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Chapels database

This project is fully described on Glamorgan Chapels Database

See also the Cardiff  Places of Worship database produced by Glamorgan FHS

This single database compiled by Gareth Hicks - it arbitrarily embraces 4 central parishes of Cardiff, i.e Roath, St Mary, St John and Llandaff, into one list. Entries are listed alphabetically by the place name (not parish) or street name

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Gareth's Help Page )

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available


 Additional sources




Particular Baptist, Cardiff

Siloam Welsh Baptist chapel (Phoenix Building), Mount Stuart Sq, Butetown

Bethel English Baptist chapel, 23-24 Mount Stuart Sq, Butetown

Brunel St Baptist, Canton

Calvary Baptist chapel, Cowbridge Rd East, Canton

Welsh Baptist, Meteor St, Canton

Hope English Baptist chapel (Sunday School), Cowbridge Rd, Canton

Salem Welsh Baptist chapel, Llandaff Rd, Canton

Llandaff Rd English Baptist chapel, Llandaff Rd, Canton

Victoria English Baptist chapel, Eldon Rd/ Ninian Park Rd, Canton

Pentyrch St English Baptist chapel, Pentyrch Rd, Cathays

Woodville Rd English Baptist chapel, Crwys Rd, Cathays

Siloam Welsh Baptist chapel, Corporation Rd/St

English Baptist chapel, Evelyn St

Ely Baptist chapel, Archer Rd, Ely

Ely South Baptist chapel, Newgale Place, Ely

Emmanuel Evangelical Baptist Church, Gabalfa Avenue

English Baptist chapel, Worcester St, Grangetown

Grangetown English Baptist chapel, Clive St, Grangetown (Lower)

Tabernacle Welsh Baptist chapel, Hayes (The)

Maindy English Baptist chapel (Gabalfa a Maindy), North Rd, Maendy

Zoar Baptist chapel, Windsor Rd, New Town

Welsh Baptist, Marshfield, Roath

Bible Christian chapel, Nora St, Roath

Ebenezer English Baptist chapel, Pearl St, Roath

(Albany Rd ?) Baptist Church, Blenheim Rd, Roath

English Baptist Church, The Parade, Tredegarville, Roath

Zion English Baptist chapel, Longcross St, Roath

Bethany English Baptist chapel, St Mary St

Ainon Welsh/English Baptist chapel, Walker Rd, Splott

Salem Welsh Baptist chapel, Moira Terrace (Splotlands)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Splott Rd English Baptist chapel, Splotlands (South)

Baptist chapel, Taymuir Rd, Tremorfa

Baptist Mission Halls

Sundry unallocated Cardiff  Baptist entries from Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth by Hywel D Emanuel



General books

Hannah St English Independent chapel, (Docks), Butetown

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Mount Stuart Welsh Ind chapel, Mount Stuart Sq, Butetown

See also Hannah St above

Bethel Congregational chapel, Pomeroy St, Butetown

New Trinity English Ind chapel, Cowbridge Rd East, Canton

St Paul's English Independent chapel (Neville St), Neville St/Cowbridge Rd, Canton

Severn Rd Independent Welsh chapel, Severn Grove, Canton

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Minny St Welsh Ind chapel (Sunday School), Cathays  

Charles St English Ind church (Ebeneser United Reformed Church)

Clare Rd English Ind chapel

Hope Independent Chapel, Crichton Place

Ebenezer Welsh Ind chapel, Ebenezer St

Grand Avenue Congregational chapel (United Reformed church), Ely

Congregational chapel, Pwllmelin Rd, Fairwater

Fanny St Welsh Congregational chapel

Paget St English Ind chapel, Grangetown

Christ Church Congregational Church, Hazelhurst Rd, Llandaff North

Congregational Church, Belle Vue Crescent, Llandaff

Llandaff Rd English Congregational chapel

Welsh Congregational chapel, London Sq

Richmond Rd English Independent chapel

St Paul's Congregational Church (Seventh Day Adventists), Rawden Place, Riverside

Minster Rd Ind chapel, Roath

Roath Park Congregational church (Roath Park United Reform), Pen-Y-Wain Rd, Roath

Stacey Rd English Independent chapel, Roath

Sackville Avenue Independent chapel

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Congregational chapel, Copper St, Splotlands

Bethlehem Welsh Congregational, Eyre St, Splott

Congregational Church, Windsor Place

Wood St English Congregational Church (Temperance Town)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Independent Mission Halls

Sundry unallocated Cardiff  Independent entries from Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth by Hywel D Emanuel



General books

Wesleyan Circuits

 Primitive Methodist Circuits

United Methodist Circuits


Presbyterian chapel (CM) (Gabalfa Hall), Aberdulais Rd

Diamond St Bible Christian chapel (United Methodist), Adamsdown

Diamond St Methodist Circuit

Primitive Methodist chapel, 279 Bute St

Loudon Sq English Wesleyan, Butetown

Memorial Hall English Evangelical Presbyterian church, Cowbridge Rd, Canton

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Salem 1 (Salim) Welsh CM chapel, Albert St, Canton

Salem 2 Welsh CM chapel (Salim), Market Rd, Canton

English Wesleyan Methodist chapel (Victoria Pk), Cowbridge Rd East, Canton

Conway Rd English Wesleyan chapel, Conway Rd/ Romilly Crescent, Pontcanna (Canton)

Clive Rd Hall English CM chapel, Clive Rd, Canton

Cowbridge Rd United Methodist Church, Canton

Primitive Methodist chapel, Canton

Wesleyn Reform chapel, Wellington St

Cathays Terrace United Free Methodist chapel, Cathays

Miskin St United Methodist Church, Cathays

Crwys Hall English CM chapel, Monthermer Rd, Cathays

Crwys Rd Welsh CM chapel, Crwys Rd, Cathays

Crwys Rd English Wesleyan Methodist chapel (Cathays Methodist Church), Cathays

Welsh CM chapel, May St, Cathays

Dalton St Primitive Methodist chapel, Cathays

Charles St Wesleyan Methodist chapel

United Methodist, Charles St

Primitive Methodist chapel, Dalton St

Bridgend St Mission English Wesleyan Methodist chapel (Eastmoors), Bridgend St, Eastmoors

Mount Zion/Sion Primitive Methodist chapel, Aberdovey St, Eastmoors

Swansea St United Methodist Church, East Moors

Bethel CM chapel, Trelai, Ely

Mount Pleasant CM chapel, Archer Ave, Ely

Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist, Mill Rd, Ely

Ely Wesleyan Methodist chapel (Ebenezer), Cowbridge Rd West, Ely

Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Fairwater

Wesleyan, Fairwater                         Records  (7)

Fairwater English CM chapel, St Fagan's Rd, Tyllgoed, Fairwater

Fitzroy St Mission English CM chapel

Fort St Mission English Wesleyan Methodist chapel

Trinity Wesleyan Methodist church, Four Elms Rd/Newport Rd

Saltmead Hall Welsh CM chapel, Hereford St/Maitland Place, Grangetown

Grangetown Hall English CM chapel, Clare Rd/Penarth Rd, Grangetown

Penarth Rd United Free Methodist chapel, Penarth Rd/Clive Rd, Grangetown

Ludlow St English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Grangetown (Lower)

Harold St Mission Wesleyan Methodist chapel

Heath Hall (Presbyterian)

Gilgal Welsh CM chapel, Chapel St, Llandaff

Guildford St Methodist chapel

United Free Methodist chapel, Guildford Crescent

English Primitive Methodist chapel, Llandaff Yard (Llandaff North)  -    see under        Whitchurch

Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Cardiff Rd, Llandaff

Wesleyan Methodist, Llandaff parish

Presbyterian chapel, Hawthorn Rd West, Llandaff

Bethania Welsh CM chapel, Loudon Sq

London Square chapels ?   (see Loudon Sq above)

Roath Park English Presbyterian Church (St Andrew's United Reformed Church), Marlborough

Moorland Rd English CM chapel

Newport Rd CM chapel

Roath Rd English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Newport Rd/City Rd

Patrick St chapels ?

Welsh CM chapel, Pembroke Terrace

Penarth Rd United Free Methodist chapel, Penarth Rd/Clive Rd

Methodist Free Church, Penarth Rd

Plasnewydd English CM chapel, Plasnewydd Sq

English Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Gileston Rd, Pontcanna

CM chapel (Presbyterian Church in Wales), Cathedral Rd, Pontcanna

Harriet St Mission English Presbyterian church (Kingsway Hall), Rhymney St

Clare Gardens English Wesleyan chapel, Machen Place, Riverside

Broadway English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Broadway, Roath

Diamond St United Methodist Church, Roath

Cyfarthfa and Lily St English Wesleyan Methodist chapel (Mission), Roath

Welsh CM chapel,  Clifton St, Roath

Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church (Calvinistic Methodist), Keppoch St, Roath

Albany Rd English Wesleyan Methodist chapel (Roath Park), Roath

Roath Pk Presbyterian Church of England,  Pen-y-lan Rd

CM chapel, Marshfield [Roath?]

Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Marshfield [Roath?]           

Primitive Methodist chapel, Severn Rd

Mount Tabor Primitive Methodist chapel, Moira Terrace, Splotlands

Splott Rd English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Habershon St/Barnaby St   (South Splotlands)

Mount Hermon, Primitive Methodist chapel, Pearl St, Splotlands

English Forward Movement (Presbyterian), Carlisle St, Splotlands (South)

United Methodist Mission Hall, Swansea St, South Splotlands

Jerusalem Welsh Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Manon St/Walker St, Splott

Splott Methodist church, Bridgend St

Frederick St English CM chapel, Tredegarville

Newport Rd United Free Methodist chapel, Newport Rd, Tredegarville

Seion (Zion) CM chapel, Trinity St

Wesleyan & Bethel Welsh chapel, Union St

Windsor Place English Presbyterian chapel

CM chapel, Working St

Methodist Mission Halls

Sundry unallocated Cardiff Methodist entries from Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth by Hywel D Emanuel



Other (inc unidentified)


Roman Catholic


Unitarian Free Christian Church, West Grove, Tredegarville



Salvation Army

Bible Christian

Latter Day Saints



Plymouth Brethren

Gospel Halls

Mission Chapels/Halls



(In alphabetical order by place)

Norwegian Church (Scandinavian Lutheran Church Mission), Bute East ? Dock

Christian Meeting Room, Neville St, Canton    

Police Station, Cowbridge Rd East, Canton

Canton, Canton

Spiritualist Meeting Room, 26 Castle St

Temple of Peace and Health (Technical College), King Edward VII Ave, Cathays

East Moors Hall

Ebenezer Hall

Windsor Hall, Grangetown

Clive Hall, Clare Rd/Penarth Rd, Grangetown

School chapel, Cathedral School, Cardiff Rd, Llandaf

Llandaff Rd  Meeting House, Canton 

Neath St Welcome Hall chapel (Sunday School)

St Nicholas's Greek Orthodox Church, Greek Church St, North Butetown

Gateway Christian Spiritualist church, Northcote St

Hospital chapel, Riverside

Brethren's Meeting House, Clyde St, Roath

Seventh Day Adventists

Tavistock St chapel

Sundry unallocated Cardiff  entries from Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth by Hywel D Emanuel


[Last Updated : 2 June 2015 - Gareth Hicks]

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