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Glamorgan Chapel database project

The individual Genuki parish pages already have details of extant data of non-conformist chapels in Glamorgan which have extant records deposited in a public archive - largely based on the content of   Nonconformist Registers of Wales published by the National Library of Wales in 1994.
The purpose of this project is to expand on this data - to include chapels that don't have such extant records - and are therefore currently not recorded at all on Genuki - the aim being to compile as complete a list as possible of non-conformist chapels in each parish together with as much information about each one that can be gathered together from a variety of sources.

I, or other volunteers, will create an initial list for each parish from sources available - and then (hopefully) expand this by requests to the members of the Glamorgan mailing list  - taking specific parishes in turn with responses to pass through the Glamorgan list

Not an exhaustive list but I anticipate a range of data to include;

The sources of  data might be;

Each parish will have a separate chapel database page, with chapels grouped by denomination
The source type of each item of data will be shown e.g  personal; marriage cert; name of book  etc

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Gareth's Help Page )

The names of volunteers who assisted with particular parishes are shown on those pages

Gareth Hicks    Sept 2005


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This is an initial  list, there will be others -  e.g those linked from the existing parish page


Books/cds etc

I have;

I don't have;

There is also;


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