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This project is fully described on Glamorgan Chapels Database

This Merthyr Tydfil database compiled by Barrie Jones - with contributions from;

This database is unusually in alphabetic order by chapel name, or place name, if no chapel name

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Gareth's Help Page )

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available


Additional Sources;



Anion, Dynevor Street, Georgetown

Bethel, Bethel St, Georgetown

Bethel, John St, Treharris.

Bethel, Wyndham St., Troedyrhiw

Bethel Capel Y Beddwyr, Cwmtaf, Cefn Coed-y-Cymmer

Beulah, Victoria St, Dowlais

Beulah, Pantyscallog

Brynhyfryd, Thomas St, Treharris

Bryn Sion Particular Baptist

Caersalem Particular Baptist, Well St., Dowlais

Calfaria, Pant-y-celyn Rd, Penrheolgeryg, Heolgerrig

Calfaria Baptist chapel, Cardiff Rd, Ynysowen, Merthyr Vale

Carmel Baptist chapel, Wyndham St, Troedyrhiw

Carmel Particular Baptist, High St, Cefn Coed Y Cymmer

Cephas, Brondeg, Heolgerrig

Deml (Temple), Abercanaid.

Ebenezer Welsh Baptist, Cefn Coed-y-cymmer

Ebenezer Sunday school (Outreach), Wimborne St. Dowlais

Ebenezer (Capel Y Beddwyr), Plymouth St

Elim chapel, Elim St/North St, Penydarren

English Baptist chapel, Perrott St, Treharris

Free Baptist Mission, Dowlais

Galon Uchaf Sunday school.

Hebron Evangelistic Baptist, High St/Cae Harris, Dowlais.

Hebron Welsh Baptist, Dowlais     ??

High Street, Pontmorlais.

Jerusalem, Pentrebach

Jerusalem Welsh Baptist chapel, Court St

Moriah, Mount Pleasant, Dowlais

Morlais English Baptist, Glebeland St

Noddfa Welsh Baptist chapel, Penydarran


Park Baptist chapel, The Walk

Private House, Dowlais

Silo Calvinistic or Particular Baptist, Pentrebach or Abercanaid

Smyrna Welsh Baptist chapel, Aberfan Rd, Aberfan

Soar, Troedyrhiw

Tabernacle, Bryant's Field

Tabernacle English Baptist chapel, Yew St, Troedyrhiw

Zion, Twynyrodyn

Zion English Baptist chapel, Nixonville, Ynysowen, Merthyr Vale

Unallocated Baptist entries from Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth           (6)





Aberfan English Congregational

Adulam Welsh Ind, Lower Thomas St

Bethania, South St, Dowlais

Bethania, Aberfan

Bethania. (New), Aberfan

Independent - a house called Betharan

Bethel, Dowlais - see Bryn Seion

Bethesda Chapel, Gafael Y Garth, Bethesda St

Bethlehem, Vaynor

Bryn Seion, Dowlais

Capel Gellideg, Swansea Rd, Penydarren

Ebenezer, Pontycapel Rd, Cefn Coed Y Cymmer

Ebenezer Chapel Vestry, Cefn Coed Y Cymmer

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Ebenezer, Trelewis

English Congregational, Rock View/Park Lane, Edwardsville

Gwernllwyn, Gwernllwyn Rd, Dowlais

Horeb, Church St, Penydarren.

Ivor, Ivor Street, Dowlais

Market Square, Merthyr

Market Square (New), Caedraw

Mount Zion, Cardiff Rd, Troedyrhiw

Pantyscallog, Pantyscallog (Dwelling House)

Penheolgerrig, Heolgerrig

Penywern, Jones Street, Dowlais

Independent - a house called Philadelphia

Salem, Pant-y-celyn Rd, Penrheolgeryg, Heolgerrig

Salem, Newcastle St

Saron, Chapel St, Troedyrhiw

Seion Welsh Ind, Troedyrhiw

Sion/Seion/Zion Independent chapel, Chapel St, Abercanaid

Soar/Zoar, High Street  (Pontmorlais)

Soar Independent chapel, Penderyn

Tabernacle Ind chapel, Perrot St, Treharris

Tabor, High St/Grawen St, Cefn Coed Y Cymmer

Thomas Street, Market Square. Heol-Wormwood,

Williams' Memorial English Congregational church (United Reformed), Penydarren

Ynysgau, Bridge Street, Merthyr

Unallocated Independent entries from Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth            (6)




Merthyr Tydfil Welsh Wesleyan Circuit

Merthyr Tydfil Methodist Circuits

Primitive Methodist (Nelson Circuit)

Aberfan Welsh CM (Capel Aberfan), Aberfan Road, Aberfan

Aubrey Welsh Wesleyan (Capel Aubrey), Well St, Cefn Coed

Bethania Welsh CM chapel, Penn St, Treharris

Bethel Wesleyan, Wesley Place, Ynysowen, Merthyr Vale

Bethlehem CM, Waterloo St, Cae-pant Tywyll

Cae CM Chapel, Cefn Coed Y Cymmer

Calfaria Welsh Wesleyan chapel (Caeharris), High St, Dowlais

Capel-y-Graig CM, Chapel St, Abercanaid

Carmel CM, Clwyd-Y-Fagwyr

Carmel Faith Mission Methodist, Clwyd-Y-Fagwyr

Castle St Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Dowlais

Cefn Coed-y-Cymmer English CM/Presbyterian chapel (Bethesda?), Cefn y Coed

Cefn Coed-y-Cymmer English Wesleyan            

Disgwylfa Welsh CM, Station Rd/Grays Place, Merthyr Vale

Ebenezer Primitive Methodist chapel, Wind St, Dowlais

English Presbyterian (CM), Dowlais

English Wesleyan, High St, Pontmorlais

English Wesleyan, Dowlais

Hermon Welsh CM Chapel, Lower Union St, Hamlet of Heolwermood/Dowlais?

High St Wesley chapel

Hope CM, Newcastle St (High St?)

Memorial Hall CM, Newcastle St

Libanus Welsh CM, White St, Dowlais

Merthyr Vale English CM chapel

Merthyr Vale English Primitive Methodist chapel

Moriah Welsh CM (Cae Chapel), Field St, Cefn Coed y Cymmer

Mount Moriah Primitive Methodist, ?

Nazareth Presbyterian, Yew St, Troedyrhiw

Pennsylvania CM, Pontmorlais

Penuel CM, Gilfach Cynon Rd, Twynyrodyn

Primitive Methodist (English), Merthyr Vale

Radcliffe Hall, Penydarren

St David's English Wesleyan Methodist church (Spiritualist Church), Wyndham St, Troed-y-rhiw

English Wesleyan, Troedyrhiw

Saron Welsh Wesleyan chapel, John St, Treharris

Shilo Welsh Wesleyan, Dowlais

Shiloh Wesleyan, ?                    [right one? - see below]

Shiloh Wesleyan, Heolwermood

South St CM chapel, Dowlais

Temperance Hall Wesleyan Reformed, John St

Treharris Primitive Methodist chapel, Treharris

Trinity CM/Presbyterian, Wesley Place, Ynysowen, Merthyr Vale

Wesleyan (Welsh), Church St

Wesleyan, Merthyr Vale

Wesleyan Methodist (Forward Movement), Perrot St, Treharris

English Wesleyan chapel, John St, Treharris

Wesleyan ?

Wesleyan Reformed ?, Dowlais or Penywern

Zion Wesleyan Methodist, Bridge St, Aberfan

Unallocated Methodist entries from Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth           (6)



Other   (inc. un-identified)


Cemetery, Cefn Coed-y-cymmer

Cemetery, Aberfan

Cemetery, Beechgrove

Cemetery, Pant, Dowlais

Roman Catholic

Coffee Tavarn, Merthyr Vale

St Aloysius RC.. Gurnos Estate

St Benedicts, Merthyr Vale

St Illtyds, Dowlais

There is an entry as below which I'm assuming is a transcription error and in fact relates to the above St Illtyds

St Mary, Merthyr Vale

St Mary's, Tramroad, George town

St Mary, The Walk/ Brecon Road. Merthyr

Unitarian, Hen Dy Cwrdd, Old Chapel Rd, Cefn Coed Y Cymmer

Hen Dy Cwrdd Vestry, Old Chapel Rd, Cefn

Unitarian, Court S

Unitarian, White Street, Dowlais

Thomas St Unitarian, Lower Thomas St

Unitarian chapel, Twynyrodyn

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Apostolic, Pentecostal

Bethel Apostolic, Brecon Rd

Elim Pentecostal

Jerusalem Pentecostal, Court St

Pentecostal Mission, Pontycapel Rd, Penheolgerrig

Latter Day Saints


Latter Day Saints - room adjoining the Ivy Bush near the Iron Bridge

Bute Arms Room, Dowlais

Cymreigyddion Hall

Latter Day Saints, Swansea Road

Latter Day Saints Room, Cefn Coed Y Cymmer.

Latter Day Saints, Penydarren.

New Inn Room, Penydarren?

Twynyrodyn or Georgetown

Jehovah's Witness

Kingdom Hall, Newcastle St. Merthyr


Synagogue, Victoria St. Merthyr

Merthyr Tydfil Synagogue, Church St/Bryntirion Rd

Jewish Synagogue, Thomas town




Ainon chapel

Bethania chapel, Ynysowen, Merthyr Vale

Bethania, Treharris

Blaencanaid Farm. (Tir Blaencanaid)

Capel Cwm Y Glo, Pen-yr-heolgerrig

Cefn, Welsh, Cefn Coed-y-cymmer

Cwm, Dowlais

Ebenezer Gospel Hall, Twynyrodyn.

Ebenezer, Thomas St

Edwardsville, Edwardsville

Elizabeth Street, Elizabeth St, Dowlais

English, Dowlais

English, Lloyds Terrace, Penydarren

English, Treharris

Forward Movement, Penyard

Gellifaelog, Dowlais

Lower High St chapel, Lower High St, Dowlais

Mary St chapel, Mary St, Dowlais

Mission, Dowlais

Mission Room, English, Cefn

Mount Hermon, Aberfan

Mount Pleasant chapel, Mary St, Treharris

Mount Pleasant, Penydarren

Pant, Dowlais

Penydarren Rd chapel, Pontmorlais

Pen-yr-Incline, Dowlais  

Pontmorlais, High St, Pontmorlais

Pwllhwyiad, Dowlais

Rachabite Hall

Radcliffe Hall, Penydarren, Clwydyfagwyr

Salvation Army chapel

Twynyrodyn, Twynyrodyn

Tydfil Hall, Pontmorlais

Undenominational Christian Mission Hall, Ivor St, Dowlais

Union St, Merthyr Tydfil



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