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Look here mainly under the words Coronation and VE Day (street parties etc.), and the three F's of Fire, Flood and Funeral.

NB. This is an INDEX- the photographs themselves are not available for viewing here.

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Armistice Day in St.Mary Street, 1918, I-190

Assembly Hall of City Hall being Completed (Interior), 1904, XXXI-26

Basket Making at the Blind Institute in Longcross Street, 1918, XIX-170

Blenheim Bomber for 'Wings for Victory' being Towed to City Hall, 1941, XXIX-5/6/7/8

Blessing Foundation Stone of St.Patrick's Church Grangetown, 1929, V-150

Blessing of Cenotaph at Maindy Barracks, 1922, XXXI-141

Blizzard in Cardiff, 25 January 1945, VI-204/205/206/207

Bonfire at Penylan for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, 1887, XIX-186

Building of Clarence Bridge, c1890, I-51/52/53

Cambrian Airways Inaugural Flight Cardiff-Weston Service, 25 May 1948, XXXI-99

Cardiff City's FA Cup Triumph at Wembley, 23 April 1927, I-126/129/130, II-101-105

Castle Street Widening, 1928, XXXII-193

Christmas Party for Regulars of City Arms in Quay Street, 1980, XXXI-203

Christmas Party in Fairwater Hotel, 1970, XXVII-205

Civic Dinner for Victorious Cardiff FA Cup Team, 1927, I-132

Construction of Eastern Avenue, 1970, XXVI-30/31

Construction of Road Bridge Over Railway at Waterloo Road, 1936, VIII-133

Coronation Celebration in Redhouse Road and Redhouse Crescent, 1937, XXIV-211

Coronation Celebrations in Minny Street, 1937, IX-207

Coronation Celebrations in Pantmawr Road and Coryton Hill, 1937, XXV-209

Coronation Celebrations in Warwick Street, 1937, IX-204/205

Coronation Fancy Dress at Marlborough Road School, 1953, VIII-114

Coronation Party at West End Social Club in Ely, 1953, XI-211/212

Coronation Party in Avon Street, 1953, VI-213

Coronation Party in Birchgrove Road, 1953, VI-210

Coronation Party in Grosvenor Street, 1953, VI-209

Coronation Party in Keppoch Street, 1953, XXI-200

Coronation Party in Mostyn Road, 1953, VI-215

Coronation Party in Pentre Gardens and Hafod Street, 1953, XIV-208/209

Coronation Party in St.Fagans Road, 1937, XVII-204

Coronation Party in Summerfield Place, 1937, XI-203

Coronation Party in Wilson Street, 1953, XIV-210/211

Coronation Street Party in Bertram Street, 1937, IV-233

Coronation Street Party in Burnaby Street, 1937, XVI-203/204/205

Coronation Street Party in Carmarthen Street, 1937, XVI-206

Coronation Street Party in Connaught Road, 1953, XXX-199

Coronation Street Party in Ferry Road, 1953, XVI-210

Coronation Street Party in Harold Street, 1937, XXIII-191

Coronation Street Party in Hewell Street, 1937, XXIII-192/193

Coronation Street Party in Llanmaes Street, 1952, XII-213/214

Coronation Street Party in Menelaus Street, 1953, XXXI-200

Coronation Street Party in Milton Street, 1937, V-211

Coronation Street Party in Monmouth Street and Court Road, 1937, XXVI-206

Coronation Street Party in Penhevad Street, 1953, XXIX-204

Coronation Street Party in Picton Place, 1937, VI-212

Coronation Street Party in Portmanmoor Road, 1953, XVI-209

Coronation Street Party in Sturminster Road, 1953, XXIX-209

Coronation Street Party in Tenby Street, 1937, XIII-206

Coronation Street Party in Theodora Street, 1937, XXIII-190

Coronation Street Party in Treherbert Street / Merthyr Street, 1937, XVII-209

Coronation Street Party in Woodville Road, 1953, VI-211

Corpus Christi Procession, 1911, I-102/103/104

Council Meeting after Installation of J.W.Courtis as Mayor, 1911, XXVII-184

Covering of Dock Feeder to Construct Churchill way, June 1948, XXXI-23

Cubitt Family Wedding at Rumney Church, 1914, III-195

Decorations for Wedding of 3rd Marquess of Bute, May 1872, V-197/198/201

Demolition of Law Courts Hotel for Duke Street Widening, 1923, VI-9

Docks and Railway Strike, 1890, III-19

Dowlais Steelworkers Holding Meeting in Splott During Strike, 1911, V-205

Duke Street Widening, 1924, VII-6/7

Duke Street Widening, 1924, XXXI-15

Emigrants Waiting to Board SS Montrose for Canada, May 1929, VI-216

Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, 1958, XXXIV-155/156/157/158

Empire Day at Roath Park School, 1909, VII-99

Excavation of Castle Bank near Kingsway, 1922, XXXI-18

Excavation of Roman Foundations of Castle (looking east), December 1922, XXXI-17

Excavation of Roman Foundations of Castle (looking west), December 1922, XXXI-16

Excavation of Town Wall, January 1924, XXXI-20, XXXI-21

FA Cup Winning Side Cheered by 250,000 Crowd, 25 May 1927, VII-144

Fancy Dress Party at St.Vincent's Mission Church Canton, c1900, XV-138

Festival of Britain Celebrations in Dalton Street, 1951, XXI-199

Festival of Britain Street Party in Egerton Street, 1951, XXX-203

Fire at Cardiff Steam Joinery Company in Pearl Street, 1898, XIII-80/81

Fire at Colonial Buildings, 23 Feb 1926, XV-8

Fire at Hancock's Brewery, 4 March 1911, I-175

Fire at Market Buildings in St.Mary Street, 27 June 1885, I-173

Fire at William Nell's Eagle Brewery in St.John Street, December 1907, IV-113 and XIX-176

Fire in the Hayes Building, 15-16 August 1958, XVI-212

Fire in the Hayes Building (Close-up), 15-16 August 1958, XVI-212

Floods at Cowbridge Road East, 4 Dec 1960, XV-24

Floods at Fairfield Avenue Ely, 2 Nov 1927, XV-23

Floods at Victoria Park Road West, November 1927, XIX-20

Floods by Ely Paper Works, 3 November 1927, XXIV-1

Floods in Canton, 4-6 December 1960, XXIII-188/189

Floods in Cowbridge Road East, December 1960, XXIV-216

Floods in Sophia Gardens and Cardiff Arms Park, December 1960, XXXIV-29/30

Formal Opening of National Museum of Wales by George V, 21 April 1927, IV-1

Funeral of 'Peerless' Jim Driscoll, February 1925, IV-217

Funeral of John White with Hearse Drawn by Traction Engine, 1910, X-215

Funeral of Sergeant Webb of Police Fire Brigade, c1922, XXII-164

Funeral of Tom and Dai Jenkins in Senghennydd Pit Disaster, 22 November 1913, II-212

Funeral of Will Davie of 27 Frederick Street, July 1921, XXIV-203

General Election, 7 July 1892, XXXI-193 to 197

Glamorgan Winning County Championship, 1969, XXIV-69

Harvest in Castle Grounds at Blackweir, 1941, XXVI-20/21/23

Harvest Thanksgiving at Hannah Street Congregational Church, 1945, VIII-86

Heathfield House Sports Day at Blackweir, 1934, XVII-131/132/133

Industrial and Fine Art Exhibition at Cathays Park, 1896, XIX-193/194

Installation of A.E.Gough as Mayor, 9 November 1933, XIII-200

Installation of W.H.Pethybridge as Lord Mayor, November 1924, XXV-206

Jubilee Street Party in Eisteddfod Street, 1935, XIV-206/207

Junior Christian Endeavour Rally at Wood Street Congregational Chapel, 1908, XV-134

Laying Foundation Stone of Herbert Thompson School, 6 July 1925, II-100

Lloyds Dairy Horse and Cart during Snow Storm in Cyncoed, 25 January 1945, XI-207

Marathon Race at Empire Games in Cardiff, July 1958, XXI-71

Meet of Tredegar and Pentyrch Hounds at St.Mellons, 1914, IX-201

National Eisteddfod in Cardiff, 1959, XXX-204/205

National pageant of Wales, 1909, XXXVI-182-186

O'Neill Family Reunion (Descendants of John & Ellen O'Neill), 1984, XXVIII-204

Oddfellows Parade Passing City Hall, 1934, VII-94

Opening of Clarence Bridge, 17 Sep 1890, XV-2 and XXVIII-198

Opening of Festival of Wales, 3 May 1958, XIX-182

Opening of James Howell's Sports Department, Autumn 1931, XV-75

Opening of John Cory Workmen's Institute in Wellington Street Canton, 3 July 1909, III-138

Opening of New Clarence Bridge, 9 April 1976, XXXIV-207

Opening of New Laboratory at Canton Secondary School, 1909, VI-84

Opening of New Trinity Sunday School in Cowbridge Road / Theobald Road, 1934, VII-88

Opening of Queen Alexandra Dock, July 1907, I-44/45

Opening of Saltmead Presbyterian Hall, April 1901, XIX-116

Opening of Tram Route to Splott, 29 May 1903, VIII-136

Opening of Wiggins Teape Ely Paper Mills, 5 June 1986, XXXVI-62/63

Paddle Steamer Escorting 'Terra Nova' at Start of Scott's Voyage to Antarctic, 15 June 1910, IX-34

Penylan v Grange Albion Baseball Game at Roath Park, 1953, II-143

Presentation of Freedom of the City to Lloyd George, 24 January 1908, XX-199

Putting Vane on St.James' Church in Newport Road, 27 November 1893, I-101

Queen's Hotel Glass Canopy Smashed by Lorry, February 1977, XXXVI-10

Radnor Road School Prize Day, 1921-22, VII-104

Rag Procession in Queen Street, c1930, IV-18

Re-dedication of St.Mellons Congregational Church, 28 September 1955, XXI-148

Return of the Terra Nova, 1913, XXVII-208/209

Rhiwbina's First Carnival Fete, 11 June 1949, XII-212

Royal Charter for City Status, 28 October 1905, II-206

Ships Damaged by Gale of 'Unbelievable Ferocity', 1882, XVI-196/197/198

Silver Jubilee Celebration in Merthyr Street, 1935, XXI-198

Silver Jubilee Decorations in Stoughton Street, 1935, XXI-197

Silver Jubilee Party in Louisa Street, 1935, XVII-208

Silver Jubilee Street Party in Oakley Street, 1935, XX-195

Snow in Cardiff, January 1945, XXXIII-144/145/146/147

Southern End of St.Mary Street Decorated for Visit of Prince & Princess of Wales, June 1896, VIII-1

St.Luke's Garden Party at Sophia Gardens, 1908, XV-137

St.Mary Street during Visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, 1907, I-25

Street Party in Minny Street for Prince Charles' Investiture, 1969, IX-212

Taff Swim, 1924, XXIX-102

Triumphal Arch and Flags in St.Mary Street for Wedding of 3rd Marquess of Bute, May 1872, I-2/3

VE Day 50th Anniversary Street Party in Russell Street, 1995, XXXVI-204-207

VE Day Celebration in Inglefield Avenue, 1945, XXI-192

VE Day Groups from Redlaver Street, 1945, XX-193/197

VE Day Street Party in Amroth Road, 1945, XXVII-203

VE Day Street Party in Arabella Street, 1945, V-214

VE Day Street Party in Avon Street (formerly Halket Street), 1945, XII-209

VE Day Street Party in Caerphilly Street, 1945, XXIV-209

VE Day Street Party in Clas Illtyd, 1945, XXIV-210

VE Day Street Party in Compton Street, 1945, XXIII-194

VE Day Street Party in Cosmeston Street, 1945, XII-211

VE Day Street Party in Court Road, 1945, XXX-199

VE Day Street Party in Donald Street, 1945, XI-204

VE Day Street Party in Dorset Street, 1945, XXX-198

VE Day Street Party in Dunsmuir Road, 1945, IV-229

VE Day Street Party in Egham Street, 1945, XXIX-210

VE Day Street Party in Elaine Street Splott, 1945, II-215

VE Day Street Party in Florentia Street, 1945, XXXI-199

VE Day Street Party in Forge Place Ely, 1945, X-213

VE Day Street Party in Gelligaer Street, 1945, IV-230

VE Day Street Party in Harrowby Street, 1945, VI-208

VE Day Street Party in Heol Booker, 1945, XXIV-207/208

VE Day Street Party in Keppoch Street, 1945, XXXIV-209

VE Day Street Party in Llanelly Street, 1945, II-214

VE Day Street Party in Malefant Street and Clun Terrace, 1945, XXV-210

VE Day Street Party in Margam Road, 1945, XIII-208

VE Day Street Party in Monmouth Street, 1945, XXII-200/201

VE Day Street Party in Oakley Street, 1945, XXVIII-202

VE Day Street Party in Pantmawr Road, 1945, XXVII-204

VE Day Street Party in Plasnewydd Road, 1945, XXXVI-194

VE Day Street Party in Portmanmoor Road, 1945, XVI-208

VE Day Street Party in Railway Street Splott, 1945, XXVII-202

VE Day Street Party in Russell Street, 1945, X-207

VE Day Street Party in Stephenson Street, 1945, XXXI-201

VE Day Street Party in Treherbert Street, 1945, XXXII-208

VE Day Street Party in Union Street, 1945, V-212

VE Day Street Party in Windway Road, 1945, XX-194

VE Day Street Party in Wyndham Crescent, 1945, XXXI-198

Victory Celebrations in Springfield Place, c1946, XVI-207

Visit of George VI & Queen Elizabeth to Tremorfa, 14 November 1945, V-87

Visit of King George V and Queen Mary on Coronation Tour, June 1912, XXXV-59/60/61/62

Visit of Prince of Wales, 28 June 1905, IV-213

Visit of Winston Churchill, 1941, XXXIV-201/202

VJ Day Street Party in Camrose Road / Amroth Road, 1945, IX-209

VJ Day Street Party in Compton Street, 1946, XXIII-195

VJ Day Street Party in Ludlow Street, 1945, IV-231

War Damage after the Blitz, 1941, Volume XXX

Welch Regiment band on Riverside Station with 'Taffy' the Goat, 1916, XVII-193

Whitsun Treat Procession in North Church Street, 1930s, X-89


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