John Owen, Glanrhyd,113,114
Josiah Bowen,,113 David Rees, Whitland,113 John Richards, Pantygrug,113
Rev David Richards, Goetre,113 Rev B F Richards, Carmarthen,113 Mr Theophilus Bowen, Crinca,113
Rev J M Harries Rees, Shella,113 Rev Daniel Lewis, Penmorfa, 114 Rev John Davies, Tanygroes,114
Mrs Jenkins,,114 Mr Thomas, James,,114 Mr J Griffith Rees,,114
Mr John Roblin,,114 Mr H J Walters,,114 Mr Edward Lewis,,114
Mr Evan Edwards,,114 Rev E R Harries,Aberavon,114  



Mrs Saer, Pentwyn, 114 Mr Rowlands,,115 William Williams, Pantycelyn,115
Peter Williams,,115 William Treharne,Moriah,115 Mrs Bowen,Moriah,115
Morgan Morris, Felin,115 Rev William Morris, Llanelli,115 William Saer, Pentowyn,115
Thomas Peregrine,,115 Richard Davies, Cwmllanwybr,115 Richard Davies jnr,,115
Mrs Wilcox,,115 William Jenkins,Tynewydd,115,116 Mr Harries,Pilroath,116
Rev William Prydderch,,116 John George,,116 Thomas Edwards,Wrth-yr-Eglwys, 116
David Williams, Hengastell,116 Mr Thomas, Y Mwche,116 Thomas Harries, Llandeilo Abercowyn,116
David Jenkins,,116 Evan Evans, Garddwr,116 David Treharne, Morfa bach,116
Thomas John,,116 John Jones, Castle Hill,116 William Richards, Pengelly Isaf,116
David Richards,,116 Mr John Evans, Ferry Farm,116 James Richards Esq., Pantyrathro, 117,118
Mr & Mrs Gwyn, Pilroath,117 Lettice Francis,,117 Rev Thomas Evans, Carmarthen,117
Rev David Lewis,,117 Rev J T Davies,,117 David Davies,,117
David Richards, Pengelly Isaf,117 T Chas. Williams,,118 Miss Amy Richards,,118
Mr Thomas Charles, Bryn Myrddin,118 Rev Eleazer Richards, Cross Inn,118 Rev O Thomas D.D.,,118
Rev Edward Matthews,,118 Rev David Saunders, ,118 Rev David Phillips, Swansea,118
Rev Thomas Levi,,118 Rev Thomas Edwards, Cwmavon, 118 Mrs Harries, Brynhyfryd,118, 119
Mrs Richards, Pantyrathro,118 Rev D G Owen, Kidwelly,118 Rev J Davies, Whitland,118
Rev Samuel Evans, Cwmdwyfran,118 Rev W Llewelyn Davies, Bancyfelin,118 D T Griffiths, Independent Llanybri,118
J W Harries,Pilroath,118 Evan Davies, Emporium, 118 Evan Stephens, The Grove,118, 119
Richard Richards, Pwllymarch,118 G Barret Evans, Glyn,118 Miss Winnie Stephens,,118, 119
Mrs Morris,,118 Mr Richards, Pantyathro,118 Mr D Jones, Carmarthen,118
Mr Hohn Morgan, architect Carmarthen,118 William Evans, Ffynone,118 Rees Evans, Gilfachwen,118
David Evans, Waunbwlchan,118 D B Evans, Greenfield Villa. Mrs Lewis, Trehyddion,118
David Francis, The Green, 119    



Llansawel District:-
Caio, Cwrt, Pumpsaint, and Saron


Rev Daniel Rowlands,,119 William Williams,,119 Jenkin Morgan,,119
Howell Harries,,119 Rev William Lloyd, Henllan,119, 120 William Methusalem, Ynysau Uchaf,119, 120
David Thomas, Maestreuddyn,119, 120 E Davies, Blaenclawdd,119, 120 B Williams,Ynysau,119
Prosser, Gareg Caio,119 Rev Isaac Price,,119 Rhydderch John Hugh, Nant-yr-hogfan,119
John David Harry,Llansawel,119 James Rees, Brynbeiting, 120 R James, Bedw Gwynion,120
William Davies, Llanycrwys, 120 Rev William Lloyd,,120 Rev Richard Davies, Llansadwrn,120
John Davies, Caio, 120 Mrs Rees, New Inn, 120 Rev David Hughes, Caio, 120
Rev William Prydderch,,120 Rev Daniel William,,120 Rev David R Davies,Iowa,120
Rev D Cunllo Davies, Machynlleth,120 Rev Rees Phillips, Aberavon,121 Rev Jonah Phillips,,121
Mr D C Evans, ,121 Rev B D Thomas,Llandeilo,121 Rev Thomas Phillips,,121
Rev D J Howells, ,121 Thomas Evans, shoemaker, 121 Tom Morgan, Maesgadog, 121
William Morgan Esq., Albert Mount & Liverpool, 121 Mr Johnny Morgan, farmer in England,121 William Rees, blacksmith,121
David Davies, Maesneuadd,121 Mr James Morgan, Manchester House, 121 John Jones, Cwmpriddfa, 121
Thomas Davies, Ynysau Ganol,121 David Richards, Llawynowen,121 William Williams, Erwdowi,121
Lemuel Powell, Glasfryn,121 James Jones, Y Wern,121 Morgan Jones, councillor, 121
David Davies, councillor,121 David Davies, Cilmaren, 121 Daniel Davies, Maescommander, 121
Mr Thomas Rees, schoolmaster Haverfordwest. 121 Thomas Rees, tailor, 121 David Rees,,121



Dr Harries,,122 Rev David Parry, Llanwrtyd,122 Henry Jones, Ty'nycoed,122
Daniel Jones,America,122  Jonathan Jones, Aberdare, 122 David Evans, Cae'rmeddyg,122
James James, Llanddarog, 122 John Lewis, Trebeddau, 122 William Williams, Cwmdar,122
Rev Evan Williams, Llanddeusant, 122 David Edwards, Brynael, 122 William James, Esgairddar, 122
Rev Isaac Thomas, Ferryside,122 Rev Thomas Phillips, Siloh,122 Rev D J Howells, Llandradach,122
David James,Nantgwasanaeth, 123 Miss Davies,,123 Mrs James,,123
Mrs Evans,,123 Mrs Williams, Aberdar village,123 Mrs Hughes,,123
David Hughes,Llandewi Brefi,123 John Davies, Lampeter,123 David Williams,,123
William James,Esgairddar,123 Stephen Davies, Blaen-Nantymelyn,123 James Jones, Troedyrhiw, 123
Howell Jones, Glanmeddig,123 David Davies, Gwndwnmawr,123 Stephen Williams, Llwynceiliog, 123



William Lloyd, Henllan,123 William Williams, Pantycelyn,123 Thomas Williams, Ynysau, 124
David Williams, Ynysau, 124 John Davies,Davies Shop,124 D.P.Davies,,124
Howell Jones,cattle dealer,124 Margaret Evans, Gilfach,124 Dan Davies, Ynysau cattle dealer, 124
Rev W Prydderch, the elder, 124 Rev Edward Edmunds, Swansea, 124 Rev Job, Conwil,124
Rev T E Thomas, Llandovery,124 Mr Isaac Rees, blacksmith,124 Howell Jones, Penybont,124
David Bowen, Penlan-wen,124 Benjamin Jones, Lodge, 124 Isaac Thomas, Penarth,124
Evan Evans, Felinfach, 124 David P Davies, Y Shop, 124 Rev Cuthbert Thomas B.A., Canton,124
Rev Dan Evans D.D., Hawen, 124 John Lewis,,125 Thomas Evans,,125
Rev J Pumpsaint Jones,Treharris,125 James Jones, Bryneglwysfach, 125 David Davies, Penpombren,125
William Rees, blacksmith,125 John Davies, Penpombren,125 James Evans, Penlanwen,125
David Hughes,,125 John Jones,Felin,125 Morgan Jones, Penarth,125
Rev Thomas Phillips, Siloh,125 Sir James Hills Johnes, Dolaucothi, 125 Judge Johnes,,125



John Jones, Jack y Llechau, 125, 126 David Harries, Buarthyroen, 126 David Davies,,126
John Morgan, Blaentwrch,126 Thomas Davies, Drainllwydion,126 Mrs Davies, Farmers, 126
Mrs Davies, New Jewin,126 Rev J E Davies, ,126 Peter Lloyd,,126
Mr D Davies, Tycerg,126 William Hughes, Ty'ncorn, 126 Rev Abraham Oliver, Llanddewi Brefi, 126
Rev Thomas Phillips, Siloh, 126 Rev D.J. Howells, Caio, 127 Mr Samuel Jones, Drainllwyndir, 127
Richard Hughes, Tan'ralltlwyd, 127 Owen Bowen Harries, Tanyresgair, 127 William Jones, Llechau, 127
Rev W J Davies, Bronllys, 127 Mrs Davies, Tycerg, 127 Miss Jones, Vanog, 127



Churches of Llansawel, Rhydcymerau and Talley


Howell Harries,,127 James Williams,,128 Rev John Hughes,,127
William John, Llywele Fawr,128 Rev William Williams,,128 James Davies, Ffosgoita, 128,129
John Williams, Trawscoed, 128 Mark, Penrhiwcarne,128 David Thomas,,128
William James,,128 Thomas Davies,Factory,128 Mrs Davies, Pentrecwn Llandeilo,128
Mrs Williams. Post Office,128, 130 Rev Evan A Davies, vicar of Garnant, 129 William Peters, Irongate,129
William James, tailor,129 Rees James,,129 Mr William James,Pontarddulais,129
Thomas Davies, Rhiwdraenog, 129 Evan Evans, Blaenwaun,129 David Williams, Post Office, 129
John Davies, Blaenyresgair,129 Daniel Davies,,129 David Williams, Felinwaun,129
James Williams, Penybont,129 Isaac Davies, Bwlch,129 Rees James,,129, 131
John Williams, Pistyllgwyn,129 William Jones, Pantiauau,129 David Jones, Pantiauau,129
John Jones, Penlan, 129 David Jones, Yr Esgair, 129 D.B. Evans,,129
David Evans,,129 James Thomas, Maesllan,129 Joseph Jones, Factory,129
John Davies, Rhydcymerau,129 Rev B D Thomas, Llansawel,129 Rev Robert Salmon, Llansadwrn,129
Rev D Byron Lewis,,129 Rev David Jones, Crynant,129 Rev David Hughes, Glynneath, 129, 130
Rev Daniel Jones B A ,,129 Malen James Beynon,,129 Rachel Morgan,,129
Mrs Davies, Green Hall, 129 Mrs Williams, Penybont,129 Mrs Rees James,,129
Mrs Davies, Factory, 129 Hetty Davies, Pencnwc,130 Mrs Michael Williams,,130
Rev David Jones, penuwch,130 Rev Daniel Thomas, Pontardulais,130 Rev W E Prydderch, Swansea,130
Dr Owen Thomas,,131 Dr Saunders,,131 Rev Thomas James,Llanelli, 131
William J Davies, Tycerg,131 Mr D C Williams, London,131 William James M A , Swansea,131
Rev William Jenkins, Llanlluan, 131 Miss Davies,,131 Miss Phillips,,131
Rev T C Edwards M A ,Bala, 131 Dr Harries Jones,,131 Edwards Matthews,,131
William Williams, Swansea,131 Thomas Edwards, Cwmavon,131 Dr Rees,Cefn,131
David James , St Mellons, 131 George Williams, Llysyfran, 131 Griffith Davies, London,131
John Richards, Llechrhyd, 131 Rev David Rowlands,,131 Rev William Jones, Trawsfynydd, 131



Davy Davies,,132 William John, Llewele,132 Hetty Davies, Pencnwc,132
John Elias,,132 John Lewis, Carpenter Tynllwyd Llanybydder, 132 Dafydd, Maespwll,,132
Dafydd, Tycoch,132 Evan Evans, Emporium, 132 Evan Davies, Esgairwen, 132
Rev W Prydderch,,132 Jonah Williams, Llewele, 132, 134 Rev Benjamin Williams,Pontypridd , 132
 George Lee, Esgaironen, 132 Lewis, Llwyncelyn, 132 Jack Michael,,132
John Jones, Brynau Isaf, 132 John Davies, Esgairwen, 132 Elias Davies, Esgairwen, 132
James Williams, Wenallt, 132 David Davies, Pwllcoch, 132, 133 John Evans, Dolay Isaf, 132
John Jones, Tancoed, 132, 133 John Williams, Troedyrhiw, 133 Nancy Davies, Pwllcoch, 133
James Williams, Cilwenau Uchaf, 133 John Williams, Penrhiw, 133 David Evans, Dolau Uchaf, 133
William Williams, Tycoch, 1331 John Davies, Cwmdawe, 133 John Davies, Cwmdubach, 133
David Evans, The shop, 133, 134 William Morgans, Wenallt Cottage, 133 Evan Thomas, Brynbach, 133
William Thomas, Caemalwas Fawr, 133 Benjamin Jones, Bwlchmynydd, 133 John Jones, Esgaircair, 133
John Williams, Abernant, 133 John Thomas, Hafodwen, 133 Evan Williams, Wenallt Fawr, 133
John Davies, Brynau Isaf, 133 Elias Davies, Llethr-Bledrig, 133 Tom Davies, Llansawel, 133
David Davies,,133 Thomas Davies,,133 Rev T W Jones,,133
Michael Williams,Cilfynydd,133 David Evans,,133 Rev J Ivor jenkins, Ystalyfera, 134
Tom Jones,,134 D (Ehedydd) Jones,Grondre,134 Betty, Llanerch, 134
Peggy, Brynbach, 134 Nellie Jenkins,,134 Nancy, Brynbach, 134
Nellie, Blacksmith, 134 Mrs Evans, Penybont, 134 David Evans, Gelli Isaf, 134



Mrs Griffiths, Glanyrafonddu Ganol,  134, 135 Howell Harries,,134 Mrs Jane Lloyd, Pantyresgair, 135
Rev David Jones, Llangan,135 W Lloyd, Henllan, 135 Mr David Walters Esq., ,135
Daniel Davies, Talley,135 John Williams, Carpenter Llanfynydd, 135 Rev W E Prydderch,,135, 137
Rev J G Moelfryn Hughes,,135 Maurice Griffiths M A ,Aberystwyth,135 James Morgan, Capel Hir, 135
Rev John Jones,,135 Rev J R Morgan, Rhandirmwyn, 135 Rev J Davies Evans, Cwmbach, 135
Rhys Morgan, Capel Hir, 136 Rev Thomas Phillips, Bancyfelin, 136 David Harry,,136
Rhydderch Shon Hugh, Nantyrogfan, 136 Morgan Rhys, Capel Hir, 136 David Morgan, Mardy, 136
Thomas Lewis, Talley, 136 John Thomas, Cwmsidan, 136 John Thomas, Wern, 136, 137
Edward Thomas , Cwmsidan, 136 Lewis Hopkin, Gelli, 136 John Thomas jnr, Cwmsidan, 136
Rhydderch Evans, Cwm, 136 William Richards, Felinwaun, 136 Thomas Thomas, Cillyn Fach, 136
Thomas Thomas, Glanyrafon Ganol, 136 Rhys Thomas, Coedhirion, 136 John Anthony Jones,,136
John Davies, Blacksmith, 136 William Richards, Cwmbyr, 137 Thomas Evans, Pwllaucochion, 137
Griffith Lewis, Trewern-fach, 137 Thomas Rees, Glanyrafonddu Ganol, 137 W Davies, Cilwern, 137
Thomas Williams, Wernfawr, 137 J D Thomas, Plasnewydd, 137 Griffith Morgan, Banc, 137
Simon M Jones, Plas, 137 John Davies, Gelli, 137 J Sellick, Bancycelwydd, 137
Evan Jones,,137 Rev D Charles Davies M A, ,137  


Castellnewydd, Pantybwlch and Closygraig


Mrs Powell,Henhafod,138 Rev Daniel Rowlands,,138 Samuel Powell, blacksmith Llangeitho, 138
Phillip David, clogmaker, 138 Mrs Catherine Davies, Penybont, 138 Rev William Williams,,138
Rev Peter Williams,,138 Rev David Thomas Davies,,138 Rev William Lloyd, Henllan, 138
Rev J Evans , Cilycwm, 138 John Harries, Treamlod, 139 Thomas Davies, Fishguard, 138
Sampson Thomas,,138 Enoch Davies, Trelech, 138 Mr Griffiths, parish priest Llandyfriog, 138
William Davies, Neath, 138 David Jones, Llangan, 138, 139 David Williams, Llysfronydd, 138
Rev Lewis Edwards D D , Bala, 139 Mr U Larsing, Khasia, 139 Rev William James, Aberdare, 139
Rev J Lewis, Aberaman, 139 Rev David Morgan, Cefn, 139 Phillip Dafydd,,139
James Mathias,,139 David Davies,,139 Abel Thomas,,139
John Evans, Argoed, 139 John Jones,,139 Rev Ebenezer Rees, Porth, 139
Rev David Phillips, Llanddeusant, 139 Rev T O Philllips, Lampeter, 139 H Ffinant Morgan, Penygroes, 139
Mr T E Davies,, 139 Rev Thomas Davies, Treorchy, 139 Rev William Jones, ,139
Rev John Jones, Newquay, 139 Benjamin Howells,,139 Rev Evan Phillips,,140 141
Enoch Watkins,,140 James Jones, shoemaker, 140 Thomas Evans,,140, 141
David, Alltybwla, 140 David Davies, the Plough, 141 Mr Peter James,,141
John Davies, Relieving officer, 141 Mr J R Davies, printer, 141 W Lewis Evans, Woodlands, 141
Theophilus Jones,,141 Elias Thomas,,141, 142 John Phillips,,141,142
David Thomas,,141,142 Thomas George,,141,142 Daniel Davies,,141,142
Walter Thomas,,141,142 John Phillips,the younger,141,142 Thomas Morgan,,141
William Jones,,141 T J Elias,,141 Dr Samuel,,141
Evan Roberts,,141 David Morgan,,141 Nani Matthews,,141, 142
David Hughes, Rhosygadair, 141,142    



J R Davies, printer, 142 Mrs Coram,,142 Thomas Morgan,Newcastle Emlyn,142
John Jones,Newcastle Emlyn,142 Mr Lloyd, excise officer, 142 Rev Evans Phillips, Newcastle Emlyn, 142
Rev D G Owen, Kidwelly, 142 Rev Daniel Davies, Aberporth, 142 John Jones, Capel Dewi, 142
Mr David Thomas,,143 David Davies,,143 Henry Davies, Sychnant, 143
David Davies, Ffynhone, 143    



Thomas family, Ffynon-Dudor, 143 Evan Thomas, Gilfachlas,143 Rev Daniel Rowlands,,143
Rev Peter Williams,,143 Rev William Lloyd, Henllan, 143 David Morris, Twrgwyn, 143
Ebenezer Rees,,143 John Daniels, miller and carpenter, 143 Luther Evans,,143
Thomas Davies,,143 George Griffiths,,143 Robert Roberts, Clynog, 143
Rev John Jones, Ederyn, 143 Rev Dr Harries Jones, Trefecca, 144 Rev W Howells,,144
Rev D M Davies, Rhosemor, 144 Rev David Jones , Llangord, 144 James Velindre Jones, America, 144
David Geler Owen, Kidwelly, 144 Rev J T Davies, Nantymoel, 144, 145,146 David Havard, America, 144
Evan Davies, Bettws, 144 David Davies, Ty-Harries, 144 Rev Thomas Rowlands,, 144
Rev Evan Phillips,,144 Rev J R Evans, Skewen, 144 Rev W Talfan Davies,,144
Rev Evan Harries, Merthyr, 144 Rev B D Thomas, Llandeilo, 144 Dr Strickland, Ffynon-Dudur, 144
Thomas Nicholas,,145 John Jones, Penybank, 145 Dr Jones,,145, 146
David Jones, Tyhen, 145 Sam Jones, Tyhen, 145 Henry Jones,,145
David Jones, baker, 145 Daniel Rees, tailor, 145 Ben Jones, yr Ogof, 145
John Jones, Velindre House, 145 Ben Jones, Pantybarcud, 145 John Davies, Penllanfawr, 145
John Davies, Lon, 145 Mrs Davies, Llanstephan, 146 Benjamin Howells,, 146



New Inn, Llanpumpsaint, Conwil, Rhydargaeau and Pencader


Rev John Evans, Llwynfortun, 147 Thomas Bona,,147 Thomas Morgans,Cwmiar,147
Rees y Shop,,147 Thomas Evans, Caeaugwynion,147 Samuel Enock,,147
Daniel Davies,,147 John Evans, Bwlchcoed, 147 Matthew Dickens, y Shop, 147
W Davies,,147 John Thomas,,147 John Jones,,147
T R Saunders,,147, 148 Evan Davies, the Emporium Llanstephan, 147 David Davies, the Emporium Carmarthen, 147
George Jones,,147 Eli Charles,,147 David Morgan,,147
Rev Thomas John,,147 Rev Arthur Evans, Conwil, 147 William Bowen, Rhydargaeau, 147
Daniel Jones,,147, 148 Enock Enock,,147 E T Davies,,147, 148
Rev David Hughes, Ynys, 148 David Lewis, Llanstephan, 148 John Owen Burry Port, 148
T E Thomas D D , Llandovery, 148 Evan Davies, Llanpumpsaint, 148 Robert Salmon, Llansadwrn, 148
D Williams, Rhydybont, 148 Rev Daniel Thomas, Pontardulais, 148 Rev John Griffiths, Llanstephan, 148
Mr Michael Edwards,, 148 Rev Thomas Edwards, Cwmystwyth, 148 Rev Thomas Parry, Penygroes, 148
Rev T R Samuel, Llanelli, 148 Rev W Nantlais Williams, Ammanford, 148 Rev J Talog Davies, Cardiff, 148
Evan Thomas, Sengenydd, 148 D F Jones,,148 Elias A Davies,,148



Howell Harries,,148,149 William John, Llywele, 149 William Cobler,,149
David Edwards, Nantfendigaid,149 Rev Arthur Evans, Conwil, 149 W Williams Esq., Conwil, 149
William John,,149 James Davies, Blaenbran,149 David Lloyd, blacksmith, 149
Thomas Lloyd,,149 David Baker,,149 William Davies, shoemaker,149
David Lewis,,149 Mr Joshua Griffiths,,149 Rev David Humphreys,,149
Rev Evan Davies,,149 Mary Joshua, ,150 Thomas Joshua, Carmarthen,150
Rev J Gwynoro Davies, Abermaw, 150 Rev B Ceithio Davies, Abercarn, 150 Rev Thomas Jones, Llwynfortun, 150
Enoch Samuel, America, 150 Rev Thomas James D D, Hendre, 150 Rev David Davies, Llangors, 150
Rev W Hughes, Cilycwm, 150 Rev George James Jones, America, 150 Thomas Williams, Cildyn, 150
David Morgan,,150, 151 Rev Thomas Job,,151 Rev Arthur Evans,,151
Rev Thomas James MA,,151 Mr Lloyd,,151 Mr Havard,Mydrim,151
 Rev John Phillips, Bangor, 151 Rev Edward Davies,,151 Mr John Howell, Pandy Splott, 151
Mr Evan Davies, School House, 151 Thomas Hinds, Pantyffordd, 151 Thomas Davies, Helfa Hall, 151
David Davies, Pentill, 151 Martha Lloyd,hymnist,151, 152 Ann Jones,,151
Mr William Jones, Siloh Llanelli, 152 David Williams, Guardian Office Llanelli, 152  



David Harry, Nantyrolchfa Blaencoed, 152 Arthur Evans,,153,154 David Evans, Panteg,153
David Davies,,153 Thomas James, Pantrotti, 153,154 Benjamin Phillips, Blaencynlleth, 153
David Harry,not Blaencoed,153 Mr W Williams Esq, Tynewydd, 153, 154 Rev Thomas Job D D ,,153
Rev R Thomas, Woodstock, 153 Rev B B Griffiths, Cross Inn, 153 Evan Goodwin,,153
Thomas Howells,,153 John James, Penddol, 154 Howell Howells, Typark, 154
John Davies, Pantyrotti, 154 Thomas Phillips, Panne, 154 Mrs Williams, Tynewydd, 154
Llewelyn Thomas, Blacksmith Talog, 154 Daniel James, Penybont, 154 William Evans, Danallt-y-Gog, 154
David Thomas, Blacksmith, 154 Benjamin Thomas,,154 David Thomas, Elfed House, 154
Thomas Jenkins, Shoemaker, 154 Mr D Mansel Job,,154 Lewis Jones,,154
Enoch Thomas, Gwynfe, 154 Josiah Thomas, Pantyrotti, 154 Rev Morris Morgan,,154
James Nicholas,,154    



Rev Arthur Evans, Conwil, 154.155 Evan Evans, Pentremawr, 154 David Thomas, Pentrebach, 154
Thomas, Rhiwau, 154 Rev John Walters, St Clears, 154 Rev Edward Edmunds, Swansea, 154
Rev J Evans, Heol Awst (Independent), 154 Rev J Wyndham Lewis, Carmarthen 155 Rev G Roberts, Priory Street (Baptist), 155
Rev Richard Simpson, Llandeilo, 155 Rev Edward Davies, Carmarthen, 155 Rev Charles Bowen, Penclawdd, 155
Rev Daniel Bowen,,155 Rev T E Edwards, Cwmavon, 155 Rev Daniel Edwards M A,,155
Timothy Davies,,155 Thomas Rowlands,,155, 156 Rev Richard Williams, Glynogwr, 156
John Evans, Blacksmith, 156 Esther Evans,,156 Richard Griffiths,,156
David Phillips,,156 William Davies,,156 David Jones, Penrheol, 156
John Williams, Danfforodgar, 156 Davies, Pentremawr, 156 David Williams,,156
W Griffiths, Llwynpiod, 156    



Rev Edward Davies, Llanpumpsaint, 156, 157 Rev W Talfan Davies, Closygraig, 156,157 Mr Harries, Llanpumpsaint, 156
Messes Davies & Sons, Penrhiwllan, 156 Mr Tom Jones, Llanwenog, 156 Rev Phillip Jones,,156
Dr Moelwyn Hughes,,156 J Gwynoro Davies,,156 Mr Henry Davies Esq., Pantybwlch, 156
Timothy Davies Esq., Fulham, 156 Theophilus Jones,pengelli,156 Mr E J Evans, Council school Pencader, 156
Rev David Phillips, Carmarthen, 156 Mr W D Evans, Council school Pencader, 157 Rev John Williams, Brynseicyn, 157
Rev W E prydderch,,157 Rev Evan Phillips, Newcastle Emlyn, 157 Rev Samuel Evans, Cwmdwyfran, 157
Mr Phillip Perkins, Cefnberach, 157 Jonah Williams, Cwmdwyfran, 157 Mr Michael Edwards, New Inn, 157
Mr J W Johns,,157 Mr John Rees,,157 Mr John Jones,,157
Mr John Evans,,157    



Churches of Brynamman, Tabernacle and Bettws


Rev William Jones, Cwmamman,157 Evan Evans,Ty'r Capel,157,158 Thomas Thomas,,157
David Bowen,,157,158 John Morgan, Rhosfa,157,158 Mrs Davies, Cloth Hall,157
Mrs Richards,Pentreyrynys,157 William Davies,Bridgend,157 David Davies,Vardre,158
William Davies, Newquay,158 John James,,158 David Morgan,,158
John Jones, Pwllyfan,158 Professor Henry Jones,,158 Morgan Evans,Corner House,158
William Kidney,,158 Morgan Jones,,158 James Davies, Gorsto, 158
John Aaron,,158 Mrs Thomas, Manchester House, 158 Ebenezer Richards,,158
John Owen,,158 Timothy Davies,,158 Howell Morgan,,158
Daniel Evans, Cilycwm,158 James Thomas,,158 David Griffiths,,158
David Evans, draper, 158 Mr Williams, Cooperative Stores,158 John John, Pwllyfan house,158
Rev H T Stephens,,158 Rev T R Lloyd,,158 Rev Isaac Thomas,,158
Rev D T Jones,Llanddewi brefi,158 Rev B D Thomas, Llandeilo,158 Rev L Rhystyd Davies, Cwmbach, 158
Professor Henry Jones MA, Bangor, 159 Rev J Morlais Jones,,159 Watcyn Wyn,,158
Rev D J Howells, Llanbradach,159 R R Davies, Llandeilo, 159 Mr T Jones,,159
Mr J Morgan Jones,,159 Mr Daniel James Davies BA,,159 Mr John Morris BA, Cardiff, 159
Mrs Gabe,Ystalyfera, 159 Dr T Job, Conwil, 159 William Richards,,159
John Rees,,159 Lewis Evans,Llys Caron,159 David Morgan,,159
John James,,159 John Davies,,159  



William  Rees, Pantyrafr,159 Mary Moses Williams, Pantycreigle,160 William Anthony, Cwmnantcoch,160
Margaret Evans, Heol, 160 Rhydderch Evans, Pencae,160 Noah Jones, Waunhwydd,160
Evan Lodwick, Glynmeirch,160 William James, Llwynyrhaf,160 Edward Lewis, Hendrefawr,160
William Lodwick, Ty-uchaf,160 David Thomas, Ty'ncoed,160 John Phillips, Llwynyrhaf Fach,160
Watcyn Phillips, Ynysfawnen, 160 John Rees Thomas,,160 Jane Rees,,160
Anne Samuel,,160 Daniel David,,160 Thomas Madog,,160
Mary Madog,,160 Evan Evans, Gelliweirdy,160 John Rees, Raven,160
Francis Francis, Shopkeeper,160 David Lodwick, Pentwyncoch,160 Thomas Lodwick,,160,161
David Edwards, Schoolmaster Glanamman,160 John Lewis, Cynghordy,160 William Lewis, Pwlldu,160
Thomas William Lewis, Dolwerdd,160 Morgan Richards, The Shop, 160 John Williams, Llanelli, 160
John Jones,Llanedi,160 Rev John Oliver,,161 John Williams, Llwynyrhaf,161
John Rees, Cwmgrenig, 161 Thomas Thomas, Caeglas,161 Nathan Williams, Gellifannen, 161
John Thomas, Ynysfannen,161 Joshua Anthony,,161 Rev William Hughes, Cilycwm,161
Rev Abiah Davies, Llandeilo, 161 Rev D G Jones,Pontardawe,161 Rev Richard Hughes,,161
Rev William Jones,Cwmamman,161    



Griffith Morgan Esq.,Glynhir,161 Jacob Jones,,162 Rev William Prydderch,,162
Rev John Jones, Llanedi, 162 Rev David Morris, Hendre, 162 Rev David Prichard,,162
Rev Henry James, Cwmbach, 162 Rev Edward Jones,Kiswelly, 163 John Jones,,163
Rev Thomas Evans,,163 Rev T Davies, Llangan, 163 John Jones, Mydrim,163
Evan Davies, Cwmamman, 163 Rev D Evans, Blaenconin, 163 Rev David Jones,,163
John Jones,Barmouth,163 Mr Powell, schoolmaster, 163 Rev D M Rees, Tredegar, 163
Rev Thomas Evans, ,163 Rev G Moelwyn Hughes,,163 Rev W E Prydderch,,163
Rev John Hughes MA, Liverpool, 163 Dr Cynddylan Jones,,163 Rev W Jenkins MA, London,163
Rev S T Jones, Rhyl Rev W Thomas, Maesteg, 163 Rev J C Evans, Borth, 163
Rev W Landeg Powell, Caerphilly, 163, 164 Rev Evan Davies, Closygraig, 164 Evan Thomas, Cwmcathan Isaf, 164
William Evans, Waunhir, 164 David Evans, Waen-Cae-Ivan, 164 William Coslett, Glanamman, 164
William Rhydderch,,164 Rhys Rhys, Ty'nycwm, 164 David Francis, Coedcaebach, 164
William Jones, Manchester House, 164 John Morris, Dyffryn Cathan, 164 William Jones, London House, 164
Rev John Jones, Mydrim, 164 Col D Morris Esq, Brynffin, 164 John Gronow,,164
Isaac Jones, Llwchisawel, 164, 165 William Price, Glannantyffin, 165 William Rees, Penyfedw, 165
Thomas Thomas, Cardiganshire, 165 Thomas Jones, Newbridge, 165 Grace, Pwntan, 165
Esther Rees, Gorslwyd, 165 Hannah Rees, Ty'nycwm, 165 Mary Rees, Malen Y Mardy, 165
Rev John Evans, Llwynffortun, 165 Mrs Francis,,165 Mrs Davies,,165
Mansen Jones,,165 Ann Rees, Penpound, 165 Anne Rees,,165
Rhys Higgs,,165 William Evans,,165 John Davies,,165
William Bevan,,165 John Jones,,165 William Jones,,165
J C Davies,,165 William C Davies,,165 Isaac Jones,,165
Rhys Thomas,,165 Mr John Davies, Choirmaster, 165 Benjamin Jones, Organist, 165
George J Evans,  Conductor, 165    




Ammanford, Llandybie, Glanamman, and Pontardulais


John Jones, Llanedi, 166 Mr W Jones, Draper, 166 John Morris,,166
David Francis,,166 Rev Thomas Job D D , ,166 William Jones, the younger draper, 166
John Morgan, Tycoch, 166 John John, Bookseller, 166,167, 168 Rev W L Powell,,166,167
Lord Dinevor,,166 W Morris Esq., Pontamman, 166 Rev David Prichard,,166,167
Rev Daniel Morgan, Llandeilo, 166 Rev William James, Aberdare, 166 Dr Cynddylan Jones,,166
Rev J Wyndham Lewis,,166 Rev Thomas Job,,166 Rev Isaac Thomas, Cilycwm,166
Rev John Walters, St Clears,166 Rev D Phillips,,166 Rev Rees Harries, Pontardulais,166
Col Morris Esq., Brynffin,166 Mrs W Richards, Briton Ferry, 166 Mrs Picton Evans BA, Morriston, 166
William Jones, London House,167 Mr E M Hughes, draper, 167,168 Rev James Hughes, London, 167
Mrs Evans, Bancyfelin, 167 Mrs Phillips,,167 Mrs Job,,167
Rev J T Job,Bethesda,167 Mr Mansel Job,,167 Mrs Davies, Llansadwrn,,167
Rev Rhys Jones,,167 Rev W Nantlais Williams,,167 Rev Edward Jones, Kidwelly,167
Rev P H Griffiths, Charing Cross, 167 Rev R W Davies BA, Rhymney,167 Rev J H Howard, Cwmavon,167
Rev Thomas Price, Tirdail, 167 Rev Joseph Jenkins, Ffestiniog, 168 Mr H Trunter, stationmaster Tirdail, 168
Lewis Trunter, Plymouth Brethren, 168 Mr James Morgan,,168 Mr Thomas Davies,,168
Mr David Thomas,,168 Mr J L Davies,,168 Mr Morgan Jones,,168
Rev J T Job, Carneddi,168 Mr G Huxley Thomas,Aberystwyth College,168 John E Williams, Newcastle Emlyn School, 168
Edgar Evans, Tumble,168    



Rev Peter Williams,,169 John Jenkins,,169 Evan Pugh,,169
Rev Phillip Evan, Scewen,169 Rev William Jones, Cwmamman,170 Rev Thomas James D.D., Hendre, 170
Rev John Griffiths, Pentwyn,170 Rev W Nantlais Williams,,170 Rev T Valentaine Evans, Clydach, 170
Rev Frederick Evans D.D. (Ednyfed), America, 170 Gwilym Evans,America,170 John Evans, America, 170
Rev J T Job, Carneddi,,170 William James, Piode, 170 William Owen, Factory, 170
John Job,,170 Dr Job, Conwil,170 Rev Thomas Phillips, Siloh, 170
Thomas James, the Warren, 170 Noah Thomas, Pantyblodau, 170 Evan Pugh,,170
John Thomas,,170 W Llewelyn, Piode, 170 John Williams, Wernolau, 170
John Davies, Wainrhys, 170 David Price, Garnfach, 170 Evan Thomas, Bancylan,170, 171
William Davies, Terrace, 170 Morgan Davies, Pantyblodau, 170 W Mansel Job,Ammanford,170
William Owen,,170 Nanni Parry,,170  



Rev  L Rhystyd Davies, Brynamman, 171 John John, Ammanford, 171 Rev S T Jones, Rhyl, 171
Rev John Oliver, Glanamman, 171 Rev William Williams, Tonypandy, 171 Rev Robert Salmon, Llansadwrn,171
Rev W M Davies BA, Hendre, 171 Rev W Nantlais Williams,,171 William Lodwick,,171
Gomer Jones,,171 Lewis Lewis,,171 William Llewelyn,,171
J G Jones,,171 Evan Lodwick,,171 Morgan Lewis,,171



Rev Thomas James MA, Llanelli, 172 Rev John Evans, Llanelli, 172 Rev Thomas Levi,,172,173
Rev W Jones, Cwmavon,172 Rev David Howells, Swansea, 172 Rev Lewis Price, Gower, 172
Rev Ebenezer Jones, Skewen,172 Rev John Walters, Ystradgynlais, 172 Mr Rees Harries, Bolgoed, 172
Mr Morgan John, the Foundry, 172 Mrs Roberts, Talyfan, 172,174 Mrs Roberts, Talyfan fach, 172
Mrs George, Bolgoed, 172,174 Mrs Lewis, Factory, 172 Miss Coslett,,172
Robert Richards,,172,173 Mt Levi Rees,,172 Mr David Morris,,172
Mary James Jones,Gwili,172 Mrs Davies,,172 William Bevan,,173
John Lloyd, Llansawel, 173 David Evans, Llansawel, 173 Jonah Evans, Llansawel, 173
William James, Llansawel, 173 David Davies, shoemaker, 173,174 Rev W Dickens Lewis,,173
Rev Owen Jones, Liverpool,173 Rev W Jones, Swansea,173 D.C.Jones Esq., Castle street Swansea, 173
Rev Daniel Thomas,,173 Rev David Phillips, Glogue, 173,174 Rev James Evans, Tonna, 173
Rev Joseph Lewis,,173 Rev Evan Armstrong, Ebbw Vale, 173 Rev Daniel John Jones, Trefecca, 173
Rev Dr Rees, Cefn, 173 Rev W.E. Prydderch,,173 Rev John Williams, Liverpool,173
Rev William Jenkins MA,,173 Rev W M Lewis, Tyllwyd, 173 Rev James Morris,,173
Rev William Thomas, Maesteg, 173 Rev H W Thomas, Porth, 173 Rev Benjamin Watkins, Ferndale, 173
Rev J Morgan Jones, Cardiff, 173 Rev T J Morgan, Garn, 173 Rev Evan Price, Ebbw Vale, 173
Rev John Bowen, Pontrhydfendigaid, 173 Rev James Evans, Brecon, 173 Rev John Morgan, Aberdare, 173
Rev D Mardy Davies, Pontycymmer, 173 Rees Harries,,174 William Bevan,,174
John Lloyd,,174 John Roberts, Talyfan Fawr, 174 Thomas Williams,,174
Rev Charles Williams,,174 John Michael,,174 Thomas Jones, Ystomenlle farm, 174
William Roberts, Talyfan Fawr, 174 David Morris,,174 William Michael,,174
William James,,174 John Davies,,174 Jonah Evans,,174
Levi Rees,,174 Thomas Davis, Birchgrove, 174 David Edwards, Bronllwchwr, 174
John Jones, Ystomenlle farm, 174 David Morgan, Talyfan Fawr, 174 Morgan Morgan, Glamorgan Works,174
David Walters, Wern,174 Evan Roberts, Loughor, 174 Rev Joseph Lewis, 175
James Thomas,,175    


Churches of Llandeilo, Llangadog, Llansadwrn and Dyffryn


Howell Harries,,175 Mr A E Harries, ironmonger, 175 Morgan Nathan, gamekeeper, 175
Lewis William Rhydderch, Lletyglyd, 176 William, the weaver, 176 Jemi, the cobbler, 176
Thomas Davies, Lletygariad, 176 Mrs Lewis, the Bank, 176 John Evans, Llwynfortun, 176, 177
David Rees, Llanfynydd, 176 Arthur Evans, Conwil, 176 David Charles, Carmarthen, 176
James James, Penblaen, 176 David Parry, Breconshire, 176 Evan Evans, Ffos, 176
Ebenezer Morris, Twrgwyn, 176 John Thomas, Cardigan, 176 Ebenezer Richards, Tregaron, 176
Evan Harries, Pembrokeshire, 176 Hopkin Bevan, Llangyfelach, 176 John Rees, Monmouthshire, 176
Billy Jonah,,176 Jack Shambwls Rees, Dinefor, 176 William Williams, Trallwm, 176
William Shon,,176 Thomas Edwards, Supervisor, 176 Prosser Davies,,176
L Bowen,,176 Henry Rhydderch,,176 William, Panteg, 176
David Roberts, Rhosmaen, 176 David Harries, Bookbinder, 176 Maria Williams,,176
Betto Billy Shon,,176 Shan, from the Halba, 176 John Elias,,176
Rev B D Thomas,,177 Rev John Evans, Llandovery, 177 John Evans, Cilycwm, 177
Rev Thomas Williams, Myddfai, 177  Rev Morgan Morgans, Llanddeusant, 177 Rev Thomas Davies, Glanyrafon, 177
Mr Prydderch,,177 Rev Richard Simpson,,177 Rev Henry Jeremy, Blackwood,177
Rev David Williams,,177 Rev David Pandy Rhydderch,,177 Rev John Davies, Racine America, 177
Mr Davies, Supervisor,178 Evan Williams,,178 Thomas Lewis,,178
David Owen,,178 David Davies,,178 Rev Daniel Morgan, Llansadwrn, 178
Rev John Davies, Holywell, 178 Rev Phillip Jones, Fishguard, 178 Rev R Robert Davies, Capel Drindod, 178
Mr Benjamin Roberts, The Excise, 178 Mr John Roberts,,178 Thomas Williams,,178
Daniel Thomas, Llys-hendy, 178 Mr J W Jones, Gwili House, 178 Rees Thomas,,178
Rev Cuthbert Thomas, Canton, 178 John Thomas, Wellfield, 178 Isaac E Davies,Sunnyside,178
Dep. Chief Constable John Evans,,178 Henry Thomas, Rhosmaen, 178 Joshuah Thomas, Greenfield,178
Henry Thomas, New Road, 178 Gwilym Teilo,,178 Rev D R Davies,,178
Rev Isaac Roderick, Vochriw, 178 Rev Edward Matthews,,178 Rev George Phillips,,178
Rev William Williams, Swansea, 178 Rev R R Davies,,179 Rev J J Roberts, Iolo Caernarvon, 179
Rev W E Prydderch,,179    



Howell Harries,,179 Job Thomas,,179 Rev Daniel Rowlands,,179
Rev William Williams,,179 Rev Howell Davies,,179 Rev David Morris,,179
Rhys Daniel, Llanwrda, 179 W Watkins, Llwyndewi, 179 B Morgan, Caeseincyn, 179
Rev Peter Williams,,179 Rev William Jones, Pontyrynyswen, 179 Rev P J Walters, Llansamlet, 179
Dr Thomas, Llandovery, 179 Rev Robert Salmon,, 180 Mr D Davies, penybont,180
David Davies, Barkhouse, 180 Enoch Jones, Glasnevin Row, 180 Isaac Nathan, Pontardawe, 180
Thomas Nathan, schoolmaster, 180 Daniel James, Caeseincyn, 180 John James, draper Llandovery, 180
David Thomas, Caeseincyn, 180 John Thomas, blacksmith Garregsawdde, 180 Miss Thomas, Y Ffynon, 180
John Jones, Plasnewydd, 180 L Hopkins, Gelli House, 180 Walter Lewis,,180
W R james, Frondeg, 180 W Mabon Davies, Aberbran, 180 Thomas Rees, grocer, 180
John Jones, Dyffryn, 180 Thomas Rees, Merlin Court, 180 Mr Jones, llwyndewi, 180
Martha,,180 Evan Davies,,180 Rev David Hughes, Yr Ynys, 180



Rhys Davies, Llwynfryn, 181 William Jones, Cwmllife fach, 181 David Walters, Brongar, 181
David Thomas, Troedyrhiw, 181 Joseph Griffiths, Brongar, 181 William Morgans, Bryn, 181
John Davies, Myrtle Hill, 181 William Williams, Parkside, 181 David Davies, Shoemaker, 181
Morgan Morgans, Troedyrhiw, 181 Thomas Davies, Parkylan, 181 David Rees, Cwmynydd, 181
John Davies, Fron Isaf, 181 Thomas Morgan Bell view, 181 Rees Jones, Fronddeunant, 181
Rees Lewis, Brownhill, 181 David Davies, Maentwynog, 181 M H Williams, Pantylan, 181
David Thomas, Plasnewydd, 181 John Evans, Fron Isaf, 181 David Griffiths, London House, 181
D Thomas, Pantypistyll, 181 Rees Lewis, Blaenycwm, 181 William Williams, Tanycoed, 181
Mr Davies , Stationmaster Llanwrda, 181 Rev B D Thomas, Llandeilo, 181 Rev T E Thomas,,181
Rev Robert Salmon,,181 Rev Richard Davies, Caio, 181 Rev Daniel Morgan, Llandeilo, 181
Rev Morgan Williams, America, 181 John Davies, Pantybedol, 181  



Dr Thomas Rees, Cefn, 182 Howell Enoch , New Inn ,182 Mr Thomas, schoolmaster Cwmivor, 182
W Davies, Glanbrydau farm, 182 William Williams, Pantglas, 182 John Jones, Tyle, 182
Rev B Morris, Llanedi, 182 Timothy Davies Esq., London 182 Rev D Pandy Rhydderch, Llandeilo, 182




Churches of Llanddeusant and Twynllanan


Jeffrey David,,182, 187 Rev Daniel Rowlands,,182 William Williams,,182,183
Howell Harries,,182,183 Howell Davies,,182 Rev W D Williams, Gowerton, 183
Thomas Thomas, Bedwhirion, 183 John Lewis, Nantgwynne, 183 David Thomas, Pantygwin, 183
Rev Owen Lewis,Penrhiw,183, 184 George, Nanteinon,183 Jeffreys, Llwynfron,183
Harries, Aberllechach, 183 Evans, Penwaungwynfe, 183 Thomas Rees, Pentalsarn, 183
John Williams, Gelli, 183 Evan Williams,,184 Llewelyn Lewis, Tredomen, 184
Williams, Neuadd Fach, 184 David Thomas, Panthowell, 184 Rees Thomas, Gelligynon, 184
Griffith George,,184 John Lewis , the younger Nantgwynne, 184 Roger Davies, Tylau, 184
Evans, Gorsddu, 184 William Williams, Llwynmoch, 184 Phillip Evans, Gorsddu, 184
John Thomas, Cwmdu, 184 Davies, Aberllechach, 184 Lewis Davies, Tirbach, 184
Rev John Jones, Cilycwm, 184 Rev Morgan Morgans,,184 Rev Thomas Price,Tirdail, 184
Rev W P Jones, Cwmtwrch, 184 Rev Morgan Jones, Furnace, 184 Rev Thomas Davies, Cilfrew, 184
Rev P J Walters, Llwynbrwydrau, 184, 187 Rev John Walters, Ystradgynlais, 184 Rev David Phillips,,184, 185
Rev Isaac Thomas,,185 Rev Evan Williams,,185 Rev Rhys Morgan, Capel-Hir, 185
Rev Lewis Powell, Cardiff, 185 Rev Thomas Williams, Myddfai, 185, 187 Rev Joshua Phillips, Bancyfelin, 186
Miss Davies,,186 Miss Phillips,,186 Rev Edward Matthews,,186
Rev W Williams, Swansea, 186 Rev James Donne,,186 Robert Thomas, Llanerchymedd, 186
John Morgan, Rhiwbys, 186 George Williams,,186 David Jones MA, Brynsadler,186
Rev Daniel Williams,Caio,186 John Lewis, Pencrug, 186 Thomas Bowen, ,186
John Williams, Caefylchu Llanddarog, 186 Thomas Rees, Gellygynon Fach, 186 David Thomas, Caeseicyn, 186
David Thomas, Pantygwin, 186 Mr Morgan Thomas, Abersenny, 186 Mr M Harries, Cwmsawdde, 186
Mr W Evans, Penmaen, 186 Mr H Davies, Caeau Bychain, 186 Lewis Jones, Cilbrydwen, 186, 187
Rev William Williams, Pantycelyn, 187 Mr Griffith George, Rhiwe, 187 Rees David,,187



Mr Williams, Nantyrodyn, 187 Mr Davies, Gwydre, 187 Mr Matthews,,187
W Jones, Bryn, 187 Rev William P Jones, Cwmtwrch, 187 Mr John Lewis, Tirpaun, 187
Rev Owen Lewis,,187,189 Mr Charles, Tirclun, 187 Mr Charles, Llwydcoed Aberdare, 187
Miss Charles, Tirclun, 187 Morgan Davies, Pwlldu, 187 Mr Davies, Canton House Aberdare, 187
Mr Rees Davies, Cwmamman Aberdare, 187 Mrs Christmas, Aberdare, 187 Thomas Davies, Gwyndre, 189
Mrs Williams, Pantygwin, 189 Rev David Phillips,,189 Rev W Williams, Pantygwin, 189
Mr Thomas, Pantygwin, 189 Mrs Price, Nantycrai , 189 Mr D Davies, Llanerchgoch, 189
John Thomas, Cefn, 189 William Williams, Pantycelyn, 189 Mr D Thomas, Gilfach, 189
David Evans JP, Hirwain, 189 Twynog Jeffreys, Twyncarno, 189 David Lewis,,189
Mrs ElinorDavies, Penygraig, 189 John Jones,,189  




Churches of Llandyfeilog, Bancycapel, Pontyberem, Llangyndeirn and Tumble


Rev Peter Williams,,190 Rev James Edmunds,,190 Rev Hugh Edwards, Pontyberem, 190
Mr David Humphreys, Nantyllan, 190 Rev David Humphreys, Nantyllan, 190 Jack y Teilwr, Pontatwn, 190
Mrs Griffiths,Llechdwni,191, 192 Mr David Richards, Penyback Llandyfeilog, 191 Rev W Morris, Cilgeran, 191
John Morris, Carpenter, 191 Jacky Morgan, Penfedw, 191 Jones, Lletypenhen, 191
James Morgan, The Shop, 191 David Richards, The Felin, 191 David, Cwmafel, 191
Rev Eleazer Richards, Cross Inn, 191 Rev W Prydderch,,191 Hannah, Plasbach,191
Mr Edwards, Bronin, 191 Jones, Cwmbri, 191 Williams, Blaengwasted, 191
Jones, Tresilwd, 191 Rev Edward Edmunds,,191 Rev John Thomas, Independent Bryn Llanelli, 191
David Thomas, Shoemaker, 191 David Jones, jockey, 191 Rev Richard Hughes, ,191
Rev Daniel Lewis, Penmorfa, 191 Rev J Lloyd Thomas,,191 Rev W Whitlock Lewis,,191
Rev Caleb Williams, Aberystwyth College, 192 Mr Thomas, Gilgadan, 192 Evan Stephens, Cilfeithy, 192
David Jones, Penyback, 192 Mr Thomas, Cwmhafel, 192 Thomas Davies, Coedybrain, 192
Mr James Griffiths, Penshingrug, 192 David Jones, Post Office, 192 Morrid Jones, Shop, 192
Jones, Cilgadsan, 192 Anthony, Cilfeithy, 192 T Griffiths, Gelli, 192
Peggy, o'r Felin, 192 Jenny Llwyd, Mydrim, 192 Amy, Ffynonwen, 192
Mary Williams,,192 Jack Morgan, Penfeon, 192 John Phillips, Bryncoch fach, 192
Rev George Evans, Pensarn, 192    



David Richards,Capel, 192 Miss Margaret Harries, Capel Farm, 192 Miss Evans, Rhydw, 192
Mr Evans, Coedlleiniau, 192 Richard Edmunds,,192 David Lloyd, Llangengyndeyrn, 192
Thomas Jones, Bancycapel, 192 Mr Davies, Clockmaker, 192 Mr Evans, Penymaes, 192
David Aubrey,,192 David Davies, Iscwm, 912 Mr Harries, Bwlchygwynt, 192
Isaac Griffiths, Gelliddu, 192 David Griffiths, Gelliwen, 192 Rev Thomas Job,,193
Rev John Evans, Llanelli, 193 Mr Edward Edwards, Bronin, 193 Charles Griffiths, Iscwm, 193
John Thomas, Penymaes, 193 David Davies, Clogyfran, 193 John Morris, Tycanol, 193
William Davies, Coedwallter Fach, 193 David Williams, Cloigin Fawr, 193 Lewis Lewis, Rhydw, 193
Morris Jones, Tycapel, 193 Rev Richard Hughes,,193 Rev Daniel Lewis, Penmorfa, 193
Rev J Lloyd Thomas, Y Bryn, 193 William Thomas, Gwynfryn, 193 David Griffiths, Iscwm, 193
David Price, Bancycapel, 193    



Rev Hugh Edwards, Pontyberem, 193,196 John Williams, Cilgarw, 193 Howell Harries,,193, 194
William Christopher,,193 Doli Gruffydd,,193 John Richards,,194
Rev John Jones, Llanedi, 194,196 Rev Ebenezer Morris, Llanelli, 194 Miss Mortimer, Llanwnda Pem, 194
Squire Mortimer, Llanwnda Pem, 194 Mr Stephen Evans, Farmer Cilgarw, 194 William Mortimer, Drehowell Pem, 195
David Mortimer, Drehowell Pem, 195 David Morris,Capel Ifan ,195 Phillip Gelly,,195
Rev Phillip Gelly, Ystrad Terrace, 195 Rev Thomas Parry, Penygroes, 195 Rev J Lloyd Thomas, Bryn, 195,197
Rev T F Jones, London, 195 Rev Thomas Davies, Treorchy, 195 Rev W Nantlais Williams, Ammanford, 195
Rev W Cunllo Griffiths,, 195 Moses Treharne,,195 Moses Gelly,,195
David Davies,Llanddeusant,195 David Anthony,,195 Emi Jones,,195
Rev David Jones, Pontyberem, 195,196 Pal Anthony,,195,196 Hannah Davies,,196
Robert Beynon,,196 John Edwards,,196 David Hewitt,,196
Benjamin Williams,,196 David Williams,,196 William Thomas,,196
Andrew Adams,,196 John Thomas, Pelican, 196 Mrs Walters, Clifton House,196
David Walters, Clifton House, 196 John Walters,,196 William Rees,,196
William Thomas,,196 Thomas Beynon,,196 John Rees,,196
Thomas Morgan,,196 John John,,196 Daniel Thomas,,196
Rev James James, Llanddarog,197    



Howell Harries,,197 Rev William Jones, Cilycwm,197,198 Elizabeth Williams, Laswern, 197
Rev Richard Hughes, America, 197,198 Rev David Hughes, Yr Ynys, 197 Rev Thomas Job DD,,198
Rev Daniel Lewis,,198 Rev J Lloyd Thomas,,198 Rev Morgan Morgans, Llandeilo, 198
Rev John Jones, Llanedi, 198 Rev John Walters, St Clears, 198 Rev William Lloyd, Bryntirion, 198
Rev Thomas Lloyd, Heol Fach, 198 Rev David Lloyd, Cwmystwyth, 198 Rev Samuel Jones, Penarth, 198
Rev Thomas John, Cilgerran, 198 Rev Ebenezer Rees, Porth, 198 Mr Thomas, Y Shop, 198
Mr James Thomas, Pontatwn, 198 Mr William Thomas, Van Farm, 198 Mr Joseph Harries, Van, 198
Mr Herbert Jones, Wendre farm, 198 Mr Oliver Morgan, Pontatwn Shop, 198 Mr John Harries, Castle, 198
Mr George Harries, Werneli, 198 Mr John Thomas, Coedwallter Fawr, 198  



Messrs. John Widdell & Sons,,199 Mr Morgan, Skewen, 199 Mr Morgan, Blaenau Fawr,199
Mr Gealy, Llanddarog, 199 Mr Jones, Nantgaredig, 199 Rev W E Jones, Pentwyn, 199
Rev P H Griffiths, London, 199 Rev B B Griffiths, Conwil, 199 Rev John Griffiths,,199
Rev W P Jones, Kidwelly, 199 Mr D Williams, Hirwaun Forge, 199 Mr William Thomas, Factory Maesdulais, 199,200
Mr William Thomas, Schoolmaster Pontyberem, 199 Mr Thomas Morgan, Tumble, 199 Mr William Morgan , Tumble, 199
Mr Walters, Clifton House Pontyberem , 199 Rev Thomas Parry,,199 Rev John Owen,,199, 200
Mr Williams, Hirwaun Lodge, 199 Rev John Griffiths,,199, 200 Mr Thomas, Cardiff,200
Daniel Thomas, Llangyndeyrn, 200 James Thomas, Llandyndeyrn, 200 Thomas Williams,,200
Daniel Gealy,,200 James Jones,,200 Morgan Jones,,200
Rev J Vincent Thomas,,200 Lord Crawford,,200 John Jones Esq, agent for Stepney estate, 200
Rev Richard Lloyd, Troedyraur, 200 Dr Powell, Newcastle Emlyn, 200 Rev D E Thomas,,200
Rev J G Moelwyn Hughes,,200 Rev J T Davies, Nantymoel, 200 Rev Thomas Davies, Treorchy, 200
Rev Daniel Jones, Loughor, 200 Rev D M Davies, Penclawdd, 200 Rev H F Morgans, Penygroes, 200
Rev H Ffinant Morgans,,200 Rev D E Thomas, Penmorfa,,200 John Jones, Ty'rclai, 200, 201


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