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Bennetts Charles F Cwmheisian mine 36 Engine & Mill Manager Cornwall Ff
Bishop Edward Cwmheisian mine 24 Assayer GLA --- Ff
Cathcart Reginald Nannau 20 Gent Cadet R. M. Collage Searboro Yorkshire E
Cole Earnest Nannau 23 Gent Cadet R. M. Collage Augb ... LAN E
Collins Sarah A Hengwrt Uchaf 29 House Maid Bishop Stone HEF A
Cook Earnest Bothy 15 Gardener - Domestic Servant Llanfachreth MER E
Cook Edith A Nannau Cottage 8 Scholar Llanfachreth MER E
Cook George Nannau Cottage 49 Gardener - Domestic Servant Littleworth LEI E
Cook John Nannau Cottage 12 Monitor in School Llanfachreth MER E
Cook Mary Nannau Cottage 51   Atcham SAL E
Cope Gertrude Nannau 15 Kitchen Maid Bellbroughton E
Davies Ann Penucharllan 6 Scholar Birkinhead Dd
Davies David Ty'n Twll 14   Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies David Tymawr 39 Farmer Llanfachreth MER B
Davies David Ty'n Twll 57 Farmer Llanfechan MGY Ch
Davies David W Abergeirw Mawr 8 Scholar Llanfachreth MER Ff
Davies Dorothy W Vicarage 63 Clergyman's wife Dolgelley MER Dd
Davies Elizabeth Tymawr 9   Trawsfynydd MER B
Davies Elizabeth Pwllgela Mawr 38   Dolgelley MER Ch
Davies Elizabeth Jane Ochoryfoel 26   Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies Ellin Tymawr 34   Trawsfynydd MER B
Davies Evan Pwllgela Mawr 12 Scholar Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies Francis P H Vicarage 29 Vicar of Llanfachreth Dolgelley MER Dd
Davies Griffith Penucharllan 51 Gold Miner Llanfachreth MER Dd
Davies Henry F Pwllgela Mawr 11mo   Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies Jane Penucharllan 16   Llanfachreth MER Dd
Davies Jane Penucharllan 44   Llanfachreth MER Dd
Davies Lewis Ochoryfoel 50 Farmer Cardiganshire Ch
Davies Margaret Tymawr 1   Llanfachreth MER B
Davies Margaret Ty'n Twll 54   Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies Marrg Ochoryfoel 48   Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies Robert Penucharllan 7 Scholar Llanfachreth MER Dd
Davies Robert Pwllgela Mawr 38 Farmer and Platelayer Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies Robert Tymawr 75   Dolgelley MER B
Davies Sarah A Ty'n Twll 16   Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies Susannah Abergeirw Mawr 52 Farmer Llanuwchllyn MER Ff
Davies William Pwllgela Mawr 7   Llanfachreth MER Ch
Davies William R Tymawr 5   Llanfachreth MER B
Edwards Ann Ty Isa 35   Llanfachreth MER B
Edwards Catherine Drws y Nant 44   Llanfor MER A
Edwards Charles Bontnewydd Station House 3   Llanfachreth MER C
Edwards David Cwmheisian mine 25 Engine Fitter Aberystwyth CGN Ff
Edwards Edward Castell y Gwynt 44 Farmer Llanfachreth MER D
Edwards Edward Castell y Gwynt 9mo   Llanfachreth MER D
Edwards Edward R Drws y Nant 2   Bala MER A
Edwards Elizabeth Gellfachreth 42   Llanfachreth MER Dd
Edwards Elizabeth Bontnewydd Station House 45   Wolverhampton STS C
Edwards Gwen Hafodfraith 90   Trawsfynydd MER Ff
Edwards Howell J Drws y Nant 8   Bala MER A
Edwards Jane Bontnewydd Station House 13   Whittington SAL C
Edwards Jane E Drws y Nant 7   Bala MER A
Edwards John Gellfachreth 40 Agricultural Llanegryn MER Dd
Edwards John Hafodfraith 54 Farmer Llanfachreth MER Ff
Edwards John H Drws y Nant 16 Agricultural Labourer Llanuwchllyn MER A
Edwards Lewis Castell y Gwynt 4   Llanfachreth MER D
Edwards Lowry Castell y Gwynt 44   Dolgelley MER D
Edwards Margaret Drws y Nant 18 General Servant Bala MER A
Edwards Mary E Ty Isa 1   Llanfachreth MER B
Edwards Richard Ty Isa 20 Farmer Llanfachreth MER B
Edwards Robert Cwmheisian ganol 21 Millman in Gold Mine Llangwm DEN Ff
Edwards Robert Bontnewydd Station House 39 Station Master Whittington SAL C
Edwards Robert Drws y Nant 40 Farmer Llanuwchllyn MER A
Edwards Steven R Bontnewydd Station House 7 Scholar St Martin's SAL C
Edwards Thomas Castell y Gwynt 3   Llanfachreth MER D
Edwards Thomas Ty Isa 4   Llanfachreth MER B
Edwards William Galltcarw 19 Servant Llanfachreth MER Ch
Egerton George Algermon Nannau 19 Gent Cadet R. M. Collage Worsley Manchester E
Ellis Evan Ty Isaf 36 Agricultural Labourer Llanfachreth MER Dd
Ellis Jane Ty Capel Hermon 76 Living on own means. Blind Llanfachreth MER F
Ellis Margaret Ty'nsimdde 58 Farmer Llanfachreth MER F
Ellis Margaret 1 Talybont 64 Dressmaker Llanfachreth MER A
Ellis Margaret J Ty'nsimdde 18   Llanfachreth MER F
Ellis Mary Ty Isaf 29   Bala MER Dd
Ellis Owen Coedmawr 23 Calvanistic Methodist Preacher Ffestiniog MER E
Evans Ann Ffriddgoch 58 Farmer Llanfachreth MER E
Evans Catherine Ystym Gwadnoeth 10   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Catherine Ffriddgoch 63 Farmer's Assistant Llanfachreth MER E
Evans Edward Tainewyddion Terr 71 Joiner Llanfachreth MER Dd
Evans Ellen Tainewyddion Terr 70   Llanfachreth MER Dd
Evans Ellinor Ystym Gwadnoeth 6   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Evan Ystym Gwadnoeth 24 Servant Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Evan Ystym Gwadnoeth 48 Farmer Dolgelley MER D
Evans Griffith 2 Glan Eiddion 21 Grocer & Shoemaker Dolgelley MER A
Evans Grifith Ffriddgoch 65 Farmer Llanfachreth MER E
Evans Gwen Cae Addfwyn 18 General Servant Llanuwchllyn MER B
Evans Howel Penrhosisaf 4   Llanfachreth MER F
Evans Hugh Ystym Gwadnoeth 9   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Humphrey J Caecrwth 15 Farm Servant Dolgelley MER Dd
Evans Jane 2 Glan Eiddion 17 Shop Woman Dolgelley MER A
Evans Jane Penrhosisaf 20   Llanfachreth MER F
Evans Jane Ffriddgoch 22 Farmer's Assistant Darowen MGY E
Evans Jane Penrhosisaf 56   Llanfachreth MER F
Evans John Ystym Gwadnoeth 13   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans John Nannau 20 Pantry Boy Llanfyllin MGY E
Evans Llewelyn Ystym Gwadnoeth 11mo   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Margaret Ystym Gwadnoeth 5   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Margaret Felin Newydd 18 General Servant Llanfachreth MER A
Evans Mary Ystym Gwadnoeth 3   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Mary Ystym Gwadnoeth 43   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Morris Ffriddgoch 60 Joiner Llanfachreth MER E
Evans Morris Penrhosisaf 60 Farmer Llanelltyd MER F
Evans Thomas Ystym Gwadnoeth 7   Llanfachreth MER D
Evans Thomas Coedmawr 15 Domestic Sevant Dolgelley MER E
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