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 Glamorgan Photographers

The Index is a list of over 1,600 references to commercial photographers working in the county of Glamorgan from the early days in the 1850s up to about 1930.

The Index is based on the following sources -

Some of these sources are obviously more useful than others.  A surprising number of people listed as photographers in the 1881 census are otherwise unknown and may well have been employees who never traded under their own names. Most reports from listers giving dates based on family tradition or the general style of an image, costume etc., have in fact turned out to be remarkably accurate.

It should be stressed that the work is not complete, particularly for the period during and after World War I. Any additions, corrections, offers of help ... contact Peter Meazey, project coordinator, via the Glamorgan mailing list.


Data has been listed under the following headings :

The most obvious search combination is A plus G, giving an alphabetical list by order of date.
There are other fascinating possibilities. You may wish to sort by E (Town) plus G (Date) to explore local commercial history (who was the first photographer in Barry ?).

Sorting by D (Street), C (Number) and G (Date) will give the history of Bute Street, well worth a look, or of particular premises. Some studios remained in operation for several decades despite numerous changes of proprietor.

Click here to access the index which is a csv file (114kb) which can be downloaded into Excel or Word etc for personal research purposes only.

2003. The copyright in this database remains with its compilers, namely Peter Meazey and project colleagues

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