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1841 Llanddwywe uwch y Graig Census

HO107/1427/9 Barmouth Registration District Book 17

Compiled and contributed by Alwyn ap Huw Humphreys © Copyright 2005

HO107/1427/10 Book 17 Page 1
Robert Jones 35 M Farmer Yes
Mary Jones 4 F   Yes
Mary Jones 70 F   Yes
William William 14 M Ag Lab Yes
Tyddyn y Bwlch
Anne Jones 65 F Farmer Yes
Gwen Jones 30 M   Yes
Catherine Jones 20 F F S Yes
William Lloyd 20 M Ag Lab Yes
Ffridd bryncoch
Richard Jones 60 M Farmer Yes
Margaret Jones 55 F   Yes
William Jones 30 M   Yes
John Jones 20 M   Yes
Elizabeth Jones 25 F   Yes
Anne Jones 11 F   Yes
Richard Jones 7 M   Yes
Gwen Evans 20 F F S Yes
David Griffith 60 M   Yes
Jane Griffith 40 F   Yes
Griffith Griffith 35 M   Yes
Robert Griffith 20 M   Yes
David Griffith 14 M   Yes
Edward Griffith 7 M   Yes
Elizabeth Griffith 15 F   Yes
Mary Griffith 15 F   Yes
Sarah Griffith 7 F   Yes
Eleanor Griffith 1 F   Yes
HO107/1427/10 Book 17 Page 2
Rhedyn Cochion
Howel Jones 45 M Shoe m Yes
Mary Jones 40 F   Yes
John Jones 15 M Shoe m Yes
Griffith Jones 15 M Shoe m Yes
William Jones 7 M   Yes
Evan Jones 1 M   Yes
Robert Jones 80 M Wheelwright Yes
Elizabeth Jones 70 F   Yes
Jebas Thomas 6 M   Yes
Lewis Lewis 40 M Farmer Yes
Mary Lewis 60 F Farmer Yes
Lewis Jones 25 M Ag Lab Yes
David Jones 15 M Ag Lab Yes
John Pugh 60 M Ag Lab Yes
Sarah Jones 55 F F S Yes
Mary Griffith 25 F F S Yes
Catherine Humphrey 15 F F S Yes
Lewis Cadwaladr 55 M Farmer Yes
Margaret Cadwaladr 45 F   Yes
Margaret Cadwaladr 15 F   Yes
Dol Llyn Bedwyn
John Jones 35 M Farmer Yes
Margaret Jones 15 F   Yes
William Williams 25 M   Yes
Jane Evans 35 F   Yes
HO107/1427/10 Book 17 Page 3
William Jones 60 M Farmer Yes
Margaret Jones 65 F   Yes
Cadwaladr Jones 20 M   Yes
Howel Jones 15 M   Yes
Margaret Jones 14 F   Yes
Jane Jones 5 F   Yes
Owen Owens 35 M   Yes
Gwen Owens 25 F   Yes
William Owens 7 M   Yes
John Owens 6 M   Yes
Owen Owens 3 M   Yes
Gwen Owens 2 F   Yes
Penybont ar Eden
Elizabeth Roberts 45 F Farmer Yes
Morris Roberts 10 M   Yes
Edward Roberts 6 M   Yes
Hugh Roberts 5 M   Yes
Robert Lewis 75 M   Yes
Jemmeima Williams 20 F Dress maker No
Pen bryn y bont
John Owens 35 M Weaver Yes
Margaret Owens 35 F   Yes
Mary Owens 12 F   Yes
Owen Owens 10 M   Yes
Jane Owens 8 F   Yes
William Owens 6 M   Yes
Elizabeth Owens 3 F   Yes
HO107/1427/10 Book 17 Page 4
Ty Cerrig
John Williams 25 M Farmer Yes
Mary Williams 25 F   Yes
Eleanor Williams 5 F   Yes
Margaret Williams 2 F   Yes
Anne Owens 14 F Lodger Yes
Pen isaf hen Cottage
Margaret Jones 65 F Carrier Yes
Richard Jones 80 M Lab Yes
Esther Jones 75 F   Yes
David Roberts 60 M Farmer Yes
Jenette Roberts 50 F   Yes
Humphrey Humphrey 15 M Ag Lab Yes
Elizabeth Owens 15 F F S Yes
Jean Evans 40 F Pauper Yes
Evan Evans 40 M Farmer Yes
Anne Evans 30 F   Yes
Jean Owens 15 F F S Yes
Tyddyn Wisgi
Edward Williams 35 M Ag Lab Yes
Mary Williams 30 F   Yes
Coed y Eyfan?
Cadwaladr Jones 30 M Farmer Yes
Jane Jones 30 F   Yes
John Jones 9 M   Yes
Anne Jones 4 F   Yes
Mary Jones 2 F   Yes


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