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List of the contents of the annual publications of the Ogmore Valley Local History & Heritage Society

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Journal 2000 ISBN: 0-9539792-0-2

Journal 2001 ISBN: 0-9539792-1-0

Journal 2002 ISBN: 0-9539792-2-9

Journal 2003   ISBN: 0-9539792-3-7


Fatal Accidents in the Collieries of the Ogmore Valley

Published: May 2004 ISBN: 0-9539792-4-5

This Journal attempts to record the fatalities of all the men and boys from every Valley
Colliery from the first pit opening in 1865 to the final closure in 1984.
There is also a brief account of every major colliery in the Ogmore Valley.


List of items held by Huw Daniel relating to the history of the Ogmore Valley, Glamorgan.

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Any item which has a supporting index here online will have * marked against it and the description will act as a clickable link.

Title/Item , Subject , Date

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Ogmore Vale Electric Light and Power Supply Company

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Index of Applicants for the first 1000 Shares

Surname,Given Name(s),Address,Occupation,No. of Shares ,Date Applied,Comments

Adams,John,Nantymoel,Grocer,2,15 Jul 1891,

Aubrey,Edwin,"Abercarn, Newport",Baptist Minister,5,17 Jul 1891,

Bryant,Edwin,"4 Glyn Villas, Ogmore Vale",Collier ,10,22 Jun 1891,

Buckley,William,"South View, Bridgend",Ironmonger,10,29 Sep 1892,

Charles,William,"17 ?, Nantymoel",Contractor,10,29 Jun 1891,

Cockram,James,"7 River St., Ogmore Vale",None Listed,5,24 Jun 1891,

Conibear,Richard,Ogmore Valley Hotel,Licensed Victualler,20,30 Jun 1891,

Davies,Edward,"Llanharan Arms Hotel, Ogmore Vale",Publican,20,30 Jun 1891,

Davies,John,"Fox & Hounds Inn, High St, Ogmore Vale",Innkeeper & Contractor,10,02 Jul 1891,

Davies,Thomas,"1 Bridge St., Ogmore Vale",None Listed,10,23 Jun 1891,

Davies,William,"Corbett Street, Ogmore Vale",Collier,2,27 Jun 1891,

Dorney,John,"16 Fronwen Terrace, Wyndham",None Listed,20,27 Jun 1891,

Edmunds,William,"18 Fronwen Terrace, Wyndham",Fitter,5,22 Jun 1891,

Evans,David,Commercial St.,Grocer,10,26 Jun 1891,

Evans,David,"Beehive, Nantymoel",Merchant,20,29 Jun 1891,

Evans,David Hopkin,?,Grocer & Outfitter,10,26 Jun 1891,

Evans,John,"Co-operative Stores, Nantymoel",None Listed,2,01 Jul 1891,

George,John,"1 Llewellyn St., Nantymoel",Timber Man,10,22 Jun 1891,

Harding,Morgan,"8 High St., Tynewydd",Collier,3,23 Jun 1891,

Harries,Margaret Ann,"Rose Villas, Resolven",None Listed,4,26 Jun 1891,

James,Thomas,"1 Nantymoel Row, Nantymoel",Smith,2,23 Jun 1891,

John,Moses,"High St., Tynewydd",Colliery Repairer,10,26 Jun 1891,

Jones,Jenkin,"Gelly Lenor Farm, Maesteg",Farmer,10,02 May 1892,*Joint Apllication

Jones,John,"Gelly Lenor Farm, Maesteg",Farmer,10,02 May 1892,*Joint Apllication

Jones,John,"Wyndham Arms Hotel, Nantymoel",Colliery Overman,5,27 Jun 1891,

Jones,Lewis,"28 Bell Street, Aberdare",Grocer & Draper,20,26 Jun 1891,

Jones,Lewis George,"Jessamine Villas, Tondu",Accountant,6,22 Jun 1891,

Jones,Thomas,"Gadlys Farm, Llangynwyd",Farmer,10,02 May 1892,

Jones,Thomas,Fronwen Farm,None Listed,5,29 Oct 1892,

Jones,William,"11 Commercial St., Ogmore Vale",Butcher,10,29 Jun 1891,

Kerslake,Thomas,"10 River Street, Ogmore Vale",None Listed,3,24 Jun 1891,

Kingston,Joseph,"61 Ogwy St, Nantymoel",Collier,10,27 Jun 1891,

Llewellyn,Thomas,"Post Office, Ogmore Vale",Chemist,5,29 Jun 1891,

Llewellyn,William,"Court Colman, Bridgend",None Listed,20,20 Jun 1891,

Llewellyn,William,"Tynewydd, Ogmore Vale",Grocer,50,26 Jun 1891,

Lloyd,Moses,"I Bethel Cottages, Nantymoel",None Listed,2,26 Jun 1891,

Lock,Albert,"122 Clifton St South, Cardiff",Beer & Porter Merchant,20,26 Jun 1891,

Morgan,Richard,29 Llewellyn Street,Repairer,2,23 Jun 1891,

Phillips,Robert,14 Commercial Street,Butcher,2,08 Jul 1891,

Phillips,Thomas,"52 Tynewydd Row, Ogmore Vale",Blocklayer,4,22 Jun 1891,

Phillips,William,"China Shop, Nantymoel",None Listed,1,26 Jun 1891,

Price,Daniel,12 Osborne Terrace,Builder,10,01 Jul 1891,

Pugh,Robert Gibbon,London House,Draper,10,27 Jun 1891,

Rees,David,"Brookland Villa, Nantymoel",Mining Engineer,20,29 Jun 1891,

Rees,Noah,"22 Llewellyn St., Ogmore Vale",Night Overman at Colliery,10,26 Jun 1891,

Richards,John,"30 Fronwen Terrace, Wyndham",Mechanical Engineer,10,22 Jun 1891,

Roberts,David,"1 Fronwen Terrace, Wyndham",Colliery Overman,40,23 Jun 1891,

Thomas,David John,Nantymoel,M.R.C.S.,10,30 Jun 1891,

Thomas,Evan,"Commercial St., Ogmore Vale",Engine Driver,5,27 Jun 1891,

Thomas,Evan,"18 High St., Ogmore Vale",Tailor,4,30 Jun 1891,

Thomas,Richard,Pantyrawel,Rent Collector,10,27 Jun 1891,

Thomas,Thomas,"11 Station Raod, Nantymoel",None Listed,4,20 Jun 1891,

Wallace,William Wyndham,"42 Sommerville Road, Bristol",Commercial Traveller,10,06 Oct 1892,

Walters,David,"23 Ogwy Street, Nantymoel",Mason,5,03 Aug 1891,

Wigmore,Ernest,Commercail Street,Blacksmith,2,26 Jun 1891,

Williams,George,"Blaenogwr Hotel, Pricetown",Inn Keeper,10,26 Jun 1891,

Williams,John,"Bute Villas, Aberdare",Certificated Teacher,5,14 Oct 1892,

Williams,John,"Tynewydd, Ogmore Vale",Grocer & Draper,50,26 Jun 1891,

Williams,John Jenkin,"Commercial St., Ogmore Vale",Grocers Assistant,5,30 Jun 1891,

Williams,Robert Arthur,Ogmore,Surgeon,10,30 Jun 1891,

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Ogmore Holdings

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