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"HAVERFORDWEST, a seaport, borough, and market town, and a county of itself, locally in the hundred of Rhs, county of PEMBROKE, SOUTH WALES,10 1/2miles (N.) from Pembroke, and 250 (W. by N.) from London, through Gloucester and Monmouth, containing 4328 inhabitants. . . The town, which may be regarded as the modern capital of Pembrokeshire, is finely situated at one of the inland extremities of Milford Haven, upon the declivities, and at the base, of very steep hills, round which the Western Cleddau flows: it consists of numerous streets, some of which are regularly built, and contain the town residences of many of the neighbouring gentry, others are steep and narrow . . . The port is dependent on that of Milford, to which it is a creek, having a custom-house subordinate to the establishment there; but from its central situation it attracts considerable trade, chiefly coastwise: the exports are principally oats and butter, with a small quantity of leather and bark; the imports are chiefly groceries, manufactured goods, and other miscellaneous articles, for the supply of the shops. Coal is brought by water from Newport in Monmouthshire, and from Liverpool . . . The town and county of the town comprise the whole of the parish of St. Mary, and part of the parishes of St. Thomas and St. Martin, together with a very small part of the parish of Prendergast . . . The free grammar school was founded by Thomas Lloyd, of Kl Kifith, Esq., who, by will dated November 22nd, 1612, endowed it with dwelling-houses, lands, and fee-farm rents . . . producing at present an income of 144. 15. 4." [From A Topographical Dictionary of Wales (S. Lewis, 1833).]



Business and Commerce Records

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;


Haverfordwest [ town] 1851 census index and transcription by Dyfed FHS

Church History

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;


Dickman, H.J. "Within these walls": the story of Hill Mountain and Llangwm Wesley Methodist Churches in the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Circuit, Haverfordwest, J.W. Hammond (1981) 51 p.

Holcombe, William. The indispensable obligations to Christian charity : A sermon preached before the subscribers to the Charity established for the relief of decayed clergymen, their widows and children, in the county of Pembroke : at St. Mary's Church, Haverfordwest : on Tuesday June 27, 1786. Carmarthen : Printed for the author and sold by J. Ross, 1787. 40p

Jones, Barbara. The Dominican Friars of Haverfordwest : their sites and lands before and after the dissolution of the monasteries . The Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society, No.3 1989   Welsh Journals Online

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Williams, G. B. Albany United Reformed Church Haverfordwest 350th anniversary 1638-1988 : some historical notes . Albany United Reformed Church], 1988 .12p

Church Records

Non Anglican churches & chapels not allocated to one of the three Haverfordwest parishes;

Court Records

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Description and Travel


Edwards, Sybil.  Haverfordwest in Old Postcards    1997

Haverfordwest in Old Photographs (Hwlffordd mewn hen luniau). Stroud : Alan Sutton, 1992. 160p

James, G. Douglas.   The Town and County of Haverfordwest   1957

James, Terrence.  The origins and topography of medieval Haverford   (NLW's site)   Pemb Historian IV

Phillips, W D    Old Haverfordwest    A reprint of articles in the Pembrokeshire County Guardian  1924-25

Richards, Bill.  The Changing Face of Haverfordwest   1992

Thomas, Maldwyn/Haverfordwest Civic Society. Plaque trail around the historic buildings and sites of Haverfordwest , 1999. 38p


Transcript of complete entry in Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Wales of 1833.


Brigstocke's Pembrokeshire Year Book 1904- Haverfordwest , a mine of information covering all things political, municipal, military and social in the town.

Morris, Ray. Trade Directories - an under used resource. Dyfed FHS journal Vol 6/7 Aug 1999. Contains  an extract of the 431 names appearing in the above Brigstocke's Year Book for 1904. And copy photographs of the four Mayors of Pembrokeshire in that year.

Pigot & Co. South Wales Directory for 1830. Here are Extracts for Haverfordwest

Pigot & Co. South Wales Directory for 1844. Here are Extracts for Haverfordwest and Neighbourhood


Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Held at the NLW ;


Bosworth, Nickie. HARVEY of Haverforwest. Dyfed FHS journal,1999 .Research into the family and descendants of Benjamin Harvey, paper mill manufacturer, and migrant from Aston Cantlow, Warwickshire. They later diversified into farming, shipping and railways.

Hughes, Basil. Haverfordwest 1539 1660. ISBN 1 898687 07 2 . List of names of those who appear in the records during that period

John, C.E. History and family record of the "John" family, 1683 to 1964; the descendants of John Phillips and Ellen, his wife, from Haverfordwest, Prembrokeshire [sic] Wales, Long Beach?, Calif., (1966) iv, 182 p. : ill., ports., maps.

Pike, Jonathan. Dyfed Apprentices in Eighteenth Century Bristol. Dyfed FHS Journal 5 (Aug. and Dec. 1996). [Powell Family of St Clears, Meyler Family of Haverfordwest, Protheroe Family of Molleston, Bowen Family of Pembroke]


There are historical snippets about this parish on Not everyone knows this..

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Held at the NLW ;

Brief history, and picture of the castle, from Dyfed FHS.

Haverfordwest Town Museum

Haverfordwest Castle - a  Castles of Wales  site. "The castle stands on a superb, naturally defensive position at the end of a strong, isolated ridge with a sheer cliff on the east. It was an English foundation, first established by Gilbert de Clare, earl of Pembroke in the mid-12th century, and remained an English stronghold throughout its history...."

There is an extensive account of the history of the town in the Lewis transcription - see under Directories.


A history of the town and county of Haverfordwest, Llandysul, Gwasg Gomer (1999) 272 p.

Blacklaw-Jones, Richard.   A previously unknown C17 token from Haverfordwest    (NLW's site)  Pemb Historian X

Brown, J., Phillips, J.W., and Warren. F.J. The history of Haverfordwest with that of some Pembrokeshire parishes.Originally written by the late John Brown and added to by J.W.Phillips & Fred J.Warren .  Published by subscription 1914. Here is an Index by Pat Powell .
Also, the complete book is accessible on the Internet Archive site (click on Texts and search on Haverfordwest)

Charles, B.G., (Ed.). Calendar of the records of the Borough of Haverfordwest, 1539-1660, Cardiff, University of Wales Press,1967, 274 p.

Haverfordwest and its story; with Old Pembrokeshire parishes: their traditions, histories, and memories, Haverfordwest, L. Brigstocke (1882) 172 p.

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Hancock, Simon. The seventeenth-century token of Haverfordwest with an interesting design  (NLW's site) Pemb Historian IV

Hancock, Simon L         Jacob Wolford: a seventeenth century token issuer in Haverfordwest        The Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society, No.3 1989   Welsh Journals Online

Hancock, Simon    A seventeenth century token of Haverfordwest with an interesting design    The Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society, No.4 1990/91     Welsh Journals Online

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James, Terrence         The origins and topography of medieval Haverford           The Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society, No.4 1990/91     Welsh Journals Online

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Lowe, Vera.  My Haverfordwest Childhood  1918-1938.   Haverfordwest Civic Society; First Edition  (1993) 

Miles, Dillwyn.   A History of Haverfordwest ; Gomer 1999....Indexed. Listed in Gomer's 2002 Catalogue (1 85902 738 5);- " impressive range of distinguished contributors trace the history of Haverfordwest from its earliest settlement through to the medieval borough that grew up around the castle, and finally to the thriving town of the twentieth century."

Miles, Dillwyn. The town and county of Haverfordwest : its freemen and its charities.Gild of Freemen of Haverfordwest, [1988] 24p

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Phillips, W D. Old Haverfordwest

Richards, W.L. Changing face of Haverfordwest. Haverfordwest Civic Society (1992) 150 p.

 Sinnett,  Charles E.    Haverfordwest in the early 1850s, Portfield Fair & The Coming of the Railway

Land and property

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Held at the NLW ;

Held at Pem.RO


Medical Records

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;


Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Hook Colliery, Hook near Haverfordwest  on the Welsh Coal Mines site

Greenhill Ochre Mine. "Greenhill Ochre Mine lies approximately one mile south of Haverfordwest at about NGR SM 951141, in an area designated for residential development. The mine was briefly active in the second decade of the 20th century working ochre found in the Carboniferous Limestone which in the area of the mine is overlain by the Millstone Grit............"


Courtney, Paul. An Elizabethan potter at Haverfordwest? Medieval and Later Pottery in Wales (Bulletin of the Welsh Medieval Pottery Research Group) 9 (1986/87), p. 78-81

Hancock, Simon L. Jacob Wolford : a seventeenth-century token issuer in Haverfordwest . Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society 3 (1989), p. 41-56

Hancock, Simon L. The tokens of Thomas Bowen, a mercer in seventeenth-century Haverfordwest . Seaby's Coin and Medal Bulletin (Dec.1990), p. 308-13

Hancock, Simon L. John Fowler : a seventeenth-century token issuer in Haverfordwest. Seaby's Coin and Medal Bulletin October (1990), p. 228-34

James, H E H             Haverfordwest printers        Journal of the Welsh Bibliographical Society  vol 1/4 1912           Welsh Journals Online

Jones, R.W. The Haverfordwest Borough Police Force 1835 to 1889, Haverfordwest, Haverfordwest Civic Society (1989) 61 p.

Politics and Government

Pepler, Jonathan      Party politics in Elizabethan Haverfordwest          Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society  vol 1  1985    Welsh Journals Online

Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

Haverfordwest Workhouse - on Peter Higginbotham's site

Public Records

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;

Held at Pembrokeshire Archives [ with microfilm copies at the NLW] ;


Dickman, H J.  History of the Rural District Council 1894-1974  


James,G. Douglas .    History of the Haverfordwest Grammar School    

Social Life and Customs

Details of extant records on Archives Network Wales for the following;


Cule, John. Some Early Hospitals in Wales and the Border. National Library of Wales journal. 1977, Winter Volume XX/2. Here is an extract relating to this parish;
"The town of Haverfordwest, which was stricken by the pestilence in 1652, found the rapid increase in the number of cases necessitated the establishment of a pest house for the care of the poorer victims. This was done at the town's expense and although the wealthier citizens often preferred to remain within their own houses, barred and chained from the outside, some found admission to the municipal pesthouse as paying patients. The Town Council employed men, known as 'tarcoats' to attend the sick and bury the dead, and there were other attendants as well, including a somewhat mysterious visiting woman 'thought to have been sent there by providence'. She was paid six shillings a week, and left after the sickness had subsided in March 1663 to join her friends in England."

Davis, Baden Born and bred: Haverfordwest as I remember it from 1924-1955, Haverfordwest, Haverfordwest Civic Society (1991) 91 p.

Hornsey, Brian. Ninety years of cinema in Bideford, Elgin & Haverfordwest. Fuchsiaprint of Stamford , 2000. 16 p

Howells, John.  Haverfordwest and the Plague, 1652    (NLW's site)   Welsh History Review 12

John, J.I. Recollections: a Haverfordwest childhood 1901-1915, Newport, Greencroft (1983) 32 p.

Lowe, V. My Haverfordwest childhood: 1918-1938, Haverfordwest, Haverfordwest Civic Society (1993) 72 p.

Lowe, Vera. Entertainments of 50 years ago. Dyfed FHS journal Vol 7/3 Dec 2000. Based on an extract from Old Haverfordwest by W D Phillips who was born in Prendergast and remembered the coming of the railway in 1853.

Mathias, John  Memories of Haverfordwest ;  reprinted from the Western Telegraph. A long poem with many local names.

Pepler, Jonathan. Party politics in Elizabethan Haverfordwest.   Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society 1 (1985), p. 7-16

Richards, W.L. Haverfordwest my grandstand, Haverfordwest, Haverfordwest Civic Society (1994) 152 p

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