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Coal mines that were in production at various times in the Llynfi Valley in the period 1840-1985

A list produced by David Lewis (May 2003).

1.Coed-y-Garth Colliery, Garth c. 1843-1853.

2.Gin Pit (Also known as Pwll Gwaith Newydd [New Works Pit], probably originated as Nant-y-Crynwydd Colliery). c1841-1875. 160 workers in 1863, fourteen killed in explosion, Boxing Day 1863.

3.Tywith Level, Nantyffyllon c1846-1884.

4.Tygwyn-bach Level: (No.11 Level), nr. Metcalfe St., Caerau, c.1846?-1884. (Later re-opened as a small private mine).

5.Crown Pit, (No.1 Pit?) Crown Rd., Maesteg, c.1852-70.

6.Dyffryn Madog Pit, Nantyffyllon, c.1854-1878.

7.Sheppard's Pit (Llwydarth) c.1856-60

8.Cwmdu Level (I) c.1856-1870.

9.Cwmdu Level (II) c.1860-1884.

10.Garnwen Level (No. 12 Level) c.1855?-1884.

11.No.5 Level closed c1873.

12.No.8 Level closed c1873.

13.Garth Colliery (also known as Garth Merthyr Colliery in 1880s and 1890s) c1864-1930. 1001 workers in 1907, 753 in 1924. Probably closed 1878-1883.

14.No. 9 Level (Caedefaid Colliery) 1867-1908. 403 workers in 1888, 246 in 1899.

15.Maesteg Deep Colliery (Drift Mine), (also referred to in 1870s as Moffatt's Level, Moffatt's Slip and Cwrt y Mwnws Colliery) c.1868-1930. 604 workers in 1907, 283 in 1925.

16.Oakwood Colliery, Bethania St., Maesteg, (also known as Maesteg Merthyr Colliery and Davis's Pit) 1868-1928. 140 workers in 1872, 249 workers in 1891, 275 in 1925. Eleven killed in an explosion January, 1872.

17.Blaenllynfi Colliery, nr. Caerau Square, c.1869-1873.

18.Coegnant Colliery 1882-1981. 411 workers in 1888, 812 in 1899, 2,182 in 1914, 752 in 1976)

19.Caerau Colliery 1890-1977. (Includes No3 Pit or House-coal Pit 1906-1925). 137 workers in 1891, 862 in 1899,1,699 in 1907, 2,432 in 1922, 529 in 1976.

20.St John's Colliery (locally known as Cwmdu Colliery) 1911-1985. 670 workers in 1914, 1,374 in 1935, 811 in 1976.


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