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Chapels - Swansea

This project is fully described on Glamorgan Chapels Database

This Swansea database compiled by Jeff Coleman with contributions from;

  • Gareth Hicks
  • John Ball
  • Richard Gwynn

This list embraces the area covered by  the Swansea parishes of St Mary's, St John's and St Thomas's

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Gareth's Help Page )

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available

  • 1.  The Chapels Recording Project in Wales (RCAHMW)
  • 2.  Independent Chapels of Wales: History Books and Pamphlets by Huw Walters.
  • 3.  Glamorgan Bibliography on Genuki
  • 4.  History of the Methodists in West Glamorgan by The Rev. W Samlet Williams 1916 (Index) This source applies        to Calvinistic Methodist Chapels (now the Presbyterian Church of Wales)
  • 5.  Glamorgan FHS - the publications lists etc
  • 6.  My Ancestors were Congregationalists in England and Wales, by D J H Clifford, SOG, 1992.
  • 7.   Swansea: an Illustrated History. Edited Glanmor Williams; published by  Christopher Davies, Swansea 1990.        (Chapter 6, Religion and Education by F. G. Cowley)
  • 8.  Jones, I.G. & Williams, D. The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1,       South Wales.    UWP,   Cardiff, 1976. The name(s) given are those of the informant
  • 9.   Lewis, John: The Swansea Guide, W. M. Brewster, 1851
  • 10. Glamorgan Record Office in Cardiff  hold most extant parish church and non-conformist chapel records, these are        listed on their site (click ' history of your family' on main page and scroll down to the end of the next page)
  • 11.  The Cambrian Index  - The index data is obviously limited , there may be more available via the online contact        address
  • 12.  Kelly's Directory, South Wales 1895 -  the Archive CD Books Cd

Additional sources



Albert Hall Baptist(?) chapel

  • Albert Hall Baptist chapel                          Rev Oscar T Snelling        Seats 2600         1895  (12)
  • Albert Hall, Cradock St           Undenominational               Rev Oscar Thompson Snelling        1910  (16)

The Albert Hall ( formerly the Music Hall, now a bingo venue) was the venue for a very personal mission by Rev. Oscar Snelling. Somebody on the Glamorgan list is related to a protege of Snelling's called CURTISS who went from newspaper-seller to evangelist. I don't think he was a baptist, but not sure.  [ lookup needed]   (JC)

Bethany English Baptist, Bryn Rd, Waunarlwydd

  •  Bethany English Baptist, Bryn Rd, Waunarlwydd               SS60019551      Built in 1875 and rebuilt/modified in 1883          (1)
  • The English Baptist chapel in Waunarlwydd, erected in 1875, has 250 sittings             1895  (12)       and   Bethania English Baptist        Rev A E Turtle        1910  (16)
  • Bethany English Baptist Church, Waunarlwydd: minutes, 1878-1937; church history, 1975     held at  Swansea Archives

Bethlehem, Groft   Particular Baptist

  • Bethlehem, Groft   Particular Baptist              Erected c 1850             Richard Thomas, Deacon, Chapel St, Greenhill     1851 (8)

Bethesda, High Street

Bethesda Welsh Baptist, Bethesda St, Prince of Wales Rd

  • Bethesda Welsh Baptist, Bethesda St, Prince of Wales Rd              SS65789390         First built in 1649, rebuilt in 1830/1, modified/enlarged in 1861 and again in 1882, disused by 1995            (1)
  • "Welsh Baptist, Bethesda, 1831   seated 1000"   (7)
  • "Baptists - rented former meeting house  - Baptist Court"    (7)
  • "Baptist, Back Lane, 1798 (Joseph Harris, Gomer) "   (7)
  • "Bethesda Baptist ; This chapel can trace its origins back directly to the very first Strict Baptist congregation in Wales which was organised at Ilston in Gower in 1649. It moved into Swansea in about 1670 and after occupying premises in Baptist Court and Back Lane, built its present home in 1831. Rebuilding took place and extensions to the chapel were made in 1858 and 1882."    Hafod & The Swansea Valley Archeological Trail  site
  • Bethesda, Bethesda St   Baptists       Erected in 1830          Daniel Davies, Minister, 2 Nelson Place        1851  (8)
  • "Bethesda Chapel (Welsh), Bethesda-street:. Minister, the Rev. Daniel Davies. Sunday-school scholars, 118 ; teachers, 27. There is an English School attached to this Chapel, having 202 scholars.- Services at each Chapel, 11 A.M., 6 P.M. "            1851  (9)
  • Bethesda  Welsh  Prince of Wales Rd       Rev E Edmonds          Seats 1150             1895  (12)      and  Rev David Price        1910  (16)
  • Book index entry; ' Bethesda Chapel Swansea, 1838'   (14)
  • Baptist  Bethesda St          Rev. David Davies      1858-1859 Slaters Directory

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Swansea General Baptist Church deeds  1758-1852         "In 1689 the Baptists established a meeting house on a site in the present High Street, Swansea, then above the old north gate of the town. The site later became known as Baptist Court and remained in existence until the 1930s. The chapel was apparently no longer in use by the end of the 19th century."

Calfaria Welsh Baptist Chapel, Carmarthen Road, Fforestfach; Raven Hill  

  • Calfaria Welsh Baptist Chapel, Carmarthen Road, Fforestfach; Raven Hill         SS63169553        Built in 1861 (or 1867), enlarged/modified in 1892/3 and  demoted to vestry, upgraded to church again 1970s, still in use in 1996  (1)
  • Ravenhill Calfaria Welsh Baptist         Rev Evans Jones Hughes            Seats 485           1910  (16)

Capel Gomer Welsh Baptist, Carlton Terrace and Orchard St

  • Capel Gomer Welsh Baptist, Carlton Terrace                       SS65249327                                 Built in 1878 or 1891, bombed/demolished in 1941, rebuilt in 1962, still in use in 1998                      (1)
  • Capel Gomer  Welsh    Orchard St       Rev John Gomer Lewis            Seats 1000     1895   (12)    and    1910  (16)   

These seem to have been associated, but not the same place.
The 1878 Ordnance Survey Map of the Centre of Swansea, published by West Glamorgan Archive Service 1993, shows the Orchard Street premises as Gospel Hall (bapt.) and the Carlton Terrace premises as Mt. Zion Chapel (General Bapt.)
The 1897 Ordnance Survey Map of the Centre of Swansea shows 'Baptist Chapel' in Carlton Terrace and the building formerly the gospel hall still in existence but not noted as a chapel. [A different chapel (Alexandra I think) is in a different location in Orchard Street.]
Carlton Terrace premises was rebuilt 1962.   Appears still open 2006       (JC)

See also Mount Zion below

Eaton Rd English Baptist

  •   Eaton Rd English Baptist, Eaton Rd              SS65459540       Built in 1875, disused  by 1995          (1)

Ebenezer Baptist, Ebenezer St

  • Ebenezer, Ebenezer St                  SS65649369         Built in 1804 and enlarged/modified in 1826, rebuilt/modified in 1863, further rebuilding in 1891. Sunday School built in 1863 and Mission Hall in 1904           (1)

This chapel was originally Welsh Independent but in late 20th century became Baptist, with merger of the congregation from Bethesda, which was in poor repair.  Appears still open 2006      (JC)

  • Book;
    Richards, Glyn. Braslun o hanes Ebenezer, Abertawe, ar achlysur dathlu trydydd jiwbili yr achos [A short history of Ebenezer chapel, Swansea, on the occasion of its third Jubilee]. Llanelli, 1954.

Gendros Baptist Church, Penrhos Place, Swansea

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Gendros Baptist Church, Penrhos Place, Swansea  records            "........ marriage registers, 1981-1987."

Gorse Lane English Baptist

  •  Gorse Lane English Baptist                        Rev Cecil Edgar Shipley              Seats 450             1895  (12)

Libanus Welsh Baptist chapel, Caebricks, Carmarthen Rd, Cwmbwrla

  • Libanus Welsh Baptist chapel, Caebricks, Carmarthen Rd, Cwmbwrla            SS64999474              Built in 1867, rebuilt/modified in 1891 and in 1905/6. Sunday School added 1873. Still in use in 1996      (1)
  • Cwmbwrla (Libanus) Welsh Baptist            Seats 750      1895   (12)     and  Rev Evan Hermas Evans        1910  (16)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "In 1863 a Sunday School was established in a private house in Caebricks, by members of Bethesda, Swansea, and in 1866, a congregation was formed. Libanus Chapel, Cwmbwrla, Swansea, was opened in 1867. A new chapel was built adjoining the old in 1906. After a decline in membership the chapel was closed in 2000"
    "......... including minutes, 1870-2000; financial records, 1893-1971; programmes and hymn books, 1941-1983; correspondence, 1906-1980; miscellaneous, 1905-1949."

Building still standing but not in use 2006       (JC)

Demolished by fire (News item 21 Jan 2012)

Little Madoc St Baptist (St Helen's, English)

  • Little Madoc St (St Helen's, English)               Rev J W Causton           Seats 380               1895  (12)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • St Helen's Baptist Church, Little Madoc Street        ".............all marriage registers, 1936-1940."

On 1878 map [Cambrian 1876??] later Spring Terrace       (JC)

  • St Helen's Rd English Baptist     Rev Alexander W Pay                     1895   (12)
  • St Helen's, Spring Terrace English Baptist           Rev John William Causton          Seats 420          1910  (16)  

These two above entries refer to the same chapel
Part of Little Madoc Street was re-named Spring Terrace between 1878 map and 1897 map.
[ not the same building as Salvation Army Spring Terrace Tabernacle]    (JC)

Manselton Welsh Baptist chapel, Cecil St/Walters St, Glandwr, Manselton

  •  Manselton Welsh Baptist chapel, Cecil St/Walters St, Glandwr, Manselton         SS65029542          Built in 1922, still in use in 2002     (1)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "The Welsh Baptist Church, Cecil Street, Manselton closed in 1969. "
    ".......... all marriage registers, 1924-1968."

Memorial, Walters Rd

  • Memorial Hall English Baptist, Walter Rd                 SS64589300          First built c1880, rebuilt in 1994/-5, still in use in 1996                  (1)
  • Walter Rd   English    Memorial              Rev John Wm Williams        Seats 950          1895  (12)              and   Rev John William Kettle     1910  (16)
  • Memorial Baptist Church, Swansea: photographs, 1992        at  Swansea Archives

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Memorial Baptist Church, Walter Road, Swansea, Records           "In 1873 76 members of Bethesda Chapel, High Street, Swansea, formed a separate church in the lower part of the town. They first met in the Albert Hall, Swansea, and the first building in Walter Road was opened in 1875. The first minister of the church was the Rev. F. C. White. In 1877 47 members left to form the Welsh Baptist Church, now Capel Gomer. The Walter Road church was demolished in 1992."
    "............ including marriage registers, 1953-1991; minutes of Deacon's meetings, 1906-1992; minutes of church meetings, 1913-1966; colour transparencies of the church, 1992; minute book of the meetings of the Dorcas Guild, 1966-1989; photographs, [1870s]-[1930s]; commemorative lists, [early 20th century]."

 New building still in use 2006     (JC)

Mount Calvary English Baptist, Ysgol St/Danygraig Rd, Danygraig

  •  Mount Calvary English Baptist, Ysgol St/Danygraig Rd, Danygraig            SS67589337      Built in 1882 and rebuilt in 1905, still in use in 2002                   (1)
  • Danygraig English Baptist             Seats 300      1895   (12)     and         Rev Evan Myrrddin Thomas    1910  (16)

Mount Calvary English Baptist, Cecil St/Elgin St, Manselton

  •  Mount Calvary English Baptist, Cecil St/Elgin St, Manselton         SS65099523     Built in 1884, rebuilt/modified in 1903/5 and again in 1909-10, still in use in 1996              (1)
  • Manselton (Mount Calvary, English)       Seats 230           1895  (12)         and     Rev Austin Llewelyn Edwards        1910  (16)

Mount Pleasant

  • Mount Pleasant English Baptist, Kingsway            SS65439317              Built in 1825/6, rebuilt/enlarged in 1874/6, further modifications and additions in 1885 and 1904 and 1904-5, still in use in 1996              (1)
  • "English Baptist, Mount Pleasant 1827 - frontage 1875"    (7)
  • Mount Pleasant Particular Baptist              Extant records (10)                     
  • Mount Pleasant  English                  Rev James Owen               Seats 1200               1895  (12)       and    Rev Henry Charles Mander           1910  (16)
  • Particular Baptist, Heathfield St [which is next to Mount Pleasant]      Erected in 1826     John Roberts, Secretary, 23 Princes St       1851  (8)
  • "Mount Pleasant Chapel, Gower-street.        Minister, the Rev. Enoch Williams.               Number of Sunday-school scholars, 134 ; teachers, 22"     1851   (9)             
  • Baptist Gower St       Rev Charles Short          1858-1859 Slaters Directory

Gower Street and Heathfield Street were both almost entirely bombed out (apart from this chapel, which stands out in aeial photos of blitzed area) and were replaced by Kingsway after WW2.
Still active 2006     (JC)

Mount Zion English Baptist chapel, Cradock St

  • Cradock St (Mount Zion) English Baptist chapel             Rev Daniel Thomas     Seats 550        1895   (12)   and    Rev Edwd Worthing               1910   (16)

Same location as modern Capel Gomer, in Carlton Terrace facing down Cradock Street.    (JC)

Pant-y-Gwydyr English Baptist, Glanbrydan Ave, Uplands

  •  Pant-y-Gwydyr English Baptist, Glanbrydan Ave, Uplands              SS63829271      Built in 1906-7, still in use in 1996                   (1)
  •  Pantygwydr English Baptist, Glanbrydan Ave, Uplands        Rev William Thomas     Seats 610          1910  (16)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Pantygwydr Baptist Church, Ernald Place, Uplands, Swansea, Records                ".......... established as a mission of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church to the relatively new housing estate in West Swansea. The first chapel, a simple building of corrugated iron, was built on the north side of Gorse Lane (since renamed King Edward Road), and opened on 12th May 1892. In 1907 the present stone-built chapel was erected on the corner of Ernald Place and Gwydr Crescent, and the old chapel was rebuilt alongside it as a schoolroom"
    " ........... including annual meeting agendas and statements of accounts, 1929-1939; general accounts, 1892-1956; minutes of Deacons' meetings, 1920-1922; minutes of church meetings, 1905-1993; minutes of Sunday School teachers' meetings, 1893-1939; minutes of Executive Committee meetings, 1924-1939; Youth Club minutes, 1959-1964; church magazines, 1927-1950; bulletins and news sheets, 1931-1982; service sheets, 1920-1996; programmes, 1916-1956; anniversary souvenirs, 1952-1992; records of Pantygwydyr Girl Guides, 1933-[1980s]; yearbooks, 1930; miscellaneous, 1888-1993; photographs, c.1900-1981"

Still active 2006   (JC)

Philadelphia Welsh Baptist, Neath Rd, Pentre, Hafod

  • Philadelphia Welsh Baptist, Neath Rd                   Rev B O James      Seats 800            1895  (12)    and    1910  (16)
  • Philadelphia Welsh Baptist Chapel, Neath Road, Pentre, Hafod            SS65939455     Built in 1866/7, rebuilt/modified in 1899, not still in use in 1995    (1)

Building still standing 2006, but not in use   (JC)

Siloam Baptist, Goetre Fach Rd, Killay

  • Siloam Baptist, Goetre Fach Rd, Killay            SS60159290            (1)
  • Siloam Baptist     Erected in 1830                      John Pugh, Pastor of the Church      1851  (8)
  • Here is a Baptist chapel (Killay) built in 1831, rebuilt in 1844, and altered in 1877 with sittings for 250    1895  (12)
  • Baptist   Killay      Rev John Davies               1895  (12)                           and      Rev John Henry Davies     Seats 240       1910  (16)
  • Siloam Baptist Church, Killay: church history, 1981   copy at Swansea Archives

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Siloam Baptist Church, Killay              ".......... founded in 1831. It remained Welsh-speaking until the early 20th century."

 Still active 2006    (JC)

Sketty Baptist, Carnglas Road.

  • Sketty Baptist, Carnglas Road          Built early 20th century, still active 2006   (JC)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Sketty Baptist Church, Carnglas Road, Sketty               "........ all marriage registers, 1952-1956."

Tabernacle English Baptist, Skinner St/Wheatfield St

  • Tabernacle Baptist, Skinner St/Wheatfield St           SS65339423               Demolished by 1997         (1)
  • Carmarthen Road English Baptist        Rev Wm John           Seats 600                   1895  (12)
  • Carmarthen Rd English, Skinner St        Rev Isaac Lloyd                     1910  (16)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Tabernacle English Baptist Church, Waun Wen, record          "The church was formed in 1875, drawing its congregation initially from members of Mount Pleasant, York Place and Bethesda chapels. The congregation now meets in Ebenezer, High Street which was formerly a Welsh Independent chapel"
    "................. 1951, souvenir booklet to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the church, including a history of the cause."


  • Townhill Baptist, Powys Ave, Townhill             SS63929370             Built in 1933, still in use in 1996     (1)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "The church was founded in 1928 to meet the need for a Baptist place of worship in Townhill. Many of the founder members came from the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in the city centre, while some came from other Baptist churches in the area. The church at Townhill continued in the mainstream Baptist Union until 1973, when, together with other Baptist churches in Swansea, it seceded from the organisation following controversial statements made by the Reverend Michael Taylor to the Baptist Union Assembly of 1971"
    "Townhill Baptist Church records, 1913-1986, including registers of baptisms and dedications, 1928-1982; communion register, 1929-1950; minute books, 1928-1979; accounts, 1932-1984; correspondence, 1939-1986; legal documents, 1913-1986; insurance records, 1933-1972; records relating to the church building, 1932-1968; building fund records, 1933-1953; church organisation records, 1937-1985; Sunday School records, 1960-1969; Boys' Brigade records, 1953-1955; records relating to local organisations, 1940-1955; photographs, 1933-1952.

Still in use 2006            (JC)

Zion Welsh Baptist, Roseland Rd, Waunarlwydd

  • Zion Welsh Baptist, Roseland Rd, Waunarlwydd        SS60779535         Built in 1872, rebuilt in 1880 and in 1895          (1)
  • The Welsh Baptist chapel in Waunarlwydd, erected in 1859 and rebuilt in 1872, will seat 650       1895  (12)    and  Rev James Jones     1910  (16)

York Place

  • York Place English Baptist Chapel and Hall, York St,            SS658928          Built in 1830/1, rebuilt/modified in 1866 and again in 1885, still in use in 1995            (1)
  • York Place English Baptist            Extant records (10)
  • York Place, York St    Baptist       Erected in 1828      David Evans, Minister, 5 Northampton Place             1851   (8)
  • York St  English             Rev David Burwyn Davies           Seats 700                    1895  (12)     and    Rev William Casnodyn Rhys    1910  (16)
  • York Place Baptist     Rev. J. H. Hill                    1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • "York-place Chapel, York-street. Minister, the Rev. David  Evans. Sunday-school scholars, 210; teachers, 27"    1851   (9)
  • York Place English Baptist Church, Swansea: minutes, 1830-1947; members' roll, 1855-1947; magazines, 1901-1905  held at Swansea Archives
  • York Baptist Chapel, Swansea. Marriage on 8 February 1845 with William Bevan, Registrar and Thomas Bliss officiating
    [Jo Anne Chellew Gaddy, California]

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "The Mount Pleasant English Baptist Chapel, Swansea was opened in 1826. In 1830 there were disagreements amongst the congregation concerning the selection of a minister and a group of 59 members left the church. At first they met a house called Bethel on the Strand, but in 1831 they purchased the former Congregational chapel in York Place for £900. The numbers attending the chapel increased and in 1841 it was licensed for the performance of marriages. Following the diamond jubilee of the chapel in 1906 the church was renovated and the schoolroom rebuilt. Further work on the building was carried out in 1929. The chapel produced a magazine called Our own messenger"

Still in use 2006    (JC)



  • There is a  book; T. Mardy Rees: Dechreuad Annibyniaeth yn nghylchoedd Abertawe a Chastell Nedd. (Papur a ddarllenwyd ar gais Bwrdd Gweinidogion yr Annibynwyr, Abertawe), (Caerdydd, 1939)   (2)

Bethel English (Now URC), Sketty Park Rd           SS62309248

  • Bethel,  Sketty     UR     Opened in 1770   Still open in 1992    (6)   * but see below
  • "The English Congregational chapel near Sketty Green was built in 1842 in place of an earlier chapel erected in 1770, and seats 250 persons "            1895 (12)  * but see below
  • Congregational    Bryn   English     Sketty       Rev Elias Joseph        1895   (12)           and     1910  (16)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (March 2008)
  • Bethel English, Sketty Green, had a church hall built onto the back of the 1770 building in 1923. Then about 1970 the original 1770 chapel in front of the hall was demolished, for road widening, and a new worship area constructed alongside the church hall. (JC)

The chapel near Sketty Green was built in 1770 for the Welsh congregation. At some time after the Welsh congregation moved in 1842 to a new chapel in Carnglas Road, the original building became the home of Bethel English Congregational Church.
*Source (12) above is misleading in suggesting that the 1842 rebuilding was on the same site.


Bethel Welsh (Bethel Sgeti), Carnglas Road, Sketty        SS62329317  

  • Has a large graveyard
  • Bethel Welsh Ind, Garnglas Rd/Sketty Park Rd, Sketty                           First built 1770, rebuilt/modified in 1842, 1870 & 1898, still in use in 1993                (1)     
  • New Bethel, Carnglass Rd, Sketty             SS62329317   No denomination shown     Built in 1842 and rebuilt 1870       (1)
  • "Bethel Sketty , Independent, 1770"   (7)
  • Bethel Newedd, Sketty     Ind       Erected in 1770, or before 1800            Branch Sunday schools at Rhydydefaid and Crocket               Samuel Rosser, Deacon, Sketty         1851  (8)
  • New Bethel Welsh Congregational chapel erected in 1840 will seat 550 persons and has an attached burial ground of one acre     1895 (12)
  • Congregational   Welsh      Sketty             Rev D Owen Rees              1895  (12)                  and  1910  (16)
  • Still active 2006     (JC)
  • There are books; Prys Morgan: Bethel, y Sgeti, 1770-1970: golwg ar yr achos, (Abertawe, 1970) and
    Prys Morgan: Bethel, y Sgeti, 1770-1993: golwg ar hanes yr achos, (Abertawe, 1993)                    (2)
  • Bethel Chapel, Sketty: chapel history, 1993  ( This is the Welsh speaking chapel at Carnglas, as opposed to the English speaking chapel of the same name at Sketty Green)       -     held at  Swansea Archives
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru  (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (March 2008)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "Bethel Independent Chapel at Carnglas, Sketty, Swansea, was established in 1770 and was Welsh speaking. A new chapel was built in 1842 and was refurbished in 1880."      "Booklet relating the history of the chapel, 1993."
    I am not sure whether the 1880 refurbishment in this reference is for the 1770 chapel near Sketty Green. (JC)
  • Bethel Newydd, built 1842   'about half a mile higher up' in what is now Carnglas Road, is the present site of Bethel Welsh Independent. (JC)
  • There was an extension either 1898 or early 20th century (1920s or 1930s) and refurbishment in the last few years

See Bethel English/URC above for clarification of the confusion between the two Bethel chapels in Sketty

Capel Sion (Zion) Ind, High St

  • Capel Sion Ind, High St                 SS65709376             Built in 1843 (1849), rebuilt/modified in 1850 and 1864. Demolished c 1896 and replaced by Henrietta chapel, demolished [again] by 1997     (1)
    But Henrietta Street chapel is still in existence and in use  (JC)
  • Capel Seion   Welsh Ind       Opened in 1843       (6)
  • Capel Sion, High St         Welsh Calvinistic Independants               Erected in 1849     "This Place of Worship was commenced in Victoria Rooms, Oxford St, Swansea  1841 and was removed to a Chapel wich was Built in High Street 1843 and sold to the South Wales Railway Company 1849 where their station is and the present Chapel was Built in the same year and called Capel Sion"        David Davies, Deacon, Castle St    1851   (8)
  • "Zion. Chapel (Welsh), High-Street . Ministers, the Rev. Thomas Davies. Sunday-school scholars, 100; teachers, 16"   1851  (9)
  • Zion   Welsh   High St                       Rev Wm Gibbon                  Seats 550                   1895   (12)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (May 2008)
  • Two of my ancestors were married in Zion Chapel, High Street, Swansea  on 18 August 1867 "according to the rites and ceremonies of the Independents". The Minister was John Davies and the Registrar was Jeremiah Daniel. (Marriage Certificate)   ( Janet Russell)

Carmarthen Rd Congregational chapel, Carmarthen Rd

  • Carmarthen Rd chapel, Carmarthen Rd           SS6494    Denomination not given       Built in 1875/6, rebuilt/modified in 1894, Schoolroom added in 1909                         (1)
  • Carmarthen Rd English                 Rev John Phillips             Seats 750      1895   (12)    and    1910  (16)
  • Books;
  • Percy Morris: Carmarthen Road Congregational church, Swansea: jubilee souvenir, 1876-1926, (Swansea, 1926) (2)
  • Yonge, S. Carmarthen Road United Reformed Church, Swansea, 1876-1976. Swansea, 1976

Castle Street

  • Castle St English Ind           SS65689327           Built in 1814, rebuilt/modified in 1882, demolished early C20th  (1)
  • Castle St Welsh Ind chapel      Opened in 1843    (6)
  • Castle St Meeting  Ind         Opened in 1814    (6)    also in English
  • "Castle Street Congregational 1814"   (7)
  • Castle St Ind             Extant records (10)
  • Castle Street Meeting House or Chapel     Independent or Congregational               Erected about 1815         William Jones, Minister, 11 Gower St              1851  (8)
  • Castle St English          Rev Thomas Evan              Seats 800      (12)
  • Castle St Ind            Rev. William Jones             1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (April 2008)
  • "Castle-street Chapel, Castle-street. Minister, the Rev. Wm. Jones. Sunday-school scholars, 117 ; teachers, 19"   1851   (9)

Cwmbwrla Welsh Ind, Carmarthen Rd, Cwmbwrla   (Capel y Gât )

  • Cwmbwrla Welsh Ind,Carmarthen Rd, Cwmbwrla              SS65079463    Built in 1862/3 and enlarged in 1879, rebuilt/modified in 1890 and again in 1906       (1)
  • Cwmbwrla  Welsh            Rev David Jones      Seats 800           1895  (12)    and     1910  (16)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru  (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (Oct 2008)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "The records are relating to Cwmbwrla Independent Chapel, Swansea. The cause began in the early years of the 19th century when services were held in a house at Pentregethin. In 1844, a Sunday School was built by members of Ebenezer chapel for worship at Cwmbwrla. In the year of 1861 the decision was made to establish a church, which drew the majority of its members from Ebenezer, with others from Bethlehem (Cadle) and Siloam (Pentre Estyll). Te chapel was built in 1862. The church closed in 1964. It was demolished soon afterwards to make way for road widening and the re-development of Cwmbwrla Square. Although given no official name, the chapel was known as Capel y Gât (gate chapel) from its position close to the site of a toll gate"
    "......... including minute books, 1917-1940; annual reports, 1919-1960; membership records, 1911-1964; correspondence, 1933-1966; accounts, 1930-1931; photographs, 1894-1964; programmes and tickets for events, 1914-1962; miscellaneous periodicals, 1946-1949; newspaper cuttings, 1964 and publications, 1936"

Danygraig Congregational chapel

  • Danygraig English Ind, Ysgol St, Dan-y-graig                SS67549327          Built in 1860, rebuilt/modified 1883 and modified again in 1913. Sunday School and manse added in 1897            (1)
  • Danygraig English Ind, Ysgol St                Rev Edward Owen Evans           Seats 600               1910  (16)
  • There is a book by; W.R. Crocker, J.E. Jones: Danygraig Congregational church, Swansea. Historical souvenir of the church: 75th anniversary celebration, 1860-1935, (Swansea, 1935)     (2)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (March 2008)


  • Ebenezer Welsh Ind, Ebenezer St                  SS65659368          Built in 1803, enlarged in 1826 and rebuilt in 1862, still in use in 1996                    (1)
  • Ebenezer     Opened in 1689     (6)
  • " 1689 Dissenters  - in a court off High Street ( later Baptist Court)"    (7)
  • "Ebenezer, Independent, 1803 [now Baptist]  - rebuilt 1862, frontage 1896"  (7)
  •  Ebenezer, Ebenezer St  Ind              Erected in 1826               Elijah Jacob, Minister     1851  (8)
  • "Ebenezer Chapel (Welsh), Ebenezer-street.. Minister, the Rev. E. Jacob. Sunday-school scholars, 236 ; teachers, 61"   1851  (9)
  • Ebenezer Welsh  Ebenezer St           Rev W James    1895   (12)       and  Rev William James    1910  (16)
  • New Ebenezer,   Henrietta St   Welsh Ind       Opened in 1841   Replaced Ebenezer    (6)
    Source is in error. Henrietta Street was not in existence in 1841   (JC)
  • Ebenezer St  Ind      Rev. Elijah Jacob         1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Eleri Rowlands (May 2009)
  • There is a book; W. James: Canmlwyddiant eglwys Ebenezer, Abertawe, (Abertawe, 1904)   (2)
  • There is a book; John Williams: Eglwys Gynulleidfaol Ebenezer, Abertawe: ei hanes a'i gwaith, 1804-1922, (Caerdydd, 1922)   (2)
  • Ebenezer Congregational Church, Swansea: chapel history, 1954  -  held at  Swansea Archives
  • Closed in 2017. See the Archive Hub for extensive data on origin, extant records etc

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • ".......... Ebenezer originated as a branch congregation of Mynyddbach Chapel, Tirdoncyn, meeting in a farmhouse at Fforestfach. The chapel was built and opened in 1804, in Mariner Street, Swansea. In the 1970s it was decided to combine with the Welsh Congregational chapel in Henrietta Street, with whom they shared their minister. The old chapel was sold to a church in Waunwen, and the chapel in Henrietta Street is now known as Ebenezer Newydd."
    "Records relating to Ebenezer Chapel, Mariner Street and Ebenezer Newydd Chapel, Henrietta Street, Swansea, 1878-1999, including periodicals, 1892-1976; annual reports, 1903-1999; records relating to the chapel history, 1954; photographs, 1894-1989; orders of service for the induction of ministers at Capel Ebenezer, 1948-1976; orders of service for funerals, 1929-1977; annual reports and records relating to the Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg (the Union of Welsh Independents), 1945-1996; records relating to other chapels, 1949-1987; periodicals, 1878-1968; published books, 1923-1976; annual reports of theological colleges, 1964-1979"

Ebenezer Ind chapel, Dunvant

  • Ebenezer Welsh Ind, Dunvant                SS59339388         Built in 1872, rebuilt/modified in 1882 and 1893           (1)
  • There is a congregational chapel (Dunvant) erected in 1882                    1895  (12)
  • There is a book; Islwyn Davies: Ebenezer Independent chapel, Dunvant, 1872-1972, [s.l.: 1972]    (2)
  • Ebeneser Chapel, Dunvant: chapel history, 1972           held at  Swansea Archives
  •  Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)

Fabian's Bay English Independent, Balaclava St, St Thomas

  • Fabian's Bay English Independent, Balaclava St, St Thomas             SS66449322                         Built in 1862 and rebuilt/modified in 1872 and 1904, still in use in 2000              (1)
  • Fabian's Bay  English   Balaclava St               Rev John Matthews     Seats 500       1895   (12)     and     1910  (16)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (March 2008)
  • There is a book; Levi J. Evans: Fabian's Bay, 75th Anniversary, 1862-1937: history of the cause, (Swansea, 1937)   (2)

Fleet St English Ind, St Helen's

  • Fleet St English Ind (Sandfields)               SS64709242           Built in 1867, rebuilt/modified c 1897, demolished by 1996                 (1)
  • Fleet St   English   St Helen's                Seats 250      1895  (12)     and          1910  (16)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (Nov 2008)

Gendros English Congregational chapel, Carmarthen Rd, Fforestfach

  • Gendros English Congregational chapel, Carmarthen Rd, (Waunarlwydd?)           SS63289550         Built in 1907, modified, altered or rebuilt in 1912-3 and enlarged in 1926, still in use in 1996                    (1)
  • Gendros English Ind            Seats 210           1910  (16)
  • Gendros English Congregational Church, Fforestfach: chapel history, 1995  -   held at  Swansea Archives

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Gendros English Congregational Church, Fforestfach, Papers    ".....established in 1895."     
    "Printed history of Gendros English Congregational Church, Fforestfach, 1995"

Building still there apparently in use 2006     (JC)

[ May be in Llangyfelach - must check]

Henrietta Welsh Ind, Henrietta St

  • Henrietta Welsh Ind, Henrietta St       SS64869288      Built in 1896/7, replaced Capel Sion, still in use in 1996  (1)
  • Henrietta St  Welsh Capel            Built 1896       Rev William Gibbon          Seats 500               1910  (16)

Still in use 2006              (JC)

Hill English Ind, North Hill Rd

  • Hill English Ind, North Hill Rd      SS65239374     Built in 1881 with modifications in 1898, still in use in 2002  (1)
  • Hill United Reformed Church, Swansea: history, 1981 - held at  Swansea Archives
  • Hill      English    Gibbett Hill Rd                Rev David Thomas     Seats 250       1895   (12)         and      1910  (16)

[I think known as North Hill chapel]   (JC)Countess of Huntingdon chapel, Burrows, Herbert Place

  • Countess of Huntingdon (Burrows, Herbert Place), Herbert Place             SS65029292      Built in 1789 (1782?), enlarged in 1841 and rebuilt/modified in 1877               (1)
  • Burrows Ind chapel   English    Opened in 1789     (6)
  • "1787/1789 Countess of Huntingdon, Burrows "   (7)
  • Countess of Huntingdon's      Extant records (10)
  • Lady Huntingdons Chapel, Adelaide Place         Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion     Erected in 1791     Informant: Thomas Dodd, Minister, 11 Nelson Terrace, Swansea                1851 (8)
  • Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion      St Helen's Rd               Rev J Harrison Lochore           1895  (12)
  • Countess Huntingdon's   Adelaide st            Rev. John Daniel Whitby          1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Deric John
  • "LADY HUNTINGDON'S CHAPEL; On the Burrows, nearly adjoining the Royal Institution, is now a very spacious edifice, and has 129 scholars in its Sunday-school, and 17 teachers. Like the Wesley Chapel, it. is supplied with an organ. Minister, the Rev. T. Dodd. Service at, 11 A.M., and 6 1/2 P.M."   1851  (9)
  • Lady Huntingdon's chapel on the Swansea Heritage site

The original building on the Burrows (Adelaide Place) was up for sale 1876/7 and the new building was in St. Helen's Road was built about the same time. Plenty in the  'Cambrian' about it.
The 'new' building has been long gone. Not sure whether WW2 or earlier    (JC)

English Congregational, Manselton Rd, Manselton

  • English Congregational, Manselton Rd, Manselton (Manselton Unitarian - UR surely ?)          SS64919538  Demolished [??] by 1997    (1)
  • Manselton English Ind           Rev Griffith J Evans       Seats 600         1910  (16)
  • Books;
  • F. John James: Seventy-five years on ...: a short history of Manselton United Reformed Church, 1906-1981, (Manselton, 1981)
  • Manselton United Reformed Chapel: history, 1997 (D/D Z 295)   -   held at  Swansea Archives
  • These hundred years : a history of Christ Well, Manselton United Reformed Church 1906-2006; by Robert Pope. [Swansea]: Christ Well Manselton United Reformed Church, 2006. vii, 112 p. ISBN 1904845401 (pbk.).

Not demolished, still in use 2006, now called Christwell           (JC)
[ Check  Major renovations in last 15 years or so]   

Rhyddings Ind chapel

  •  Rhyddings Ind chapel                     Seats 550                   1910  (16)

Located on corner of Rhyddings Park Road and Rhyddings Terrace.
Still there, apparently still in use 2006 [check]
Is this actually the Calvinistic Methodist chapel   i.e the source is in error ?   (JC)

St Helen's Rd Ind chapel

  •  St Helen's Rd Ind chapel               Rev Thomas Sinclair Evans       Seats 400             1910  (16)

Not sure, but might be same as St. Pauls - leave as it is [check]   (JC)

Saint Paul's English Ind chapel, St Helen's Rd/Ave

  • Saint Paul's English Ind chapel, St Helen's Rd/Ave        SS64569258      Built in 1881 (1889?), rebuilt/modified in 1905 and Sunday school added, not still in use by 1996              (1)
  • St Paul's   English                  Rev Herbert Thomas Andrews         Seats 1000          1895   (12)    and   Rev J Gilbert Rees    1910  (16)
  • St Paul's Congregational Church, Swansea: pew rent book, 1888-1912  -   held at  Swansea Archives

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • St Paul's Congregational Church, Swansea        "........... was established in 1880. The Chapel building was opened in 1881"
    ".......... pew rent book, 1888-1912"

Listed building, at one time a cinema, now Miah's restaurant (2006)    (JC)

Sardis, Swansea Rd, Waunarlwydd

  • Sardis Ind, Swansea Rd, Waunarlwydd                SS60239557             Built in 1852, rebuilt/modified in 1859/60, enlarged in 1879, rebuilt/modified in 1909          (1)
  • The Welsh Congregational chapel in Waunarlwydd, erected in 1860, has 500 sittings             1895  (12)    and    Rev David Morgan Davies          1910  (16)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (Oct 2008)
  • There is a book; Thomas Harris: Hanes eglwys Sardis, Waunarlwydd, 1860-1960, (Abertawe, 1960)    (2)
  • Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)

Saron Congregational Chapel, Upper King'S Head Road, Raven Hill

  • Saron Congregational Chapel, Upper King'S Head Road, Raven Hill            SS63529524         Modified, altered or rebuilt in 1930, not still in use in 1990                 (1)
  • Saron Welsh Ind, Fforest Fach           Rev David Roberts Williams            Seats 605          1910  (16)
  • Saron Chapel, Gendros: minutes, 1905-1989; accounts, 1903-1937; deeds, 1917; annual reports, 1906-1989; correspondence, 1910-1989; list of deacons, 1905-1955; chapel histories, 1935 and 1955 -  held at  Swansea Archives

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Saron Independent Chapel, Gendros, Swansea, opened in 1905 and was used as a place of worship until 1989, when the building was sold and the remaining members dispersed to neighbouring chapels.

Siloam Welsh Ind, Llangyfelach Rd, Pentre Estyll

  • Siloam Welsh Ind, Llangyfelach Rd, Pentre Estyll       SS65579484             Built in 1843/4, rebuilt/modified in 1864/5 , enlarged in 1914, not still in use by 1996              (1)
  • Siloam   Welsh Ind    Pentre Estyll         Opened in 1844    Still open in 1992       (6)
  • Siloam  Welsh          Pentre Estyll            Rev Griffith Pennar Griffiths          Seats 800                  1895   (12)    and    1910  (16)
  • Siloam Chapel, Pentre Estyll: baptisms, burials and list of members, 1936-1959; minutes, 1908-1967; annual reports, 1901-1968; accounts, 1893-1976; Sunday School records, 1875-1980; histories, 1933 and n.d.  -   held at  Swansea Archives
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (May 2008)
  • "Historic Chapel to go under the Hammer" The South Wales Evening Post of 6th February reported that:
    "A rundown chapel in Swansea could be transformed into eight flats. Siloam Chapel, off Llangyfelach Road, Hafod, goes under the auctioneer's hammer next week.  The quarter-acre site contains the original chapel, built in 1842, plus an old school house and building to the rear." (Richard Gwynn)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Welsh Independent Chapel Siloam, records        "............including baptisms and burials, 1936-1959; minute books of deacons' meetings, 1909-1967; minute books of committees and church meetings, 1908-1951; preachers book, 1966; ledgers and cash books, 1893-1976; contributions books, 1923-1952; Sunday School registers, 1875-1980; annual reports, 1901-1968; histories of Siloam Chapel and the surrounding area, 1933-1976; orders of service, 1936-1967; dramatic and musical productions, 1891-1965; printed musical scores, 1927-1960; records relating to Siloam sisterhood, n.d.; and miscellaneous, 1868-1978."
    "Pentre Estyll, a Welsh Independent Chapel in Swansea was built in 1842, rebuilt in 1862 and extended in 1914. It was sold in the middle of the 1990s due to a decline in numbers. The congregation continued to meet in the chapel vestry situated on the corner of Sidney Street and Eaton Road, Brynhyfryd. The church closed in May 2002"

Singleton   English  Ind    Clarence Terrace

  • Singleton   English      Clarence Terrace        Seats 250      1895   (12)

Now St. Philip's Community Centre, Bathurst Street, Swansea. SA1 3QT on the corner of Clarence Terrace. There is a 'Jesus Army' congregation using these premises  but it is also the base for Swansea Claimants Union,  and I think is a local authority building now.      (JC)

Congregational church, Dyfed Ave, Townhill

  • Congregational church, Dyfed Ave, Townhill          SS64039365            Burnt down in the 1980 s          (1)

Upper Killay Congregational Church

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Upper Killay Congregational Church (also called Pines Congregational Church), Upper Killay, Glamorgan (now Swansea), grew from a prayer meeting of members of Capel-y-crwys, Three Crosses, held at The Pines Cottage in Upper Killay in 1909. A chapel was built on land leased from the Sketty Park Estate in 1911. Initially services were held in both English and Welsh; today the chapel is English speaking. Formerly affiliated to the Congregational Union, the church joined the Congregational Federation rather than the United Reformed Church in 1972"
    "Records .......... comprising minute books and registers, 1911-2002; financial records, 1914-1988, including annual reports, 1914-1929; correspondence relating to Church trusteeship, 1937-1979; Church histories, 1961, 1986; copies of 'Daybreak', the Church magazine, 1995-1998"

Waenwen Schoolroom, Waenwen   Independents

  • Waenwen Schoolroom, Waenwen   Independents            Erected in 1843         Informant: Abraham Bevan, Collier, Waenwen               1851 (8)

[Research needed but I think might have ended up as North Hill Chapel]       (JC)Walter Rd   English/Welsh

  • Walter Rd Congregational (URC), Humphrey St         SS64809307      Built in 1869, demolished in the 1980s      (1)
  • Walter Rd   English              Rev Evan Jenkins                Seats 1000              1895   (12)    and      1910  (16)
  • Walter Road Congregational Church, Swansea: members' roll, 1867-1949; minutes, 1867-1971; accounts, 1871-1883; annual reports, 1882-1942 (D211); history, 1969 (D/D Z 295) - held at  Swansea Archives
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry from this book for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (Nov 2008)

Lots on this in the Cambrian - one of the most fashionable and influential chapels in 1870s.
Site now a block of flats.   (JC)

Zoar Welsh Ind, Carmarthen Rd

  •  Zoar Welsh Ind, Carmarthen Rd          SS65659412        Built in 1849, rebuilt/modified in 1870, burnt down in 1976 (1978?), later demolished                 (1)
  • Soar, High St   Calvinistic Independents             Erected in 1849     Rees Rees, Minister      1851  (8)
  • "Zoar Chapel (Welsh), Greenhill. Minister, the Rev. Rees Rees. Sunday-school scholars, 120; teachers, 18."      1851   (9)
  • Zoar  Welsh   High St                Rev Frederick Samuel          Seats 750                 1895  (12)    and      1910  (16)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Heulwen Jenkins (March 2009)




  • "Wesleyans still went to Parish Church to 1791 and Calvinistic Methodists to 1811"   (7)

English Wesleyan Swansea/Gower Circuit

  • Swansea Circuit English                Rev Featherstone Kellett; Rev T Henry Ingram; Rev Charles T Horne; Rev Joseph Wells and Rev Joseph Augustus Jones                   1895   (12)               and              Rev Thomas Dixon (supt); Rev T Cheyne Chaddock                1910  (16)
  • "Swansea became the head of the first Wesleyan Methodist Circuit in West Glamorgan in 1795. The Gower Methodist societies were part of the Swansea Circuit from 1795 until 1864 when they were formed into a separate Gower Circuit. This arrangement lasted until 1907 when Gower was re-united with Swansea. In 1940 Gower reverted to independent status but rejoined Swansea in 1962. The records in this archive consist of surviving administrative records of the Circuit and of certain of its constituent chapels"  Archives Network Wales  - details of records held at University of Wales, Swansea

Welsh Wesleyan Swansea Circuit

  •  Swansea Circuit   Welsh           Rev H Parry;  Rev John Rowland and Rev J A Jones               1895   (12)     and  Rev Alfred Colin Pearce (supt); Alfred Corris Davies       1910  (16)
  •  Swansea Circuit: minutes, 1879-1966; schedule of property, 1944-1959; accounts, 1809-1960
     Swansea and Llanelli Circuit: circuit plans, 1966-1968  -  held at  Swansea Archives

 Alexander Road CM

  • Alexandra English Presbyterian, Alexandra Rd/OrchardSt             SS65619348                   Built 1885 (1893?) and demolished in the 1960 s     (1)
  • Alexandra Rd  English CM                 Seats 400      1895   (12)                     and      Rev Evan Evans       1910  (16)

Alexander Road,Tabernacle, Wesleyan

  • Tabernacle, Alexandria Rd          SS6593    No denomination given        Built 1883/5                 (1)    ??
  • Tabernacle Welsh Wesleyan             Extant records (10)
  • Tabernacle Wesleyan Methodist            Erected in 1812          Robert Williams, Minister, Pleasant View      1851  (8)
  • Alexandra Rd   Wesleyan            Seats 400      1895   (12)          and        Seats 60           1910  (16)
  • Capel Tabernacle (Welsh Wesleyan), Swansea: trustees' minutes, 1909    -    held at  Swansea Archives

Argyle CM

  • Argyle English Presbyterian church, St Helen's Rd/Argyle St          SS64829276         Built in 1875, rebuilt/modified in 1903., not still in use in 1996                  (1)
  • Book Index entry 'Argyle Church, Swansea '    (4)
  • Argyle  English   CM    St Helen's Rd          Rev William Williams            Seats 1000           1895  (12)     and Rev Arthur Wynne Thomas                 1910  (16)
  • Argyle and Rhyddings Park, Rhyddings Terrace, Brynmill            Still open in 2006     (15)         [ See also below under Rhyddings]
  • Argyle and Rhyddings Park Chapels, Swansea: chapel histories, 1993  -  held at  Swansea Archives

Babell Welsh CM, Cwmdu/Cwmbwrla

  • Babell Welsh CM (New Babell), Cwmdu        SS64599479              First built in 1840-3 and modified in 1845 and 1851, enlarged in 1858 and (re)built in 1869, demolished by 1996                    (1)
  • Book index entry 'Babell, Swansea'   (4)
  • Babell CM Cwmbwrla     Extant records (10)
  • Babell  Welsh      Cwmbwrla                      Seats 650              1895  (12)         and    Rev John Richards   1910  (16)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "Y Babell, Cwmbwrla, register of graves, c.1871-1970."
  • Book;
    Roberts, G. M. Y Babell, Cwmbwrla : braslun o hanes yr eglwys [Y Babell, Cwmbwrla: a short history of the church]. Cwmbwrla, 1946.
  • See also under Trinity Welsh CM, Glanmor Park Rd, Sketty

Bellevue St chapel, Bellevue St

  • Bellevue St chapel, Bellevue St         SS6593      No denomination given         Built c 1840              (1)
  • Belle Vue St   Unsectarian                   Rev James Cory              1895  (12)
  • Methodist (United), Free Church, Bellevue st             Rev. John Baron            1858-1859 Slaters Directory

Bethany chapel English CM, Edward St

  • Bethany chapel (English), Edward St    CM           Erected in 1847    William Rosser, Deacon, Pier St, Burrows, Swansea           1851 (8)
  • "Bethany Chapel, Edward-street. No stated Minister. Sunday-school scholars, 156 ; teachers, 18 "   1851   (9)
  • Methodist (Welsh), Edward st             Rev. William Williams      1858-1859 Slaters Directory

Bethel   CM, Manseltown                  

  • Bethel   English   CM   Manseltown                 Rev David M Benjamin         Seats 400       1895  (12)    and   Rev Benjamin Evans     1910  (16)
  • Book index entry;  'Manselton,The Congregation of Bethel Presbyterian Church,1890's'              (13)

Brunswick English Wesleyan

  • Brunswick English Wesleyan, St Helen's Rd                  SS64709268        Built in 1872-3, rebuilt/modified in 1885, still in use in 1996    (1)
  • Brunswick chapel  Wesleyan        Seats 700      1895  (12)           and     1910  (16)
  • Brunswick (English Wesleyan) Chapel, Swansea: chapel histories, 1923 and 1973   -  held at  Swansea Archives

College Street, Wesley Mission, Wesleyan

  • Wesley Mission English Wesleyan Methodist, College St             SS63959364      Built in 1846            (1)
  • Swansea Wesley chapel   College St             Seats 1000     1895   (12)           and       1910  (16)
  • Wesleyan   College St                    Rev. Thomas Heeley         1858-1859 Slaters Directory

Cruglas Welsh CM, Prince of Wales Rd, Hafod (Greenhill?)

  • Cruglas Welsh CM, Prince of Wales Rd, Hafod              SS65749401            Built in 1799 and rebuilt/modified in 1869/70, burnt down in late 1980 s                 (1)
  • MIs index   (5)
  • Book index entries 'Crug-Glas - [chapel]'   (4)
  • "1799 Crug-Glas Calvinistic Methodist  - founder originally from Mynyddbach"   (7)
  • Greenhill chapel   Welsh CM             Erected in 1799          William Johns, Deacon, Heathfield       1851  (8)
  • "Greenhill Chapel (Welsh), Greenhill. No stated Minister. Sunday-school scholars, 160 ; teachers, 26. "   1851  (9)
  • Crug-las  CM      Extant records (10)
  • Crug-Glas   Welsh    Greenhill                       Rev David Rees Williams          Seats 700         1895  (12)      and  Rev T E Davies      1910  (16)
  • Greenhill Welsh Methodist           1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • See below for John Ball's note regarding this chapel's cemetery
  • See also under Trinity Welsh CM, Glanmor Park Rd, Sketty

United Methodist church, Delhi St, St Thomas

  • United Methodist Church, Delhi St, St Thomas            Rev Simeon Lewis Warne (supt); Rev Thomas Langdon Rogers; Rev J T P Oliver           Seats 300                         1910  (16)

English Wesleyan, Dunvant

  • There is an English Wesleyan chapel erected in 1882                 1895  (12)

Goat Street/Bunkers Hill, Wesleyan

  • Goat St (Bunkers Hill), Goat St             SS65599318            First built in 1789, enlarged in 1826/7 and rebuilt/modified in 1847             (1)
  • "1789 Wesleyan Methodists Banc Caer Street (Bunkers Hill) Goat Street"    (7)
  • "Wesley Chapel, Goat Street 1844 - 1847"    (7)
  • Goat St Wesleyan         Extant records (10)
  • Wesley chapel, Goat St      WM           Erected before 1800       Thomas Evans, Steward, 10 High St      1851  (8)
  • "Amongst the Dissenting Places of Worship, the Wesley Chapel ranks as the most imposing, not only in this town, but amongst those possessed by the Wesleyan connexion at large. Its ancient predecessor, in Goat street, founded A.D 1797, and enlarged in 1826, being found deficient of accommodation for the congregation, was taken down, and the present elegant and spacious structure erected on its site in 1845. The style is Italian, and the building is graced with a handsome porch and a fine lofty steeple, having a circular aperture in the tower for the purposes of a clock. The interior is very chastely finished, and is set with a good organ. Present. Ministers, Rev. Mr. Bytheway and Rev. W. Williams. Service at 11 A.M. and 6 P.M. Sunday-school Scholars, 154 ; Teachers, 25."           1851  (9)
  •  Goat Street (English Wesleyan), Swansea: chapel history, 1990   -  held at  Swansea Archives

Gorse Mission Forward Movement Hall

  • Gorse Rd Mission, Gorse Rd            SS6492                (1)
  • Mission Hall (Gorse Mission), Heol-y-gors, Carmarthen Rd (Cwmbwrla Roundabout)              SS64949468    Built in 1926 , still in use in 2002                    (1)
  • Gorse Mission, Cwmbwrla     Still open in 2006   (15)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Gorse Mission Forward Movment Hall, Cwmbwrla    "........ marriage register, 1982-1984"

Hafod Wesleyan Methodist, Neath Rd, Hafod

  •  Hafod Wesleyan Methodist, Neath Rd                   SS65979461         Not still in use in 2002               (1)

Hebron English CM,       Dehli St ?

  • Hebron               SS6594                        (1)
  • Book index entry 'Hebron, Swansea - [chapel]'   (4)
  • Delhi St   CM  (Hebron, English)   St Thomas             Frank Jackson, evangelist       Seats 500      1895  (12)    and  [no minister named]      1910  (16)

Presbyterian chapel, High St

  • High St Presbyterian     Extant records (10)

Jerusalem CM, Carmarthen Rd, Waunarlwydd

  • Jerusalem CM, Carmarthen Rd, Waunarlwydd    SS63349541         Built in 1910                 (1) 
  • Jerusalem Church (CM), Ravenhill, Swansea: minutes, 1910-1960 (D/D Z 66)   -  held at  Swansea Archives
  • See also under Trinity Welsh CM, Glanmor Park Rd, Sketty

Jubilee    Primitive Methodist     Pell St

  • Jubilee    Primitive Methodist     Pell St         Rev - Smith             Seats 600                    1895  (12)            and   Rev Samuel Bryant (supt); Rev John Holmes     1910  (16)
  • Jubilee (Pell Street), Pell Street, Swansea            SS6593       Built in 1860    (1)          Bombed 1941-3 (JC)

Wesleyan Methodist, Eaton Rd, Manselton

  • Eaton Rd, Eaton Rd               SS6595                (1)
  • Wesleyan Methodist church, Eaton Rd, Manselton            SS65449543       Built in 1923, still in use in 2002    (1)
  • Eaton Rd Mission  Wesleyan                 1910  (16)

Marlborough Rd   CM

  • Marlborough Rd   CM  English       Rev Wm Davies        1895   (12)

United Methodist, Neath Rd

  •  United Methodist, Neath Rd                      1910  (16)

United Methodist, Lower Oxford St

  • United Methodist. Lower Oxford St               1910  (16)
  • The Bible Christian Chapel was in Gam Street (later to be renamed as an extension of Oxford Street) and later it became known as Oxford Street Methodist Church. It was burned out in a bombing raid in WW2. Most of the members transferred to Brunswick Methodist Church in St. Helen's Road, where there is a WW1 War memorial for the Swansea Devonian Society.
    Bible Christians later merged with some other groups to form United Methodists (about 1910??) and then in 1932 with Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists to for the Methodist Church. (JC)
  • Marriage in 1893 at  Zion Chapel, Gain (Gam?) Street, Swansea. Performing Minister: W. Treffoy. Registrar: Llewelyn Jenkins   (Bill Webber)

See also entry for Bible Christians below

Oxford St English Wesleyan

 Pell Street, English Wesleyan

  •   Pell Street (English Wesleyan), Swansea: deeds, 1859-1860  -  held at  Swansea Archives

Rhyddings English CM, Park Rd

  •  Rhyddings English CM, Park Rd      Rev Edmund Peters Hughes        Seats 550         1910  (16)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Rhyddings Park Chapel, Swansea, centenary celebrations booklet 1993      "Rhyddings Park Calvinistic Methodist Chapel was founded in 1893"

[See also under Argyle and Rhyddings above]St Albans Road, Wesleyan

  • St Alban's Rd chapel, St Alban's Rd                SS63709239        Built in 1904         (1)   [see also below]
  • Wesleyan Methodist church, St Albans  Rd, Brynmill          SS63719239          Not still in use in 2002   (1)
  • St Alban's Rd Wesleyan ( The Rhyddings)          Seats 450          1910  (16)

St Andrew's United Reformed Church

St Andrew's English CM (URC), Kafel Centre, St Helen's Rd

  •  St Andrew's English CM (URC), Kafel Centre, St Helen's Rd          SS649929          Founded and built in 1862, fire damaged & renovated later C20, reopened 1964, not still in use in 1996             (1)
  • "St. Andrew's 1864 "   (7)
  • "The Presbyterian church in St Helen's Rd ..... erected in 1865 .... there are sittings for 1200...."  1895  (12)
  • English Presbyterian, St Helen's Rd                  Rev William Edwards Shaw         1895  (12)
  • St Andrew's United Reformed Church, Swansea: communicants' roll books, 1963-1973; minutes, 1862-1992; accounts, 1889-1967; trustees' papers, 1876-1985; annual reports, 1935-1972; photographs 1864-1962; magazines, 1927-1976 (D212) - held at  Swansea Archives

St Helens Road, Wesleyan

  •  St Helen's chapel              SS6492     Built in 1877 and rebuilt/modified in 1895 & 1905.  No denomination given       (1)            [right place?]

Methodist church, Dilwyn Rd, Sketty

  • Methodist church, Dilwyn Rd, Sketty          SS62409271                  (1)
  • Wesleyan chapel, Skitty    WM              Erected in 1842        W. Bytheway, Minister, Union St             1851   (8)    ??

Wesleyan chapel, Sketty

  • The Wesleyan chapel (Sketty) erected in 1876 will seat 230       Rev Joseph Augustus Jones            1895  (12)   and     1910  (16)
  • Wesleyan  Sketty                 1858-1859 Slaters Directory      ??
  • Sketty (English Wesleyan) : chapel history, 1976   -  held at  Swansea Archives

Terrace Road English CM, Mount Pleasant

  • Terrace Road English CM, Mount Pleasant               SS64839346          Built in 1893, still in use in 2002   (1)
  • Terrace Rd     CM                       Rev Ambrose Williams            Seats 400                 1895  (12)     and   Rev William Walter Lewis                1910  (16)
  • Terrace Rd, Mount Pleasant   Still open in 2006         (15)

Tabernacle,Tontine Street, Wesleyan

  • Tontine St (Tabernacle)            SS6593        Built in 1812 and enlarged in 1825, rebuilt/modified in 1829 and again in 1866            (1)
  • "Welsh Wesleyan chapel called the Tabernacle in Tontine St having a Sunday School..."     1851   (9)
  • Wesleyan    Tontine St                   Rev Thomas Jones         1858-1859 Slaters Directory

Tontine Mission CM, Tontine St

  • Tontine Mission CM chapel, Tontine St                    SS65619372                 (1)

Tower Lane Chapel, High St     Primitive Methodist

  • Tower Lane Chapel, High St     Primitive Methodist          Erected in 1838        John Rees Brenton, Steward, 26 Goat St                    1851 (8)

Townhill English Wesleyan


Mount Moriah  English CM    Town Hill        

  • Mount Moriah  English CM    Town Hill           Seats 150          1895  (12)

Trinity, Park Street, CM

  • Trinity chapel, Park St        SS65509338   Denomination not given    Built before 1851 and destroyed in the WWII blitz    (1)
  • Book index entry 'Trinity, Swansea - [chapel]'   (4)
  • "Trinity Chapel , Ropewalk Field (later Park Street) Calv Meth - from Crug Glas  1829"     (7)
  • Trinity Welsh CM            Extant records (10)
  • Trinity, Park St   Welsh CM          Erected in 1829        William John, Deacon, Heathfield St, Swansea      1851  (8)
  • "Trinity Chapel, (Welsh), Park-street.. No stated Minister. Sunday-school scholars, 75 ; teachers, 15."   1851   (9)
  • Trinity   Park St    Welsh          Rev Wm Eleazer Perytherch       Seats 1000        1895   (12)      and         1910  (16)
  • Methodist (Welsh), Park street         Rev. David Howell               1858-1859 Slaters Directory               

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "Records of Trinity Chapel, Swansea (Calvinistic Methodist), relating to Chapel History, 2003"


Trinity Welsh CM, Glanmor Park Rd, Sketty

  • Trinity Welsh CM, Glanmor Park Rd, Sketty          SS63179297        Built in 1828/9, rebuilt/modified in 1865 and again in 1954-5, still in use in 1993                     (1)
  • Trinity Abertawe Welsh CM chapel   Glanmor Park Road, Abertawe, Abertawe SA2 0QG - still open in 2006  (15)

This note posted to the Glamorgan mailing list in Oct 2013
"Three Welsh Calvinistic Methodist chapels along the Carmarthen Road from the centre of Swansea - Crug Glas, Babell and Jerusalem, had discussions about whether to merge as all had small congregations and old premises expensive to maintain. Comparing the apparent condition of the premises, a decision was made to close Crug Glas and Babell, and to worship together at Jerusalem. Babell was demolished. Crug Glas was sold and later demolished, and a community centre now stands on the site. Once the congregations had united at Jerusalem that building was also found to have structural problems and it was closed, remaining members transferring to Trinity Calvinistic Methodist, Glanmor Park Road, Sketty. This Trinity chapel had been built using the 'war damage' compensation received after the destruction of Trinity CM, Park Street, by bombing during WW2. Jerusalem chapel has also since been demolished. It was on Carmarthen Road on the way to the Fforestfach traffic lights."

Waunwen Wesleyan chapel

  •  Waunwen Wesleyan chapel        Seats 300       1910  (16)


Other (inc un-identified)


  • The cemetery at Dan-y-graig in the hamlet of Port Tennant, was formed in 1857 ... has two mortuary chapels ... now contains 16 acres                   1895 (12)

Catholic Churches

Cathedral Church of St Joseph

  • Convent Street, Greenhill
  • "St Josephs 1866"      (7)
  • "St Joseph's Catholic Church in Brynmelin was erected in 1888...."         Rev Henry Julian O'Hare; Rev Thomas Leo Almond; Rev William Gabriel Geary - priests             1895 (12)
  • St Joseph's, Convent Street, Greenhill, Swansea     SS65579443    Built in 1886-8 with modifications in 1907  (1)

Our Lady of Lourdes

  • Penygraig Road Townhill
  • Our Lady Of Lourdes, Pryderi Gardens               SS64429391         (1)

Holy Cross  Upper King's Head Road, Gendros

  • The Presbytery  Upper King's Head Road,  Gendros

St Benedict  Lythrid Avenue, Sketty

  • St Benedict's Presbytery,  Lythrid Avenue,  Swansea

St Davids  St David's Place, City Centre

  • St David's Priory,  St David's Place,  Swansea
  • There is a book ; Spencer, Gerard. Catholic life in Swansea : the centenary of St. David's Church, Swansea, 1847-1947. 1947        (3)
  • "Catholic in Nelson Terrace 1810. St Davids 1847 by Fr Kavanagh"  (7)
  • St David's Church     Roman Catholic     Erected in 1847      Charles Kavanaugh, Roman Catholic Priest, Rutland St, Swansea               1851  (8)
  • "The Catholic church dedicated to St David, in St David's Place, Rutland St, erected in 1847 and enlarged in 1864 ..... ; in 1894 it was thoroughly renovated ... now sittings for 450 persons ...."         Very Rev William Wilfred Phillipson; Rev James Bernard Sanders;  Rev Michael Dominic McDonnell - priests          1895 (12)
  • Roman Catholic, Rutland street - Rev. Peter Lewis, priest; Rev. David Lambe, curate  1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • St David'S Priory Church, St David'S Place, Swansea            SS65639278             Built in 1847, enlarged in 1864, renovated 1894 and 1907, still in use in 1999            (1)
  • "St. David's Priory is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Swansea. It replaced an earlier church building which had been established c1808. Father Charles Kavanagh (d 1856) built the new church of St. David's in 1847 as well as the Catholic school adjoining St. David's. St. David's was enlarged and in 1864 a new presbytery was built. Most of the parishioners came from the Greenhill area and it became essential to build a church there and in 1866 St. Joseph's church opened. In 1873 the parish was taken over by the monastic Order of Saint Benedict, and St. David's Church was elevated to the status of a Missionary Priory. In 1875 St. Joseph's became an independent Mission and a larger new church was opened in 1888. ..................................." Records; 1805-1983      Archives Network Wales

St Illtyd  St Illtyd's Crescent

  • The Presbytery St Illtyd's Crescent St Thomas Swansea

Apostolic Church, Mount Pleasant

  • Apostolic Church, Mount Pleasant                SS65239339           Built after 1919, not still in use by 2002   (1)
  • Records (partly listed); history of the Apostolic movement, including sections on the development of the movement in South Wales, 1991 (D/D Ap)     -  held at  Swansea Archives

Bethel Mission (Pentecostal), Hopkins St, Glandwr, Manselton

  • Bethel Mission (Pentecostal), Hopkins St, Glandwr, Manselton            SS65249586           Built in the mid 1950's, still in use in 1997                     (1)

Bible Christians

  • Delhi St, St Thomas                       Rev N Coppin                    1895   (12)

See also entry above under United Methodist chapel, Lower Oxford St

Christians    Unsectarian                George St Hall

  • Christians    Unsectarian                George St Hall            1895   (12)
  • Christian Mission               SS6593      (1)                     [same place?]


  • Christadelphians, George St                        1895   (12)
  • Christadelphians, Minor Albert Hall, Craddock St                  1895  (12)                    

City Temple Elim Pentecostal, Dyfatty St

  •  City Temple Elim Pentecostal, Dyfatty St          SS65569365          Built in 1975 and enlarged in 1995, still in use in 2002       (1)

Cockett Wood Park chapel, Cockett Wood Park

  •  Cockett Wood Park chapel, Cockett Wood Park            SS62989349        Denomination not given            (1)

Cromwell Rd chapel, Cromwell Rd

  • Cromwell Rd chapel, Cromwell Rd                    SS6493         Denomination not given                 (1)

Hall, Dunvant

  • Hall, Dunvant           SS59569360         Denomination not given         (1)

Fleet St Mission, Fleet St

  •  Fleet St Mission, Fleet St                SS6492      Denomination not given           (1)

Forward Movement Church, Port Tennant Rd, St Thomas

  • Forward Movement Church, Port Tennant Rd, St Thomas         SS66789323     Built in the Late C20th style         (1)
  • English Presbyterian, Port Tennant Rd                    1910  (16)                        [same place?]

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • "The Forward Movement was the response of Calvinistic Methodists to a perceived loss of empathy with the poor in the late nineteenth century. Port Tennant Road Forward Movement Hall was established in 1895 at 181, Port Tennant Road, St Thomas, Swansea. During the Second World War, the chapel was destroyed during a bombing raid, and it would appear that services were held at Burrows Forward Movement Hall until the premises were moved temporarily to Wern Terrace, Port Tennant. The chapel was rebuilt in the 1950s. In 1959, a Joint Pastorate was created with the churches at Burrows and Pentrechwyth."
     "Records................. including baptism and marriage registers, 1923-1966, minute books of Church Committee meetings, 1898-1987, Sunday School records, 1903-1972, and account books, 1926-1988"

Godre Park Schoolroom, Godre Park

  •  Godre Park Schoolroom, Godre Park          SS6492            Denomination not given                   (1)

Gorlan Y, Dunvant

  • Gorlan Y, Dunvant                    SS5993                Denomination not given        (1)

Gospel Hall, George St

  •  Gospel Hall, George St              SS64919292                Built in 1891             (1)
  • Gospel Hall, George St Hall            Unsectarian                 1910  (16)

Gower Rd, Waunarlwydd, (Cockett?)

  • Gower Rd, Waunarlwydd, (Cockett?)           SS6294        Denomination not given       (1)

Graig chapel, St Thomas

  • Graig chapel, St Thomas         SS6793    Denomination not given    (1)

Grove Place chapel, Grove Place

  •  Grove Place chapel, Grove Place        SS6593         Still in use in 1987   Denomination not given       (1)         [possibly Mount Pleasant Baptist ?  (JC) ]

Hafod Mission

  •  Hafod Mission                 SS6594        Denomination not given           (1)

Hen Babell (Old Babell Schoolroom), Cwmbwrla

  •  Hen Babell (Old Babell Schoolroom), Cwmbwrla     SS6498               Built in 1851    Denomination not given    (1)

Hen Gapel, St Thomas

  • Hen Gapel, St Thomas          SS6793        Denomination not given     (1)

Islamic Centre, St Helen's Rd

  • Islamic Centre, St Helen's Rd           SS64579251          (1)


  • The Synagogue, Waterloo St      Jews             Erected before 1800    Isaac Jacob, President, Castle St     1851  (8)
  • Jews Synagogue  Waterloo St              1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • The Jewish Synagogue in Goat St .... erected in 1864 will seat 300       Rev Philip Wolfers, rabbi       1895   (12)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Hebrew Congregation Records [booklets]   1980-1992   "The records are relating to the Swansea Hebrew Congregation which is also known as Goat Street Synagogue or Ffynone Synagogue is situated in Ffynone, Swansea. It used to be in Goat Street but the synagogue there was destroyed in a German air raid in February 1941. In 1768, a plot for the congregation was granted. 1780 the building of the first synagogue took place............ "

There is a book; Saunders, Neville H. Swansea Hebrew congregation, 1730-1980. Swansea : Swansea Hebrew Congregation, [1980]      (3)

Killay chapel, Killay

  • Killay chapel, Killay          SS60279297   Denomination not given     (1)

Kingdom Hall (First Church of Christ Scientist), Walter Rd/Mirador Crescent, Uplands

  •  Kingdom Hall (First Church of Christ Scientist), Walter Rd/Mirador Crescent, Uplands        SS64169295      Built in 1911, still in use in 2002                     (1)

Latter Day Saints

  • Latter Day Saints, Trades Hall, High St          Erected in 1840     Informant: David Davies, Clarks Court      1851 (8)

Manselton chapel, Manselton

  •   Manselton chapel, Manselton           SS6595     Built in 1908      Denomination not given       (1)

Manselton Gospel Hall, Phillip St, Manselton

  • Manselton Gospel Hall, Phillip St, Manselton            SS65309505    Built in 1904, still in use in 1996          (1)

Mission chapel, Quarry St


Mission Room, Swansea

  •   Mission Room, Swansea     SS6595        Denomination not given        (1)

Mount Tabor,  Townhill ?

  •  Mount Tabor Townhill ?             SS6594       Built pre-1905  Denomination not given  (1)

Mount Zion chapel

  • Mount Zion chapel                    SS6493                 Built in 1850 and rebuilt/modified 1866      Denomination not given       (1)

Orchard St chapel (Gospel Mission), Pleasant St/Richards Place

  •  Orchard St chapel (Gospel Mission), Pleasant St/Richards Place      SS65609348           Built as Ragged School in 1911, not still in use in 1996      (1)

Oxford St Mission, Oxford St

  •   Oxford St Mission, Oxford St            SS6492     Denomination not given          (1)

Oxford St chapel, Oxford St

  •   Oxford St chapel, Oxford St              SS6492           Built in 1850     Denomination not given      (1)

Port Tennant chapel

  •  Port Tennant chapel             SS6793         First chapel built in 1840, rebuilt/modified in 1895   Denomination not given   (1)


Swansea Quakers

  • Society of Friends, 201 High St            SS65709353       Site of first Quaker meeting house in Swansea, built 1656 & rebuilt 1807/9, replaced in 1876 by new meeting house in High Street. This second building destroyed by bombing 1940-3     (1)        [Incorrect;  1878 map shows chapel at lower end of sloping site on Strand, graveyard above (JC)]
  • Friends Meeting House  201 High St           1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • "Quakers - burgage plot in High Street (down to the Strand) given in 1656 by William Bevan"     (7)
  • Meeting House of the Society of Friends, High St           Erected before 1800                  Henry Knight, Llwyn Derw    1851  (8)
  • Society of Friends Meeting House, High St                 1895  (12)           and    1910  (16)
  • Old Quaker Meeting House, The Strand             SS65769354   Built 1807-9 disused as a religious building by 1876 (1)
  • Quaker Meeting House, St Helen's Rd/Page St               SS65069299            Built in 1838, still in use in 1995  (1)

Richardson St chapel, Richardson St

  • Richardson St chapel, Richardson St           SS6492        Built in 1900     Denomination not given     (1)

Sailors Chapel on the Quay

  • Sailors Chapel on the Quay       British and Foreign Sailors Society           Erected before 1800         Used also as a sailors' Reading Room          "This Chapel is rented by the Committee of the Swansea aux. Sailors Society and is gratuitously supplied by 8 dissenting ministers of the town"           Ths. Dodd, Secty to the Society and accasional minister, Nelson Terrace              1851   (8)  
  • South Dock Chapel; St Nicholas' Chapel       SS66009268      Former chapel, now used as a workshop  (1)  [probably Sailors Chapel (JC) ]
  • Sailors' Rest, Victoria Rd                   Thomas Morgan, Missionary                1910  (16)

Seamen's chapel   Adelaide St

  • Seamen's chapel   Adelaide St           Seats 400     Denomination not given         1895  (12)       and           Thomas Morgan, Missionary      1910  (16)

Salvation Army Citadel, Richardson St/Rd

  • Salvation Army Citadel, Richardson St/Rd          SS65009263      Still in use in 2002   (1)
  • Salvation Army            Richardson St     1895   (12)                and   1910  (16)
  • Salvation Army Barracks                  Jockey St     1895   (12)    and Prince of Wales Rd   1910  (16)

Seventh Day Adventist Church, Gower Rd, Sketty

  •  Seventh Day Adventist Church, Gower Rd, Sketty              SS62529293      Still in use in 2002             (1)

Sidney St chapel, Sidney St

  •  Sidney St chapel, Sidney St        SS6593          Built in 1880 and rebuilt/modified in 1902       Denomination not given      (1)

Sjomanns Kirken, Norwegian Church, Swansea

  •  SS66219317    Norwegian Mission Church. Initially erected in Newport c.1900, it was moved to Swansea in 1910. The building comprises a Seaman's Mission at its W. end and a Gothic style church at its E end, a low rendered building, formerly of corrugated iron, still in use in 1989       (1)          [dismantled and moved as part of SA1 development 2004-5 (JC) ]

Broadway chapel, Sketty (Cockett?)

  •  Broadway chapel, Sketty (Cockett?)            SS6293       Denomination not given          (1)

Sketty chapel (Cockett?)

  •  Sketty chapel (Cockett?)                 SS6294          Denomination not given        (1)

Sketty chapel, Carnglass Rd, Sketty

  •  Sketty chapel, Carnglass Rd, Sketty          SS62319333      Denomination not given       (1)

Sketty chapel, Sketty

  • Sketty chapel, Sketty            SS6292          Built in 1881   Denomination not given     (1)

Strand Mission, Strand

  •  Strand Mission, Strand               SS6593      Denomination not given         (1)

Tabernacle, Carmarthen Rd

  • Tabernacle, Carmarthen Rd           SS6494     No denomination given            (1)         

Townhill chapel, Townhill

  •    Townhill chapel, Townhill                    SS6394     Denomination not given     (1)

High Street, Unitarian

Swansea Unitarian

  • High St English Unitarian       SS65679326          Site of 1698 Presbyterian Meeting House. Chapel built 1846-7, fire damage in 1987 and rebuilt 1991, still in use in 1995               (1)
  • "1697 - chapel built High Street, site of Unitarian Chapel"    (7)
  • Unitarian, High St             Erected before 1800    "The Church was rebuilt and enlarged 1848. No particular sittings are free or otherwise -  poor persons who cannot afford to contribute to the maintenance of the Church have sittimgs provided for them wherever there is un-preoccupied  sitting-space......"          Geo Browne Brock, Minister      1851  (8)
  • Unitarian, High St .... erected in 1699...sittings for 300       Rev Thomas Robinson           1895  (12)          and   Rev Simon Jones   1910  (16)
  • Unitarian  High St        Rev. Edward Higginson            1858-1859 Slaters Directory
  • "UNITARIAN CHAPEL. This Chapel is situated in the lower part of High-street, and is, in every respect, the neatest edifice of which Swansea can boast, being built in the pure Tudor Gothic style, from a design furnished by Mr. Gwilt, an eminent London architect, connected with the department of the Woods and Forests. The interior, with its lofty roof, massive pillars, and fine arches, has a very impressive appearance, which is enhanced by the presence of a small but powerful organ, very tastefully fitted up.  The officiating Minister is the Rev. G B. Brock.  Hitherto there has been no Sunday-school attached to this Place of Worship, but one is now about being established. Service at 11 A.M., and 6 1/2 P.M."             1851   (9)
  • There is a book; Unitarian Church (Swansea). Unitarian Church High Street, Swansea : brief historical notes. 1991  (3)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

  • Swansea Unitarian Congregation, records       "...... founded sometime in the early 1600s. The first group to meet was probably Presbyterian and became Unitarian at a later date. The present building dates back to 1847"
    "............. including registers, 1930-1969; annual reports and directories, 1931-1985; annual reports, budgets and balance sheets, 1949-1985; calendars, 1962-1985; periodicals, 1965-1985; publications and pamphlets about the Unitarian Church and its beliefs, 1962-1975; programmes, 1962-1985; photographs, 1942; and miscellaneous, 1956-1984; death certificates, 1887-1913; minutes of trustees meetings, 1907; account books, 1934-1945; papers relating to church property 1892-1940; correspondence and other papers 1896-1945; photographs, 1899-1900."

Hall, Llythrid Ave, Uplands

  •  Hall, Llythrid Ave, Uplands             SS63379278        Denomination not given                (1)

Uplands chapel, Uplands

  •   Uplands chapel, Uplands             SS6392       Denomination not given           (1)

Wassail Sq Mission, Wassail Square

  • Wassail Sq Mission, Wassail Square   SS65439284      Denomination not given       (1)

Sunday school, Carmarthen Rd, Waunarlwydd

  •  Sunday school, Carmarthen Rd, Waunarlwydd       SS63139552      Denomination not given        (1)

Waun Wen Mission Room, 205 Carmarthen Rd & Lamb St

  •  Waun Wen Mission Room, 205 Carmarthen Rd  & Lamb St                            1910  (16)

Ynysforgan chapel, Uplands

  •  Ynysforgan chapel, Uplands            SS6493          Denomination not given          (1)


Cruglas Cemetery


A public notice appeared in the South Wales Evening Post newspaper on 19th October 1998, giving details of the intention to remove human remains, tombstones and monuments from the Grug Glas church graveyard, Swansea, in order to build an apartment block, and sets out the procedures available to those whose ancestors or loved ones are buried in the graveyard which was once attached to Grug Glas Calvinistic Methodist Chapel.An observant member of the Glamorgan "Rootsweb" genealogy mailing list spotted the notice and drew it to the attention of fellow List members. I decided to visit the churchyard for myself and share my experience with you....

Report on Grug Glas Graveyard

Briefly, the graveyard is in an appalling state of neglect!! There are, I would guess, well over 100 gravestones, many of whose inscriptions are still perfectly legible. The earliest I saw dated from the 1830s, and the latest was from 1920 -- but obviously I did not do a full survey. Some of the gravestones are badly eroded, and others have toppled over or collapsed. The graveyard is on sloping land, and is heavily overgrown. Maintenance of the site would have to be done by hand. Access to the graveyard on foot is good at two points, but two of the boundaries of the graveyard overlook a sheer drop of at least 20 feet, supported by a retaining wall. There is no sign of the chapel which once adjoined the graveyard.

Follow-up report: 5½ years later (12 May 2004)

Curious to know the outcome of the story reported above, I re-visited Grug Glas graveyard on 12 May 2004. Part of the burial yard has been destroyed and the remainder is totally enclosed in six-foot-high wooden fencing, preventing access. Some of the gravestones are still in-situ, while others have been removed from their original positions and stood upright against the fencing. The whole area is overgrown with dense vegetation. One wonders what will happen if any descendants of the deceased decide to visit the graves of their ancestors!

John Ball



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