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Casnewydd / Newport

"ST. WOOLLOS, a parish in the upper division of Wentllooge hundred, county Monmouth, containing the western portion of the town and borough of Newport." [Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)



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Church History

Church and chapel data from The Religious census of 1851 : A Calendar of the returns relating to Wales, Vol 1, South Wales. Ed. by I.G Jones, & D. Williams. UWP, Cardiff, 1976. The names given towards the end of each entry are those of the informants. Check with Gwent RO to see what extant records are held, and possible names of chapels/churches established after 1851.

St Woollos Parish consisting of St Woollos and the Borough of Newport; Statistics; Area 3854 acres; Population 10,536 males, 9743 females, total 20279

  • St Woollos
  • St Woollos Parish Church Usual number of attendants 200 2 services in English Unsigned
  • Pillgwenlly School Room (District of St Paul) Erected by Rowley Lascelles Esq (no date) Used as a temporary place of worship in connection with the Church of England Attendance - morning 50 + 75 scholars, evening 160 "This small school room is to be replaced shortly with a church to hold 660 people " Henry Wybrow, Perpetual Curate of St Paul's
  • Wesleyan Chapel, Pillgwenlly Erected 1828 Attendance - 152 + 51 scholars, evening 244 Frederick Payne, Minister
  • Baptist Chapel, Commercial Rd Erected 1843 Attendance - morning 200 + 117 scholars, evening 300 +117 scholars David Edwards, Minister
  • Bible Christian Chapel, Commercial Rd Erected 1840 Attendance - morning 71, evening 84 James (Illegible), Trustee, No 6 Portland St
  • Wesleyan Reformers, Pillgwenlly Erected 1850 (Not used exclusively as a place of worship) Attendance - morning 65 + 110 scholars, evening 160 + 50 scholars "This Congregation consists mainly of Wesleyans who have been expelled for disputing about matters of Discipline in Methodism" John Cole, Local Preacher and Tenant, Pillgwenlly
  • Trinity Chapel, Pillgwenlly English Independents Erected 1844 Attendance - morning 15 + 32 scholars, evening 30 + 15 scholars Alexander Bowman, A member, No 10 Portland St
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints held at Sunderland Hall, Llanarth St Rented from Oct 1847 Morning 60, afternoon 200, evening 400 No scholars Jacob Jones, Preseident, Thos. Roberts, Shoemaker, Top of Caroline St, Newport
  • Ebenezer Chapel, Commercial St, Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Erected 1839 Attendance - morning 260, afternoon 98, evening 201 Phillip John, Deacon, 169 Commercial St
  • English Baptist Chapel, Commercial St Erected 1829 Attendance - morning 350 + 82 scholars, afternoon 183 scholars, evening 550 "Mothering Sunday, a Welsh Festival or custom causes a small attendance today" William Allen, Minister, Storr Hill
  • See also 2 entries below which show St Woollos as their parish
  • Newport Borough
  • St Paul District Church Consecrated 1836 to supply the spritual want of an increasing population.... total cost c £7000 Attendance - morning 756 + 100 scholars, afternoon 128, evening 660 3 services in English Henry Wybrow, Perpetual Curate
  • St Marie's Catholic Church (St Woollos) Erected 1839 Attendance - morning Mass 400, 2 Do 900, afternoon 200, evening 700 Dominick (? Martin), Parish Priest
  • Hope Chapel, Commercial St, Congregational Independent Erected originally before 1810, in its present form in 1814 Attendance - morning 179 + 117 scholars, afternoon 189 scholars, evening 210 John Barfield, B.A, Minister, 20 Llanarth St
  • No Name or Title (elsewhere listed as Plymouth Brethren) at 34 Llanarth St Building not used exclusively as a place of worship Attendance - morning 19, evening 19 "In some parts of England we are known by the designation "Brethren" " John Skinner, An Elder
  • Tabernacle Chapel, Congregational or Independent Erected 1822 Attendance - morning 278 + 85 scholars, afternoon 148 scholars, evening 513 Thomas Gillman, Minister, No 5 Great Dock St
  • Mariners' Church, Canal Side, Newport Used by all Dissenting Denominations Erected 1827 Attendance - (average) afternoon 50 "The place is fitted up entirely with benches, all free sittings, and the ministers of the various congregations alternately and gratuitously" Thomas Turner, Secretary, Commercial Rd
  • Mill St Chapel, Independents Erected more than 200 years ago Attendance - morning 14+ 6 scholars, evening 40 + 10 scholars Lewis Edwards, Deacon, Bro-dawel, Nr Newport
  • Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Commercial St (St Woollos) Erected originally 1808, present building on same site in 1850 Attendance - morning 240 + 40 scholars, evening 390 Edward William Jones, Chapel Steward, Glan Mor
  • Mount Zion Chapel, Hill St, Newport, Independent Erected 1835 Attendance morning 156, afternoon 78 scholars, evening 189 Griffith Griffiths, Minister
  • Welsh Baptist Chapel, Charles St, Newport Erected 1817 Attendance - morning 280, afternoon 150 scholars, evening 300 (..."average attendance must be something more) William Thomas, Minister
  • Wesleyan Chapel of the Free Church or Reform Wesleyans, Hill St Erected 1832 and undergoing enlargement at the present time Attendance - morning 145, afternoon 70 scholars, evening 249 "This congregation is one formed of persons who have been expelled from the old Wesleyan body in consequence of their disapproval of the acts of the Conference in the year 1849 and also of persons who have retired with them together with such as have since joined them" James Ewins, Senior Local Preacher and Class Leader, 13 High St
  • Latter Day Saints Chapel Not a separate and entire building Usual number - morning 100 + above 30 scholars, afternoon 100, evening 160 + about 30 scholars Informant; no signature

Church Records

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  • This list of parish records is intended as a rough guide to coverage only. Their location as stated should be confirmed with the appropriate Record Office prior to any visit.
    Casnewydd / Newport, St Woolos's Church - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns Burials
    1702-42, 1769-1931 1702-49, 1754-1930 1795-1807 1702-43, 1769-1882
    Bishops Transcripts 1725-75, 1777-1837, 1843-50, 1852-87 - records with the NLW
    Casnewydd / Newport, All Saints Church (formed from St Woolos 1899) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns
    1898-1952 1899-1978 1899-1908, 1913-62
    Casnewydd / Newport, Holy Trinity Church (formed from St Woolos 1864) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns
    1852-7, 1864-1975 1862-1975 1887-1956, 1960-7
    Bishops Transcripts 1864-84 - records with the NLW
    Casnewydd / Newport, St John Evangelist & St Mary's Church (formed from Eglwys y Drindod/Christchurch 1860) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages
    1866-1975 (St. Mary 1899-1952) 1861-1977 (St. Mary 1949-52)
    Casnewydd / Newport, St Mark's Church (formed from St Woolos 1875) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns
    1875-1968 1875-1971 1932-46
    Casnewydd / Newport, St Matthew's Church (formed from St John Evangelist 1911) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages Banns
    1896-1938 1911-71 1911-74
    Casnewydd / Newport, St Paul's Church (formed from St Woolos 1839) - records with the Gwent RO
    Baptisms Marriages
    1837-1927 1840-1930
    Casnewydd / Newport, St Stephen's Church (formed from Holy Trinity 1921) - records with the Gwent RO
    [Details as published in The Parish Registers of Wales, NLW 1986 - present location/availability may vary] selected parish records.

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