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Castlemartin Hundred in Pembrokeshire

An extract of Hicks  name baptisms by Huw Daniel for the period  1838-1900

This is a  basic index with no parents listed , useful as a lookup aid only

Surname,Given Names,Baptism Year,Parish,Notes

Hicks,Albert James,1847,Angle, ,Alfred,1870,Pembroke St. Marys,
,Alfred,1881,Pwllcrochan, ,Alice mary,1888,Monkton,
,Ann,1838,Castlemartin, ,Ann,1847,Lamphey,
,Ann,1867,Warren, ,Anne,1846,Monkton,
,Annie Marie,1883,Pwllcrochan, ,Caeser,1875,Monkton,
,Catharine,1854,Lamphey, ,Celia Mary,1885,Pembroke St. Marys,
,Charles,1864,Lamphey, ,Charles Henry,1888,Pembroke St. Marys,
,Clara Mary,1874,Pembroke St. Michaels, ,Edith Edna Louisa,1898,Angle,
,Edith Mary,1883,Pembroke Dock St. Johns, ,Edith Mary,1900,Pembroke St. Michaels,(b.1900)
,Edith Matilda,1896,Pembroke St. Michaels, ,Edward Charles,1886,Pembroke Dock St. Johns,(b.1886)
,Edwin,1870,Monkton, ,Eliza,1843,Pembroke St. Michaels,
,Elizabeth,1843,Angle, ,Elizabeth,1847,St. Twynnells,
,Elizabeth,1850,Pembroke St. Michaels, ,Elizabeth,1876,Pembroke St. Michaels,
,Elizabeth Ann,1887,Pwllcrochan, ,Elizabeth Anne,1889,Pembroke St. Michaels,
,Ellen,1842,Lamphey, ,Emily Francis,1887,Pembroke St. Marys,
,Esther,1875,Pwllcrochan, ,Esther Elizabeth,1878,Pembroke Dock St. Johns,(b.1878)
,Florence,1872,Pembroke St. Marys, ,Francis Ann,1880,Pembroke Dock St. Johns,
,Frederick Henry,1886,Pembroke Dock St. Johns,(b. 1885) ,George,1839,Angle,
,George,1844,St. Twynnells, ,George,1852,Lamphey,
,George,1858,Angle, ,George,1865,Pwllcrochan,
,George,1871,Angle, ,Getrude Elizabeth,1869,Angle,
,Harry Vincent,1876,Pembroke Dock Garrison & Dockyard Chapel,(b.1876) ,Henry,1862,Angle,
,Henry Augustus,1890,Pembroke Dock St. Johns,(b. 1890) ,Henry George,1895,Warren,
,Herbert John,1900,Angle, ,Hester,1850,Angle
,James,1856,Lamphey ,James,1877,Pembroke St. Michaels
,John,1847,Lamphey ,John,1852,Angle
,John George,1888,Pembroke Dock St. Johns ,John Williams,1878,Pwllcrochan
,Kate,1864,Angle ,Margaret Elizabeth,1873,Pwllcrochan
,Martha,1840,Lamphey ,Martha Jane,1871,Lamphey
,Mary,1848,Lamphey ,Mary,1866,Angle
,Mary,1868,Angle ,Mary,1881,Pembroke St. Michaels
,Phylis Mary,1861,Angle ,Rebecca,1881,Pembroke St. Michaels
,Sebert James,1877,Angle ,Sydney John,1872,Angle
,Thomas,1850,Lamphey ,Thomas,1865,Angle
,William,1845,Pembroke St. Marys ,William,1860,Pembroke Dock St. Johns
,William,1884,Pembroke St. Marys ,William Cecil,1874,Angle
,William George,1870,Monkton ,William Henry,1865,Monkton

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