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This Tythegston database compiled by Gareth Hicks with contributions from;

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Gareth's Help Page )

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available

Additional sources



Nebo Baptist chapel, Cefn Cribbwr

  • Baptist chapel, Cefn Cribbwr                Rev Rees Davies    Slaters Directory for 1880
  • Extant records for Nebo Baptist chapel at Glamorgan Record Office       (5)
  • Glamorgan FHS   MIs index for Nebo Baptist chapel (6)
  • There are Congregational, Baptist and Wesleyan chapels  (Higher Tythegston)      1895  (7)
  • Here (Cefn Cribbwr) is a Baptist chapel erected in 1868 with 400 sittings            1910  (8)
  • Nebo Particular Baptist, Cefn Cribbwr      Erected in 1849      Rees Davies, Minister, Penevay       1851    (10)

Calvary Chapel (English Baptist), Cefn Rd, Cefn Cribbwr

  • English Baptist chapel, Cefn Cribbwr erected in 1905 with 200 sittings                   1910  (8)
  • Granville, Neville. A Thousand Names and Faces - People of Cefn Cribbwr, Kenfig Hill and Pyle (D.Brown & Sons Ltd., Bridgend, 1996) - There is a photo in this book, the accompanying text for which refers to the "Calvary Chapel". The author confirms that this is the correct name of the English Baptist Church in Cefn Cribbwr, he explained that the church, which still exists and is still open for worship, stands on the main road through Cefn Cribbwr - Cefn Road - near the centre of Cefn Cribbwr, at the end of a terrace of six houses named Pleasant View   (RD 9)



Siloam Congregational chapel, Cefn Cribbwr

  • Independent, Cefn Cribbwr                  Rev Danl. Williams   Slaters Directory for 1880
  • Siloam Welsh Ind, Cefn Cribwr              Opened 1827, still open in 1992            (3)
  • There is a book by John Stenner: Hanes eglwys Annibynnol Siloam, Cefn Cribbwr, 1827-1927, (Port Talbot, 1927), 55tt.     (4)
  •  Glamorgan FHS   MIs index    (6)
  • There are Congregational, Baptist and Wesleyan chapels  (Higher Tythegston)                            1895  (7)
  • Congregational chapel erected in 1827 with 300 sittings  (Cefn Cribbwr)                                     1910  (8)
  • Shown as still open on the Union of Welsh Independents site (Dec 2006)
  • Rees, Thomas & John Thomas. Hanes Eglwysi Annibynnol Cymru (History of the Welsh Independent Churches), 4 volumes (published 1871+). Here is the entry for this chapel (in Welsh) - with translation by Maureen Saycell (May 2009)

Elim Congregational chapel, Kenfig Hill  - wrongly listed under Pyle and Kenfig

**NB.  This part of Kenfig Hill is in the parish of Tythegston




Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Cefn Cribwr
  • There is a book; Cefn Wesley 1886-1986 : centenary booklet for Cefn Cribwr Methodist Church. Cefn Cribwr Methodist Church, [1986]       (2)
  • There are Congregational, Baptist and Wesleyan chapels  (Higher Tythegston)           1895  (7)
  • There is a Wesleyan chapel (Higher Tythegston)        1910  (8)
  • Wesleyan Methodist, Cefn or Cenfig Hill      No date for erection, part of a house     J S Spencer Jones, Wesleyan Minister, Bridgend                     1851   (10)


Other (inc un-identified)

Protestant/Unitarian, Tythegston

  • 1817, May 13; Protestant (endorsed: Unitarian); the house of Edward Williams of Keven Cribor, mason; the said Edward Williams  (1)


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