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Annals of St Fagan's with Llanilterne - An Ancient Glamorgan Parish

By Charles F. Shepherd (1938).

Indexed by David Webb 1999.

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surname,given name,place,page number

ap David ap Llewellyn,Evan,Rhydlavar,49 ap Davy,Jevin,---,11
ap Hywel,Meurig,---,10 ap Hywel,Meurig,---,15
ap Jevan Vachan,Morgan,---,39 ap Lle'n,Lewis,---,13
ap Llewellyn Ychan,David,---,39 ap Owen,David,---,39
Arthur,King,---31 Athrwys,King,Pencoed,49
Aubrey,---,Pencoed,48 Barton,Major,Battle of St Fagans,19
Bassett,Rev Christopher,---,34 Bassett,---,Pencoed,48
Beauchamp,Lady,---,52 Berkin,William,Westminster,41
Bethel,Major,Battle of St Fagans,19 Bird,Rev T.,---31
Bird,Thomas,---,41 Bird,John,---,48
Blethin,Morgan,---,40 Boddington,Edward,---,40
Bowen,Thomas,---,41 Bradford,Earl of,---,42
Bridge,William,Yarmouth,20 Bridgeman,Edward,Devon,43
Bridgeman,Orlando MP,43 Burton,Major,Battle of St Fagans,19
Bute,John first Marquess of,---,14 Bute,John 4th Earl of,---,42
Bute,Marquis of,---,42 Charles I,King,Ruperra Castle,17
Charteris,Lady Irene Corona,---,14 Charteris,Lady Irene Corona,---,43
Christopher,Jenkin,---,40 Clarke,Mr P.L.,Cardiff,52
Clive,Hon Robert,---,13 Clive,Hon. Robert Windsor MP,South Shropshire,24
Clive,Lady Mary Windsor,---,24 Clive,Hon. Archer Windsor,War Memorial,28
Clive,Hon. R.T.,---,35 Clive,Lady Hariet,---,37
Clive,Hon. Robert Henry,---,42 Clive,Robert,---,42
Clive,Lady Mary Windsor,---,55 Clive of Plassey,Lord,---,42
Colchester,William,Cardiff,52 Cook,Richard John,---,38
Cooke,John,---,40 Cooke,Rev John,---,51
Dafydd,Lewis,Cribyn Cadog,34 Dafydd,Christina,Cribyn Cadog,34
Dafydd,Isaac,---,34 David,Rev W.,Rectory,9
David,Margarett,Tir Meyrick Goch,13 David,Rev William,---,23
David,William,---,41 David,Evan,Fairwater,41
David,Prof. Sir Edgeworth,---,47 David,Rev William,---,47
David,John,Pentirch,52 Davies,jacob,---,47
Davies,Madame Clara Novello,---,47 de Sancto Fagano,Robert,---,39
de Vele,Bevis,Portworth GLS,10 de Vele,John,---,10
Dorset,Earl of,---,52 Ealing,Edgar,War Memorial,28
Edmunds,Reginald H.,War Memorial,28 Ellis,Edmund,---,40
Engine,Jim-o'r-,---,35 Etchells,Mr,Parish Church,25
Evans,Dr William,---,39 Evans,William,Llandaff,40
Fann,Captain Lieutenant,Battle of St Fagans,19 Farley,Freeman,War Memorial,28
Fitzhamon,Sir Robert,Cardiff Castle,10 Flemyng,John,Capel Llanilterne,30
Forrest,Clive,War Memorial,28 Fraser,Mr,Peterston,53
Galler,---,---,40 Gamage,---,Pencoed,48
Garland,Captain,Battle of St Fagans,19 Gerard,Sir Charles,---,17
Gibbon,Dr,Kentrebane,11 Gibbon,Dr,---,12
Gibbon,Daniel,Tir Meyrick Goch,13 Gibbon,Wm,Tir Meyrick Goch,13
Gibbon,Dr John,---,15 Gibbon,Dr John,---,27
Gibbon,Nathaniell,---,50 Gibbon,Dr John,---,53
Godfrey,Lieutnant,Battle of St Fagans,19 Green,Rev C.A.H.,---,23
Guinevere,Queen,---,30 Gwenora,Queen,Pencoed,49
Harris,Howell,---,34 Herbert,Nicholas,St Fagans Castle,11
Herbert,Nicholas,St Fagans,12 Herbert, Sir William,---,12
Herbert,William,---,12 Herbert,Lady Charlotte,---,14
Herbert,Charlotte,---,42 Holmes,Thomas,Kendall WES,34
Hopkin,Robert Thomas,War Memorial,28 Horton,Tho,Battle of St Fagans,18
Horton,William,---,38 Horton,William,---,51
Hughes,Captain,Battle of St Fagans,19 James,William,Llanilterne,30
Jenkins,Edward,---,50 Jevan Goch,---,Rhydlavar,39
John,Morgan,Cilvach wen,13 John,David,War Memorial,28
John,Lawrence,---,52 John,Rees,Pentirch,52
John,Richard,---,52 Johns,Lewis,---,40
Jones,Captain,Battle of St Fagans,20 Jones,Allen,War Memorial,28
Jones,Robert,War Memorial,28 Jones,Rev Daniel,Meeting House,35
Keay,Robert,War Memorial,28 Laugharne,Major-General,Battle of St Fagans,17
le Dispenser,Richard,---,11 le Dispenser,Hugh,---,39
le Soor,Willielmus,---,10 le Soore,Sir Peter,---,10
le Sore,Odo,---,10 le Sore,Peter,---,15
le Vale,Peter,---,15 le Vele, Alice,---,11
Leicester,Robert Earl of,Ceven y Gwyndon,12 Lewis,Sir Edward,Van,12
Lewis,Edward,Ceven y Gwyndon,12 Lewis, Edward,Ceven tre baen,12
Lewis,Edward,Parke y Bay,12 Lewis,Edward,Parke y Gover,12
Lewis,William,Croft Eginin,12 Lewis,Elizabeth,Van,13
Lewis,Thomas,Van,13 Lewis,Hon. Thomas,---,27
Lewis,---,Greenmeadow,30 Lewis,David,---,38
Lewis,David,---,39 Lewis,William,---,40
Lewis,Richard,---,40 Lewis,Elizabeth,London,41
Lewis,Elizabeth,---,42 Lewis,William,The Van,52
Lewis,Sir Edward,---,52 Lisle,Rev W.B.M.,---,8
Lisle,Rev W.B.M.,The Cwms,9 Lisle,Dr,---,27
Lisle,Miss,---,37 Lisle,Dr William Berkin Meackham,---,41
Lisle,Rev W.B.M.,---,48 Littleton,Spencer W.,War Memorial,29
Lleurwg,King,Rhdlavar,7 Llewellin,Edward,---,50
Llewellyn,David,---,39 Llewellyn,William junr,---,41
Lywelyn,Thomas,Yscubor Fawr,34 Macalister,Professor R.A.S.,---,31
Mason,Robert Harold,War Memorial,29 Mathew,David,Radyr,11
Mathew,William,Dwy Erw y Garne vach,13 Mathew,William,Erwr Vallen,13
Mathew,George,Tir John Crwm,13 Mathew,David,Totworth GLS,49
Mathew,Edward,---,50 Mathewes,George,---,12
Mathews,Thos,Tir Meyrick y Boney,12 Mathews,Thos,Rhydlewar,12
Meurig,King,---,30 Moore,Rev T.W.,Mountain Ash,55
Moore,Rev J.W. Brady,---,55 Morgan,William,---,34
Morgan,Henry,---,40 Morgan,William,Caerau,55
Moxhay,Rev F.W.,---,25 Moxhay,Frederick William,---,41
Nicholets,Captain,Battle of St Fagans,19 Okey,Colonel,Battle of St Fagans,19
Paget,Alberta Victoria Sarah Caroline,---,43 Paget,Sir Augustus Berkeley,---,43
Pembroke,7th Earl of,---,42 Personal Names
Phillip,Thomas John Thomas,Maes tre Werne,13 Phillip,John,---,39
Phillips,Thomas,Llantwit Fardre,35 Phillips,Thomas,Stockland,35
Plymouth,Earl of,---,9 Plymouth,third Earl of,---,13
Plymouth,sixth Earl of,---,13 Plymouth,first Earl of,---14
Plymouth,second Earl of,---14 Plymouth,Earl of,---,41
Plymouth,Other Earl of,---,41 Plymouth,3rd Earl of,---,42
Plymouth,1st Earl of,---,42 Pordage,Edward,---,41
Powell,Hugh,---,40 Powell,Bartholomew,---,50
Powis,Earl of,---,42 Powys,Earl of,---,13
Pranch,Anne,Tre Goches,13 Price,Samuel,---35
Radcliffe,Robert,War Memorial,29 Radcliffe,Thomas,War Memorial,29
Radcliffe,William,War Memorial,29 Rawbone,Thomas,---,40
Read,Lieutenant-Colonel,Battle of St Fagans,19 Rees,Morgan,Tir Morgan hen,13
Rees,Morgan,Dwy Erw y Garne vach,13 Rees,Morgan,Erwr Vallen,13
Rhys,Richard Lewellin,---,41 Richman,Ann,Penmark,21
Rosser,John,Upper Stockland,24 Rosser,John,---,50
Scott,William,Cardiff,52 Seys,Roger,School,37
Sleath,Gabriel,London,26 Sorus (Le Sore),Jordannus,---,10
Stradling,Richard,Cilvach wen,13 Stradling,Sir Edward,---,53
Street,G.E.,---25 Symonds,---,---,40
Symonds,Richard,---,50 Thomas,Mrs Johan,Rhydlavar,13
Thomas,Edmond,Baldam bach,13 Thomas,Aneurin C.,War Memorial,29
Thomas,---,Tynwern,36 Thomas,John,---,52
Thomas,Richard,---,52 Thompson,Dr H.M.,---25
Traherne,Rev J.M.,Coedarhydyglyn,33 Tredegar,Lord,---,55
Tudor,Jasper,---,48 Turner,George,War Memorial,29
Tyrel,Roger,---,10 Tyrrell,Sir Timothy,Cardiff Castle,17
Wade,Major,Battle of St Fagans,19 Warwick, Isabella Countess of,---,11
Watkins,John,---,40 Wedope,William,Cardiff,52
Wemyss,Earl of,---,14 Wemyss,11th Earl of,---,43
Whiting,Metford,War Memorial,29 William,Morgan,Lanvair vach,13
Williams,Sir Trevor,Gwayne Y Gwaeo coch,13 Williams,Thomas,---,34
Williams,Mary,---,38 Williams,Mary,---,51
Williams,Evan,Pentirch,52 Windsor,Lord,---,9
Windsor,Other,---,13 Windsor,Harriet,---,13
Windsor,Baroness,---,14 Windsor,Thomas Viscount,---,14
Windsor,Lady Charlotte Jane,---,14 Windsor,Herbert Viscount,---,14
Windsor,Alice Viscountess,---,14 Windsor, Baroness,---,24
Windsor,Lord,---,24 Windsor,Baroness,---,27
Windsor,Baroness,---30 Windsor,Hon. Andrew,---,41
Windsor,Other,---,42 Windsor,Viscount,---,42
Windsor,Charlotte Jane,---,42 Windsor,Alice Elizabeth,---,42
Windsor,Lady Harriet,---,42 Windsor Clive,Hon. Robert MP,South Shropshire,24
Windsor Clive,Lady Mary,---,24 Windsor Clive,Hon. Archer,War Memorial,28
Windsor-Clive,Other Robert,---,9 Windsor-Clive,Hon William W,Taxford,24
Windsor-Clive,Lady Mary,---,43 Wogan,Captain,Battle of St Fagans,20
Yates,Dr Richard Sutton,---,41

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Adamslove two acres,57 Baldhalm seven quarters,57
Beili-coch,57 Blackhouse Acre,57
Boar Park,57 Boardman's meadow,57
Bower Lawn,57 Brest two acres,57
Brin,60 Brinn,57
Brinn,62 Broad Acres,57
Brook Field,57 Broom Lawn,57
Cabbin two acres,57 Cae Meirch,18
Cae'r meirch,58 Capel Llanilterne,30
Cattle field,58 Cefntreban,58
Cefntre-Payne,58 Ceven-tre-baen,58
Chaldeans,58 Church Yard,58
Cilvach wen,58 Cockyd,58
Coed Bychan Quarry,38 Coed mawr,58
Coed y Gof,58 Coed y Goitre,58
Coed y Trenches,58 Coed-bychan,58
Collin acre,58 Coomb Wood,58
Crgment Holes,58 Crickets yellow,58
Crocks acre,58 Crockwood,58
Croft Eginin,58 Croft-Eginyn,58
Croft-y-Genan,58 Croft-y-Genau,58
Croft-y-Ginny,58 Crossway six acres,58
Culverhouse,58 Cwrlwys,58
Cwrt-y-spwyl,58 Dwy erw y Garne Vach,58
Eight acres,58 Erwr Vallen,58
Evans higher field,58 Fair retreat,58
Ffynnon-fach,58 Ffynnon-yr-odyn,58
Five quarters,58 Fogg three acres,58
Gadlass,59 Garn,59
Garn,60 Gate ten acres,59
Gil-fach,59 Glandowlash,59
Gocyd,59 Goitre-fach,59
Graige,59 Grant field,59
Great Bowas,59 Great Broomhill,59
Green field,59 Gwayne-y-Gwaigw coch,59
Gwern y Cegyn,53 Gwern-y-Cegyn,59
Halfwrt,59 Halvord,57
Halvord,59 Hendre assam,59
Kaia Howell bach,59 Kentrebaine,59
Kevan fach,59 Kevan y Gwyndon,59
Keven Tre Baen,59 Keven Treff Baen,59
Lanmace,59 Lannilthern,59
Lickey meadow,59 Lilly's three acres,59
Llan Illtwrn,59 Llan Sant Ffagan,60
Llandmaes,60 Llanellterne,59
Llanfaes,60 Llanfair vach,59
Llanfair Vawr,33 Llanfair vawr,58
Llanfair-fach,59 Llanfair-fach-vawr,59
Llanfair-fawr,59 Llanforda,60
Llan-illtern,59 Llan-Illteyrn,59
Llanilsterne,59 Llaniltern,59
Llanilterne,59 Llanmaes,59
Llansanffagan,60 Llanvaes,60
Llanvair,59 Llanvair vach,59
Llanvair vawr,59 Llanvorda,60
Llanwenson,30 Llwyn-coli,60
Llwyn-y-fwyalch,60 Llwyn-y-mwyalch,60
Llwynyrecos,60 Llwyn-yr-Eos,60
Lower Stockland,60 Lower stone field,60
Maes tre Werne,60 Maisllech,60
Migna meadow,60 Nant Gwladys,60
Nant y Glaswg,60 Nell Acre,60
Newhouse Farm,51 Pail Field,60
Pantmoell,34 Parc-coed-machen,60
Parc-y-Felin,60 Parc-y-Justice,60
Parson's Glade,60 Paynston,61
Pencoed,48 Pencoed,60
Pendown,58 Pendown,59
Pendown,60 Penhavad,60
Pen-hefyd,60 Penhevad,57
Penhevad,58 Penhevad,59
Penhevad,60 Penllis Firr,60
Pentre-bach,60 Pentrebaine,60
Pentrebanan,61 Pentrebane,57
Pentrebane,58 Pentrebane,60
Pentrebane Farm,52 Pentre-baynes,61
Pentrebean,61 Pentreffyd,60
Plymouth Arms,9 Pool Ware,61
Porthenas,60 Portway Fields,61
Pwll-Arthur,61 Rashey meadow,61
Rectory Glebe,58 Red House,61
Red Meadow,61 Red Pool,61
Red Thigh Field,61 Red Well,61
Redcoat meadow,61 Redlavar Pranch,61
Redlaver,60 Rethlavar,61
Rhydfach,61 Rhydlafer,61
Rhydlavar,61 Rhydlaver,61
Rhydlewar,61 Ridlavar,61
Roasted three acres,61 Round field,61
Sgnbor Fawr,61 Shagg field,62
Slanny,62 Slanny two acres,58
St. Brides-super-Ely,33 Stockland,62
Stockland Farm,21 Stonehouse meadow,62
Summerfield,62 Tabernacle Calv. Meth. Chapel,35
Tai-hirion,62 Taihirion Cong. Chapel,35
Tewkesbury Abbey,23 The Garn,57
The Halvord,58 The Rock,61
The Slade,62 The Yellows,62
Thorn six acres,62 Thorny two acres,62
Tir John Crwna,62 Tir Meyrick Goch,62
Tir Morgan hen,62 Tir y Baldham,57
Tref geirnock,62 Tregernogge,62
Tregochas,62 Tregoches,57
Tregoches,58 Tregoches,60
Tregoches,62 Tre-goch-gwaed,62
Tregurnog,62 Tregwrnoeg,62
Trewen Isha,58 Trewern,62
Trewern Isha,57 Trewern Isha,59
Trewern Isha,60 Twyn cottage,62
Twyn-pumro,62 Ty-du,62
Ty-newydd,62 Tyn-y-caeau,62
Upper Stockland,57 Upper Stockland,58
Upper Stockland,59 Wet furlong,62
Whinnyfrid's acre,62 White Baldham,62

Annals of St. Fagans with Llanilterne [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks]