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Provide better founding date Tell us when it closed 0.1EHigham Hall Road, Wesleyan Methodist, , Higham
0.2ENESt John The Evangelist, Higham Hall Road, Church of England, Higham
1.1ENESt Anne, Wheatley Lane Road, Church of England, Fence
Provide a picture 1.6SSEIghtenhill Park Lane, Wesleyan Methodist, , Ightenhill
1.6ENEWheatley Lane Road, Wesleyan Methodist, , Wheatley Lane
Provide a picture 1.6SSWSt Matthew, Rycliffe Street, Church of England, Padiham
1.6SWSt Philip the Apostle, Slade Lane , Roman Catholic, Padiham
Provide a picture 1.7SSWBurnley Rd, Baptist, , Padiham
1.8SSWSt Leonard, Church Street, Church of England, Padiham
1.8WNWSt Nicholas (originally St Simon and St Jude), Wesley Street, Church of England, Sabden
Provide a picture 1.9SPark Hill, Padiham Rd, Wesleyan Methodist, Habergham Eaves
1.9SAll Saints, Padiham Road, Church of England, Habergham
Provide a picture 1.9SSWChurch St, Wesleyan Methodist, , Padiham
1.9WNWWesley Street, Wesleyan Methodist, , Sabden
2.0NNESt Mary, Well Head Rd, Church of England, Newchurch in Pendle
2.0SSWMount Zion, Pendle St, Baptist, Padiham
2.0SWNazareth Chapel, Church St, Unitarian, Padiham
Provide better founding date Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 1.9SSWWesley St, Wesleyan Methodist, , Padiham
Provide a picture 1.9SWWesley, Hall Hill, Wesleyan Methodist, Padiham
Provide better founding date 1.9WNWClitheroe Rd, Baptist, , Sabden
2.0WNWSt Mary, Whalley Road , Roman Catholic, Sabden
Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 2.0SSWThompson St, Primitive Methodist, , Padiham
2.2SSEJubilee, Gannow Top, Padiham Rd, Primitive Methodist, Burnley
Provide better founding date Provide link to church's own web page 2.2SWBlackburn Road, Cemetery, , Padiham
Tell us when it closed 2.1SSWSS Anne and Elizabeth, Hapton Rd, Church of England, Padiham
2.3SSWSt John the Baptist, St. John's Rd, Roman Catholic, Padiham
Provide better founding date 2.2SSWSt John's Rd, Cemetery, , Padiham
2.2ENEWheatley Lane Road, Inghamite, , Wheatley Lane
2.4ESt Luke, Burnley Road, Church of England, Brierfield
Provide better founding date 2.4SLowerhouse Lane, Wesleyan Methodist, , Burnley
2.4SSt Augustine, Lowerhouse Lane, Roman Catholic, Burnley
2.4WSWSt Peter, School Lane, Church of England, Simonstone
2.5NNEBarley Lane, Wesleyan Methodist, , Barley with Wheatley
2.4EBurnley Road, Baptist, , Brierfield
2.4EBurnley Road, Primitive Methodist, , Brierfield
2.4EColne Rd, Wesleyan Methodist, , Brierfield
Tell us when it closed 2.5EHalifax Rd/Heyhead St, Independent Methodist, , Brierfield
2.5EHebron Hall, Walter Street, Plymouth Brethren, Brierfield
Provide a picture 2.4EHoly Trinity, Richard Street, Roman Catholic, Brierfield
Tell us street name Provide better founding date Provide a picture 2.5ELiving Hope , Christian Fellowship, Brierfield
2.5ELiving Hope , Halifax Rd/Heyhead St, Christian Fellowship, Brierfield
2.4EProvidence, Colne Rd, Congregational, Brierfield
Tell us when it closed 2.5EStanley Street, Pentecostal, , Brierfield
Provide better founding date 2.4SSEBeulah, Rosegrove, Primitive Methodist, Burnley
2.4SSEClaremont St, United Methodist Free Church, , Burnley
Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 2.4SSEMount Olivet, Broughton St/Plover St, Baptist, Burnley
Provide a picture 2.5SSERosegrove Methodist Chapel, Gannow Lane, Wesleyan Methodist, Burnley
2.4SESt Mary Magdalene, Gawthorpe Road, Roman Catholic, Burnley
Provide a picture 2.5SSESt Oswald, Ighten Rd, Church of England, Burnley
Provide better founding date Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 2.5SSEGannow, United Methodist Free Church, , Habergham Eaves
Provide better founding date Tell us when it closed Tell us if it has ever had a graveyard Provide a picture 2.5SOwen St, Congregational, , Burnley
Provide a picture 2.5SESt James, March St, Church of England, Burnley
2.5SSESt John the Baptist, Gannow Lane, Church of England, Burnley
Provide a picture 2.5SSt Mark, Owen St, Church of England, Burnley
2.6NNEBarley Lane, Primitive Methodist, , Barley with Wheatley
Provide a picture 2.7EHalifax Rd/Heyhead St, Primitive Methodist, , Brierfield
Provide better founding date Provide link to church's own web page Provide a picture 2.7SEKingdom Hall, Morse Street , Jehovah's Witness, Burnley
2.7ESEQueensgate, Colne Rd, Wesleyan Methodist, Burnley
Tell us when it closed 2.7SERobinson St, Independent Methodist, , Burnley
Provide a picture 2.6SESt Margaret, Abel St, Church of England, Burnley
Provide a picture 2.7SSESt Mary Magdalene, Haslem St, Roman Catholic, Burnley
Tell us when it closed 2.6SEStoneyholme, Hubie St, Wesleyan Methodist, , Burnley
Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 2.6SSEWhittlefield, High St, Wesleyan Methodist, , Burnley
Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 2.6SSEZion, Roebuck St, Wesleyan Methodist, Burnley
2.8ENEAll Souls, Wheatley Lane Road, Roman Catholic Cemetery, Barrowford
Provide more precise location Provide a picture 2.7ENewhead burial ground, Halifax, Society of Friends, Brierfield
2.8SSEAccrington Road, Wesleyan Methodist, , Burnley
Provide a picture 2.8SEAngle St, Scotch Baptist, , Burnley
Provide more precise location Provide a picture 2.7SSEBartle Hills, Wesleyan Methodist, , Burnley
Tell us when it closed 2.8SEBethel, Angle St, Baptist, Burnley
Tell us when it closed 2.7SEHanover, Old Hall St, United Methodist Free Church, Burnley
Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 2.7ESEImmanuel, Bright St, Baptist, Burnley
2.8ESESt John the Baptist, Bracewell Street, Roman Catholic, Burnley
Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 2.8SSEWood Top, Florence St, Wesleyan Methodist, Burnley
2.8SSEHoly Trinity, Accrington Rd, Church of England, Habergham
2.9SAccrington Road , Crematorium, , Burnley
2.9SEEbenezer, Colne Rd, Baptist, Burnley
2.9ESESt Andrew, Colne Rd, Church of England, Burnley
2.9ESESt Cuthbert, Towneley Street, Church of England, Burnley
2.9SSt Mark, Rossendale Road, Church of England, Burnley
Provide more precise location Provide a picture 2.9ESEThursby Rd, Congregational, , Burnley
Provide a picture 2.9SEWest Gate, Congregational, , Burnley
2.9WSWEast View, Congregational, , Read in Whalley
2.9WSWSt John the Evangelist, Church Path off George Lane, Church of England, Read in Whalley
Provide a picture 2.9EProvidence, Halifax Rd, Congregational, Brierfield
Provide better founding date 2.9ESEBriercliffe Rd, New Jerusalem, , Burnley
3.0ESEElim, Briercliffe Rd previously Lane Head, Primitive Methodist, Burnley
2.9SSEHoward St, Primitive Methodist, , Burnley
2.9SEMount Zion, Colne Rd, Primitive Methodist, Burnley
2.9SSERossendale Road, Cemetery, , Burnley
3.0SSETrafalgar St, Unitarian, , Burnley
Provide better founding date Tell us when it closed Provide a picture 3.0NEBlacko Bar Road, Wesleyan Methodist, , Crow Trees
3.0SSWWhitefield St, Wesleyan Methodist, , Hapton

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The GENUKI church database is not a complete list of all churches, and for many areas it just contains most parish churches at the start of the 19th century. It is planned that over time many more churches will be added but until then we hope that those it does find are useful.

The distances shown above are in most cases only approximate.This is because the church locations themselves are given as the corner of nearest Km square on the Ordnance Survey map in most cases. Some have been updated to the actual 1/10 Km location, but the majority have not. So use the distances as a guide, not a precise figure.

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The information provided has been obtained from a number of sources and although every effort is made to avoid errors, just a few may be present. So if there are any please let us know. [Select the church in the list above, and use the link at the bottom of that page to tell us].

In particular different sources describe churches in different ways and sometimes use different place names. So if there do appear to be duplicates, again let us know. If there are any churches missing then please tell us. The basic information that we need is:

For a more detailed description about providing information please look at the techniques for finding church information.

Other useful information is the founding and closing dates of the church, a picture, if the church has its own website, the name of the road on which it is/was sited, the records that exist and which repository holds them etc. Icons against the churches in the list above are provided to easily see which piece of information is required. Click the individual icons in the list above to report it. The icons are:

Basic details:
dedication?Is it dedicated to a saint, or does it have a name?
location?Exact location (OS gridref obtained by point and click on a map). Click this icon to show the location marked on a Google map. Drag the icon to the correct location, and a link will appear which lets you report that location. A description of how to use Streetmaps to pass on exact locations is also available.
streetThe name of the street where the church is sited.
foundedWhen was the church founded?
open?Is the church still open or has it closed?
closewdWe know the church has closed, but do not yet know when that happened.
graveyard?Has the church ever had a graveyard?
web pageA URL for the church's own website.
pictureA picture of the church. We have some tips about taking church pictures and the best format to use. If you are planning a trip to take church pictures, select the check box at the left hand side of the search bar at the top of this page, and click the New Search button. This list will then exclude those churches for which we have a picture, and will also show the OS grid reference.
For churches for which we have a record of the basic details:
historyA few details about the history of the church.
recordsWho holds the church records.

Building up a complete picture requires local knowledge and if you have any such information that you can share, then it will really help other users.