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The Employment Commission report of 1842 on Children in Mines and Factories

This extract was contributed by Steve Keates

DINAS COLLIERY, parish of Yshadgvodog (sic) [Ystradyfodwg]. Glamorganshire.

Walter Coffin, Esq. Proprietor.

Water and steam power

Males employed:-

CWNRHONDDA COLLIERY, parish of Llantrissant, Glamorganshire.

Messrs. D. W. Davies and Co. Occupiers.

Male persons employed:-

IRW (sic) [EIRW] COLLIERY, parish of Llantwert (sic) [Llanwonno],Glamorganshire.

William Crawshay, Esq., Proprietor.

Males employed:-

FOREST FACH COLLIERY, parish of Llantwitfardre, Galmorganshire..

Mr John Edmunds Proprietor, Newbridge.

Males employed :-

No children listed here but evidence is given by

GELLIGAER COLLIERY, parish of Gelligear, Glamorganshire.

Messrs Powell and Co., Occupiers.

Number of persons employed:-

Winding-engine of 12-horse power for pumping water; coal brought from workings to level by horses, 16 in number; boys employed as horse-drivers, and air-door keepers, and filling coal; main-roads six feet high, present working-seam five feet thick.

GILFACH FARGOED COLLIERY, parish of Gelligear, Glamorganshire.

Joshua Fletcher Hanson, Esq. Proprietor; David Davies, Contractor.

Number of persons employed :-

I am amazed at the huge quantity of names in this report and I am only sorry to pass on such a limited number.

Steve Keates Oct 2000

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