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History of the Ancient Church

situate at

Newton, Porthcawl

in the

Parish of Newton Nottage.


[Provided by Phil Mustoe, Nov. 2002]


The notes, on which this work is based, were originally collected out of the sheer joy of delving into the fascinating history of the past. The facts were gleaned from sources which could only with difficulty be enumerated within the compass of a short preface. No publication was intended; the friends who inspired the pleasant task are sincerely thanked.

The Author feels very grateful to the Rector, Rev. T. Holmes Morgan, for his stimulating friendship, and to Mr. A. M. Granville, B.A., who, after perusing the manuscript, gave valuable suggestions. For the illustrations, a debt of gratitude is due to Miss Kirsty Brice for designing the cover, and to Mr. Iestyn J. Rees, A.R.P.S., for photographs. The successful efforts of Mr. Graham Jones and Mr. D. J. Duncan, who executed the sketches to emphasise special features, are greatly appreciated.

This study is respectfully presented with the fervent hope that imperfections will be remedied, and that the village sanctuary will continue to command our ever increasing humility and reverence.



Image : Church of St. John Baptist, Newton

Church of St. John Baptist, Newton

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