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This Ystradyfodwg database compiled by Gareth Hicks with contributions from;

Gilfach Goch is included here although more accurately should be under Llantrisant, with part also in Llandyfodwg

Dinas is included under Llantrisant although bits of it may be in Ystradyfodwg

If a chapel is already mentioned on the main parish page then its name will act as a link to that section for any data recorded there - such as extant records and OS Grid references

Some chapels may have more than one entry if it is not possible to correctly identify each from a particular source

(For an explanation of the various non-conformist denominations see Gareth's Help Page )

Sources referred to (indicated by number shown in brackets after the data entry) where there may be more data available

 Additional sources

General Introduction

"Between 1899 and 1915 a total of 121 applications for the erection of churches, chapels and vestries were approved by the Rhondda Urban District Council. By 1905 there were 151 Nonconformist chapels with a seating capacity of 85,105 within the Rhondda. Despite this the current situation in the Rhondda is very different. Christianity for the most part has lapsed into tradition and lethargy and most of the chapels which previously held worshipping congregations have now been closed, converted into flats or used for business activity."
From the National Assembly of Wales page 'A465 Dualling' site, that was

"The 2001 Census shows that today in Wales fewer than one in ten people regularly attend a church or chapel, slightly lower than the figures for Scotland and England. However, it also shows that over 70% of Welsh people see themselves as Christian, perhaps demonstrating that while they don't actively worship God, their lives are still strongly influenced by Christian values and principles. And that is not really surprising in historic terms, because one of the defining characteristics of the Welsh is the Christian religion. "  (From  BBC Wales )



Bethany English Baptist chapel, Blaen Clydach

Noddfa Baptist chapel (Bethel Bush Mission church), Clydach Rd, Blaenclydach

Welsh Baptist chapel, Blaencwm

I suspect that this chapel is in fact the one shown on the Pillars of Faith site as follows;- " Blaenycwm(1868) Welsh Baptist, Wyndham Street, Treherbert       Built: 1870 [Sittings: 840] "  Certainly the same photograph as on the Welsh Chapesl and Churches site
 [Although generally in Treherbert it seems Wyndham St may well be in a more modern area called Blaencwm.]

Calfaria Welsh Baptist chapel, Brook St, Blaenrhondda

Noddfa Welsh Baptist chapel, Clydach Vale

Calfaria Welsh Baptist chapel, Marian St, Clydach Vale

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Bethany English Baptist chapel, Clydach rd, Clydach Vale

Bethel English Baptist chapel, Park Rd, Cwmparc

Salem Welsh Baptist chapel, Cwmparc

Bethel English Baptist chapel, Fountain St, Ferndale

Nazareth Welsh Baptist chapel, Ferndale

Internet 'For sale' details seen Nov 2011 - " Offers in Region of £30,000; Character Property for sale Nazareth Baptist Chapel George Street, Blaenllechau, Ferndale, CF43 4PN. The premises is offered for sale with vacant possession. The property is not a Listed building. There is however a covenant within the lease which states that the chapel premises must remain however can be converted to domestic use if required. Unexpired term of lease 999 year from 1866."

Salem Newydd Welsh Baptist chapel, Dyffryn St, Ferndale  

 Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales   

Zion Welsh Baptist chapel, Ferndale

Hope English Baptist chapel, Park View, Gelli

Siloam Welsh Baptist chapel, Gelli Rd, Gelli

Noddfa Welsh Baptist chapel, High St, Gilfach Goch

Beulah Baptist chapel, Tyntyla Rd, Llwynypia

Carmel English Baptist chapel, Church St (Rear of Ceridwen St), Maerdy

Sion (Seion) Welsh Baptist chapel, Maerdy Rd, Maerdy

Moriah Welsh Baptist chapel, Llewellyn St, Pentre    (Capel Bedyddwyr)

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales;

Zion English Baptist chapel, Pleasant View, Pentre

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales;

Bethany English Baptist chapel, Penygraig

Soar Welsh Baptist chapel, Penygraig Rd, Penygraig

Welsh Baptist chapel, Pontygwaith

Hebron Welsh Baptist chapel, Church St, Ton Pentre

Capel-y-Bedydwyr, Rhys St, Tonypandy

Moriah Welsh Baptist chapel, Dunraven St, Tonypandy

Jerusalem Welsh Baptist chapel, Llwynypia Rd, Tonypandy/Llwynypia

Bethel English Baptist chapel, Dunraven St, Tonypandy

Bethlehem Welsh Baptist chapel (Elim Pentecostal: Big Elim:Temple), Miskin Rd, Trealaw

Carmel English Baptist chapel, Victoria St, Trealaw

Ainon Welsh Baptist chapel (Pentecostal), Maesyffynnon Terrace, Trealaw

Bethany English Baptist chapel, Abertonllwyd St, Treherbert

Hope English Baptist chapel, Treherbert

Libanus Welsh Baptist chapel, Bute St, Treherbert

See also entry above for Welsh Baptist chapel, Blaencwm which may well be in 'Treherbert'

Ainon Welsh Baptist chapel, Treorchy

Beulah Welsh Baptist chapel (Apostolic), High St, Treorchy

Noddfa Welsh Baptist chapel, Bute St, Treorchy

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales  -

Horeb English Baptist chapel, Chapel St/Horeb St, Treorchy

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales  

Beulah English Baptist chapel, Edmonds St, Tylorstown

Horeb Welsh Baptist chapel, Behind Hendrefadog St, Tylorstown

Blaen-y-cwm Welsh Baptist chapel, Wyndham St, Tynewydd

Hope English Baptist chapel, nr Miskin St, Tynewydd

Soar Welsh Baptist chapel (Apostolic Church), Mountain View/ Scott St, Tynewydd

Ainon Welsh Baptist chapel, South St, Ynyshir

Bethany English Baptist chapel, Ynyshir Rd/Gynor Place, Ynyshir

Bethel Welsh Baptist chapel, Gynor Place, Ynyshir Rd, Ynyshir

Ainon Welsh Baptist chapel, Ynyswen Rd, Ynyswen

Nebo Welsh Baptist chapel, Ystrad Rd, Ynys-fach, Ystrad

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Tabernacle English Baptist chapel, Cross St, Ystrad

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;



Gosen Welsh Ind chapel, Maddox St, Blaenclydach

Zoar Independent chapel, Blaenclydach

Tabernacle Welsh Congregational chapel, Brook St, Blaenrhondda

Calfaria Welsh Ind chapel, Brook St, Blaenrhondda


Zoar (Soar) Welsh Ind, Marian St, Clydach Vale

Saron Welsh Congregational chapel, Clydach Vale

Zoar Welsh Ind chapel, Cwmpark

North St English Ind chapel (United Reformed Church), North Rd / Church St, Ferndale

Tre-rhondda Welsh Ind chapel, High St, Ferndale

Tabernacle Welsh Ind chapel, Brook St, Ferndale

Bryn Seion Welsh Ind chapel, Smith St/Avondale Rd, Gelli

Providence Ind chapel, Gelli

Bryn Seion Ind chapel, High St, Gilfach Goch

Salem Welsh Congregational chapel, Salem Terrace, Llwynypia

Siloa Welsh Ind chapel, Maerdy Rd, Maerdy

Siloah Welsh Independent chapel, Pentre

Tabor Welsh Ind chapel (Kingdom Hall), Rear of Field St, Pen-y-graig

Welsh Independent chapel, Pen-yr-englyn

Sardis English Congregational chapel, Pontygwaith

Soar Welsh Congregational chapel, Llewellyn St, Pontygwaith

Calfaria Ind chapel, Maesygarreg, Cwm Issace, Rhigos

Ystrad English Ind chapel (Bethcar), Church Rd, Heol-fach, Ton Pentre

Bethesda Welsh Congregational chapel, Pryce St, Ton Pentre

Pentre Welsh Ind chapel, Bailey St, Tonpentre

Tonpentre English Ind chapel, Tonpentre

Ebenezer Welsh Congregational chapel, Dunraven St, Tonypandy

English Congregational chapel (United Reformed Church), De Winton St, Tonypandy

Tabernacle Welsh Ind chapel, Trealaw

Ebenezer Welsh Ind chapel, Treherbert

Emanuel English Ind chapel, Station St, Treherbert

Carmel Welsh Ind chapel, Baglan St, Treherbert

Bethania Welsh Ind chapel, Herbert St, Treorchy

The Pillars of Faith site has this note "BethaniaWelsh Independent / Congregational, Herbert Street, Treorchy.   Built: 1876 [Sittings: 1200].    Built to accomodate the flock since Tabernacle was too small."

See Tabernacle below

Tabernacle Welsh Independent Chapel, Treorchy

The Pillars of Faith site has this note "Tabernacle(1866)Welsh Independent / Congregational, Dumfries Street, Treorchy Built: 1867 , Extended or Rebuilt: 1901 [Sittings: 500]"

See Bethania above

Hermon Welsh Ind chapel, Regent St, Treorchy

English Congregational chapel, Treorchy

Ramah Welsh Ind chapel, Bute St, Treorchy

Ebenezer Welsh Congregational chapel, East Rd, Tylorstown

Bethany English Ind chapel, East Rd, Tylorstown

Ebenezer Welsh Congregational chapel, Wyndham St, Tynewydd

Welsh Independent chapel, Tynybedw

Penuel English Ind chapel, Station St, Ynyshir

Saron Welsh Ind chapel, South St, Ynyshir

Bodringallt Welsh Congregational chapel, William St, Ystrad Rhondda

English Congregational chapel, Gelligaled Rd, Ystrad

Bethgar English Congregational chapel, Ystrad



Rhondda Wesleyan Methodist Circuit

Wesleyan English - Rhondda Circuit

Primitive Methodist Rhondda Circuit

Bethania Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Blaenclydach

Libanus Welsh CM chapel, Clydach Rd, Blaenclydach

Wesleyan Methodist English chapel, Blaen Clydach

Methodist Mission Room, Hendrewen Rd, Blaencwm

Bethesda Welsh CM chapel, Blaenrhondda

English Wesleyan chapel, Brook St, Blaenrhondda

English Wesleyan chapel, Clydach Vale

Libanus Welsh CM chapel, Clydach Vale

Mount Zion Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Clydach Rd, Clydach Vale

Primitive Methodist chapel, Clydach Vale

Woodland Terrace CM chapel, Cwmparc

Park Welsh CM chapel, Park Rd, Cwmpark

English Wesleyan chapel, Cwmparc

Ferndale Rhondda Methodist Circuit

Capel Wesley Wesleyan Methodist chapel, High St, Ferndale

Penuel Welsh CM chapel, Dyffryn St, Ferndale

Carmel Welsh CM chapel, Ferndale

English Wesleyan chapel, Station Rd, Ferndale

Temple English CM chapel, Ayron St, Ferndale

Mount Zion English Primitive Methodist, Ferndale

Bronllwyn English Wesleyan Methodist chapel (Mission), Ravenhill St, Gelli

Tabernacle Primitive Methodist chapel, Ystrad Rd, Gelli

Gelli English CM chapel (Bethany), Gelli Rd, Gelli

Dyffryn Welsh CM chapel (Zion Pentecostal Church), Ty Isaf Rd, Gelli

Libanus Welsh CM chapel, High St, Gilfach Goch

Llwynypia Methodist Circuit

Bethania Welsh CM chapel, Llwynypia

Llwynypia English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Ynyscynon Rd, Llwynypia

Institute Rd English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Institute Rd, Llwynypia

Primitive Methodist chapel, Llwynypia

Ebenezer CM chapel, Station Rd, Maerdy

Bethania Welsh CM chapel, Maerdy Rd, Maerdy

Maerdy English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Oxford Rd, Maerdy

Pisgah Welsh CM chapel, Pen-y-graig

Seion Welsh Wesleyan chapel, Penygraig

Nazareth Welsh CM chapel, Penygraig

Bethany CM chapel, Tynycai Place, Hendre-Gwilym/George St, Penygraig

Ynyswen Rd English Wesleyan chapel, Pen-yr-englyn

Nazareth Welsh CM chapel, Llewellyn St, Pentre

Caersalem Welsh Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Pentre

English Wesleyan chapel, Wesley Place, Ystrad Rd, Pentre

Primitive Methodist chapel (English), Pentre

Bethel English CM chapel, The Avenue, Pont-y-gwaith

Welsh CM chapel, Pontygwaith

Ferndale Methodist chapel, Pontygwaith

Bethel Wesleyan chapel, Mount Rd, Cefn Rhigos

Primitive Methodist chapel, Sherwood

Jerusalem Welsh CM chapel, Church Rd, Ton Pentre

Caersalem Welsh Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Gelli Rd, Ton Pentre

Bethany English CM chapel, Gelli Rd, Tonpentre

Bethania CM chapel (Trefnyddion Bethania Calfinaidd), Church St, Tonypandy

Hermon Welsh CM chapel (Apostolic), Dunraven St, Tonypandy

English Wesleyan chapel, Tonypandy

Shiloh Welsh Wesleyan chapel (Seilo), Gilfach Rd, Tonypandy

Tonypandy Primitive Methodist chapel (English), Thomas St, Tonypandy

Zion Wesleyan Methodist, De Winton St, Llwynypia Rd, Tonypandy

Trinity English CM chapel, Dunraven St/Trinity Rd, Tonypandy

Seion Welsh CM chapel, Trealaw Rd, Trealaw

Elim Wesleyan Methodist chapel (Little Elim), Rhys St, Trealaw

Elim Primitive Methodist chapel (English), Trealaw

Horeb Welsh CM chapel, Dunraven St/Hill St, Treherbert

Bute Square English CM chapel, Treherbert

Primitive Methodist chapel (English), Treherbert

Wesleyans in Treherbert

English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Dunraven St, Treherbert

Saron Welsh Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Dumfries St, Treherbert

Welsh Wesleyans, Treorchy Circuit

Bethlehem Welsh CM chapel, Treorchy

Calfaria Welsh Wesleyan chapel, Regent St, Treorchy

Station Rd English CM chapel, Treorchy

Gosen English CM chapel, Bute St, Treorchy

Gosen *Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Crichton St, Treorchy

*There is a question mark over whether this chapel was Wesleyan as opposed to Calvinistic - the remaining building (in 2010) has a wall plaque which says "Methodistiaid Calfinaidd Cosen 1896". The 1920 OS map, shows it occupied by the Salvation Army. [I am indebted to David Bolton for these comments - see also his site Pillars-of-Faith ]

Forward Movement English CM chapel, Treorchy

Tabernacle English Wesleyan chapel (Old Bethania), Luton St/Dumfries St, Treorchy

Libanus Welsh CM chapel, East Rd, Tylorstown

Moriah Welsh Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Tylorstown

Ynyswen Methodist

Moriah Welsh CM chapel, Wind St/ Ynyshir Rd, Ynyshir

Tabernacle CM chapel, Graig Rd, Ynyshir

Ynyshir English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Graig Rd, Ynyshir

Penuel CM chapel, Ynyswen

Horeb Welsh Wesleyan chapel, Ystrad Rhondda

Bethel Welsh CM chapel, Heolfach (Ystrad)

English Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Chapel St, Ystrad

Tabernacle English Primitive Methodist chapel (Ystrad), Ystrad Rd, Ystradyfodwg

Tabernacle Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Ystradyfodwg           [same approx OS grid reference as above]

Tyisha Rd Welsh CM chapel, Ystrad Rhondda


Other (inc un-identified)

Roman Catholic Church, Ton-y-pandy

St Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Ynyshir.

Quaker House, Maxwell St, Ferndale

Quaker Social settlement, Maes-yr-Haf, Trealaw

Tonpentre Society of Friends Meeting House, Tonpentre

Ferndale Cemetery (Mortuary) chapel, Ferndale

Mardy Cemetery

Trealaw Cemetery Chapel (Mortuary), Brithweunydd Rd/ Llethrdu Cemetery, Mount Ple

Treorchy Cemetery chapel, Treorchy

Christiandelphian Church, 25 Pleasant Hill, Ferndale

Christiandelphian Church, Llewellyn St, Pentre

Ferndale Spiritualist chapel, Cross St, Ferndale

Cross St Spiritualist chapel, Ferndale

National Spiritualist Church, Llewellyn St, Pontygwaith

National Spiritualist Church, Church Rd, Tonpentre

Temple Spiritualist chapel, Blaen-y-cwm Terrace, Treherbert

Glanrhondda Unitarian chapel, High St, Pentre

Bethlehem Unitarian chapel, Tonypandy

Sion Apostolic Church, Chepstow Rd, Cwmparc

Pentecostal Gospel Hall, East St, Tonypandy

Regent St Pentecostal, Treorchy

Gospel Hall, Station Rd, Treorchy

Gospel Meeting Room, Treherbert

Salvation Army Gospel Hall, Church St, Tonypandy

Salvation Army, Wern Rd, Tonypandy

Bute St Plymouth Brethren, Bute St, Treherbert

Synagogue, Treorchy

Seventh Day Adventist, Trealaw Rd/ Brithweunydd Rd, Tonypandy

Bethlehem chapel, Clydach Rd, Clydach Vale

 Has 'Unidodiaid' (i.e. Unitarian) carved on the date stone

Tabernacle, Clydach Vale

Saron, Clydach Vale

Zion, New St, Ferndale

Gilfach Goch, Gilfach Goch

Calfaria, Gilfach Goch

Llwynypia English, Llwynypia

Seion, Pen-y-graig

Ysgwydd-y-Mynydd, Pentre

Salvation Army, Pentre

Pentre English, Pentre

Ysgoldy Addoldy, Pont Walby

Luciana Hall, Chapel St, Tonypandy

Caersalem Chapel, Dunraven St, Tonypandy

Gilfach Rd chapel, Tonypandy

Bethania chapel, Chapel St, Tonypandy

Dunraven St chapel, Tonypandy

Wern St chapel, Tonypandy

Miskin Rd, Trealaw

Trealaw English, Trealaw

Dumfries St chapel, Dumfries St, Treherbert

Bethel, Treherbert

Treherbert (English), Treherbert

Tabernacle, Treorchy

Chapel, High St, Treorchy

Chapel, East Rd, Tylorstown

Capel, William St, Ystrad

Jerusalem, Ystradyfodwg

Horeb, Ystradyfodwg

Tabernacle, Ystradyfodwg


Maerdy Mission Hall, Maerdy Hotel, Maerdy Rd, Maerdy

Church Hall, Ferndale Rd, Pontygwaith

Peniel (Pentecostal :Dewi Sant C in W), Mid Dunraven St, Tonypandy


Further Notes


Libanus Welsh Baptist chapel, Bute St, Treherbert

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These notes contributed by Ron Davies - see his site for further details of his ancestor William Davies

In 1839, it was decided to build a new Baptist Chapel in the Upper Rhondda valley and William Davies agreed to give land, "Waun-Pwll-Brwyn", at Cwmsaerbren on a 999-year lease for five-shillings per year. The lease was made out to David Naunton the preacher on the 1st January 1842.
David Naunton had arrived in the Rhondda in 1821 from Llangynidr in Brecon. He and his family lived at Glynmoch Fach in the area of Ynyswen. His daughter, Catherine NAUNTON married Evan DAVIES, the surgeon of Ystradyfodwg, a descendant of Henry DAVIES, the Minister and founder of the Welsh Independent Church at Cymmer and their sons all became surgeons, as did several generations of their descendants. David Naunton had already established close connections with Cwmsaerbran and the Davies family and had been the first preacher in 1825 at the Sunday School which was held in the loft of the almshouses in Pen-yr-englyn (between Cwmsaerbren and Ynysfeio), built by William Davies in 1823.

Shortly after the construction of Libanus Chapel, the "private adventure" school founded by William Davies moved back to Cwmsaerbren and was housed within the Libanus Chapel building. In a document written in August 1857 by William's grandson, Evan DAVIES, he tells us that:

" ...In the year 1846, when 11 years of age I was first of all sent to school at "Libanus" which was kept by Mr. John Evans who was pretty well versed in Arithmetic and also possessed of a general knowledge in other things; as a county schoolmaster. I was then lodging at my grandfather's house Cwmsaerbren ..."

It would appear that the school at Libanus, by this time, was catering mainly for William's grand-children, of which he had some 15 of school age, and those of his brothers and sisters. The John EVANS, schoolmaster, referred to in Evan DAVIES' document, was the son-in-law of William, the husband of his daughter Mary.


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