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Parish of Merthyr Tydfil

Place-names in the 1841 Census

Transcribed by Deric John (Nov 2008)

Copied with original spelling, possible scribal errors have ? attached
Names in the first table are followed by the District number, here is a guide to the district locations

The first table has the place names in one list in alphabetical order, there is also a second table with place names shown within the original separate Districts

Place names in alphabetical order

Abercaned (sic) D21

Albert St. D8

Angel Street D11

Balcau D16

Banwen D1

Bargoed D14

Beacon? D17

Blaen bargoed D17

Blaen y cwm D17

Blane Bargoed D14

Blane Canned (sic) D20

Blane Canned mill D20

Bradley Row D3

Bridge St. D8

Bridgefield Cottages D3

Bridgefield Terrace D22

Brynrhedyn? D17

Brynteg D19

Bunch of Grapes Yard D4

Cae Draw D9

Cae Draw D9a

Caeberthcelin D19

Canal House D22

Castle Lane D6

Castle Street D4

Castle Street D5

(Castle) Terrace D5

Castle Yard D5

Cefn y forest D17

Chapel Row D24

Chapel St. D8

Cilvach urincle Farm D16

Clwyd fagwr D19

Clwyd y navi? Hur or the Ship hissso? house (shiphand) D14

Clyn y Mule Plot D14

Coad (sic) Meyrick D18

Coed y bannau? D14

Coedca Brynteg D19

Coedcae yn court D27

Collier's Row D3

Colliers Row Lower D21

Colliery Row D20

Com Capal (sic) D18

Com Wain Newith D18

Court House D12

Court out of Chappel (sic) Street D25

Court Street D11

Court Street D12

Cross Street D5

Cwm bargoed D17

Cwm Blacks D14

Cwm Cenol D2

Cwm cothy D17

Cwm Nant-y-coed D3

Cwmcoedcae D14

Cwmdy D20

Cwmglo D20

Cyfartha (sic) D18

Cyfarthfa Lane D24

Cyfarthfa Row D24

Cyfarthfa Street D24

Cyfarthfa Warehouse D24

Directing Post D19

Drift D20

Duffryn Cottage D15

Duffryn Old Engine D16

Duffryn uchaf D16

Dynevor Street D22

Engine house D14

Ffawydd oyr? D17

Finger Post (publican's home) D18

Fos-y-fran Pil D14

Gardd yr ysgubor D12

Gellideg Bird? (beer housekeeper) D19

Gelly Deg Farm D18

Gellydeg D18

George Street D23

Gethyn D21

Giller Street D11

Gleabland (sic) D6

Glyndyrus Cottage D21

Glyndyrus D21

Glyndyrus Farm D21

Graig Colliery D21

Graig D21

Graig Lower D21

Grawath? D14

Harry Blawd Houses D3

Hendra Fawr D20

Heol y Gerrig (sic) D25

Heolgerrig D19

Heolywermod D15

Heolywormod D14

High St. D11

High St. D8

High Street D12

High Street D4

High Street D6

High Street, Pontmorlais D4

Iohuff? D14

Ioubarmouth ? D14

Iron Bridge D22

Isle Wight (sic) D9

John Street D23

Jones Long Row D6

Jones Row D6

Kethin D21

Lamb Inn D5

Lime Kiln House D20

Limekiln D14

Llwyn y cellin (sic) D20

Llyn (sic) yr Eos D20

Lower Shop (draper) D12

Lower Wern D20

Maes y gollen D17

Market St. D8

Market Tavern D8

Martin Place D3

Mill St. D8

Mill Street D9a

Mount Pleasant D17

Mountain D19

Mountain House D20

Nant y fedw D17

Nant y genith (sic) D18

Nant y Gwenith back road D25

Nant y gwenith D18

Nant y Gwenith D25

Nant yr odyn D16

Nantddu D17

Nelson Square D5

New Row D15

Old Six Bells D20

Pantanas D17

Parish Road D14

Parliament Lock D20

Parsonage House D8

Patriot Street D25

Pedwaran Fach D12

Pen lan D21

Pen Leval D18

Pen Rue D18

Pen y cae D20

Pen y codca (sic) D20

Pen y uwch? Vawr? D14

Pen y yard field D14

Pencoedcae y wern D20

Penheol Ferthyr D1

Penlangae fawr D17

Penlangaefach D17

Penllwynderi D19

Penrywcwrig? D17

Pentrebach Forge Houses D15

Pentrebach Long Row D14

Pentrebach Long Row D15

Pentrebach New Row D15

Penwain Fawr D2

Penycaebach D14

Penydarren Yard D3

Penygraig D17

Penyrheol D19

Penyrheol D20

Penyrheol Factory (woollen) D20

Phillip Row D3

Picton Street D9a

Plymouth Lodge D14

Plymouth Office D14

Plymouth Row D14

Plymouth Street D12

Plymouth street D13

Pont Capal (sic) D18

Pont y reen D16

Pontmorlais D4

Pontmorlais Machine House D3

Pontygwaith D17

Postoffis (sic) Street D6

Pottery Row D4

Professional Row D11

Pwll glas D17

Pwllywedd (sic) D14

Pwllywhiad D1

Quarry Row D16

Red Houses D12

Rhydycar Engine House D20

Rhydycar Farm Houses D20

Rhydycar Square D20

Richard Street D23

Rosser Row D5

Ru(s?) Francis Houses D3

Scybor Newydd D14

Shop D17

Swan St. D8

Taff and Cynon D26

Tai Harri'r Blawd D3

Tai pen cae tair erw D6

Tai'r lan D17

Tai'r Pound D2

Tai'r Pound D3

Taibach D15

Taibach Row D15

Tair Canol D19

Tairso inches? D14

Taran? Cottage D16

Thomas St. D8

Tir y Twppa D17

Tommy Caerpilly's Houses D27

Tondaylwyn? D16

Tram road D12

Tram road D15

Tram road D22

Tram road house D17

Tramroad side D11

Transh Pach (sic) D18

Trebetha D14

Trehir D1

Trevor Street D24

Troed rywgeifr D17

Troedyrhew (sic) D16

Troedyryw D17

Trwyn (sic) garreg D17

Tucking Mill D13

Turnpike Gt. House D17

Twyn or Lwyn-yr-Eos D14

Twynyrodin D27

Twynywain D1

Ty yn y coed D20

Tynewydd D17

Tyntaldon? D16

Tynybanwan D17

Tynyllwyn D17

Tynywith (sic) D17

Tyrywain? D17

Unisgau (sic) D7

Unysgai (sic) D7

Unysgaw (sic) D7

Upper Clyn Mul D14

Upper Colliers Row D20

Victoria St. D8

Wain Wyllt D21

Waterloo Street D9a

Wellington St. D8

Wern D20

Wern Fach D20

Wernlas D14

Whitefield Street D11

William Square D5 (also written as =)

Williams Square D5

Wm. John's Row D3

Workshop? Row D15

Ynis Owen D17

Ynisfach D22

Ynisgau (not written) D7

Ynysfach Yard (coke?) D20

Yr Hendafarn D17

Guide to districts

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Place names within the original Districts

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District 1.

[From Twyn y waun, Trehir, Banwen, Pwllywead (Pwllywhiad), Pen Heol Ferthyr, church burying ground, to the north of the road from Twynyrodyn to Twynywaun.]

District 2.

[Tai'r Pound, Penywaun fawr and Cwm Cenol]


[From Tai'r Pound, Penydarren Yard, Cwmnant y coed, to Pontmorlais Machine House.]

District 4.

[From Pontmorlais, Glebeland field, Morlais Brook, Turnpike Rd., to Castle Inn.]

District 5.

[From Castle Inn to Ynysgau Archway & to the Morlais brook.]

District 6.

[Glebeland etc.]

District 7.

[between Ynysgau Chapel (south), Glebeland (east), River Taff (west) & Morlais Brook (north)]

District 8.

[from Ynysgau Chapel, Plymouth water course, Turnpike road, to Pencaetairerw.]

District 9.

[from Isle of Wight, Cae Draw, Rising Sun to River Taff.]

District 9a.

[remaining part ofCaedraw]

District 11.

[from Turnpike Road, Brecon Bank, Twynyrodin, Star Inn, Tram road to Glebe field.]

District 12.

[from Star Inn, Tram road, Machine House, Turnpike gate to Star.]

District 13.

[from Tucking mill, west to river Taff, incline plane of railroad, Tram road, machine house to Turnpike gate.]

District 14.

[from railroad incline to Scybornewydd, Heolywormod etc.]

District 15.

[remains of Heolywermod hamlet]

District 16.

[Forest Hamlet, Gilfach rincil, Troedyrhiw farm, to river Taff.]

District 17.

[rest of Forest Hamlet]

District 18.

[from Nantygwenith, Turnpike Rd., Taff by Cyfartha Office north of Gellydeg Hamlet.]

District 19.

[Heolgerrig to Coal Canal, Penyrheol, George town to Aberdare Road.]

District 20.

[west of Aberdare Rd., George town, Rhydycar from Mountain to Taff.]

District 21.

[hamlet part south of district 20]

District 22.

[From Ynysfach, Iron Bridge, West Lane, Tram road to Taff.]

District 23.

[3 streets]

District 24.

[Trevor and Cyfarthfa streets.]

District 25.

[Heolgerrig and Chapel streets.]

District 26.

[Hamlet of Taff and Cynon]

Generic Taff and Cynon hamlet name used for all residences.

District 27.

[[Twynyrodin, Coedcae yn Court]

District 28.

[Twynyrodin, Tram road, Machine House.]

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