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National Library of Wales - local literature

References to 'Cardiff'

  • Records of the Welsh estates of the marquesses of Bute, comprising much of what in 16th-17th cent. were estates of the earls of Pembroke, later of Lord Windsor. Include manorial records, from 14th cent., for many manors in cos Glamorgan and Monmouth; surveys, rentals, deeds, from 16th cent.; industrial records, from 16th cent.; some Cardiff borough records, from 16th cent., and extensive records for the 19th-cent. growth of the city; correspondence relating to industrial disputes and the Merthyr Riots, 1830s-40s. Further Bute records are in Glamorgan R O. Preliminary schedule [1955], i + 211pp. This will be superseded by a completely revised schedule, almost completed (1994). Also Maps. AR 1950-51, pp.33-7; NLWJ, 7 (1951-2), pp.246-58; John Davies, Cardiff and the Marquesses of Bute (Cardiff, 1981).

  • Papers of Edgar Leyshon Chappell (1879-1949), local politician in Cardiff, worker for social reform and local historian. Other papers in Cardiff Central Library (South Glamorgan Libraries). Uncatalogued (1994).

  • Valuations of properties in south Wales and adjoining counties of England by Messrs David & David, land agents and surveyors, of Cardiff, 1846-1933. David & David Valuations (1994), i + 36pp.

  • Deeds and legal papers (purchased from J. R. Hughes) relating mainly to cos Glamorgan and Monmouth, 1672-1919, deriving largely from Cardiff solicitors' offices. AR 1948-49, pp.40-1.

  • Records of Cardiff Conservative Associations, 1918-83, also 1988, 1991. Conditional access.

  • Papers of Dr David G. Morgan (1903-65), medical administrator in the Cardiff area. AR 1977-78, p.47.

  • Records of the family of Morgan of Tredegar and Ruperra, later barons Tredegar, 14th-20th cent., a very large archive. The Tredegar and Ruperra estates lay in co. Monmouth and eastern Glamorgan; there were also estates in the borough of Brecon and co. Brecon (the Therrowe and Palleg estates) and property in co. Hereford and London. Much of the 19th-century growth of Newport and Cardiff is documented. The archive includes deeds, 14th-20th cent.; records of the lordship of Wentloog (Newport) and many Monmouthshire manors, mainly 17th-19th cent., some 14th-16th cent.; records of the manor of Brecon and others in co. Brecon, 17th-19th cent.; records of industrial interests, mainly coal and iron, 18th-20th cent.; records of the Tredegar Wharf Co., from 1807; papers relating to north America, 18th cent., notably to Nova Scotia and Canada, 1730-73. Other records in Gwent R O. Schedules: Manuscripts and documents..., vol. I (1950), 171pp.; Preliminary schedule of the Tredegar Park muniments [1954-59], 3711pp. in nine vols (lists the contents of boxes 1-143 in detail but without archival order, and in vol. [X] under the heading 'bound volumes' it lists many of the early rentals and manorial court books); Tredegar Park Muniments, vol. XI (1986), ii + 114pp. (mainly manorial records); Tredegar Park Muniments (BRA Group) (1988), [ii] + 60pp.; Letters from the Crimea 1854-5 (1950), 85pp. (transcripts of letters from the Crimea from Godfrey Charles Morgan and Frederick Courtenay Morgan, viz Tredegar 992-1024, briefly described in vol. I). A working list of the fine series of 19th and 20th-cent. estate rentals is available. Many of the post-1850 records remain uncatalogued (1994). Also Maps. AR 1949-50, pp.43-5; 1958-59, pp.59-65 (these two reports cover the main archive); 1969-70, p.58; 1970-71, p.38; 1975-76, p.47; 1981-82, p.58; 1982-83, p.53; 1985-86, p.63; 1986-87, p.66 (these covering the BRA group).

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