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"MYNYDDYSLWYN, a parish in the lower division of the hundred of Wentllooge, county Monmouth, 8½ miles N.W. of Newport, its post town, and 7 S.W. of Pontypool. The parish, which is extensive, contains the hamlets of Mynyddmaen, Clawrplwyf, and Penmaen. The inhabitants are employed in the numerous collieries, ironworks, stone quarries, and in cotton-weaving. The village is considerable. It is a meet for the Tyisha harriers."

[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)


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Abercarn Cemetery, Abercarn
Apostolic Church, Fleur-De-Lys
Baptist Chapel, Pontllan-Ffraith
Bethany Apostolic Church, Pontllan-Ffraith
Bethany, Cwmfelin-Fach
Bethesda Gospel Hall, Cefn Fforest
Beulah Welsh Baptist Chapel, Newbridge
Cae Gorlan Welsh Baptist Chapel, Abercarn
Caradoc Street English Baptist Chapel, Cwm-Carn
Carmel Independent Chapel, Crumlin
Catholic Church, Cwm-Carn
Cefn Forest Chapel, Cefn Forest
Celynen Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Sunday School, Celynen
Central Hall, Abercarn
Chapel Of Ease, Abercarn
Chapel, Cwm-Carn
Church, Commercial Street, Pontllan-Ffraith,, Pontllan-Ffraith
Church, Fleur-De-Lys Avenue, Pontllan-Ffraith,, Pontllan-Ffraith
Church, Hall's Road Terrace, Pont-Y-Waun, Pont-Y-Waun
Commercial Road English Methodist Chapel (Wesleyn;Darren View;Hillside), Aber-Carn, Abercarn
Commercial Road Methodist Chapel (Primitive), Abercarn, Abercarn
Croes Penmaen Baptist Chapel, Croes Penmaen, Croes Penmaen
Crosskeys Weslayan Methodist Chapel;Pontywaun Chapel, High Street, Pont-Y-Waun, Crosskeys, Pont-Y-Waun
Crumlin Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, High Level Rd., Crumlin, Crumlin
Cwm-Felin-Fach (Capel-Y-Babell), Ynys-Ddu, Ynys-Ddu
Cwmfelinfach Baptist Chapel, Cwmfelinfach
Cymraeg (Welsh), Fleur-De Lys,, Fleur-De Lys
Deml Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, West View, Newbridge, Newbridge
Elim, Pontllanfraith, Pontllanfraith
English (Saesneg), Cwmfelin-Fach,, Cwmfelin-Fach
English (Saesneg), Fleur-De Lys,, Fleur-De Lys
English, Fleur-De Lys,, Fleur-De Lys
Fleur-De-Lys Methodist Church, Fleur-De-Lys, Fleur-De-Lys
Fleur-De-Lys Primitive Methodist Chapel, Fleur-De Lys, Fleur-De Lys
Full Gospel Pentecostal Mission, Kendon Road, Crumlin, Crumlin
Garden City Baptist Chapel, Cefn-Forest
Garn Congregational Chapel, High Street, Abercarn, Abercarn
Gladstone Street Methodist Chapel (Primitive), Wattsville
Hafod Hall, Trinant
Hen Gapel, Trinant
Holy Trinity, Penwyn-Mawr
Horeb Congregational Church, Ton-Ty'r-Bel, Trinant
Horeb Welsh Independent Chapel, Ton Ty'r Bel, Trinant
Jerusalem Baptist Chapel, Hafodyrynys Road, Bethel, Crumlin
Lower Chapel (English Baptist), Commercial Road, Abercarn, Abercarn
Methodist Chapel, Victoria Road, Fleur-De-Lys
Mynyddislwyn Methodist Church, Mynyddislwyn, Mynyddislwyn
Mynyddislwyn Primitive Methodist Chapel, Mynyddislwyn, Mynyddislwyn
Nazareth Chapel (Presbyterian And Calvinistic Methodist), Newport Road, Cwm-Carn
New Bethel Independent Chapel (Bethel), Cwmnantyrodyn, Pontllanffraith
New Bethel Independent Sunday School (Islwyn School), Cwmnantyrodyn, Pontllanfraith
Newbridge Wesleyan English Methodist Chapel, Bridge Street, Newbridge
Noddfa Baptist Chapel, Kendon Road, Abercarn;Tabernacle, Abercarn
Noddfa, Assembly of God Church, Cwmfelinfach
Oakdale Baptist Church, Markham Crescent, Oakdale
Oakdale Calvinistic Methodist Chapel ;Oakdale Presbyterian Church, Penmaen Avenue, Oakdale
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, Newbridge
Pen-Twyn Mission Hall (Independent And Congregational), Pen-Twyn
Penmain (Pen-Maen) Independentchapel, Oakdale Terrace, Pen-Maen
Pentecostal Chapel, Fleur-De-Lys
Pentecostal Church, Golden Grove, Newbridge
Pentwyn-Mawr Presbyterian Church, High Street, Pentwyn-Mawr
Pontllanfraith Methodist Church, Pontllan-Fraith
Sacred Heart, Blackwood Road, Pontllan-Ffraith
Saints Philip And James, Gwrhay
Salem Trelyn (Cymraeg; Salem, Welsh), High Street, Fleur-De-Lys, Fleur-De-Lys
Salvation Army Hall, Abercarn, Abercarn
Sardis Independent Chapel, Ynysddu
Siloh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Gelli-Groes
St David (1st Church), Oakdale
St David, Oakdale
St John, Cwm-Carn
St Luke, Abercarn
St Mary, Crumlin
St Paul, Newbridge
St Peter, Newbridge
St Theodore, Ynysddu
St Tudur, Mynydd Islwyn
Tabernacle English Baptist Chapel, High Street, Newbridge
Tabernacle Independent And Congregational Chapel, Cwm-Carn
The Temple (Calvinistic Methodist Chapel), High Street, Newbridge
Trinant Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Wesley Terrace, Trinant
Trinity, Gelli-Unig Place, Pont-Y-Waun
Twyn Gwyn, Ynys-Ddu
Wattsville Baptist Chapel (Bethel), Wattsville
Wattsville Independent And Congregational Chapel, Wattsville
Wattsville Methodist Chapel (Primitive), Wattsville
Wattsville Methodist Church (Wesleyan), Islwyn Road, Wattsville
Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, High Street, Abercarn, Abercarn
Wesleyan Methodist Church (Oakdale Christian Centre), Central Avenue, Oakdale
Whitethorn Street Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Crumlin;Foreward Movement, Crumlin
Wyllie Methodist Chapel, Wyllie
Ynysdu, Ynys-Ddu
Zion English Congregational Chapel, High Street, Newbridge
Zoar Welsh Congregational Chapel, Newbridge

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Church History

Church and chapel data from The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales. Ed. by I.G   Jones, & D. Williams. UWP,  Cardiff, 1976. The names given towards the end of each entry are those of the informants.  Check with  Gwent RO to see what extant records are held, and possible names of chapels/churches established after 1851.

Mynyddislwyn Parish consisting of the hamlets of Clawrplwyf, Mynyddmaen and Penmain; Statistics; Area 15938 acres; Population 3157 males, 2837 females, total 5994

  • Clawrplwyf hamlet
  • Mynyddislwyn Parish Church      Attendance - morning 25 + 17 scholars, afternoon 30 + 20 scholars     1 service in Welsh      Informant; David Jones, Registrar
  • Celynen Chapel, Anglican     Attendance - morning 60 + 40 scholars, afternoon 60 scholars, evening 40       Informant; David Jones, Registrar
  • Siloh Chapel, Calvinistic Methodist      Erected 1813     Attendance - morning 55, afternoon 43 scholars, evening 58          Henry Edmunds, Elder, Gelligroes, Blackwood
  • Gelly Hove, Monythisloyne (sic)   Wesleyan Methodist     Erected 1846      Attendance - morning 45 + 29 scholars, evening 39 + 9 scholars        Aaron Brain, Secretary
  • Dwelling House, Garmon Tipping, Mynyddislwyn      Wesleyan Reformer      Attendance - morning 29, evening 14     Garmon Tipping, Flowerdeluce, Blackwood
  • New Bethel, Mynyddislwyn  Independents     Erected  1765      Attendance - morning 294, afternoon 157 scholars, evening 205       "....in 1849 a large school room was built in connection with the said chapel where day school is kept, and £100 debt remains"       Moses Ellis, Minister
  • Babell Welsh Calvinistic Methodist, Mynyddislwyn      Erected  1827     Attendance - morning 45 + 20 scholars, afternoon 64 scholars, evening 50 + 40 scholars   "Several of the congregation were confined at home this Sunday by sickness"          Morgan Thomas, Elder, Ynysddu
  • Twyn Gwyn, Mynyddislwyn, Baptist       Erected 1829      Attendance - morning 94, afternoon school, evening 135          David Williams, Deacon
  • Mynhyddmaen hamlet
  • No returns
  • Penmain hamlet
  • Court y Bella, A Licensed School Room (Anglican)      Licensed for public worship 1846     Attendance - morning 130 + 7 scholars, evening 120 + 9 scholars        Incumbent; Rees Jones, Penmain, Blackwood
  • Horeb Chapel, Tontrebel, Mynyddislwyn, Independent       Erected 1828/9       Attendance - morning 61, afternoon 61 scholars, evening 92      Thomas Lewis, Minister, Tontrebel, Crumlin
  • Capel y Garn, Abercarn, Independents       Erected 1847      Attendance - morning 72, afternoon 39 scholars, evening 113      "The Congregation being a branch of Bethel, Mynyddislwyn....."   Benjamin Mathews, Deacon, Abercarn
  • Nazareth, Welsh Calvinistic Methodist    Erected   1841     Attendance - morning 53 scholars, afternoon 60 scholars, evening 58 scholars      William Stephen, Evan Edwards, Abercarne
  • Cymreigyddion Hall, Abergwyddon, Particular Baptists      "In February last the Room was fitted up for use of the Particular Baptists. It is regularly used as a Day School and for the general purpose of Public Meeting"    Attendance - morning 200 + 266 scholars, evening 226           David ap Rhys Stephens, Minister of Abergwyddon
  • Reading Room, Abercarne, Wesleyan Methodist          Erected before 1800       Attendance - morning 23 + 21 scholars, afternoon 30 scholars, evening 45     "The room which we hold meetings in of Sundays is made use of in the week days for school. We only use it on Sundays."    George Hawkins, Class Leader, No 133 Abercarne
  • Penmain Chapel, Independents     Erected  1694, rebuilt 1820      Attendance - morning 235, afternoon 140 scholars, evening 338       Ellis Hughes, Minister, Penmain, Blackwood
  • Jerusalem, Independents   Erected 1840    Attendance - morning 92, afternoon 74 scholars, evening 120              John Morgan Thomas, Minister, Blackwood
  • Bethel Chapel or Meeting House, Baptist     Erected 1809/1810        Attendance - morning 270, afternoon 140 scholars, evening 425       Charles Turner, Member, Carpenter, Newbridge

Church Records

See the Monmouthshire county page for links to online records

  • This list of parish records is intended as a rough guide to coverage only. Their location as stated should be confirmed with the appropriate Record Office prior to any visit.
    Mynyddislwyn, St Tyder's Church - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns Burials
    1664-1918 1656-84, 1687-1743, 1750-1922 1911-51 1664-1743, 1745-1933
    Bishops Transcripts 1717, 1725-75, 1777-1842 - records with the NLW
    Aber-Carn, St Luke's Church (formed from Mynyddislwyn 1921) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns
    1904-24 1917-71 1917-68
    Cwm-Carn, St John the Evangelist's Church (formed from Mynyddislwyn + Rhisga/Risca 1922) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns
    1919-49 1923-71 1923-66
    Oakdale, Unknown Dedication (formed from Pen-maen; parish church of Pen-maen since 1970) - records with the Gwent RO
    Marriages 1956-71
    Pen-Maen, SS Philip & James's Church (formed from Mynyddislwyn 1845. See also Oakdale) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Burials
    1852-1934 1858-1969 1858-1930
    Bishops Transcripts 1852-72 - records with the NLW
    Pontnewydd, Holy Trinity Church (formed from Pen-maen 1885) - records with the Gwent RO
    Pontnewydd, Holy Trinity Church (formed from Pen-maen 1885) - records with the incumbent
    Marriages Burials
    1860+ 1888+
    Trecelyn / Newbridge, St Paul's Church (formed from Pen-maen 1914) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns
    1888-1960 1922-77 1922-55
    Ynys-Ddu, St Theodore (formed from Mynyddislwyn) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns
    1916-66 1927-71 1927-74
    [Details as published in The Parish Registers of Wales, NLW 1986 - present location/availability may vary]

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Historical Geography

You can see the administrative areas in which Mynyddislwyn has been placed at times in the past. Select one to see a link to a map of that particular area.

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  • Kain, R.J.P., Oliver, R.R., Historic Parishes of England and Wales: an Electronic Map of Boundaries before 1850 with a Gazetteer and Metadata [computer file]. Colchester, Essex: History Data Service, UK Data Archive [distributor], 17 May 2001. SN: 4348.  Here is a gazetteer/finding aid plus a set of overview maps to accurately identify the position of parishes within the county.
You can see maps centred on OS grid reference ST193938 (Lat/Lon: 51.637150, -3.167536), Mynyddislwyn which are provided by:


  • Oakdale Colliery - on wikipedia.
  • Oakdale, Abercarn, Cwmcarn, & Navigation/Crumlin collieries - on the Welsh Coal Mines site.