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This Llangyfelach database compiled by Gareth Hicks - with contributions from;

For details of Pontardawe chapels see the Chapels and Churches section of the Cwmgors/Gwauncaegurwensite

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Gareth's Help Page )

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available





Bethania (Particular Baptist) chapel, Clydach       SN68620150

Calfaria Baptist chapel, Clydach  

Capel y Cwar (Arminian) Clydach,      SN6801

Salem Baptist chapel, Clydach

Baptist, Craig-cefn-parc

Baptist Tabernacle (Welsh), Cwmrhydyceirw

Calfaria Welsh Baptist chapel, Carmarthen Rd, Fforest fach/Raven Hill, Waunarlwydd

Garnswllt Independent Baptist chapel

Gerazim Independent Baptist chapel

Baptist, Dinis, near Landore

Dinas Noddfa Baptist, Dinas St, Plas-marl, Glandwr, Landore    SS66049616

Salem, Landore (English)

Baptist, Brynhyfryd, Landore


Calfaria, Baptist, Morriston

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Seion Welsh Baptist chapel, Clase Rd, Tirpenry Rd, Morriston   SS67149806

Zoar/Soar Baptist chapel, Zoar St, Morriston

Caersalem Newydd, Baptist, Treboeth

Ainon Baptist chapel, Y Cwar, Cwm-Gelli, Tre-Boeth.   SS65219731   

Moriah Baptist chapel, Clydach Rd, Ynystawe        SN68290029




Baran Independent    SN687077

Bethlehem Independent chapel, Carmarthen Rd, Cadle   SS62729612

Hebron Independent, Clydach           SN68800107


Carmel Congregational chapel, Clydach


 Pantycrwys Independent, Craig-cefn-parc

Saron (Welsh) Congregational, Fforest Fach  

Gendros English Congregational Church, Fforest Fach

Independent, Landore

Old Siloh (English) Congregational, Landore

Siloh Welsh Congregational chapel (New Siloh), Siloh Rd, Pentre-Treharne Rd, Glandwr, Landore  SS65709571

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Bryn Seion Independent chapel (Ysgoldy Ebenezer), Gorseinon Rd, Llangyfelach.     SS61179876

Nebo Independent chapel, Felindre, Morriston

Libanus Independent, Morriston.   Extant records under Morriston

Horeb Independent, Morriston

Carmel Welsh Independent chapel, Parry Rd, Morriston    SS66479809

Tabernacle Congregational (Welsh), Morriston

Congregational, Pentrepoeth, Morriston

Mynydd Bach Independent

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Hermon (Welsh) Congregational, Plas Marl

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Hermon Independent chapel, Gors-Llan Rd, Pontlais, Llangyfelach.    SS65889999

Gosen Independent, Trebanos




Bethel Calvinistic Methodist    -   in Clase (extant records)

Capel Bethel (Welsh Wesleyan Methodist), Clydach Calvinistic Methodist, Clydach - Salem


Wesleyan (Swansea [English] Circuit) - Clydach   

These are the same building, on the corner of Quarr Drive and Clydach Road.  The premises is now a private house, and the congregation meets in the schoolroom of Carmel ( now Capel--y-Nant) Chapel, Heol y Nant, Clydach. (5/2011 JC)

Calvinistic Methodist, Cwmrhydyceirw

Jerusalem Methodist chapel, Fforest-fach Cross

Gellionen Presbyterian     SN70070415

Tabernacle, Calvinistic Methodist, Landore Wesleyan English Methodist, Landore

Wesleyan Methodist, Morriston

Welsh Wesleyan, Morriston

Morriston Market Room Wesleyan Methodist  

Philadelphia Welsh Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Globe St, Morris St, Morriston    SS67039755

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Nazareth Welsh Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Horeb Rd, Bath Rd, Morriston     SS66789809

Methodist, Primitive, Morriston

Glantawe St, Treforys, Morriston

Central Hall English Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Morriston    SS6698

Bethania Welsh Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Horeb Rd, Morriston    SS66989810

Salem Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Gorseinon Rd, Penllergaer       SS60889860

Smyrna, Calvinistic Methodist, Plasmarl

Ebenezer Primitive Methodist (English), Plas Marl

Calvinistic Methodist, Treboeth

Tabernacle Calvinistic Methodist , Trebanos



Other (or un-identified)

Ebenezer, Chemical Rd, Cwmrhydyceirw     SS66849917

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Church, Western Rd, Cae-mawr, Clydach        SN68630101

Church, High St, Mount Pleasant, Clydach       SN68990130

Trinity, Lower Sybil St, Clydach    SN69190145

See also below

Trinity Forward Movement Church, Clydach, Rhyndwyglydach    SN7102

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Chapel, Heol-y-nant, Clydach      SN69080151

Bethel, Clydach, Rhyndwyglydach    SN6801

Calfaria, Clydach.  SN68970124

English (Saesneg), Clydach, Rhyndwyglydach      SN6801

Jehovah Witnesses, Clydach

Roman Catholic Church, Clydach

Noddfa, Garn-sllwt, Rhyndwyglydach    SN62560899

Gospel Hall chapel, Armine Rd, Fforest fach

Ebenezer, Glandwr, Landore           SS6595

Salim chapel, Glandwr, Landore    SS66189601

Trewyddfa Chapel, Morriston     SS66129659

Morriston, Morriston     SS6698

Treforys, Morriston            SS6698

Wychtree St, Morriston           SS672976

Clase Road chapel, Clase Rd, Morriston       SS67159867

Penlan    SS6596

Bethel, Penllergaer           SS61599890

Pontybrenin, Llangyfelach      SS6498

Capel-y-Graig , Unitarian, Trebanos

Tabernacle, Swansea Rd, Trebanos    SN71400314

Treboeth Gospel Hall

Salem, Ynys-y-mwn, Llangyfelach        SS6498


Extended  text entries

1. Bethlehem Independent chapel, Carmarthen Rd, Cadle

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(Contributed by Heulwen Jenkins)

Based on a reading of Cipdrem ar ganrif a hanner yn hanes Bethlehem, Cadle -  A Glimpse at 150 years in the history of Bethlehem, Cadle" by Anne Thomas (English Version) & Kenneth S.Morgan (Welsh Version), 1993

Built in 1840 on  part of Fforestfach Farm, "a site of many battles.", enlarged in 1866.
The first minister was Rev. David Jones, of Clydach, followed by Rev.Thomas Thomas.
A "daughter" chapel of Mynyddbach, and before "Cadle" started, services were held, as per Mynyddbach Chapel history
-1640  Cilfwnwr farmhouse, and a few years later, at Tyrdwncyn.
-1720 - 1759 Samuel Jones , minister at Tyrdwncyn.  1759  assisted by Lewis Rees.
-Wig Uchaf Farmhouse, the home of John & Luce Rosser,  was also a meeting place in Fforestfach until 1776.
-Then Wig Fach Farmhouse, owned by John Knoyle, held meetings & Sunday School classes.

Bethlehem, Cadle was established on 13 Jan 1839 at a service conducted bythe Revs. J. Evans, Crwys; D. Jones, Clydach; E. Griffiths, Swansea, and finally opened on 1 April 1840.






Translated from the Welsh version on CAPEL - Cymdeithas treftadaeth y Capeli / The Chapels Heritage Society  Newsletter


Thanks to Hywel Davies, a member of CAPEL and also a member of Hebron Independent Chapel, Clydach, near Swansea, for the following information.


It is believed that the Independent cause at Hebron, Clydach was started in 1809 under the wing of Mynyddbach Church - but may have been in existence as early as 1804. In the early days the meetings were held in a house named Pentremalwed, near the Swansea Canal, but in 1821 a chapel was built for the purpose on  a nearby site. Due to the growth in the membership in 1848 a larger, new chapel was opened beside the main road into Swansea, again just a stone's throw from the canal. Following further growth a brand new chapel was erected on the same site in 1884 and this is where all the services and meetings were held until decommissioning on March 12th, 2008. In 1892 a sizeable portion of the members to establish a new cause at Carmel, Clydach, this building will house the new Unified Church - under a new name. Hebron Chapel was decommissioned during a service held at 7pm, Wednesday March 12th [2008] - led by Reverend Guto Prys ap Gwynfor.


Hebron Chapel remains quite strong, having over 100 members, but have led the project to unite with two other churches to create a new church in Carmel Independent Chapel, also in Clydach.

The three churches forming the new united church are Salem Presbyterian Church, Faerdref; Hebron Independent Chapel and Carmel Independent Chapel. All three have been decommissioned: Salem, Faerdref on Wednesday, March 5th and Carmel on Wednesday, March 19th. The new church was established during a service at Carmel Chapel at 10.30am, Easter Sunday, March 23rd, with the Reverend Dr. Geraint Tudur, Secretary General of the Welsh Independent Union, officiating.


An assessment has been made of the magnificent pipe organ by Norman and Beard at Hebron, has been done. It was installed in the 1960's following a fire (originally from a large chapel in Cardiff). Unfortuately it is too big to be moved and installed at Carmel Chapel.

The organ will be played during a concert at Hebron Chapel by Ty Tawe choir on Friday evening, April 18th - probably the last event in the building. Finding a new home for her would give us all great pleasure.

(This is an article on the creation of a new united church in Clydach, Swansea following the closure and unification of three chapels: Salem Presbyterian Church, Hebron Independent Chapel and Carmel Independent Chapel.)


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