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Chapels database

This project is fully described on Glamorgan Chapels Database

This Llangynwyd database compiled by Gareth Hicks

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Gareth's Help Page )

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available


 Additional source;



Caersalem Baptist chapel, Abergwynfi

Hope English Baptist, Dyffryn Rd, Caerau

Noddfa Welsh Baptist, Caerau Rd,  Caerau

Calfaria Welsh Baptist, Mill St, Cwmfelin

Baptist chapel, Cynonville

English Baptist chapel, Bowrington St, Maesteg     (Free Communion or General Baptist)

Bethel English Baptist, Church St, Maesteg    

Zion English Baptist, Castle St, Maesteg

Bethania Welsh Baptist, Bethania St,  Maesteg

Tabernacle Welsh Baptist, Station St, Maesteg

Salem Welsh Baptist, Picton St, Nantyffyllon

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Caer Salem Welsh Baptist, Dyffryn Rd, Nantyffyllon

Ainon Welsh Baptist chapel, Station Rd, Pont-Rhyd-Y-Cyff

Salem Baptist, Spelter Works (Higher Llangynwyd Hamlet)




Tabor Ind chapel, High St, Abergwynfi

Zion (Seion) Welsh Ind, Caerau Rd, Caerau

Dyffryn Welsh Ind chapel, Bedw St, Caerau     

Dyffryn Ind chapel (Pen-y-Bryn Evangelical church), Caerau

Bethesda, Congregational Llan Rd, Llangynwyd

Noddfa Ind, Troedyrhiw-Garth/Cwm Felin

Siloam Independent, Llangynwyd

Welsh Independent, Bethania rd, Maesteg ?

Eglwys Canaan, Maesteg   (Independent)

Carmel Congregational, Rock St/Commercial St, Maesteg

Castle St English Ind, Maesteg

Garth Rd (Ebenezer) Welsh Ind, Maesteg

Is this the same chapel as below ?

Ebenezer Ind chapel, Bridgend  Rd, Garth, Cwmfelin

Is this the same chapel as above ? - the two entries from Slater's (10) are confusing if so

Soar Welsh Ind, Zoar Place, Maesteg

Saron Welsh Independent, High St, Nantyffyllon

Bethlehem Ind chapel, Nantyffyllon

Siloh Welsh Ind, High St, Nantyffyllon

Duffryn Welsh Ind, Spelter




English Wesleyan chapel, Abergwynfi

Hermon CM, Caerau

Bethel Welsh Wesleyan, Wesley St, Caerau

Goetre-Hen Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Maesteg Rd, Coytrahen

Libanus CM, Bridgend Rd, Garth, Cwmfelin/Maesteg

Moriah Calvinistic Methodist, Station Rd, Pont-Rhyd-Y-Cyff, Llangynwyd

Babell Welsh Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Llan Rd, Llangynwyd

Bethlehem Welsh CM chapel (Presbyterian), Bethania Rd, Maesteg

Presbyterian English, Hermon Rd, Maesteg

Wesleyan English, Alfred St, Maesteg

Penuel Wesleyan Welsh, Hermon Rd, Maesteg

Welsh Wesleyan chapel, Duke St, Maesteg

Tabor Calvinistic Methodist, Castle St/Commercial St, Maesteg

Castle St Wesleyan Methodist, Maesteg

Jerusalem Calvinistic Methodist, Picton St, Nantyffyllon

Penuel CM chapel (Calfaria), Hermon Rd, Nantyffyllon

Bethany CM chapel, Hermon Rd, Nantyffyllon/Spelter

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Old Salem/Trinity CM (Welsh Forward Movement), Bangor St, Nantyffyllon



Other (including unidentified)

Salvation Army, Maesteg

Soar chapel, Abergwynfi

Tabernacle chapel, Percy Rd, Cynonville

Catholic church, Maesteg

Bible Christian, Caerau Rd, Maesteg

Carmel Apostolic, Temple St, Maesteg

Llangynwyd cemetery

Mortuary chapel, Maesteg

Gospel Hall, Castle St, Maesteg

Peniel Evangelical, Bethania St, Maesteg


[Last Updated : 4 Feb 2012 - Gareth Hicks]

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